I absolutely could not get this out of my head, so I quickly formed this up on my phone. Comment.

"So what do you say about that ?" Her head is turned to me , she's waiting in anticipation.

She really want's me to do this.
Huh, kiss Mr. Grey ...

Fine by me.

"I say ... Why the fuck not ."
I lift myself up from the floor wiping off anything that shouldn't be on me.
She looks at me In shock , watching in disbelief, waiting to see what will happen.
I really didn't need to second guess it , what can I say I'm a dare devil. I'm always up for a good dare.
"Where's your dad Phoebe?"
"I'm not sure maybe in his study ?"
I nod in acknowledgment , lets get this over with.
"Wait wait wait !"
I stop on account of Phoebes hyper hands , halting my movements.
"What ? What is it ?"
"I mean like ... What are you going to do ? What ... How are you going to approach I mean.."
I say stopping her from rambling on further more.
"It's a dare , you don't really put much thought into It , whatever happens , happens. Okay ?"
She looks reluctant but eventually she nods.
"Alright Sam, but just be careful he can be a bit ... Oh who am I kidding my father is crazy and harsh are you sure about this?"
I chuckle and nod.
"It's me your speaking to when have I not been sure about anything? And even If I'm not, who gives a fuck. I'll be back."
I give one last look to her.
Okay let's go do this Sam.
Walking out I slowly close the door shut behind me.
Taking a deep inhale, I fix my pants and tank top and brush through my hair with my fingers.
I came here with sweatpants and a tank top, I've never really been one to dress all fancy and girly especially to bed.
What can I say?
I was born leaning more towards the Tom boyish side.
Nothing too serious, I say that mostly because of my choice of clothing, and how I decided to sped my free time.
But I am 100% percent girl.
Walking slowly I decide on going to the kitchen and get something to drink.
And I stall...
My feet slowly pad as I walk through the halls.
Heading into the kitchen I open up the fridge I take out a bottled water, and clutch it to me before turning and bumping right into... Mr. Grey!
"Oh I'm Mr. Grey I'm sorry!"
I say holding my chest.
He assesses me and looks at my attire.
"No problem Samantha."
"I was just getting some water. Can't sleep?" I ask.
So much for stalling.
"No. But I don't really get much sleep anyway." He says reaching into the fridge taking out wine.
Holding a glass he pours the wine in, and lays it on the counter top.
"Oh, that's sucks." I say.
My mouth is getting dry just by thinking of what I have to do.
He leans on the counter facing me, while sipping his wine.
"Yea, it does."
He looks tired , and annoyed.
Which just fuels the nervousness in me.
Not to mention knowing about him and his "no nonsense, no bullshit" reputation , I can't even imagine what he is going to do.
I open my water and take a sip, in an attempt to soothe my dry throat.
His eyes falls to my lips.
Eyes darken.
I lick the excess water on my lips, aware of his intense gaze.
Oh shit .
Oh shit.
I can't back out now.
He seems to have exited his trance, and downs the rest of his wine.
Now or never.
"Um.. Goodnight."
Walking towards him my heart hammers, breathing accelerates, everything around me drowns out.
Until I just walk right pass him.
Fuck ! Why couldn't I do it.
I stop dead In my tracks.
No! I can do this ! I said I would, and I am.
Dare devil queen right ? Prove it.
Taking a breath, I turn back around.
"I forgot one thing." I say.
Putting my water down , I take hold of his arms as are lips join.
His glass drops.
My heart stops.
Bodies merge.
Sparks fly.
Until reality sets in , and he is aware that he is indeed kissing his daughters friend.