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There must always be a hero, and a villain to contest him.

Naruto stood triumphant over Madera. After a long day long batter with Madera Naruto had beaten him, Madera on the ground dying from the wounds inflected upon him by Naruto and his ultimate weapon the Juubi sealed inside Naruto to stop it's rampage.

"It's over Madera."

He smiled. "Yes. Yes it is. And I must say, you've out done yourself Naruto. Surpassed your parents in every way possible. You've done them proud." Madera smiled.

"Why'd you do it? All this? You could have done something productive, something worth doing." Naruto asked. "So why?"

Madera gave off a small laugh. "You really want to know?" Naruto nodded. "Then I'll tell you why. There must always be a hero Naruto, always. Then there must always be a villain to contest him. Even if evil is put down for a time evil must stay alive in order for good to prove itself above it. Without good evil destroys all things, and without evil, good becomes evil. It that simple." Madera told him.

"It's not that simple!"

"But it is. Look at what we've done together Naruto. I gave the world an enemy to hate and unite against, and you brought them together. You've done something for each of the 5 great villages like I knew you would the day you were born. Then you united them to face me. Like I knew you would." Madera coughed a bit.

Naruto narrowed his eyes. "There something else, isn't there."

Madera smiled. "Yes. You're no longer needed here Naruto. You've saved this world from me and the Juubi, however, as you are the last of the Jinjuriki, of the Juubi no less, some of the people will start to fear you once more. Evil has been defeated for a time and this world is safe for the time being. I'm going to send you to another world."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Ok, let's say I believe you that you could do that. You're out of chakra how can you send me to another world?" Naruto heard a crunch sound. "Food pill?"

"Yeah, I've been at this longer than you have Naruto. But this food pill fully charges me for a few seconds." Madera began to do 100s of hands seals.

"But, my kid…"

"They will grow up and here about their father, the greatest Ninja of all time. They will strive to become like you and when a new evil rises to challenge the peace, they will be there, at the front stopping it. And stop it they will." Madera was almost finished.

"How do you know that?"

"I have seen it. Like how I've seen what will happen in this fight and didn't bother to change it. I knew I would lose and fail but still fought this battle." Madera was about done.

"What. They? I only got Shion pregnant."

"Oh right. How could I have forgotten?" Madera mocked him. "I could have completely forgotten that you and Hinata went at it like rabbits two days ago. Maybe she DIDN'T get pregnant when you went at it from 9 to 5."

Naruto blushed, then smacked his head forgetting about that. "Can… can you tell me about them?"

Madera smiled. "Sure. You will have triplets from Hinata." Naruto's eyes bulged. "Yeah I know, I expected at least 4 kids from her but nope only 3. Anyway she'll push out 2 girls and a boy. The boy will look and act like you without the Hyuga bloodline. He'll become a great ninja and the 7th Hokage under the teachings of Konohamaru. He'll make Hokage in a few years you know." Naruto smiled. "You two girls from Hinata one will be a capon copy of Hinata. Act like her two, even down to the pointing of her fingers when she sees the boy she likes. Don't worry, the boy will be a fine ninja and man, so no worries there. The second girl will have dark red hair and act like your mom. So a red headed girl version of you. They will grow up powerful and strong. Then one day, they will meet up with their older sister from Shion and face off against that demon thing that you and Shion beat. The 4 of them will face a stronger version of that and beat it, saving the world from evil for a time. From then on Naruto your descents will be the reasons that this world keeps spinning. You and your family will be known as the greatest of heroes." Madera told him his kid's story. Although he would have liked to see it, being told it was good enough for him.

"This world that you're sending me to Madera. What's it like?"

"The world is broken like this one. That is all I know. You will be sent there to fix it. Don't forget about me Naruto that's all I ask for doing this for you. One more thing move on from Shion and Hinata that's what they would want for you. Find yourself a nice girl or 2… or 10. Who knows how many girls will catch your eye. Goodbye Naruto."

Naruto nodded.

"Forbidden Ninja Art: Dimension Distortion!" In a dark flash Naruto was gone. Madera collapsed once again. Then sneezed for some reason. "Naruto must have said my name. Hum, maybe I should have told him that the Juubi will fuck up his powers and he'll get new ones? Nah. I had to learn the hard way." Then something else hit Madera. "But maybe I should have at least told him that the Juubi is a pervert? Nah."

"MADERA!" Madera looked at the sound of the voice to see the 5 Kages, and many ninja from the 5 villages. Among them was Hinata and Madera smiled. "Where is Naruto Uzumaki!?" Tsunade asked/demanded.

"Naruto Uzumaki? I know not of this Naruto Uzumaki. But I know the where abouts of Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, son of the 4th Hokage Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, last of the Uzumaki Royal line and last descendant of the Sage of the Six paths if you're interested." Madera mocked them.

Tsunade's eyes widened. As did the rest of the ninjas. "Where is he!?" Tsunade yelled.

"I sent him away. Away from you, and the hate that this world will bring upon him."

"What are you talking about!? No one would hate him for what he did! He beat you! No one can hate him for that!"

"Can't they? Humans fear what they do not care to understand. That is why I got as far as I did."

Then Hinata in her anger grabbed him by the neck. "Bring him back!" She yelled, tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

Madera smiled. "Even if I could, I wouldn't. This world would condemn him for being the last Jinjuriki, of the Juubi no less." He coughed a bit of blood. "I would suggest that you calm down Mrs. Namikaze. All that anger is not good for the babies." He smiled again as her shock caused her to let go.


"I'll let you figure it out. Now if you don't mind. I'm going to go ahead and die now." Madera closed his eyes and passed away.

"He what?" Hinata was still in shock. Was she pregnant.

"We must get our wounded treated. Anyone that we can spare we will have them search for Naruto. He is the only reason we still have our free will. Move out!" A the leader of the Ninja Alliance ordered.

(A new world)

Naruto woke up from whatever Madera did to him. He looked around himself and say lots of birds and clouds. Wait, birds and clouds? Naruto looked down.

"AHHHH!" He was who knows how high in the sky. "MADERA YOU ASSHOLE!" Hence the first time Madera sneezed. Naruto was falling fast he could see land, far away, but he could see land coming up fast. "Shit shit shit shit! What do I do? What do I do!?" He began to think.

'Almighty Push…'

"Huh? Naruto looked around. He thought he heard…

'Almighty Push.' The voice sounded a little more forceful. 'ALMIGHTY PUSH!'

"Okay! No need to yell creepy voice." Naruto began to build up what chakra he had left. Then took a breath. "Almighty Push!" Nothing. "Almighty Push!" Nothing again. "Come on voice a little help! Almighty push isn't working!" Naruto saw big buildings like the ones in Ami, but that wasn't an issue right now. The fact that the ground was getting closer was the problem.

'Your eyes. Chakra to your eyes.'

"Oh." Naruto took another breath, focused chakra into his eyes then opened them. He had the eyes of the Juubi. Only a few meters separated him and him going splat. "ALMIGHTY PUSH!" Naruto yelled.

The force made a loud sound that could be heard for miles and a creator in the center of a park because of the force Naruto used. He landed on the not so soft ground he'd be sore for a while but he'll live. Not to take into account that he just had a death match with Madera. "Ow." Naruto said to himself he just to happen to land on a rock that didn't get crushed by his Almighty Push. Yeah someone didn't like him.

(Mount Justice)

Young Justice was just lounging around with nothing to do. They got done with their training, there was nothing to do and no missions to go on, the team was bored out of their minds.

"So… wanna watch a movie?" Wally asked.

"NO!" Was the collective answer of the rest of the group.

Let's do a head count. First up we got Kid Flash, the fastest boy alive. Although his brain is the slowest part of his body as he specks, then thinks, then realizes he said something stupid. Yeah not so fast there. Then we got Robin, the boy wonder himself trained under Batman for years. Although he has a problem with his height, he says he's a late bloomer, yeah what ever gets you to sleep at night bird boy. Moving on we got Superboy. The clone of Superman making him his son yet got rejected by the Man of Steel so he strives to be stronger without Superman. Then we got the team leader Aqualad, Aquaman's sidekick and soldier. He was made leader as he was the most fit to lead the group. Level headed of the group.

Now moving on the only girls on the team. First up is Miss Marian or Megan. The niece of the Marian Man Hunter John, this cute red head loves to cook and has a healthy shade of green for her skin tone, also her red hair complements her nicely. Next up is the newest member of the team Artemis the archer of the group and although she's in a lot of green she's not a green arrow fanatic.

"I'm so~~~ bored! I wish something would happen! Like some random guy coming from another dimension and causes a bit of trouble because of a misunderstanding and he needs to be stopped!" Kid Flash yelled in frustration.

The group looked at him owlishly.

"Yeah like that will happen Kid. The odds are a long shot at best." Robin said. Superboy just scoffed, although he still has a temper he's getting better. Artemis just rolled her eyes. Megan giggled Kid.

"Careful what you wish for Wally. Sometimes the gods answers a wish, and sometimes the answer you get isn't the answer you want." Aqualad said in a sage like manner.

"Young Justice, report to the briefing room for deployment." The Young Justice 'babysitter' Red Tornado's voice came from the screen nearby.

"Alright! Some action!" Kid Flash yelled excitedly.

At the briefing room Red Tornado was waiting for the team. The large screen behind him had Batman's face on it. "Young Justice listen up. Less than 5 minutes ago something fell from the sky and landed in Metropolis Park. We don't know what but whatever it was made a 30 meter large hole in the park. Superman and I are off in Asia right now and can't respond. However Supergirl and Powergirl will meet you there. Also Wonder Woman will be there momentarily. She is in charge. Move out as soon as she arrives, Batman out." Batman gave them the bat glare before the screen cut off.

Soon enough the Wonder Woman came from the teleporter.

She meet the team only once before, and before Artemis joined." Greetings once again Young Justice. Let us move out. We have no idea what we are in for. But be ready for anything." She told to the Young Justice team. She was one of the few that knew about the team at all.

"Yes ma'am." The group said

(Naruto's crash site)

Naruto had been resting in his new hole in the ground for the past few minutes unable to get up, or just not wanting to. "I guess it's time to get up. I hope I don't have to fight today, I just got out of a massive ass kicking at the hands of Madera. That guys an ass for dropping me from the sky. The least he could have done is make it so that I land in water… ass. I better not get another surprise, like the Juubi being as perverted as Kurama was. Kurama would stop singing the song that never ends until I slept with Hinata. God I can't believe he did that for 3 days." Naruto remembered that horrifying memory. "I'm sure the strongest being in existence isn't a pervert like Kurama." Hence Madera sneezing the 2nd time.

Just outside the park the Young Justice team along with Wonder Woman, Powergirl and Supergirl had just got assembled.

"Wonder Woman, the police have evacuated the park and set up a perimeter around it. The only thing there is whatever fell from the sky." Supergirl told Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman nodded. "Megan can you get a fix on whatever is in there? It will let us know if it's' human or not."

"Hello Megan. On it." Megan began to read the area, she caught onto one mind, unknown to her it was Naruto's, but something was blocking her from getting any deeper then sense him. "I'm sorry ma'am. I sense someone there, but they have a strong mental shield. I can't get it." She told her in a sad manner.

Wonder Woman nodded. "It is alright child, we know that there is only one of them and that it's alive. We don't know what we are in for, so be ready for anything. Move out." She ordered.

The large group moved to the location of the nice size hole in the ground. They were about half way there when KF started to talk again. "You think is some guy from another dimension?" He asked. "Or better yet, another girl?" He was almost getty with excitement. The only person that didn't roll their eyes, on the Young Justice team, was Megan. She just didn't have a mean bone in her body.

"Stay focused Kid Flash." Wonder Woman told him. "I sense someone powerful up ahead."

The team made it near the edge of the hole and looked around. "I don't see anyone." Robin said.

"Supergirl, used your X-ray vision. See what you can see." Wonder Woman had this feeling in the back of her mind that something had just changed in the world.

"Right." Supergirl activated her X-ray vision and started to look around to see anything, she looked around then she spotted some boy lying on the ground starting to get. Then what happened next shocked her, he was walking the steep wall like it was the ground.

"See anything?" Power girl asked.

"Yeah, a young boy about 16 or so, he's getting up and out of the crater." That shocked a lot of, I mean all of, the team. Someone had survived that?

Soon they saw a hand reach up and grab the edge of the crater and they saw a young blond haired boy. He then stood up. A few of the girls of the team blushed, mainly Megan, Artemis, Supergirl and Powergirl, although Powergirl not as much as the other. But they also saw he was covered in blood, it could have been his.

"Ah man my head, Madera that ass. He could have sent me into a river or ocean. Not the sky then fall onto a rock of all things that just happens to not be crushed from my Almighty Push, ass." Naruto said, although no one understood him.

"Greetings." Naruto looked, he had about 12 people in overly tight tights, and some of them at least, while the rest, namely the girls most of them at least, were in overly reveling cloths. "Might we know your name?" Naruto saw some girl in gold, red, blue with white stars, Wonder Woman, talking to him. But he couldn't understand her. But Naruto being Naruto started telling everything that happened in a fast paced way. From his fight with Madera to how he ended up here. But no one could make out a word.

"Um, did anyone get that?" Kid Flash asked.

"No one word. What language is he speaking?" Artemis asked.

"It sounds like Japanese, but I can't be sure. Wait, give me a minute." Robin busted out one of his many devices then he hit translator.

"Let me try." Megan began to try to read his mind.

Naruto felt someone try to invade his mind. "Hey stop that!" Naruto yelled, but again no one understood him. He again felt the push in the back of his mind. Having Ino as a friend you tend to get the hint when someone is trying to get inside your head.

"Uh, Megan, I don't think he likes that." Aqua lad told her.

"Oh, sorry, but I did manage to get something. All I felt was pain." She said to Aqualad and the others.

"Pain? Like he's in pain or he causes it?" Artemis asked.

"He's in pain. A lot of it and I only felt it for a second. He can barely stand. He's standing on willpower alone." She told the group.

"Okay I got it he is speaking Japanese but everything he's said doesn't make since. It says that he was in a food fight with his best friend when was sent here." He said looking at the translation. The Young Justice team looked at Robin's toy and saw that what it said.

"A mistranslation maybe?" Kid Flash asked.

"Not likely. I think this guy is just crazy. But let me try something. I'm going to tell him we are friends and can help him." Robin was typing.

All the while Wonder Woman was sizing up the mysteries blond, and by the way he was looking around he was doing the same to them. The way he looked at Supergirl and Powergirl made her feel uneasy, sure they were floating around but he looked at them like they were a threat to him. Then the translation that Robin said. You don't get injuries like that from a food fight or just falling down from up high. This man was a warrior, a powerful one at that.

"Ok I got it." Robin slowly walked up to Naruto. He saw Naruto tense up ready to move at a moment's notice. "Easy, I'm not going to hurt you, just want to show you something." Robin showed him the sentence he typed.

Naruto looked at the wired contraption that short kid had. He didn't know what it said on the left side. It said 'We are friends and can help you.' However Robin didn't know that the Japanese he was speaking was an ancient form on this Earth so the translation Naruto saw was 'We are enemies and will hurt you.' Yeah that went over well. Naruto punched Robin square in the face and sent him flying.

Robin soared away from Naruto and landed on Kid Flash.

Then all hell broke loose, Naruto got in his fighting stance as Supergirl and Powergirl attacked him. Naruto grabbed Supergirl's wriest and tossed her behind him and then placed a hand in front of him. "Almighty Push!" He then sent Powergirl flying back. Everyone was shocked to see Powergirl flying against her will, but none more shocked then Powergirl herself.

Naruto got ready for a fight, as did the heroes. Superboy charged in first throwing a massive punch at the blond haired man. Naruto just dodged the clumsy attack then kicked Superboy in the back when he pasted him.

Kid Flash started to attack, using his speed for hit and run tactics. Naruto got annoyed by that fast after about 5 more hits Naruto got the timing down, when the next one was coming for him he stomped on the ground leveling it, this made Kid Flash lose his balance and then make great friends with Naruto's fist. Kid Flash was sent flying into Aqualad who had no chance to move out of the way.

Artemis fired three arrows in quick secession, but Naruto dodged them like they were standing still. Naruto took out 4 kunai and threw them at her, pinning her to the tree behind her.

Aqua lad got up and used his water binding skills to attack Naruto. Naruto just stopped the water and took command of it and, being that Water was his second element, tossed it back at Aqua lad. Aqua lad was too shocked that his attack was thrown back at him to dodge the attack.

Robin got back into the fight trying to flank Naruto but Naruto was too good for that. When Robin tried to hit Naruto with his metal staff from behind Naruto jumped, did a spin midair, and then punched Robin in the back. But because Naruto is tired from his fight with Madera

Megan start to use her telepathy to try to understand this blond haired young man. Again all she got was that he was in pain before she was forced out.

Wonder Woman attacked him next. Naruto had to admit she was stronger than most of the others by a landslide. Every punch he blocked felt like Tsunade hit him. He continued to block her attacks. "Damn she hits as hard as grandma Tsunade." Naruto ducked when she tried to kick him and she paid for it, he did a upper cut to her chin and sent her flying to the rest of the group. After that he fell on one knee tired from this new fight already. 'Damn, I can't keep going. Madera tired me out and most of them can go toe to toe with grandma Tsunade. Damn this sucks.' Some blood came from his mouth.

A few noticed this, Supergirl, Artemis, Robin and Megan, they have yet to touch him and yet he's the only one bleeding. They all notice that Naruto picked something out of his pouch and pop it in his mouth. The few that could feel his energy, namely Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Powergirl and Megan, could feel him get stronger if that was even possible.

'Careful child, you can only take 1 more of those without repercussions.'

Naruto didn't bother to ask, he assumed that the voice was the Juubi in his head. He also knew the repercussions that this food pill has on him and only people like him. The more you take the angrier you get. A very bad thing for a Tailed Beast Host.

"We need a plan, all of us just charging in got us harmed from his reactions." Wonder Woman told the group.

"He seems to be strong, and whatever he took made him stronger, we need to take him down without him taking anymore of those things." Powergirl observed.

"I have a plan. Megan connect us telepathically." Aqua Lad told Megan.

"Right." She did so.

While they were planning was making a plan for himself. He somehow knew how his new eyes worked, a combination of the Rinnegan and the Sharingan to put it basically, but far more complex. He made 3 clones for himself to use for extra eyes, no that the others saw him. He put one in the tree behind him and two in trees to his right and left a good 20 feet away from him so he can see the whole field. The group then surrounded him.

Powergirl, Supergirl and Superboy got behind him. He saw Kid Flash to his right with Robin, he saw Aqua Lad to the left with Wonder Woman in the center. He also saw Artemis in the tree behind Wonder Woman. The only person he couldn't see was the green skinned red head, who he thought was cute. He knew that the green one was the telepath, but because of his metal shielding she couldn't get in at all without touching him.

So he analyzed what was going one, the 3 behind him and the woman in front of him are on par with Tsunade, very bad, we got a super speed guy like Lee and Guy, just not as fast so that was good, yet still bad. Some kid with so hand to hand skills, no threat, another with bow and arrow, no threat, and another with power over water, minimal threat. So the only real threats are the 4 power houses and the mind reader.

He saw the black kid, Aqua lad, nod to the group behind him. Then faster than most could follow Superboy charged Naruto throwing a powerful right hook. Naruto turned around and grabbed his hand and threw him towards Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman caught Superboy but skidded a few yards beck.

Kid Flash charged next. Doing his hit and run tactics once more. Naruto was getting annoyed really fast. Naruto again waited for the right time. Then Naruto went for the grab but he wasn't there. Instead he got hammed in the face with some water.

'Smart, they knew I could catch speed boy so they made me believe that he would do the same thing again knowing I would try to catch him again. So instead they prepared another attack. Hey wait, where are the two girls that where behind me?' Naruto looked around for them.



Naruto saw both girls charge at him at full speed. He was about to move when he saw his feet incased in ice, most likely by the water user. So Naruto did the only thing he could. He put his hands up and caught both of their punches. The shocked wave of him stopping their attacks caused a few smaller trees nearby to get torn out of their roots. Everyone, and I mean everyone, were shocked.

"Enough!" Naruto yelled, he was on the defensive no more. He tossed both Supergirl and Powergirl at opposite sides of the park with his strength.

Kid Flash came at him again, but this time Naruto wasn't going to let the kid do his hit and run thing again. Naruto grabbed his hand twisted it out of place then delivered a devastating kick to his right knee, shattering it.

"AHHH!" Kid Flash was holding his knee and it was broken.

Naruto used his father's jutsu the Flying thunder God Jutsu and moved in front of Aqualad, Aqualad had no chance to move as Naruto punched him in the gut knocking the wind out of him. Then flashed to Robin, Robin tried to hit him with his steel staff. Naruto grabbed it broke it in half then did an over the head drop kick breaking his left shoulder. Naruto then used his Almighty Push to send him back to the tree that Artemis was hiding in.

Wonder Woman attacked him next. But with the help of his clones and the powers of his new eyes he just dodge them his speed was far greater than hers. But while he was fighting her Aqualad looked on with pained eyes. His plan was coming together.

'Supergirl, Powergirl, Superboy now!'

Wonder Woman had cornered him back to the edge of his hole then she delivered a power right hook to his face. Then that was joined by Supergirl's and Powergirl's speed enhanced punch. Then Superboy came up next and punched him hard in the face.

Naruto flew across that crater and shattered a tree. Naruto was on his hands and knees from the latest attack. These people are strong and he's feeling it. He reached for his pouch and grabbed yet another food pill. A slightly different one then before. The first one was red, this one was gray.

'You know what will happen once this one is taken I'm sure.'

Naruto knew what would happen, or at least what might happen. He'll lose control of his anger and might unleash more power then he means to, but running is out of the question as two of these women could just follow him and he'll just ware himself out.

Powergirl saw Naruto pop something in his mouth. "NO!" Naruto's power soared once more. Then she blinked and then doubled over. "So fast…" She muttered before she started coughing.

Naruto then moved on to Wonder Woman, she managed block the first on but she then was kicked by Naruto in the gut and sent flying.

Naruto then set his sights on Supergirl. He moved on her but she managed to grab his arm but when she tried to punch him he grabbed her hand. Both now in a strength contest to see who's stronger.

'She's stronger then she looks.' Naruto thought.

'He's strong.' Supergirl thought as she tying but failing to overpower him.

Naruto's enhanced strength was starting to win out. Then he tripped her and she fell and Naruto's strength seemed even greater. He was on top of her over powering Supergirl, that's not something you'd see any day.

Then Wonder Woman tackled him off her then they began fighting for dominance.

'How can he be so strong?' She wondered.

'The pill will be wearing off soon. There woman are tough, strong and fast.' Naruto was kicked off of her as the effects of the 2nd pill were almost gone. He saw someone come from behind him, it was Superboy. He did a few hand signs and a panda bear appeared on his back as Superboy's punch landed. The punch was stopped dead in its tracks. The bear left, then Naruto did a round house kick and knocked Superboy away.

Then Supergirl and Powergirl both fired their lasers at him. Naruto using more of his power, which he believed was forced feed the knowledge by the Juubi, he absorbed the energy from them, giving him a slight power up from them. Both girls stopped and looked on in shock.

Naruto took the moment to get some distance. "ALMIGHTY PUSH!"

Everyone was blinded by the dust that was kicked up, but everyone was forced back as well. Naruto was dead tired. He could barely stand he was on one knee facing the last of the people gunning for him. His two shadow clones were destroyed by the archer chick he had forgot about. He was forced back to the edge once more. He heard a snap then grabbed the arrow that was aimed for his head. "Arrows aren't very effective so why…?"


The arrow was a flash bang arrow and it blinded him. He felt someone come from beneath him, but too late, the green skinned girl latched onto him. 'So that was there plan?' Naruto grabbed her hand before she could touch his head. But then he lost his footing when the earth crumbled beneath him but he took Megan with him.

"MEGAN!" Wonder Woman yelled as she followed them down the crater.

The pair tumbled and tumbled down, both holding onto each other out of instinct. Then when the odd couple reached the bottom both hit each other's head.

That was when she saw it. Megan saw his past, in quick flashes she saw everything he had been through and seen. The death of his family, his training to be a cold blooded killer, the neglect and beatings, his missions and how he saved the world from an evil man wishing to strip the world of free will so that he could become a god. Then later said evil man sent him here from another world or dimension. How he was sent here to save the world. She also saw what he saw when Robin walked up to him when he first got here. He thought they were his enemies, not friends. A misunderstanding that was caused this.

However unknown to Megan her reading his mind was a two way street. He saw her past as well. How her own kind hated her for being born different from them. For her longing to be accepted by her human friends, but most of all to find what the human's called love.

'We're the same.' They both thought although neither of them heard each other.

'Well look at that young one. You've finally found someone that you can relate to.'

The Juubi zapped the last of his strength just talking with him and Naruto passed out.

"Megan!" Megan saw Wonder Woman and Supergirl come for her. Both saw that she was crying for some reason.

"Megan are you alright?" Supergirl asked, not knowing how to respond.

"I… I saw… his past. I saw everything…" She rushed over to him, she had found someone who could understand her. "He's… he's been through so much. Wonder Woman, the fight was a misunderstanding, he thought we we're the enemy. Robin's translation was off. Please, we have to help him. He's in so much pain right now. He had been fighting a monster for days before he fell from the sky." Megan sounded desperate. She was unused to such emotions of sadness on such a level.

Wonder Woman and Supergirl were shocked by Megan's begging. "Very well. We'll take him to get treated along with the rest of the team. But you tell us what you saw." Wonder Woman told her.

(Hours later Mount Justice)

A large group of heroes were in mount justice. Namely all those who were at the site of Naruto's landing. Kid Flash, Aqualad and Robin were in med bay getting treated for their injuries. Megan had to let her uncle sort through the memories she got from Naruto because it was hard for her to even remember them, although she left out the memories of the Kyuubi and the Juubi being sealed inside him, she didn't want anyone viewing him as a monster or different like she was her uncle was none the wiser. After that she never left Naruto's side, who was still out of it, she couldn't. She never thought they'd another person like her, yet here he was. A person outside of family that could understand her.

As for the Justice League, they were having a small debate. More like a major debate. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter were talking about the young blond that owned most of the team sent to find out what the situation was. Red Tornado had done the medical evaluation on Naruto and was shocked to find day's old wounds on him.

"Let me get this straight Red Tornado this boy, Naruto Uzumaki, was injured so badly yet was able to fight Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Superboy and Powergirl and over power them." Superman was shocked when he heard about someone who, injured, could over power two of his cousins.

"Correct, however the injuries that I've found the subject Naruto shouldn't be alive. He should have been dead yesterday yet he survived and even fought." Red Tornado

"He's a threat." Batman said to the group. But then again, not only is he right but everyone with power is a threat.

"I disagree." John said to Batman. "Based on what I have seen within the memories that my niece was able to gain from Naruto, he is anything but a threat. His willpower and his heart are strong." Martian Manhunter told Batman.

"He managed to beat Superboy, Supergirl, Powergirl and Wonder Woman in a fist fight wounded and weakened. Absorbed their power from their eye lasers, deliver massive and devastating attacks that leveled the ground and you're telling me that he's not a threat?" Batman questioned, how can someone not be a threat?

"Correct. Although he can do all of those things. He could have just as easily killed Kid Flash, Robin and Aqualad instead of injuring them. As I already told you, he only attacked based on a mistranslation by Robin's tech. He held back to not kill. That alone says much about him." John defended Naruto.

"I say we at least wait until he wakes to form an opinion on him. That would be the smart thing to do." Huntress said as she made it to the mountain a little before the team did.

"A wise course of action to take, I agree. I will inform Megan to notify us when Naruto awakes." John told the group. Although Batman didn't like that fact of some unknown in the mountain with the power to overpower some of the strongest members of the Justice League he had little choice right now and John was right, he could have easily killed Kid Flash, Robin and Aqualad instead of putting them out of commission for a few weeks.

'Megan please inform me when young Naruto is awake, we wish to speak with him.' John told his niece, who was a bit more joyful then before.

'Oh, Uncle John, Naruto is already awake. He woke up a few minutes ago. He said he was hungry so I'm baking him some cookies now.' Megan told her uncle.

'I see. We'll be there soon, it would be wise for you to be there when we arrive.' John told his niece.

'Ok, the cookies are done anyway. I'll be there soon.' She cut off the link.

Megan got the cookies out of the oven blew on them to cool them off and rushed to Naruto's room. He was really hungry. She shifted pass walls even pass the medical ward where the rest of her team are recovering to get to Naruto's private room so that Batman could keep an eye on him. Megan soon reached Naruto's room. "Naruto, I'm back. I didn't what type of cookie you liked so I made chocolate chip, peanut butter, and white chocolate, that's a favorite of mine." Megan smiled.

"Wow thanks Megan." Naruto ate a cookie, one bite a piece. "Wow! These are great!" Naruto ate a few more.

"Thank you. I've been trying to get the recipe right for ages." She smiled.

"I'd say you did it down. I haven't had cookies this good in so long." Naruto happily ate another.

About the time they finished the cookies was the time when Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Red Tornado, Huntress, Black Carney and the Manhunter entered the room. The way Naruto looked one might say, Megan of course, that he was a fox being caught with the hen in his mouth. Ears sticking up and everything. She thought that he looked kind of cute.

"We need to talk, and you'll tell us everything." Batman told him as he gave him the 'bat glare'.

"Just one of those days." Naruto said to himself.


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