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Reid never fancied going out and interacting with people but when Morgan threatened to go to his apartment and smash all his Doctor Who DVDs did he have much of a choice? Morgan had dragged Reid to this hot, sweaty, claustrophobia club which had the overpowering aroma of alcohol and sex. Reid had to twist and turn his way through love sick and just plain sick dirty people to find their table. Reid felt like scrubbing himself clean he felt so dirty. Morgan, of course, was having the time of his life, it was like watching a fat kid in a chocolate factory, he was practical driving into women. Reid on the other hand had wished he hadn't of agreed to come, he thought then that he could just buy a new set of Doctor Who DVDs but then there was the trouble of escaping this place and he wasn't game enough to people through the grinding bodies and having to gag onto one of them.

Reid was sitting at the table, begging and hoping the night would just end but these people were relentless! They didn't seem to slow down at all. Morgan smiled at him, a goofy smile, as three women practically threw themselves at him. Reid felt his social awkwardness kick in as a very petite, very gorgeous women sat in the chair next to him.

"Hey Handsome, you look lonely," Her voice was so sweet, like honey. He felt his breathing pick up. She was so pretty, as she pattered those long black eyelashes at him and gave a cute smile.

" H-Hey a-and n-no, I'm w-with a-a f-friend, h-his name is M-Morgan," He felt so stupid, she would think he was stupid and run off before his eyes but to his surprise, she moved in closer to him, lett6ing her blonde locks of hair fall gently onto his shoulder, and he felt their hands brush against each other. It sent jolts through his body and he felt so tranquil and so relaxed he hardly remembered where he was anymore.

"Well let's show that friend of yours that he ain't the only one having a good time," She giggled and little girly giggle and wrapped her slender arm around his waist and pulled him off his sit. He honestly didn't know what the hell was going on but right now he actually didn't seem to care as he gazed into her soft brown eyes.

Without any warning, her lips met his and it was as if fireworks exploded from him as he lustfully returned the gesture, pulling her in tighter, forgetting everything around him. It was so sweet, so delicious, so tender that he was lost in her mouth. Combining saliva and tongues. Sweat started to drip faintly down his forehead as they dove deeper into the lustful kiss, arma wrapped around each other, his hand glided down to her waist and her hand gripped his hair lightly, demanding more.

They barely let go of each other as she moved closer to his ear, nibbling it a tiny bit, he felt her hot breath against his neck, and whispered in a low voice, "Let's go someplace else," He nodded without question and they danced their way out of the club and into the comfort of Reid's apartment.

Morgan was dumbfounded, the women around him kept dancing as he stopped moving. Reid… Reid just left with an insanely hot woman. How… how could he? He stood there, watching as they deepened their kiss. He was just sitting there one moment and the next he has a girl! The girl started to nibble on his ear slightly before whispering into his ear and with that they left, just left. Morgan stood there, ignoring the girls that were throwing themselves at him and walked out of the club. He quickly got out his phone and fumbled with sweaty hands at the buttons.

"Hey Baby Girl, you'll never believe what just happened," He was truly astonished!

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