Let me clarify things. Number one if some of you would have been so kind as to kindly wait for another chapter so your questions could be answered instead of jumping to ridiculous conclusions, Maybe you would be satisfied. Now Mr. Grey is 31, Phoebe is 16, he had her when he was 15 year old , no not by ms. Robinson. But since he was so reckless and troubled as a child considering his past experiences I would say it would be logical for him to have had a baby at that age since that's when he started experimenting with sex. As for phoebes friend Sam , she is 17 years old , turning 18 a few months within the story, perfectly legal in some states search it up. This In no way makes him a pedofile or suggest that i encourage that type of relationship for that matter. I am utterly appalled by the comments I've received especially since some of you think that low of me to suggest that I condone such illegal acts such as you suggested. If you ask me the age difference is not that big of a deal , especially since you know many of you have had fantasys of being with an older man , or even pursuing in a relationship with them. Having said that , why don't you again think of the fact that this is nothing more than a work of fan fiction , not to Mention there are plenty of stories made where they are indeed involving acts crueler and much more worse than what I've been accused of , and even if I were writing about it that doesn't mean in any way that I condone or encourage it or recommend it to anyone. For example there are books out there about rape abuse terrorism drug use and more but that doesn't mean they are praising the subject right? Not only am I shocked that many of you would think that low of me but that I am being threatened as well when you have no proof of what your accusing me of since you no nothing of what the story would of been about. It amazes me how far people would go without knowing truth. I started this becasue it was an idea plastered in my mind so I though I'd post it and get some feed back, in no way did I expect nor did I prepare my self to get bullied and attacked. I though we'd be more mature especially considering my age, its shocking how I remained calm considering the circumstanes where as most of you are twice my age, Yet acted on impulse and childishly. A simple no i dont like the story would have sufficed. Now this is not a cheating story since Ana was not going to be in it, I was consideing having Ana be phoebes mom but her and christian were nothing but parents to phoebe having shared custody. But as alot of you mentioned I indeed have the attention span of a fly, I can't concentrate on one story for the life of me especially since I'm surrounded by inspiration every day but I will try to stay focused on my most steady and far along story changing pavements. As for the picture I wasn't aware and I apologize If I offended anyone but then again its basically just a graphic visual of the erotic very sexual and detailed storys you read everyday on this sight so I don't see why many would be bothered. Nevertheless I should of abide by the rules , so I'm sorry. Anyways I do not think I would be pursuing this story furthermore , as for the supportive readers thank you for the support as always, it means alot.