Cass: Aiee..Hiead x Zero.... ooo.... Uh..I dun own Megami Kouhosei, although I wish I did, I'm not making any money out of this so don't sue...
Hiead:.....Onna. You are completely insane.
Cass: You liked it. You know you did. ^-^

-------Loss for Words-------

---ZERO'S POV---

My fault. All my fault.


I'm such an idiot....As I stare at the Triscuit box before me, I mutter, "Why me?! Why do _I_ have to suffer so much!?" It really is too much for me now.
You were always so cold. So distant. So....

Cruel. You were always so sadistic. You always pushed people away. Whenever I was around you, I couldn't help but feel belittled. We all did. were always so beautiful. You with your silver hair and garnet eyes. Your eyes were unfathomable. You were untouchable. When I saw you standing there, alone, looking at Zion, I couldn't help but want to touch you. To hold you in my arms. To protect you from the world and its cruelties, even when I know you would be the one protecting me.

You were always able to take care of yourself, Hiead Gner.
At first, I wanted to kill you. I wanted to expose you to humiliation, to make you seem...well...

To make you seem human. But none of it ever worked. You were too skilled to ever fail at anything. It's almost unfair to see you in your perfection, smirking at me from the shadows.

I am pathetic. You are perfect.

It is because I am pathetic that I told you how I felt.

I told you that I loved you. Me. Zero Enna. Mr. Happy-Naive-I'm-gonna-become-a-Goddess-Pilot told Hiead Gner, the coldest, cruelest, sadistic ass alive that he loved him. You know what you said...?
You said nothing. Absolutely nothing. You turned around, shocked. Your crimson eyes widened momentarily. At that moment, my confidence collapsed inwardly. You stood there in silence, and, for effect, you blinked off your shock and walked out shortly after.

I am a complete moron.

That is how this fight started. You were waiting for me here, in my, no...OUR room. You walked up to me and looked into my eyes. It felt as if you could see all of my secrets. In that moment, I felt completely vulnerable. After a few moments, you muttered softly about how I could never understand you. Then you punched me. I didn't bother to block it, but I countered with a kick, all the while cursing myself for even ATTEMPTING to harm you.

I asked you why. You said you didn't want anyone loving you....especially me. But now, I can't help but wonder...

Who the hell's gonna stop me?


Cass: Watcha think? Watcha think?! *bounces around*