AN: Hey guys! This is a little different than I normally write... I really, really, really (can't stress it enough, honestly) LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sanae and Akio Furukawa.

I wanted to write a little something that had to do with them and so this is written in Akio's perspective after episode 2 of Clannad.


Normally, when Nagisa would get sick, you could tell right when she woke up in the morning. Sanae and I would always see her flushed cheeks and know immediately what was going on. We could catch her before she forced herself to school.

I just wish that had been the case today.

Maybe then I wouldn't have had to see that boy, Tomoya, carrying my precious daughter into our bakery. Maybe then I wouldn't have had to see Sanae rush over with anxiety plastered in her normally soft features. Maybe now I wouldn't be watching my baby girl breathing heavily, fever rising, and not conscious. Maybe.

"Akio," Sanae said softly, taking me out of my thoughts and focusing me back into reality. She knelt next to Nagisa and brushed her hand across our daughter's pale forehead. "I made you some dinner... Tomoya's still here. You should go eat with him." She traced Nagisa's cheek. "I'll stay with her."

I uncrossed my arms wordlessly. When I got out of the room, I found Tomoya sitting at our table, a blank and in-space expression on his face. I gave a large, obvious sigh of mock disgust partially to let him know I had entered. I didn't actually hate the kid-he did just help Nagisa out tremendously, more than I could ask for-I just needed to keep up my manly father role is all.

"How is she?" Tomoya asked as soon as he noticed I had entered.

I lit a cigarette before answering. "Her fever's still going up."

Tomoya stared down the table for awhile longer. His fists clenched and unclenched. I watched him with slight interest.

"Don't worry about her too much, kid. There's nothing else you could have done."

He glanced at me for a split second before glaring back at the table. "Why does she get sick so often, Akio?"

I shrugged. "Doctors don't really know." I let my cigarette hang on the edge of my mouth and crossed my arms like I had earlier in Nagisa's room.

Tomoya broke the silence after a few minutes. "Will you tell Sanae I said thank you for the food and your generosity for letting me stay? I really should be going." A pause. "And, thank you, old man, for the same."

"Don't mention it. Hey, uh, before you go." I made my voice gruff. "Nagisa really likes you, alright? Don't mess it up or I WILL KILL YOU!" I ended with a dramatic point directly at the punk's chest. That should get the message across.

Tomoya visibly gulped and I chucked internally. That's right, Tomoya. Be afraid.

AN: What do you think? Did I write out Akio/Tomoya/Sanae well? Let me know! Thanks so much for reading. I really appreciate it. :)