Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you guys know what each one of are are absolutely amazing, and I'm so sorry I haven't been updating, I've had so much homework! :(

Anyways, I've decided that I'm going to take this story a lot more seriously than I was before, so I'm actually going to be going over previous chapters, editing and changing some stuff (While I do my work, I'll have random ideas come to me, so I always keep a little notepad and write them down :P )

I'll mark the previous chapters that I've updated, and I really do recommend re-reading them when they come up, because there will be new ideas and concepts :)

I hope you guys don't hate me for not updating in so long, but I don't know if I will be able to actually post a new chapter in a while, so hopefully I can go through the previous chapters quickly :)

I still think it's awesome that this story has over 2000 views, I didn't even think anybody would read it, I was just writing it to pass time when I was bored, but thank you so much!

I have a bunch of ideas for the next bonus chapter, so that will (hopefully) be the next chapter that goes up!

Also, I think I'll be changing the bonus chapter update to every 5000 views so I won't have to do them so often :3

Anyways, I'll try my hardest to get all of these up as soon as possible, so once again, I'm sorry!