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Calm before Calamity Sage

Part 1: Forging the Team

"All hail the new Demon head, Naruto Uzumaki!" Talia Al Ghul yelled to the entire league that was with them on the island.

Everyone in the main room, hundreds of people all cheering his name. Naruto walked out so they could see him.

"All Hail Lord Uzumaki!"

"All Hail Lord Uzumaki!"

"All Hail Lord Uzumaki!"

Naruto folded his arms over his chest. The tides of fate were turning. His team of elites was behind him and willing to do what needed to be done. Yes, even Batgirl. He didn't know how or why she of all people would join him not a month ago she was dead set on not joining him or his new team.

The team consisted of Red-X, Ravenger, Cheshire, Blackfire, Starfire, Raven, Cassandra and lastly Batgirl, then of course himself. This team would lead this new age of dark heroes. Thy Akatsuki, he would make his older cousin Nagato proud, he would being his enemies a Red Dawn and the people they hurt shall see the light again. But he wondered, what changed the minds of Cheshire, Ravenger, Red-X and Batgirl?

Especially Batgirl.

1 month before

With Ravenger and Red-X

Almost instantly after the large group parted ways, Ravenger and Red-X went to go steal some money for the hell of it. They sneaked into a jewelry store to steal some shiny things; it happened to be on the 20th story of a big building is some random city. It was closed today but that didn't stop them.


Both thefts looked outside to see a fire raging a few buildings away, it was some slum house. They weren't heroes this wasn't their problem.

"Not our problem Ravenger. Let's get going before the cops show up.

"Your right. We got a good hall and a fire is a perfect distraction." Ravenger said tossing the small bag full of diamonds and other jems in it.

The pair was running across the roof tops but they had to pass the burning building when someone screamed at the top of their lungs. "MY BABY!"

Red-X kept going but Ravenger stopped. X looked back. "Ravenger, come on, let's go."

"Wait." She said and looked at the woman, who was fighting against a pair of firefighters.

"Please you have to let me in there my baby is in there!" The woman said to the firefighter.

"I can't let you in the roof's about to collapse!" The chief said to the distraught mother.

"Please, please!" The mother was beyond desperate.

"Sucks to be her." Red-X said coldly. He then looked at Ravenger. "Wait, you're not…"

"Use your X-glue to buy me more time." She then ran at full speed and jumped.

"Wait Ravenger! Damn it!" X then used his X-glue on the roof, buying Ravenger more time to find the child.

"SAVE MY BABY PLEASE!" The mother saw a person, in a custom most likely a hero, dive into the burning building.

Ravenger looked around for the baby she was now risking her life, like a hero would, to save. She heard the baby's crying but the fire was making it hard to find the poor baby. She was now desperate; she had maybe 2 minutes thanks to X to find the baby.

One the outside X had fired everything he had, that would buy 2 maybe 3 minutes for Ravenger but now he was out. On the ground, the woman looked on in despair, hope was fading fasting and her fear was growing.


An explosion at the top floor erupted and the mother screamed. Just as another one happened, Ravenger jumped out with the baby in her arms. She landed, on the fire truck, but was fine. She got down.

"Here's your baby." She said handing the little bundle to the mother.

The woman cried. "Bliss you my hero. Bliss you." She cuddled the baby and went to a paramedic to see if her baby was alright. Shaken up a bit, Ravenger used her grabbling hook to get away, but not before someone got a picture of her on their camera.

"Happy now?" Red-X asked Ravenger.

(With Cheshire)

Jade, AKA Cheshire, was walking home with bags in both hands, she just had a shopping spree with totally stolen money. It was the only thing that made her happy now, aside from various dreams that involved bodily harm to a certain blond. She's been having a bad month ever since the little Jump-City incident. She was no hero yet she Ravenger and Red-X saved the city, it was alright but not really her thing. She was no hero.


Damn it. "Ignore it Jade. Not your problem." She said to herself and kept walking.

"Shut up bitch!" She heard another person yell. A man, most likely some mugger. Still not her problem.

Jade ignored it for a minute or so, trying to get out of ear shot, but she could hear better than normal, she sighed before she hopped on the building nearby, put her cloths down, got dressed in her Cheshire outfit and decided to vent a little on this mugger.

When she got there she was appalled that she didn't interfere earlier. This man wasn't a mugger but a rapist and was raping the woman. Cheshire couldn't stand for this not as a woman. She dived down and kicked the guy in the head, he was sent back to the wall. She didn't let up and pinned him to that wall.

"Stick around. The cops will be here soon enough." She said out loud. There, good deed done for the day and now…

"So what! I'll get out! I always do bitch!" The man said to her. Cheshire back handed him for calling her a bitch, true as it may be, but no one calls her a bitch. The guy couldn't take a hunt. "You know what I'm going to do, bitch, when I get out? I'm coming for you. I'm going to get my friends and I'm going to fuck you sideways bitch. Like I did with this bitch."

'This guy can't just shut up.' Cheshire said to herself. "I doubt that. Once the cops get here your going away for a while." She was walking away, leaving the girl for the cops to help.

"Yeah right bitch." Ok he calls me a bitch one more time I'm going…' "They can't make anything stick. My bubby will make all the evidence disappear, like this bitch right here and all the other's." The guy bragged.

Cheshire looked at the guy. When she did she was shocked. This guy was arrested not 24 hours ago on a rape and murder charge. Did he get bail or something? Cheshire just shuck her head, the corruption in the Justice System was bad if a guy like that could get out on bail in less than a day.

"And when I do get out bitch, I'm going to finish what I started with this bitch. And this bitch's daughter." He said.

Cheshire held in her anger for as long as she could. "No, you're not."

"Oh? And are you going to stop me bitch?" He smirked.

"Yeah… I am." She raised her sai. "Have you've ever wondered what it would be like to die?" She asked, she walked up to him, stabbed him in the jugular and left him to die painfully. "That is for calling me a bitch." She said to the dying rapist. Man this place was bad if people like that walk around. Cheshire was now reconsidering her thoughts about Naruto's team.

(With Batgirl)

Batgirl/Barbara was in a tree, and it was raining. It wasn't dark yet, the sun was still peeking through the clouds but it may as well be dark. It had been 3 weeks since she left Naruto and his crazy team idea. Now it didn't seem so crazy. She was looking at a funeral proceeding, 20 people dead. Not that much of a high number in the larger scheme of things, but far too high for a young hero to bare.

Batgirl looked at the woman crying at the front 5 coffins. Yeah she bared the worst of it. Her husband, mother, son and both daughters. Son was 15, the daughters were 6 and 7. She had lost everyone.

"You brought this on us! You did! You brought this on us!" She cried/yelled to Batgirl. She had noticed her a moment before. The men who killed these people were Joker's goons that followed her here. So a part of the blame was hers.

"How many more people have to die?" Batgirl looked beneath her to see a man, she knew this man he was one of the people she managed to save, but this guy lost his wife. "Before you heroes realize that you have to kill some people to save the world?" He was, for the most part, calm about it.

Barbara couldn't take it anymore and left.

A few hours later Batgirl was heading home, the funeral still fresh in her mind. Over 10 families broken up because of Joker's goons.


Batgirl heard someone yell.

"Shut the fuck up bitch!" She heard another man yell. "You're going to get yours for what you said in court!"

"Hey!" The man looked at the sound of the voice only to see a heel to his face. The man landed in some trash cans, hard.

As for the woman she ran behind batgirl. "Thank you Batgirl! Thank you!"

Batgirl nodded before moving on the down thug. She wrapped him around her bat-wire and tied him to a near-by pole. "Now you be little thug and stay there while you wait for the cops to hale you off to jail." Batgirl smiled at him.

The guy just spat at her feet. "So what. I'll get out. I always do." He smiled.

Batgirl got a better look at him. He looked familiar. "You look familiar. I've I caught you before?" She asked.

"Yeah you have Bat-whore, yesterday, 2 weeks ago, and again 3 weeks ago." He told him. "You caught me having my way with this slut over there and her twin bitches, you busted me. But I got out. I have friends in high places, I can get away with anything." He bragged.

Now she remembered. She busted this sick-o not 24 hours ago. How in the hell did he beat those charges. 3 counts of rape and attempted murder with 3 witnesses, the victims, to boot. This isn't the second time she busted him either. 4 times in less than a month, with enough charges to send him away for a life time or 2.

"And when I get out again, I'm coming for that bitch again. And when I have my way with her, I'm going to enjoy her little whore daughters again, again and again! Just like with what I did with the other families I've done." He gave off this smile, almost like the joker.

Batgirl was pissed. Was this what she was doing with her life? Catching bad and down-right evil people only for them to escape justice and do it all over again? As sad as it was Barbara knew this guy was common in terms of criminals. Far too common. When she was with Batman she never did follow up on the people she helped capture. How many of them were like this guy, able to escape justice for one reason or another. She picked up two Batarangs.

"Hey baby, tell you what. I show you the time of your life, you let me go."

Batgirl answered, when she cut open his throat. His blood splattered on her suit and the walls around them. The woman was shocked that Batgirl killed this man, not appalled so much as shocked.

Batgirl left the scene. Then her mind went back to Naruto, his team idea wasn't so crazy anymore.

It had been a few days since word got out that Batgirl had killed someone. No one was more shocked than Batman and Robin. Although Batman didn't show it. But Naruto was waiting for the other 4 possible members of his team.

"Someone is here." Raven said to Naruto.

"Oh, it seems someone has chosen to join our husband in this fight." Starfire said out loud with an unusual amount of glee.

The first one was Cheshire. She flipped up to the roof of the building that they were on. Raven Starfire and Blackfire where behind him.

"Oh, it our favorite cat. Cheshire, well you join us in our self appointed duty to rid this world and evil and help our future husband in his quest?" Starfire asked.


"More are on the way." Naruto said out loud. Just then Red-X and Ravenger hopped onto the roof.

"Oh goodie, more friends." Blackfire smiled. She couldn't care less about anyone else other than her sister and her future husband Naruto.

"Are we late?" Red-X asked.

"No, right on time. With one more on her way." Naruto said.

Just then Batgirl flipped onto the roof. She had the look of shame and regret. Naruto couldn't guess if the shame was for joining the group, or something else.

"I want to make two things clear. Anyone who joins this team, we look out for each other and help each other. We are family in all but blood, we are friends as we spill blood in the mud, and two we are not here to fame or any of the sorts. We are doing this to cleanse the world of as much evil as we can before our time is done. I'm sure we will have to go in front of a camera some time, if you don't want to, I will. I'll take all of the blame should any need to be given. But also know, no one will ever be alone no matter what…. Deal?" Naruto looked at the 4 that were on the edge of joining.

"Deal." Cheshire said, she could always leave later if she wanted too. But on top of that, it would be nice to have someone not afraid of the Justice Friends.

"Fine." Ravenger had no real reason not to join. The protection would be nice thought.

"Can we still steal if we want?" Red –X asked, only to get elbowed by Ravenger.

"Only if I give the ok or it is from a guilty person, like Black Mask and such." Naruto said.

"Cool, I'm in." He said. Ravenger was embarrassed to be related to him.

Naruto then looked at batgirl. "And what about you Batgirl?" He asked.

Batgirl looked at the others. Out of all of them she was the 'odd ball' of the group. She then looked at her hands and then filched. She remembered her first, and so far only, kill. The blood wouldn't wash off for days and some people had criticized her for killing, saying it went against everything that the Justice League stood for. Other's said that she did the right thing. The woman she saved, said that she did the right thing.

"You are at the crossroads of your destiny Batgirl. Join me or go back to being a Justice League member." Naruto told her and held out his hand to her.

She looked at it… then slowly… she took it. "I'm in. As long as an innocent is not hurt."

(Mount Justice)

Megan and Artemis were watching TV, shocked about what Batgirl had done some time ago. On a side note Artemis' hair grew back, she didn't lose much by the way. The rest of the team was somewhat shell shocked by the news about Batgirl. Some like Aqualad and Superboy weren't affected by it as they knew her the least.

"How are you holding up Megan?" Artemis asked.

"I think the earth way to say it is… I'll live." She said. She had been down, really down, all mouth. She even hadn't baked a good set of cookies in over 2 weeks. In fact she hadn't cooked anything in a week.

"I can't say I've been there, but I'm sure Naruto will keep his word. You'll see him again." Artemis tried to be reassuring.

"Thanks Artemis." Megan giggled, feeling a little better.

On the other side of Mount Justice, Batman and Robin were looking at a recorded news clip, it was about the Batgirl killing. The only video of Batgirl killing was a camera on the other side of the street. It only showed Batgirl going in, then coming out with blood on her hands, she looked shocked.

"You don't think that she intended to do it?" Robin asked.

Batman just watched the video. "It doesn't matter if she did or didn't. She is still considered a part of the Justice League by the people and as such the people will think we decided to kill criminals. We have to find her." Batman said to Tim. "Bring her in if we need to stop her if she has gone rouge."

Tim's eyes widened. "You don't think?"

"It doesn't matter what I think. It matter's what I know as well as the world. Batgirl has killed someone we have to find her, find out why and stop her." Batman looked at the paused video of Batgirl looking at her hands. "No matter the cost."

(With Naruto and Akatsuki)

Naruto had just woken up from the demon trails.

"You've done it." Talia said in shock.

"You sound surprised." Naruto said getting up.

"I am. I thought only my… only Batman could complete the trails of the demon." Talia answered. Naruto got up.

"I have no doubt that he could. But I doubt he would even try, his morals his code… prevents him from doing what needs to be done." Naruto answered. He gave a hump. "It's all a bad joke.

Talia said nothing but they nodded and continued on. While doing that Naruto saw that Talia's elite guard were saluting him by lifting their swords to him as he pasted them. "Regardless… you have pasted the demon trails and now you have earned an audience with the Head of the Demon." Talia told this man, Naruto, and new heir to the Shadows.

The pair walked until they were in front of a door. The door opened and there, gray hairs and all, Ra al Ghul.

"Naruto… I knew you would do it." He smiled at his new heir. Ra couldn't have been happier. "Now… fulfill your destiny. Slay me and become the new Demon head of the League of Shadows." Ra stabbed his sword in front of him.

Naruto didn't hesitate to take up the sword. "I will fulfill your dream Ra. I promise you, and Naruto Uzumaki always keeps his promises." Naruto stabbed Ra in the heart, killing him.

Ra didn't want to fight, he had fought for too long with little success in the activating his goals. "My last words of wisdom Naruto…" Ra breathed out. "There will always be… someone to challenge… a man like you. Do you get my meaning?" He asked as he was dying, nothing new to him but he knew that he wasn't going to come back this time.

"Yes… I know what you mean." Naruto took the blade out of Ra. "Honor him. He was a great man." Naruto ordered some of Talia's elite.

Naruto and Talia walked out of the demon's room. Talia walked out first.

"All hail the new Demon head, Naruto Uzumaki!" Talia Al Ghul yelled to the entire league that was with them on the island.

Everyone in the main room, hundreds of people all cheering his name. Naruto walked out so they could see him.

"All Hail Lord Uzumaki!"

"All Hail Lord Uzumaki!"

"All Hail Lord Uzumaki!"

Naruto folded his arms over his chest. The tides of fate were turning. His team of elites was behind him and willing to do what needed to be done. Yes, even Batgirl. He didn't know how or why she of all people would join him not a month ago she was dead set on not joining him or his new team.

Still behind him was Batgirl, the only one having second thoughts about her choice. But Batgirl was anything if not loyal and stubborn. She will stay with Naruto as long as her loyalty is well place. But she will never become blindly loyal.

Then her cell phone rang, well not her cell more like a JL communicator that acted like a cell phone. She looked at the name and she sighed. "Yes Kara." The second she said that Batgirl moved her cell away from her ear.

"ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!?" Batgirl kept her cell away from her ear as Kara went on ranting.

(Watch tower)

"And then I here from Batman that you've might have gone rouge! Tell me Barbara. Tell me right now as friends. Have you gone rouge?" Kara asked. Kara didn't like the silence at the other end. Although it was a simple yes or no question, neither answer has a simple outcome. "Please answer me Barb." Kara pledged. Barbara was her only real friend and the thought of her having to go after her made her stomach turn and her heart ache.

On the other end Barbara was thinking about her answer. She knew by all means it was a yes. She had gone rouge from the Justice League. "…Yes…"

That answer made Kara's heart sink. "Where are you? We need to talk right now. I'll come alone just me and just as a friend. Just tell me where we can meet." Kara wanted to talk Batgirl out of this.

"We can't talk right now Kara, I'm busy. I'll call you when I can alright?"

"NO!" Kara looked around, although she was in her room she didn't want anyone to hear her. "No. We need to talk now. I won't say what you've told me already, but you know how this works. Batman will send people after you and there is a good chance that I'll be among them." Kara then heard someone in the back, someone whose voice she knew well enough. "Is Naruto with you?" Kara asked.

"Like I said Kara, now's not a good time." Naruto told Barbara something, whispered it really. "Alright look. I'll be in Gotham in about an hour. Find me there alright. I won't be alone but we can talk alone alright Kara. That's the best I can do." Barbara told her friend.

Kara didn't like it. "Was it Naruto's idea?" She asked.

"Yes, sort of. He saw me talking with someone and over heard our conversation. He said that I will be in Gotham on assignment, I can't tell you what so don't ask, but I'll be there for a week. Tell no one Kara, please. I'll see you then."

"Alright, but if you're not there I will find you." Kara hung up. She needed to suit up. When she did she flew out the door, unknown to her, Batman was near and he had a device linked to his ear, ease dropper.

(Moments before Kara's call)

Naruto moved away from his cheering clan. That was the best way to put it right now. He moved to his team, Batgirl was off to the side with her cell. Remembering what the Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons said to him before he left.

(Flash Back)

"May I ask why you wish to speck with me?" Naruto asked.

Queen Hippolyta lost her smile. "Cut this respect and bow attitude you've been doing since you got here. I can tell that you have no care for formalities or rank of others." She told him.

Naruto soon lost his 'Sai smile' and turned it back to his blank face. "Your right, I don't. But that still begs the question. Why do you want to want to talk to me?" He asked her.

She looked him in the eye. "I want to talk about your eyes."

"My eyes?"

"Yes, more important, what I've seen in your eyes. I've seen many warriors in my time, and at a young age, you've seen more death than half of my Amazons who've lived for 100s of years, yet you seem to be at a mere 16 years of age."

Naruto looked at her, it took him a moment to realize that this place and his home world were far different to each other. His world had their brand of honor and this place had their own. "Where I'm from, we learn to become soldiers at age 6, and then get into active service as early, on average, age 12. Sometimes as young as 6 or 8." He told her.

The look on her face was one of utter horror. "I… how… how could that be allowed!? Children! You're still a child!" She asked.

He looked at her. "I was never… a child. I lost my childhood the day I was born. In my world, we forfeit our right to have a childhood, it is the way things are, or where, I'm not sure anymore."

"Your not?" She asked bewildered by his answer.

"I was ripped from my world and was thrown into this one. When I told Cobra that I've faced men who had the powers that were considered to be gods amongst monsters, I wasn't kidding. And when I told him I've beaten them, I wasn't kidding then either." He told her. Queen Hippolyta couldn't think about such a horror-able practice. Sending children into war. "We are getting off topic Queen Hippolyta. What is it about my eyes that you wish to talk about?"

Queen Hippolyta could feel her rage building, but her years calmed her down. "I see. That is where it came from." Her years also gained her wisdom.

"What came from?" He asked her.

"I saw it in your eyes Naruto, you have a mask on right now, covering up that sadness in your heart."

"Sadness?" Naruto looked at her once more. "I've put…"

"Don't lie to a woman young one. It's rude." She stopped him from bull shitting his way out of it.

"Do woman have a lie detector built in them or something?" He asked as a joke.

She gave him the 'Yes we do' look. "Naruto, I see in your eyes, your pain. You hide it well, even Batman cannot see past your mask. He may know you wear one, but unable to see what you wish to hide."

Naruto was failing to hold it up, his mask. "I… I think I should…" When he started to move, Queen Hippolyta got in front of him.

"We will talk Naruto. I have to say my peace, otherwise, you will become what you hate most."

"What I hate most?" He wanted to leave. 'Damn she's fast.' He felt his heart rate increase as she broke down his defiance's one by one.

"Are you afraid? Afraid about what happened to you will happen again? Why are you so sad Naruto. You radiate sadness like a sun radiates heat." Naruto looked down, not wanting to say anything. "I see it, you are lonely, and you feel that once more, you are alone in this world. The path of loneliness is one that many have followed, and in that path many have fallen into their hatred." Queen Hippolyta took a breath. "Loneliness leads to depression, depression leads to anger, and anger leads to hate. Hate… leads to suffering."

(Credit to sseasshark for coming up with that phrase)

"I feel much loneliness in you."

That did it. He couldn't help it. "Hippolyta, you love your daughter Wonder Woman right?" He asked already knowing the answer.

"Of course. Why ask such a question."

"What would you do, if she died?" He again asked a dumb question.

"I would morn her passing, but celebrate her life."

Naruto nodded, sounds like something he would do, if he could. "Now tell me… what would you do, if you knew she was out there, but you could never see her, never know what she was doing or how she was doing? You could never see her become the woman you wish her to be, never , ever… see her?"

That took her by surprise. "I…"

"That is what I'm feeling. I had done what no one had ever done before. I brought a chance for true peace to come to our world that had not seen peace ever it its history. I was going to be rewarded with being with my children, my lovers. But my reward… being sent to this world, to fix this world. I can never return to my world Queen Hippolyta, never see my kids." He let out a tear, he tried to not think about it. "How could you cope with that?" He looked up to the sky. He could not see the sun.

Queen Hippolyta now understood his sadness, he didn't want to get close to anyone, and was afraid, that he already had. "What of Megan? She seems quite happy when around you, and you are happy when around her. Are you afraid she will get close to your heart? I can see the kind of man you are Naruto. You spent your life cracking the heard shell of people's hearts. Melting the ice of people who didn't want to love or open their heart to anyone. Until they meet you."

Naruto's eyes widened. He had flash backs of many people, like the people Queen Hippolyta had just descried. He saved them from their darkness, cracked their hard shells, and melted their ice cold hearts allowing them to be happy.

"It is men like you and Batman that makes me feel that there is hope for the world of men. You've done so much for so many others Naruto. I can see that. You've saved so many, shown them that they could love and have friends, shown them your courage and given them hope. Yet leave none for yourself? Give yourself the strength that you need. If you cannot see your courage anymore Naruto, there are others that will show you how to regain your courage."

Naruto felt the Juubi stir a bit for unknown reasons. But Naruto did what he never thought he'd ever do again since he was 3. He broke down and cried.

Then Queen Hippolyta did something she'd thought she never do, ever, for a man. She comforted him. "If you feel alone again, find those that have seen your heart for what it really is. If you cannot, come back, and we Amazons will show you what you have. You will always have a place here. You cannot heal this world, if you cannot heal your own heart."

(Flash back end)

Naruto almost let out a tear. But he hardened his resolve. He needed to, he could 'heal his heart' later. "Alright, this team is good, but we need more on our side if we want to face the Justice League in battle and any other that challenges us." He looked at his team. "We need to recruit and we need better gear if we are to compete with the Justice League. We need new members, over the mouth I've found a few that might fit the bill for this team. One is in, currently, Metropolis right now. Don't know why but he is. His name is Speedy, but changed his name to 'Red Arrow'. A much better name than Speedy. Raven, Starfire and Black Fire. I want you 3 to find and recruit him. No force, tell him what we are and if he wants to meet with me to use your tri-kunai. I'll be there when I can. "

"Of course husband." Black Fire said with a smile.

"He is not your husband sister. He is mine." Starfire told her sister.

Raven knew this wasn't going to be fun. "You really want me to go with them?" She asked.

"Yes. Sorry Raven." He looked apologetic. He then looked at Red-X, Ravenger, Cheshire and Cassandra. He noticed Batgirl off to the side. "The others are is in Gotham, one goes by the name Red Hood the other is known as Mr. Freeze. The rest of you will recruit them. I'll go for the last one in Gotham."

"Why so many of us to recruit this Red Hood guy and Mr. Freeze?" Cheshire asked.

Naruto looked at Batgirl. "I'm expecting you guys to run into Batman. He's after this Red Hood guy too. He'll also bring in his Young Justice team. And as you know Mr. Freeze has been on Batman's shit list for a while now. When that happens use the tri-kunai to summon me that'll tip the scales in our favor." Naruto told Cheshire as well as the rest of the group.

"Batgirl, Ravenger and X takes Red Hood. Cheshire and Cassandra takes Mr. Freeze." He then turned to Talia. "Talia, do you know anyone with the means to make weapons, armor and the sort?" He asked her.

Talia gave a knowing smile. "I know someone."

Naruto nodded. "Alright then. I hope your recruiting missions are successful. Raven you're in charge of your group. Batgirl you're in charge of your group in Gotham. I will be with Talia seeing this friend of hers about my idea. This will help our group and the League to grow stronger." Naruto told them.


"Leave immediately, Talia set them up to go to their mission locations Metropolis and Gotham." Talia nodded, she left to make the preparations. "One more thing. Cheshire, give this to Mr. Freeze. Tell him it is the hope he has been looking for." Naruto handed the smiling former villains a flash drive.

Naruto smiled as it seemed that this new world he was in would be something else. A new challenge. Unlike his old world were war and bloodshed was the way. This world needed something more than that. It needed new leadership in terms of these so called heroes. And he and his team will give it to them. But first he needed to talk to Batgirl.

(Some time later)

Naruto was with Talia's friend. "So, have you've looked at what I sent you ahead of time?"

"I have…"


"There incomplete…"

"I know."

"I figured. You sent them incomplete on purpose didn't you. All of the blue prints you sent me were all missing a power core."

"As I intended. The power cores for them are easily made but only I can make them. I just need your help to build the bigger things. So do we have a deal?" Naruto held up his hand.

"Indeed we do Naruto…" The friend shakes Naruto's hand.

Naruto smiled. "How long until the number is ready and is sold to the people I want it to?"

"It will take about 2 years or so. Once you give me the plans for the generator we can work on them right away."

Naruto nodded. "I can supply you with an endless work force and all of the metals free of charge, more than enough to make the weapons and armor I want you to make for me with a lot left over."

"And in return I do this for you and make you other project free of charge, after all, we're partners now… Naruto."

Naruto nodded. "Happy to do business with you Lex. One more thing. If you think about back stabbing me, it will be the last thing you do. For, unlike Superman, I have no weakness." Naruto left without saying another word.

Lex nodded. "Sir?"

"Don't worry Mercy. It was a warning and a promise more than a threat. Besides, both Naruto and I know that we are far better allies than enemies." Lex picked up a black rod that Naruto left him. "And then there's this little number. A metal so strong that only Superman's level of strength is able to break and is lighter than any other metal on earth is something I have no intention of betraying." Lex looked at all of the projects in front of him. Naruto also would supply him with a limitless work force for free for these projects and his own.

Then Lex laughed. It's all he could do. He laughed and laughed then throws the rod into a poster of Superman's head. Right in between the eyes.


Speedy, no known as Red Arrow, had just rounded up another bank robbery group. Really why does something that takes so much time to get one payday instead of getting a job?

Roy then aimed an arrow at a shadow to his right. "Come out of the shadows! I know your there!" He yelled.

"Most impressive." Red Arrow looked up to see a young woman gliding down to him. "Most wouldn't have seen me at all." Blackfire told him.

"I know it wasn't you I saw. I saw a hood." Red Arrow said.

"Regardless. Is your hero name Speedy?" Asked a monotone voice.

Red Arrow saw a dark portal open up and another dark haired young woman come up from the shadows. "It's Red Arrow." He said in a somewhat angry tone.

"Red Arrow is it now. Such a more respectable name than Speedy right sister?" Roy was now surrounded by 3 young and powerful young woman this one a red head.

"Indeed." Blackfire said.

"You all know me. But I don't know you. Mind filing me in on why you are searching for me?"

"Oh how rude of us. In your language I am Starfire."

"And I am Blackfire. Starfire's sister."

"I am Raven."

Roy nodded. But he was surrounded by powerful beings and he still didn't know why they wanted with him. "You still haven't said why you're here." He asked.

"Straight to the point then Red Arrow. The man we are partnered with has started up a new team. He is looking for talent and anyone willing to work with him for the greater good. Even if we had to dirty our hands to do so." Raven said to him.

"Another Justus League?"

"No. Not like those spandex wearing clowns. We are different than them. We will not bend knee to them or anyone else. We have a different plan and goal."

"That is?" Red Arrow asked.

"For members only. We wish you are least think about it. Our leader has taken notice of your skills and wises for you to join and help him be an important part in a plan that will change the world."

"This 'leader' he wouldn't happen to be Naruto Uzumaki would he?" Roy asked.

Blackfire smiled. "A well informed earthling it seems. I see why our husband wants him to join us. Yes our leader is Naruto Uzumaki."

Raven then took out a tri-kunai. "Here, when you have an answer. Throw this to the ground and our leader will come."

Roy looked at it. "And if I were to refuse his offer?" He asked.

"Nothing. If no we will leave you alone and will never bother you again. We must go." Raven and the Star sisters left the young archer with a large and important decision to make. For now, he'll settle for confused.


Batgirl, Red-X and Ravenger were on a rooftop. "Where is he!?" Batgirl yelled to a drug dealer hanging by her hand.

"I don't know he found us I swear!" He pleaded with her.

"This guy's useless. I say drop him." X said in a board tone.

"I second that." Ravenger said.

Batgirl nodded. "Last change scum. Here is he?"

"I don't know!"

Batgirl dropped him. But in a flash he was gone. Batgirl knew who it was. "X, Ravenger, I got somewhere I need to be. You to go find our target." X and Ravenger nodded. "One more thing. Batman will be here soon, be ready, I'll help you when I can." Batgirl used her grabbling hook to go meet a good, hopefully still, friend.

"I think he and his friends are already here." X said.

"No, just us." Both X and Ravenger look behind them to see Young Justice, all of them, battle ready.

Down the street Batgirl landed in an alley. She saw her best friend Kara, AKA Supergirl with a real pissed off look on her face.

"Talk. Now!" She ordered.

Batgirl nodded. "I will… as soon as Batman shows himself. I owe him that much at least." Batgirl said out loud. Even now, she seems ashamed of her choice.



How Naruto got Lex's loyalty:

Lex couldn't stop laughing.

"Sir?" Mercy looked at her boss, with some concern on her face.

"I can't believe it. I didn't know that Ultragirl could bend that way." Lex said, while reading a familiar orange book.


"Oh, wow. Naruto you're my hero now. I didn't know you could do that to a heroine. I have to keep that in mind."

Mercy couldn't get what she was seeing out of her head. No wonder her boss wouldn't betray Naruto.


The Flash, AKA Berry Allen, had just got done giving interviews after he beat another one of his rouges. It wasn't hard. Now he was back in the Watch Tower resting, or in his case reading an Orange book. He grinned.

"Man this guys a genius." The title read 'Icha Icha: The Sage and the Heroines: Unrated Harem Edition' "Man I envy this guy. Then the lights when out. "What in good nation!?" Then lights went back on. "Strange. Whatever." Then Flash read the book in his hand and the 20 or so books next to him.


A blood chilling scream echoed through the Watch Tower.

1 hour later.

"What's wrong with him John?" Superman asked the Manhunter.

John had just gotten finished with the medical screaming. "It seems that Flash has endured an terror-able shock to his system. I'm afraid he'll never be able to overcome his shock and has to be taken off the roster." John told him.

"What could have done this to him?" Wonder Woman asked.

"I asked, and the only think I could get out of him was a book. I search his room and by the looks of it he, once again against my wisdom, speed read over 20 books in a second. The rush of knowledge to his brain was overwhelming." John said.

"Wait time out…" Everyone looked at the Green Lantern. "Flash had a brain?"

John nodded, not getting the jab as Flash. "Yes as I assume all humans do. However I looked at the book and the 20 like it. This is what he read."

John handed Batman and the other members of the first 7, of course not Flash, the book. The title read.

Icha Icha Flashing heroes: Unrated Uncut edition.

Back on Earth.

"Hahahahah! Oh my god I can't believe you did it!" All of Naruto's group was laughing uncontrollably. X couldn't stop hold his sides.

"Ok I did it. I wrote 21 volumes of Flashing heroes that dealt with Flash and every male adult hero and then switched them with Flash's collection. Fucking X and his fucking piece of cheap crap dare.

That's right. Naruto and co was so board right now and they were playing truth or dare.

"Ok my turn bitches!" Blackfire yelled. She looked around. "Revan… truth or dare?" She asked with a grin.

"Truth." She answered. She wasn't brave enough to saw dare. But that didn't calm her when she saw Blackfire's smile.

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