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"Dean," Steve followed the headstrong werewolf out of the elevator, the whole team following closely behind.

"Hold on, just, think about this for a second," Steve grabbed Dean's shoulder and turned him around forcefully.

"No!" Dean shook off the offending limb, "I saw Sammy, I know where he is, and I'm going to get him back by any means necessary."

"Would you just think for a moment," the Super Soldier pleaded, "We have no idea who, or what, took your brother and I don't think running in there halfcocked is the way to go!"

The werewolf shoved his hand through his hair in a desperate attempt to calm his anger. He was on the verge of tears and was about to argue with the blonde again when an animatronic voice rang out through the air.

"Sir, I should inform you that the subject is still in lockdown in bedroom forty-three."

All eyes turned to Tony who shrugged absently, "Well I wasn't going to let him run around in my tower freely."

"You locked up my dad?" Dean didn't know whether to laugh or growl. He whipped back around and headed to his room, he didn't have time for this he needed to get Sammy; who knew what kind of hell his baby brother was going through.

Line Break

Sam stared absently across the room at the other three people; Ava, Andy, and Jake. They were all still pretty shaken up after cutting down Lily's body. Sam shoved the thought away with disgust and decided to busy himself with checking the salt lines instead. The lines were holding up strong just like they were two minutes ago. Sam sighed slowly, he wondered if Dean had even gotten Andy's message.

"Sam," a soft voice called through the air, causing everyone to jump.

Sam looked at the other three people who shrugged and tightened their grips on their weapons. Sam grabbed his iron rod as well and watched the salt lines closely. His breath caught slightly when there was suddenly a girl standing in the hallway, she was dirty with her hair shooting out in random directions and her eyes full of death. She grinned, shark like teeth sending shivers down the hunter's spine, her claws slowly extending and dragging across the floor. She began to hum as she limped her way towards the group, the grin on her face disappearing as she was stopped by the salt line. Her face twisted then, turning into a display of pure rage that would probably haunt Sam's dreams, and she opened her mouth and let out an inhumane shriek that pierced the air like a freshly sharpened knife. Sam cringed and swung his rod at the demon and watched as she disappeared again in a cloud of smoke.

Line Break

A man with a gritty face and a baseball hat opened the door slowly and eyed the six people on his porch sharply.

"Hey Bobby," The closest of all stepped up swiftly and wrapped the old man up in a hug.

"Easy there boy," Bobby joked easily and hugged Dean back closely before stepping back and allowing the group to enter his house. He herded them into the living room, watching as a man with black hair and a purple shirt sat on the couch as well as a shorter man in a black Sabbath shirt and a woman in a tight black suit, another tall man with blonde hair moved to lean against the arm of the couch and the other stranger seemed content with leaning against Bobby's desk. Dean smiled to the oldest hunter in a halfhearted apology.

"Who are your friends here?" Bobby eyed up the strangers easily, moving to the kitchen to grab his flask of holy water and his silver knife just in case.

"Um, Bobby these are my friends; Steve, Bruce, Tony, Clint and Natasha." Dean pointed to each and listened to them all murmur a quick hello.

"Do they know?" Bobby asked simply and watched as Dean nodded, "Well then this will be easier than I thought."

He stepped up to Steve first, "If you all don't want to get shot just sit tight, I'm just running a few tests. Ain't nothing to worry about unless you have something to hide."

Dean watched as Bobby moved down the line, splashing holy water and cutting each one just a bit on their arms.

"Can't be too careful," Bobby said simply, "You don't get this old unless you're cautious."

"Bobby, Sam's gone missing." Dean said from his place against the wall.

The man turned around swiftly to meet Dean's eye "What? But Sam ain't even hunting anymore! How the Hell did this happen? Where's John?"

Dean grimaced slightly and looked away from everyone. "Bobby," Dean's voice was almost pleading, "I can't go into detail right now, but I promise I will tell you after we get Sam."

Bobby eyed Dean suspiciously but nodded anyway, "Do you know where he is?"

"Cold Oak, South Dakota."

Bobby sighed, "Naturally."

Dean laughed inwardly at the irony; Cold Oak was one of the most haunted places in America.

"I was thinking maybe you could help us," Dean asked slowly, eyeing up the older hunter. Of course Bobby still had no idea about Dean being a werewolf and he knew the risk of this whole situation; although Bobby was basically a father to Dean he had no idea how the old hunter would take the news, whether he would go Terminator like John or not was totally unpredictable. The only thing on Dean's mind was saving his baby brother.

"Well, someone's got to keep you idjits in line." Bobby said with a smirk and slapped Dean on the shoulder, "I'll get my guns."

Line Break

In another life time, the Avengers would have made amazing hunters. They were swift, they were silent, they were calculating, and they knew how to handle their guns. Dean allowed himself to smirk as the group, the werewolf the superheroes and the old hunter, moved silently through the woods surrounding Cold Oak. The hair on the back of Dean's neck stood up, his senses were on full alert as he trudged through mud and God knows what else. He sniffed deeply, hoping to catch the scent of Sam but all he could smell was nature. The air was dead silent, not a sound anywhere, and the only light was from the full moon shining through the tree limbs above. Dean moved swiftly and gracefully, as he spied the town line of Cold Oak.

He motioned for the rest of the group to fan out in pairs and surround the town, the werewolf crouched low as he watched the others stalk the town, a silent agreement between the wolf and the super soldier to keep the older hunter occupied incase Dean needed to wolf out. Dean stalked low into the town, ears twitching as he moved past empty buildings. A crash caught his attention and he whipped his attention towards the noise. His knees threatened to buckle as his eyes landed on Sam.

"Sammy!" Dean called out as he made his way towards his brother.

"Dean!" Sam called back as he held his arm close to his body; the smell of blood was heavy in the air.

Sudden movement behind his brother caught his attention, "Sam," The warning didn't come out as fast as he wanted to because the next moment seemed to happen in slow motion.

Dean dropped his gun and tried to move to his brother in time, but there was suddenly a man behind Sam and Sam was screaming in pure agony. Dean tried to yell out to someone, anyone, but nothing came out as he watched his baby brother fall to his knees. The man was gone; Dean never even looked at him as his eyes clouded with tears. And then he was suddenly there, kneeling in front of Sam, grabbing his shirt desperately in his hands.

"Sam." Dean struggled to keep his voice even and his nose was bombarded with the scent of blood.

Sam looked at him, but his eyes were blank. Empty.

"Hey, you look at me," Dean cupped Sam's face in his hands, "Sammy, I promised I wouldn't drag you back into this. Sammy, I'm so sorry."

Sam's body fell forward as Dean wrapped him up in his arms, hugging him tightly. His eyes were leaking freely now as he gripped Sam's shirt. "Hey, you're going to be okay." Dean said, more for himself than for Sam, "It's my job to make sure… you… you're going to be okay. Sammy, you have to be okay. You're all I have left. You can't leave me. I…" Dean's voice broke as he pulled his hand back, feeling hot and sticky something on it. Blood. Sam's blood. Sam's blood was on his hands.

"Sammy!" Dean shook his baby brother forcefully, "You listen to me! Sam!"

But Sam was gone. He had slipped through his fingers. Dean pulled Sam into his arms, holding his ridiculously huge frame against Dean's body. The only sound that could be heard in the air was Dean sobbing. He had failed; it had been his job to protect Sam ever since he had carried Sam out of their burning house when he was four. And he had failed. His very soul was being ripped apart as he looked at his baby brother's peaceful face. It was all his fault that Sam was dead. If only he was fast enough, if only he would have known, if only he hadn't been bitten by that stupid werewolf then Sam wouldn't have ever been dragged back into all this shit. Then Sam wouldn't be dead.

Dean held the body of his brother, his pack mate, his family, closer and screamed. He screamed until he was hoarse and he cried until he couldn't cry anymore and all anyone could do was watch with broken hearts and tears of their own.

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