"Kumakichi!" Matthew (Canada) called as his polar bear jumped out of his arms, "What in the world are you doing?" The bear ignored him and continued away from his owner. The bear's real name is Kumajiro, but Matthew just can't seem to remember that, in return, the Kumajiro doesn't really know who is owner is.

Kumajiro stuck himself into a nearby bush and started digging around. The two of them were on their way to visit Matthew's brother, Alfred, otherwise known as America. He had called earlier that day, saying something about a new trade proposal. Although Matthew didn't enjoy dealing with Alfred, he felt obligated to at least hear his brother out.

"Oh come on Kumakichi!" he groaned, grabbing the bear's hind legs and trying to pull him out of the bush, but the stubborn bear refused to get out. He eventually gave up trying to pull him out and instead decided to see what was causing his bear to act in such a manner. He pushed open the branches of the bush to reveal a little bird. Even though Matt was very well informed about his Canadian wildlife, this bird was unfamiliar to him, but he could tell was that it was 1: Obviously owned by somebody as it was wearing a little hat, and 2: By looking at the awkward angle of it, the poor creature's wing was broken. He gently scooped up the bird in his hands, cringing at its small cries of protest and pain.

"Poor thing, I'll bring you home and fix you right up, okay?" He said to it, then looked down at his bear "Good job Kumajiro" finally saying its name correctly. The bear gave his owner a smug, but happy look and started following behind him.

When the three of them arrived back in the Canada manor, Matthew went straight to the small barn he had out back. In it was his single-horse stable. He got Kumajiro to bring him a little bit of the hay and once it was under a brighter light, laid the bird in it. Kumajiro watched his owner intently as he expertly patched up the bird's wing. It was a long and tedious process, but when it was all said and done, Canada sat up proudly, and sighed.

"You'll be alright now, don't worry!" He said cheerily. He formed the bit of hay into a more nest-like structure and put a soft handkerchief in it to use as a bit of a blanket. Matt was about to place the hat, which he had taken off sometime while he was helping the bird, back on it, when he noticed there was some writing inside; in a fancy gold print read "Gilbird the Awesome".

"Well, then you must be Gilbird" Matt said, smiling. He realized then that he had forgotten to call Alfred to tell him he had to cancel. He let out a little breath.

"Al's not going to be happy when I tell him I skipped out on him for a little bird" Matt said sadly to his bear, and with a puff, he stood up, taking the nest with him to his own bedroom where the bird would be able to rest.

In the Canada manor, there are two head maids, British-Canada and French-Canada, but they go by the names Elizabeth and Fantine. They both were very nice people, but when it came to seriously talking to Matthew, their voices were loud and demanding. Although Fantine was smaller than Elizabeth, she always seemed to have a stronger voice.

"Bonsoir Canada, Comment allez-vous? (Good evening Canada, how are you?)" Fantine asked, Elizabeth was nowhere to be seen.

"Bien, merci. J'ai aidé un petit oiseau, mais J'ai manqué cette rencontre avec Amérique (Good, thanks. I helped a small bird, but I missed that meeting with America)" He replied back in French. "pouvez-vous appeler Alfred pour moi? Je suis très fatigue ( Can you call Alfred for me ? I'm very tired)". He hadn't realized how late it had gotten already, and he suddenly was exceptionally tired. Fantine nodded.

"I will get Elizabeth to do it though, her English is better than mine." She said.

"Your English is fine Fantine, there are no worries, but you can get Elizabeth to do it if you wish. Well, bonne nuit! (good night!)". And with that, Canada was off to bed. He checked up on Gilbird one last time, giving him some water, although he wasn't sure if there was any certain food he should feed him, instead he just left some seeds from the bird feeder beside him if he got hungry. Matthew didn't even bother to change, in his semi-formal attire, he plopped down on the bed and was asleep before his head hit the pillow.

The next day, he awoke to the sun streaming through the window into his eyes. Not only that, but Gilbird was chirping angrily at Kumajiro, who was curiously watching the bird.

"Oh stop it you two," Matthew grumbled into his pillow, he was still kind of tired and wanted more sleep, but then he shot up, awake.

"MERDE! (crap!)" He said out loud, and ran to his bathroom. He had just remembered there was a meeting over something he didn't really care about and forgot. He checked the calendar and sure enough, today's date had been circled. He showered and got dressed in a rush, and bolted off.

Running through the halls whilst carrying a polar bear and a briefcase is quite and exercise, Matt realized. He burst through the doors of the meeting to see the faces of the fellow countries watching him, surprised.

"I'm terribly sorry everybody! The strangest thing happened this morning! My alarm didn't go off…" and his voice trailed off as he saw nobody was actually listening to him, nothing out of the ordinary there.

"We were, um… waiting for you, Canada" Britain stuttered, but secretly, Matthew doubted he had even remembered his existence, nobody really did, even America sometimes, which is ridiculous!

Matthew sat down, slightly embarrassed.

"Can we just get this over with, Prussia's living at my place now and I have never seen my brother have such a tantrum! He can't find his bird and he's been searching high and low for him," Germany grumbled across the table.

"Gilbird?" Matthew said, but once again, nobody listened to him. The meeting continued, and as usual, everybody disagreed with everybody. The only difference was: Veneziano spotted Kumajiro while he was bored out of his mind during the whole thing and came to sit beside Matthew, petting the polar bear, but otherwise, Matt was completely ignored during the entire meeting. In the end, nothing was concluded, and there were just a lot of arguments.

When everybody stood up to leave, Italy decided to start talking to Canada.

"So Prussia has been very scary lately, and I mean scarier than usual. He can't find his cute bird anywhere, he said when he came back from a visit to America, Gilbird was nowhere to be found!"

"Gilbird? A little yellow bird?" Matthew replied in his loud voice, struggling to be heard about the rest of the noise.

"Ve~~ how did you know? Have you met him?"

"Actually I think I found him, I was on my way to America's place when Kumakichi here found the poor guy in a bush with a broken wing."

"Really! That's great America! You should come over to Germany's place with him, so Prussia can stop freaking out!"

"Umm… I hate to tell you this Italy, but I'm not Ame-"

"Germany!" Italy called desperately, completely ignoring Canada, running after Germany once he spotted him leaving. Matthew sighed. He was always being mistaken for his loud-mouthed brother.

-Some time later-

Matthew stood there, trying to calm himself. Kumajiro was on his back and had the nest holding Gilbird in his hands. He was standing outside Germany's place, trying to work up the courage to knock on his door. He could hear the muffled voices from inside.

"Where's America! What did he do to Gilbird! I swear if he harmed a single feather on his little back it will be WAR I tell you. WAR! NO ONE HARMS THE AWESOME PRUSSIA'S BIRD OF AWESOMENESS!" came a voice that was obviously Prussia's. At this, Matthew gulped, maybe he should play as his brother, he thought for a second, so if anything went wrong, his brother would be blamed for it. At that thought, he stopped himself.

"You're starting to think like him now!" He whispered to himself.

With a deep breath, he knocked hesitantly on the door. It instantly flung open to reveal a tall, silver-haired man with burning red eyes that stared down at him for a second, then they saw Gilbird and he let out a little squeal of joy. He took the nest from Matthew's hands and started dancing around with it. He seemed so happy to see his bird again, and Gilbird was singing pleasantly as well, but then he saw his wing and shot a burning look of accusation over to Matthew.

"I-I-I found him, w-well, actually K-Kumakich- I mean Kumajiro found him in a b-b-bush, and his w-wing was b-broken and…" He managed to get out. He was suddenly filled with fear under Prussia's hateful gaze, but then Germany walked out, Japan and Italy trailing behind.

"Prussia, you should really thank America for bring Gilbird back, I mean you did leave him behind…" Germany stated, but the hate-filled gaze went over to him.

"The awesome Prussia would never leave his Gilbird behind!" He roared, "And to hell that's America! It's Canada, obviously!"

With that, he seemed to cool down a little bit, and turned his attention back to his little bird. Matthew stood there, motionless. For once, somebody had recognized him, although he couldn't really remember a time when he had actually been introduced to Prussia.

"You saved him… you saved my Gilbird" Prussia said with a surprising tone, a complete contrast to the attitude that he had a few moments ago. This guy was really starting to confuse Matthew.

"Yay!" Italy shouted with cheer, "Gilbird's back!" and he started hopping around Japan excitedly. He got a patient look from Germany, but he then walked up and put a hand on his brother's back. Matthew realized that Prussia, a man who seemed to be strong as steel, was starting to tear up as he whispered something that sounded like "I thought I had lost you forever" over and over. He understand how important it was to remain composure during some situations, so he tried to help him out.

"Well, I guess my work here is done," He piped up, or at least the best he could with his quiet voice. "I mended his wing and it should be fine within a few days, but no flying or other strainful exercises for him until his wing has fully mended."

"O.K. Dr. America!" Italy said, saluting.

"Canada!" Japan corrected him.

"O.K. Dr. Canada!"

Prussia just looked at him with a curious look, but a thankful one none-the-less. Putting Gilbird on his shoulder, he walked up and held out his hand. Matthew shook it.

"Thank you" he said.

"Oh it was n-nothing," Matthew stuttered again, suddenly nervous again, "Just a small fracture, nothing too serious-"

"yes, but more for bringing him back to me, I don't know what I would do without him. I'm not France, who has a million Pierre's on hand, there is only one Gilbird for me…" He said, his voice very serious. Germany gave him a strange look. Matthew realized then that he was actually slightly taller than Prussia. Although he had an intimidation to him that made him appear very big and menacing, up close, he was probably a few centimeters shorter.

"hahaha" he laughed nervously, tearing his gaze from Prussia's, "as I said, it was nothing."

Prussia just nodded, but he hadn't let go of Matthew's hand yet. When he looked back into the red eyes, there was a new, unfamiliar look in them. He was entranced, and it was only when Kumajiro swatted at his owner's curled hair that he was brought back to reality.

"I'm hungry" Kumajiro said impatiently. Matthew just chuckled.

"Okay, Kumakichi" Canada said back, and Prussia let his hand go, slightly embarrassed. He started to walk away when Matthew remembered to ask.

"Oh, uh, Prussia?" He said shyly, " I, uh, just wanted to know… Well how did you tell I was not my brother?" He kind of cringed when Prussia's gaze settled back on him, there was a pause, but the answer he got was not what he expected.

"Because you look like somebody who is solitary, you hold yourself up like you are silently waiting for the world to throw its worst at you. Even when you're scared, you don't really show it, and you seem like you're used to being a loner, while that brother of yours would be loud, obnoxious, and overall annoying.

"You remind me of myself…" He added silently as he turned away and walked silently back into the house.

With that, the group dispatched, the rest of them thanked him for bring back peace to the Germany house, and Kumajiro kept swatting at Matthew's stray hair.

It was a long journey home, but with Kumajiro nibbling on some of the snacks Matt brought along, it wasn't so bad.