Hello, hello! I am back and I am happy to tell that RoChu had the most votes this time! *bows* I'm sorry that I haven't gotten to RoChu yet, but there are so many couples to choose from, and you all like different things, so I have to think about that too! But I hope you guys are happy! NOTE: Most couples in Hetalia are yaoi, so if you no like, you no read reactions or actual stories. Rated T for language and suggestive comments.

Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia, though I wish I did, nor do I own the fanfictions the Hetalians are reacting to. Speaking of which, special thanks to the people who had the creativity (and the guts) to write the fanfictions the characters are going to read and react to. So here is Chapter 8, sorry for the long waiting time for it!

P.S. I died laughing when I read this fanfiction, especially the part about Russia's scarf. This fanfiction made my day!

Chapter 8: RoChu (Russia and China)

Reacting to: Becoming One by Im-that-girl-that-nobody-knows

China: Aiyah, what the hell wrong with these people, aru?

Russia: *Happy Russian Face* I think this is nice.

China: But we are so OOC, aru!

Russia: But it was cute, da? The cutieness is all that matters to me.

China: I am not some pedophile either, aru!

Russia: You are oldest, da?

China: Of course I am! I am the wisest too, aru.

Russia: There!

China: *Looks at Russia with a confused facial expression* Aiyah, what is it now, aru?

Russia: Da. You are oldest. Therefore, you are pedophile. *Smiles and walks out the door*

That ending suuuuuuuuuucked! But whatever, as long as I can get my RoChu shippers their funnies. Well sorry for the long wait, I have to be careful that I don't look up the fanfictions while my stepdad is around. Well whatever!

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