I don't own Percy Jackson series or The Mortal Instruments series. This is my first fanfiction. I'm only ten so try not to judge it to harshly. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter One

Everybody has one thing they want to know. For me it's what am I. My name is Arlene if you want to know what my last name is…well your guess is as good as mine. I grew up on the streets of New York. One night I had a dream telling me that someone was going to save me and if they didn't find me in a week I would die before my 13th birthday. FML!


I was in the ally next to a club trying to find a place to sleep when something came out of nowhere and hit me in the side. The sharp pain brought me to my knees. Without thinking I placed my hand over the part where the pain was radiating form and to my surprise there was something sharp like a needle sticking out of my side. I yanked it out and almost passed out from the pain. I held my hand to the injury, trying to put pressure on the wound to keep it from bleeding so much as I turned to see what had thrown it at me. To my horror there was a tall figure with skin the color of the starless night with needles protruding from its skin. I couldn't make out its face, but with a body like that I wasn't sure I wanted to see it.

Moving quickly and quietly I scrambled over to the wall behind me and crouched down next to the pungent over flowing trashcan. I was hoping the shape and size of it would hide my frame and that the smell would keep any and everyone from coming closer. To my delight, the figure moved right past me and deeper into the ally. I waited until I could no longer see it before I stood again, but before I could make a break for it, two guys and a girl came out of the shadows and headed in my direction. I tried to duck again, but this time it was no use.

"Kid did you see something come this way," asked the first guy. He was shorter than I was, with dark hair and about my age, but for some reason he was calling me a kid.

Oh please. With a hand on my aching side, I stepped forwarded and met his gaze boldly. "Well I am not blind so yeah."

"Are you okay? It didn't hurt you did it." asked the girl.

"It didn't touch me but," I moved my hand and looked down at my side. "Something did."

The three of them shared a look between them, before the blonde girl faced me again, "Kid can you walk and stay awake."

The kid crap was getting old. "The name is Arlene, not kid and yes. Why?"

"Because Arlene, we need to get you out of here," said the other boy.

"And I would go with you, why exactly?" I questioned warily.

"Because you want to live." suggested the girl.

"Thanks Terminator but I think I can handle this little cut." Although to be honest, I was beginning to feel a little woozy.

"Look," said the shorter boy. "You can either go with us or stay here and hope that he doesn't come back to finish the job while you try and handle that not a cut. It's us or him. Pick a side, kid."

Well when they put it that way. "Fine."