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"I am so fuckin' bored right now."

"Yeah? Well, welcome to my life." The nameless hollow yawned, curling up a bit tighter in his little nest. He'd put it together from blankets and pillows scavenged from all over the town, and stuffed it into the best space he could find. A crawlspace in an old, Victorian style home. It was snug and dark which suited his instincts perfectly. A second person had joined him in that space and seemed to find it every bit as comfortable as he did.

"Fuck man! Just because you wanted some company you went and condemned me to this?" The man beside him complained and the hollow grinned.

"Stop bitching. Now get over here and blow me off." He said and was pleased by the feral growl he got in response. Bright blue eyes flared and arms flexed but he hardened his tone. "No sparring for dominance in the nest, dickhead. You want me to fuck you without lube?"

"Like you've ever used lube." The man grunted but moved over his body, making the hollow purr softly in pleasure. "I'll do this on one condition. You suck me off after." The hollow considered it for a moment.

"Yeah, sure." He said, rather pleased with the thought. He didn't mind giving head to someone he liked, and he liked this man. Liked him a lot, in fact. It was why he'd picked him to join him in the endless solitude that was Ichigo's mind. A feral grin met his words and pale hands yanked down his hakama, revealing the treasures beneath. He never bothered with underwear. Just another garment to pull off, what was the point? "Mmm." The white hollow breathed deeply, his head falling back as his partner went down on him. White hands slid through soft blue hair, urging him on. Not that he needed much encouragement. No, this man knew exactly what he was doing.

The hollow gasped softly, his toes curling as a slightly scratchy tongue explored his throbbing length. It felt like he was being licked by a cat, and the slightly weird sensation was a massive turn on. The suction that followed was even better and he watched as the other man hollowed his cheeks, sucking him expertly. He wondered, sometimes, how the other had become such an expert on oral sex. He'd been damned good at it the very first time he'd been coaxed into doing it.

"Grimmjow." He murmured the other's name, smiling as bright blue eyes flicked up to look at him. "You're fucking great… oh…" He moaned softly as that delicious tongue flicked his tip then whimpered softly as Grimmjow pulled away.

"Yeah, I know. You're not the first to tell me." He said teasingly as the hollow really wondered who had come before him. But then the former arrancar went down on him again and it just felt so good. Damn, that cat knew exactly how to use his tongue…

The white hollow enjoyed every moment as Grimmjow sucked him off. When he finally came it was with a loud yelp, and the arrancar pulled one of his best tricks… swallowing almost all of his cum, but letting a little of it drip down the side of his mouth, splattering on the hollow's thigh. He knew that was deliberate. Grimmjow could have swallowed it all if he'd wanted to, but he knew how that little action turned his partner on. The hollow growled and grabbed him, yanking him up so he could lick off that trail of semen. It should have been disgusting, but right now it tasted great.

"Hope you can handle my cock, whitey." The ex-Espada said with a wicked grin and the hollow snorted.

"Don't call me that. And you're not that impressive, cat." He said as he yanked up his hakama, then went down Grimmjow's body. His hakama was easy to get out of the way, but the bastard wore boxers underneath. The hollow had already shredded three pairs, but Grimmjow had a tiny bit of control here and insisted on making more. "Why do you wear these stupid things?" He muttered as he peeled the fabric away and the former arrancar laughed.

"I like the way they feel. So are you going to go down on me or are we going to discuss my taste in fashion?" Grimmjow asked and the hollow scowled before licking the waiting length. He'd been lying a bit when he said Grimmjow wasn't that impressive. He was actually really fucking big, and it was always a bit tough for the hollow to suck him off. "You really ain't the best at this."

"Shut up! I'm still learning you dirtbag." He snarled before returning to his task, defiantly taking Grimmjow as far back into his throat as he could. Almost choking himself, which kind of negated what he'd been trying for. There was a laugh above him.

"Yeah, I know… and it's sexy, watching you try to figure it out… ah…" A soft groan escaped the ex-Espada's throat and Shiro repeated the little tongue curl that had generated it. "Yeah, like that… shit…" The hollow gently fondled his partner's sac, another sensitive point. He might not be the best at oral sex, but he was finding out what Grimmjow liked best.

It took a while to get the other man off, and the white hollow didn't mind a bit. He was honestly enjoying himself. The challenge of stretching out his throat and ignoring his gag reflex had a weird appeal to him. That was probably why he didn't fight Grimmjow much when he suggested this. Giving head was usually a submissive gesture, and the hollow was not the submissive in their relationship. But then, their 'relationship' was not a simple thing.

Grimmjow finally came, and the hollow didn't even try to swallow it all. The man was like a fountain, it was always too much. A lot of it splattered on Grimmjow's thighs, too much to be sexy. Definitely annoying territory. But the white hollow could fix that and he grinned before lapping the sticky stuff up. It was one of the few things he could taste here and just for that, he savored the salty, slightly bitter tang.

"I love the way you seem to enjoy that." Grimmjow purred and the hollow lifted his head, grinning.

"I do enjoy it. It's the only thing I can eat around here." He said, knowing it would tick Grimmjow off a bit. The arrancar did not disappoint.

"Fuck! Don't remind me. Shit, what I wouldn't give for some coffee. I'd even drink Aizen's fucking tea right now. An adjuchas would be good… or even some fucking human food. A big piece of apple pie. Did you know we had apple pie in Los Noches? It was the best fucking shit ever." Grimmjow was getting misty eyed and the hollow laughed as he went back to his cum cleaning.

"Yeah, I know, that'd be the third time you've told me." He told the former arrancar, who growled and gripped his long hair, giving it a small yank. "Watch it! So yeah. Sorry, I'd get you some pie if I could. I'd like to try it myself." The hand in his hair relaxed at that.

"Yeah, I know." Grimmjow sighed softly as the white hollow sat up. To his surprise, the ex-Espada pulled him into an embrace. "I used to be so pissed at you – well, you know that – " The hollow sniggered at the reminder. That was a massive understatement. "But you're growing on me now. Like a bad case of foot rot."

"Oh thanks!" He grinned widely though. Foot rot? He liked that. Ichigo would probably agree. "You want to sleep? Because I'm fucking tired." He said with a yawn and the former arrancar shrugged.

"Sure. Not like there's much else to do in this shithole." He said and the hollow wasn't remotely offended. In fact, he completely agreed.

Ichigo's inner world was one hell of a shithole.

"Whaddaya think of my new threads?"

"Stunning." The hollow said as he gazed up at the sky. Something wasn't right. He was deeply attuned to the currents of the underwater world and something was happening. Was his King having an emotional upset again? If so the inner hollow was tempted to chop his own head off. This was getting way, way too emo for his tastes.

"You fucker, you didn't even look!" Wincing, he realized there was plenty of emo standing right beside him. Or rather, one extremely pissed off ex-Espada.

"Sorry. I just think King's doing something again." He said hurriedly then turned to look over the scowling arrancar. "Hey, where'd you get all that?" He was actually slightly impressed. Grimmjow was wearing black jeans with a tan belt that had a black chain hanging from it. His shirt was a simple grey t-shirt, and he was wearing a grey windbreaker with orange piping over top He was also wearing two necklaces, one a strand of silver while the other was cheap black iron with a crystal cross hanging off the end.

"One of the stores." Grimmjow waved vaguely at the main drag. "Looks good on me, doesn't it?" He said and the hollow nodded, although the ex-Espada clearly didn't need much affirmation. His ego was already huge. "You know, you need a name." He suddenly said and the hollow scowled.

"Not that again. King gets to name me, no one else." He said sullenly. He'd honestly been hoping Ichigo would name him for a long, long time. He talked to the kid all the time, didn't he deserve a name? It just wouldn't be the same if he named himself. Then he blinked as Grimmjow suddenly poked him in the forehead with a finger.

"Dumbass. He's not going to. He doesn't give a fig about you." The former arrancar said, which pissed the hollow off. Probably because it was true. "Let me name you. I'll come up with something good."

"Fuck off! Don't forget that I can eat you." The hollow snarled and Grimmjow just sneered, folding his arms.

"Yeah, you do that. Go back to being completely alone with only an emo King to take care of you. Oh wait, he never took care of you. He never even looks at you if he can help it." The taunts hurt and for a moment the inner hollow was deeply tempted to devour the ghost in front of him. But he restrained himself because Grimmjow was right on all counts. If he ate the fucker he'd go back to being alone and as annoying as the company could sometimes be, he didn't want that.

"Shut up." He grunted instead, glancing up. The water was swirling more violently now. "I'm going to go see what's got King's pants in a knot this time. You try to think up a name." Grimmjow looked surprised and the hollow smirked. "If you're going to get all frickin' whiny fine, you can name me. I already have one whiny bitch to look after, I don't need two."

"Oi! You better be ready for a fight tonight, bastard. I'm going to make you work for it." The ex-Espada retorted. The smirk widened into a grin.

"I can't wait." The hollow purred before focusing his attention elsewhere and vanishing from Grimmjow's sight.

He needed to see what his King's problem was.

"Make him come back Itsygo! Make Gwimmy come back!" There was a green haired little arrancar girl sobbing into Ichigo's chest. The hollow had to mentally come up to speed, and it took a few tries.

His King was in Hueco Mundo, for one. What was he doing here? Why had he gone, and when had it happened? The hollow felt a moment of dismay as he realized he'd been neglecting his King in favor of his foul mouthed little friend. But at least Grimmjow acknowledged his existence, which was more than he'd ever been able to say about Ichigo.

"Shhh Nel. Shhh. I'd bring him back if I could." Ichigo whispered into the little girl's ear. "I'm sorry. He's in a better place."

This is awkward. The inner hollow muttered to himself, not caring if Ichigo heard. There was no chance the teen would understand anyway. Very, very awkward. Should he say something?

Grimmjow had been dying after Nnoitra's attack. The hollow had seen it and had tried to tell his King, but Ichigo had listened to him just as well as always. Not that there had been much time to do anything, anyway. But when the hollow had briefly gotten control of their body, he'd done the only thing he could do. He'd made a pit stop to devour a certain Espada. One bite had finished his life, and plenty more had gotten the delicious snack down.

Of course, he hadn't done that just for a meal. He'd done it with the intention of making Grimmjow join him in Ichigo's inner world. He wanted a companion, someone to hang out with. Zangetsu had all the personality of a paintbrush and he could be thicker than a streak of lard when it came to intimate matters. The inner hollow wanted someone to play with, someone to fuck. He'd figured Grimmjow would be pissed but would eventually get over it. Survival instinct was the primary instinct for any hollow and this was survival, in a way.

Grimmjow wasn't as powerful as he once had been, though. The souls that had made up his body had been completely devoured by the hollow, and therefore Ichigo. All Grimmjow was left with was the oldest souls, the ones that had been with him so long they made up a significant part of his personality. And of course, his primary soul. That soul governed Grimmjow's actions and gave him his unique personality. And while Grimm still had some power, it wasn't anything like a real arrancar. He was literally a ghost now, a shadow of the powerful person he once had been.

So even if he said something there wasn't much Ichigo could do. The hollow was pretty sure that not even Urahara could extract the essence of the Espada from the teen. Not and keep him alive, at least. There just wasn't enough substance to support his independent existence anymore. And was the hollow willing to give up his… friend? Fuck that! Finally, he wasn't lonely. Finally, he was almost happy. He wasn't going to give that up for some stupid little brat wearing a broken piece of bone.

Satisfied with his decision, the hollow left Ichigo to his devices. He wanted to ask Grimmjow a few questions.

When he got back to his inner world, Grimmjow had managed to find a notebook somewhere and was scribbling in it with a pencil. Pencil marks tended to stay put in the inner world, unlike a lot of other mediums. And for some weird reason, books were unaffected by the endless water. The hollow had a theory that Ichigo couldn't stand the thought of books being destroyed so they were automatically protected. He had no way to prove it, though.

"What are you doing?" He said, kneeling beside the former arrancar. Then he blinked as the notepad was shoved towards him. "Huh?"

"Working on a name for you. How about Nemo?" The hollow stared as Grimmjow thumbed through a book. "It has a good meaning… right, yeah, it means nobody."

"Hey!" The hollow said, mildly offended, as he looked over the other names. "Are these all Spanish?" He wasn't too surprised though, hollows seemed to favor that language for some bizarre reason. "Oh for fuck's sake, you are not calling me Pico. Not EVER. Paz? That actually sounds kind of nice." It was short and easy to yell, too. He could picture Grimmjow screaming it with his legs around him. The ex-Espada grinned.

"It means peace though. Not really your thing. Maybe I should take a look at the Japanese baby names." Grimmjow picked up another book and the hollow sighed as he dropped the notebook. He really needed to ask the Espada about the scene he'd just witnessed.

"Hey, arrancar. You know Nel? The little squirt who keeps trying to break Ichigo's neck whenever they meet?" He asked and Grimmjow nodded, not looking up. "Ichigo's in Hueco Mundo now," Grimmjow looked up sharply at that, blue eyes meeting black and gold. "And the little bitch is crying up a storm about you dyin'. Why is she so upset?" He really wanted to know. Grimmjow grimaced, putting his book down.

"Ah. Shit. I thought she didn't remember." Grimmjow ran a hand through his hair as the white hollow waited patiently. "She acted like she was scared shitless of me… umph." He glanced up warily and the hollow just tried to be patient. He wanted to hear this story. "See, way back when we were both Espada and she was Nelliel, we kinda had a thing. Not a really deep thing, more sex than anything, but… yeah. We did it a lot." Grimmjow looked away, scowling at nothing. "We kept it on the lowdown. That kind of shit is a weakness, especially if you really care and we did care a bit. I still wonder if maybe, just maybe, if Nnoitra and Szayel had known they were facing two Espada and not just one things would've gone differently." He brooded for a moment then shook his head. "Probably would have just been two of us with broken masks."

"Yeah, probably." The hollow considered the information and also analyzed how he felt about it. Was he jealous? A little. Not a lot, though. Nel was just a baby now and Grimmjow only existed in Ichigo's inner world. She was no kind of threat to him. "Poor kid is begging him to bring you back. Too bad it ain't possible." He met Grimmjow's eyes and saw frustrated fury in those blue pools.

"Isn't it? You couldn't get me out of here, if you really wanted to?" The ex-Espada said, clearly frustrated and angry. The hollow shook his head.

"No. You don't have the substance to be an Espada anymore. You know that." Black and gold eyes met blue and blue finally looked away. "Got any other names for me?" He asked, changing the subject. Grimmjow went back to his Japanese baby name book.

"Oooh, how about Akiyo? It means white world, according to this." The hollow tested the name out. It didn't sound bad. "Fuyuki, that means snowy winter. Huyu, that just means winter… damn, most of these names are about filial respect and shit, that is so not you… hmmm…" The white hollow smiled as he listened to Grimmjow ramble on. That smile would have shocked Ichigo because it wasn't a smirk or a leer. It was just a smile, and it seemed almost kind.

As kind as a hollow could be.