There was no warning.

No tick-tick-ticking of a timer, no flashing countdown, no quick successive beeps. There wasn't even a boom.

It wasn't an explosion. It was an implosion.

Hanagata didn't go into shock, because he wasn't shocked at all. No matter how much the honor student slash overall composed vice-captain that was Toru Hanagata denied it, at the back of his mind, he always knew.

He's always seen it.

The way his nimble legs and arms would stretch and contract, the muscles straining under the flushed, sweaty skin. The way the entire team would hang onto his words, a walking and talking mockery to all the captains Shoyo basketball team has seen before. The way his eyes would flash under the bright lights of the court, glinting shards of glass dangerous and boding. Someone as lithe as a leopard, 178cm of fire and brilliance ready to conquer the world.

Every day is a step closer to claiming him.

But Hanagata is certainly not a man prone to quick surrenders. He still tried, oh, he tried hard. He fought that monster, frantically fumbled in an attempt to turn the timer to reverse countdown. He focused on his studies, his analytical geometry and his Asian literature and the infinite digits and words. He fucked several all-too-willing girls. And when the situation really called for it, he skipped practice for hours of self-serviced relief. He sacrificed basketball. A blasphemy, really.

He swore he would not give up. But Hanagata is just as perceptive as he is driven thus he knew, deep inside, that he was driving the road to futility.

So he walks up to his captain on a Friday night, with a perfectly logical invitation to help in his upcoming exams. Hanagata drives his car, hands steady, mind intact. He carefully turns his front door knob, listens to the soft thump of Fujima's slim but solid back against his perfectly white duvet, and locks the door behind them.

And when Hanagata has Fujima's fingers fervently grasping the newly-stained sheets, when he hears a pain and pleasure rip out of Fujima's throat, he understands that he's not giving up, he's just giving in.