"It scares me because I don't trust people."

Molly blinked slightly, but beyond that, she betrayed no surprise. Apparently, he had given the matter some thought since their last session. She couldn't help but wonder, though, what had possessed him to blurt out such a thing before she had even had a chance to sit down.

Realizing that he was waiting, with fists clenched and trembling, for an answer, she made an effort to collect herself. "Why not?"

"Because they're idiots. They cannot understand how my mind works, its complexities, its desires…" He trailed off. She waited for a few minutes for him to continue, and her patience was rewarded. "I know what you're going to say. I am fully aware that it is arrogant to think myself superior to them. Nevertheless, I believe that it is true. My mind is rare, precious even, and I won't risk it."

"Risk it?"

"I may be pretentious, but I am also a psychologist. There are some areas in which the greatest mind in the world is identical to that of… of a common truck driver." He practically spat out the last five words, and felt compelled to take a deep breath before continuing. "In fact, several conclusive studies have shown that those who devote their mental energies to intellectual improvement lack certain… defense mechanisms." Pausing to consider his words, he realized that he was still standing. He sat down quickly.

"So you're afraid of… what, exactly?"

"I'm… concerned that, should I grant these yahoos unqualified access to my mental space, they will accidentally do damage that will prove irreversible."

She took a note. "Then why are you allowing me access?"

"Because you have the sense to be careful."

"I see." He waited while she scribbled some more. "Then you consider this an exception." It wasn't a question, but he answered it anyway.


"Does this signify a change in your behavior?"

"As regards openness, or as regards my 'career?'"


He considered. "I suppose that this experience has been… helpful, at least as regards my opinions towards therapy. I believe that I can change, and that there are people who can help with that, which is… new for me. Thank you for that, by the way. I appreciate that you have been so… accommodating." He was rewarded by a smile, just cheeky enough to convey her disappointment in his sentence fragment.

"You're welcome. It was a pleasure."

There followed a comfortable silence lasting roughly seven minutes.

"What about the crime?"

Crane was shocked into an honest answer. "I'm never giving that up."

"I'm sorry." Without another word, she got up and left.

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