Chapter one

Harry received a note from Dumbledore, but it wasn't like his usual, about seeing more memories of the life of Tom Riddle aka Voldemort. The moment Harry read it his stomach dropped, he had no idea why, but something wasn't quite right and whether or not this was good news or not he had no idea but his stomach was telling him it wasn't good in any way.

'You looked stressed Harry, is something wrong?' Hermione asks as she sits beside him.

'I got a note from Dumbledore, but it's not about what we've been doing,' Harry sits the note in front of Hermione.

'He's vague, serious and not really saying a lot. I'm sure it's just about something else he has found out.'

'I hope it is but I don't know, I'm getting this strange feeling I'm not going to like it.'

'I'm sure it'll be fine, but you should go.'

'I'm trying to make myself go, I don't want to though.'

'Harry, are you a Gryffindor or not, where's your courage?'

Harry scowled, 'It's not funny Hermione, something is not right here,' Harry took the note back as others sat at the table, 'I better go,' he sighed as he whispered then got up before anyone could say anything and hurried from the hall.

Harry stood staring at the door to Dumbledore office, he could hear two voices, two distinct voices and one made Harry's skin tingle.

'Come in Harry,' called Albus Dumbledore.

Harry sighed but pushed the door open, 'I was just about to knock sir, but you always seem to know when I'm here.'

'One of my many talents my boy, now why don't you sit and I'll explain what is going on?'

Harry nodded and sat, but kept his gaze away from Snape, 'This isn't about what we've been talking about, is it?'

'There is a connection but no. What I have to discuss with you is quite serious, very dangerous as well. Severus had found some information that puts you in more danger than ever before.'

'How can I be in more danger, Voldemort wants to kill me, you can't get worse than dead.'

'Yes, that's true, but there is someone else that also wants you dead, someone that has a direct connection to you.'

'I'm not sure I understand sir.'

'There is something we all agreed to keep from you until you were older but now we have no choice.'

'There's something else you've kept from me?' Harry felt his temper rise.

'Calm down Harry, I'm sorry about Sirius, but this is very dangerous.'

'So who's going to die this time, it seems to be the way with you. You tell me things after it's too late.'

'Harry, please just listen to me, this is very serious.'

'I'm not sure I trust you anymore.'

'Potter, if you do not trust Albus, then trust me.'

'Why would I trust you, all you do is sneer at me and call me names.'

'True, but have I ever lied to you?'

'Yes,' Harry snarled, 'you told me my father was arrogant and Sirius was just as bad, Sirius was one of the best people I ever met, you only said that because they hated you. Then said I was an attention seeker which I'm not, I hate attention.'

'I hated them as well, but as students your father and godfather were arrogant, like most fifteen and sixteen year olds. So what I told you was the truth, I just never said I was talking about our Hogwarts days. With what I said about you, there is a reason but I do know you don't seek attention, you shy away from it.'

'Well I don't trust you either, I don't trust anyone.'

'You are going to trust us Harry, it's to save your life. You heard the prophecy and I am sorry, but you need to stay alive to fulfill that prophecy.'

'Oh, so it doesn't matter if I die after?' Harry snapped.

'I never said that, I do hope you survive, I hope we all survive. But as you know when it comes to tom death is part of life.'

Harry sighed but nodded then took a couple of deep breaths, 'Yeah, it is, okay, so what's this danger?'

'There is someone that wishes you dead. He believes you are truly dangerous to his lord, so naturally he wants you dead as soon as possible.'

'So one of his death eaters?'

'Yes, one that has not been seen in a very long time,' Albus looked at Severus to continue.

'This man was always a death eater, but he was not around a lot. He kept his missions secret from the rest and only the dark lord knew what he was doing. So even though all his death eaters returned to him two years ago, he did not. Two days ago he did return and the dark lord didn't seem upset about it at all, he actually smiled.'

Harry shuddered because he remembered Voldemort's smile, 'So Voldemort knew he would return but was also doing something for him?'

'Yes, none of the supporters know anything about this man, not his real name, where he lived, nothing. I on the other hand do know who he really is. When he was first marked with the dark mark he killed everyone that knew who he was, I was one that did not die and that is only because I was one of the dark lords most loyal servants, so he was ordered not to kill me,' Severus said, 'You do not seem surprised to hear I was a death eater?'

'I hear things, I see thing,' Harry shrugs, 'I've known for three years, but figured if Dumbledore trusts you then something convinced him you changed.'

'Yes, I did. Now about this person and why he is a danger to you, more than anyone else. You have the blood protection from your mother which stops Voldemort touching or finding you, but it will not stop this man.'

'Hang on, you said Voldemort and his death eaters cannot touch me, but you have, you grabbed by arm.' Harry stared at Snape.

'Because I renounced myself from the dark lords circle, it was a very powerful spell that allowed me to severe ties with him without him realising it. I still feel the mark burn but I am not compelled to go to him, I just do so he does not get suspicious.'

'Oh okay, I still have no idea what this is about though.'

'This man, this very cruel and evil death eater, he is just as sadistic as the dark lord himself, worse in some ways. The dark lord will only kill when it suits him, he does not do it on a whim, this man has no such qualms with killing and he has no such qualms how old someone is that he wishes to kill. It could be an old woman, a middle aged man, a pregnant woman, even a child, he will kill. He is the one supporter of the dark lord that does not always wait for orders, he will do what he thinks is right to protect his lord.'

'But doesn't Voldemort punish him for doing that?'

'Yes, usually, this man has proven to be the most loyal. Oh he will extract information before he kills so the dark lord always leaves him to do his job.'

'Before we explain who this man is we should explain how we wish to keep you safe,' Albus said as he stood up and moved around his desk, 'There is another protection spell we can give you, one that will stop him being able to find you or touch you. This protection is a bonding ceremony that needs two pure souls to join. Now I do not wish to get personal Harry but the pure part of this means pure in sexuality. So I need to ask this and I'm sorry to be blunt, but have you ever made love?'

Harry's eyes widen as he gaped at his headmaster, he looked at Snape who was watching him then he looked back at Dumbledore. He could feel himself blush and knew those two men would see it, so all Harry could do was shake his head as he looked down in his lap, twisting his fingers and hoped they never found out the truth. Then he sat there wondering what the hell did sex have to do with anything. Harry just hoped his small white lie wouldn't get out but technically he had never made love, he just couldn't say what did happen.