The only test Hermione Granger ever failed.

Chapter 8

The kiss seemed in itself to be infinite, but it still ended a bit too soon for my liking. We just stood there in each other's arms for a minute or two after.

"So…what do you want to do now?" Daphne asked in a low voice. I think she was expecting me to just shoot her down and run out the door. I leaned in and kissed her again. I heard giggling building up behind me and turning into a howling cackle.

I broke the kiss and turned around. "Don't you have somewhere else to haunt Myrtle?" I half shouted at the stall she was hiding behind. There was silence for a moment, and then Myrtle burst through the stall door and went soaring around the bathroom.

"Granger's got a girlfriend; Granger's got a girlfriend! Ha-ha!" She screamed as she summersaulted into the toilet.

"So…" I said before looking at my watch. Ten to seven, damn it! "…we have to go down to dinner now. And I'll have to go and see Snape after for 'remedial potions'; so I'll talk to you about this stuff…" I said, waving my arm around in an encompassing motion. "…later." And I finished off by kissing her. She smiled, but I could tell that she was a little sad about having to go back and join the rest of the Slytherins; who I'm going to assume aren't the most pro-gay people around.

"Okay… but we're talking about this later." She said and we went and made our way down to the great hall. Draco and the other were all already eating together. They smiled at us as we sat down at the long Slytherin table. Ron was predictably glaring so hard at our table it was as if he was trying to bore a hole into the back of Draco's head. Which, in retrospect he would probably find quite pleasing.

The subject of Daphne's speech at my memorial was very carefully avoided; we talked about every other possible topic. I could've sworn they were about to start debating the intricacies of gobstones as I excused myself to go to my 'remedial potions' lesson. I'd actually have to come up with some other excuse once we actually had a potions class but I'd think of something… hopefully.

I arrived outside professor Snape's study without a moment to spare and went crashing through the door. Snape looked up from the papers on his cluttered desk; "You're late Ms Black." He drawled as I righted myself and closed over the door. "No matter, tonight we will be starting the subject of oclumency. It is one of the mind arts. Its counterpart is legilimancy, which is used to invade the mind of any witch or wizard not protected against it. Now certain people and families have certain…affinity or familiarity with the mind arts, so learning both oclumency and legilimancy shouldn't be too difficult for you Ms Black as your family practically reinvented the discipline." He said as he stood up from behind the desk. "Please sit." He gestured towards a tall backed chair at the end of the room. "Before we begin I have been asked to inform you that your next lesson with Mr Black and Alistor Moody will be in two days' time and you are to meet them on the seventh floor corridor at eight o'clock… Now, to start I'm going to try and invade your mind, just to see what the natural defences are. I would ask you to not try and defend just yet, and I warn you Ms Black that this is not a pleasant experience." He paused and took a few steps back towards the other end of the room. "Legilimens!" he shouted as he pointed he wand towards my head.

At first I just felt a dull pain in the back of my skull, but as the minutes went on it grew worse and worse. Suddenly after maybe six minutes I saw images flashing before my eyes. I saw myself blasting Snape into the bed at the shrieking shack in third year, dancing with Krum last year… and mine and Daphne's kiss earlier.

When I woke up I was sprawled across the cold hard floor in front of my chair. "You did very well for a first time Ms Black, I'm told not even your mother did that well on a first attempt. However I would strongly advise you to keep your relationship with Ms Greengrass under wraps, as the magical society, in Britain at least is not that kind to… um…Witch's witches. Tell a few close friends maybe but, on a whole I think it is best kept a secret. Hopefully after your father is stopped the Ministry and the Wizengamot will get their head out of their collective arses and take some leaves out of the muggles books." He glided over to his bookshelf and took down a rather heavy looking old tome. "Now I think that is enough for today. I would ask you to look over this…" he pointed to the book he placed on the table. "Also, after tomorrow's class, it is going to become blatantly obvious that you do not need remedial potions so I would like to offer you extra tuition, so that you can sit the NEWT potions exam instead of the OWL this summer and hopefully next year you will consider studying for your Mastery."

I felt hesitant. Was Snape really offering to train me as a potions mistress? I mean I would love to have the opportunity, but it seemed a bit strange. "It will also be an excellent cover story to have to hand for when we have to attend Death eater meeting when you are ready." He reminded me as I thought about it.

"Alright I'll do it." I said. Snape actually smiled as he handed me the book.

The Mind Arts: A Complete Review by Dorea Potter (née Black)

"I would advise that you get through the first couple of chapters before we meet again on Thursday." Said Snape; as he crossed the room again "As for your Potions Mastery, please report here every Friday evening by five o'clock. You may meet up with Miss Greengrass after dinner if you wish. You will also have instruction most Saturdays. Now that is all for tonight." He waved his hand towards the door to dismiss her as he went over towards a simmering potion beside his desk.

I stepped out of the room, closing the door behind me, before I was confronted with a large pink fluff-ball. "Hem-Hem… Students are not permitted to be outside their dormitories after hours Ms…" said the toad looking up at me questioningly.

"Black, Sophia Black, Professor." I replied. She visibly recoiled as she put my appearance and the name together.

"Yes…well, Ms Black. Students are not permitted to be out of bed after hours. So I'm afraid I'll have to give you a detention…" she smiled her sickly sweet smile, but before either of us could get another word out the door opened behind me.

"I'm afraid that won't be necessary Professor…" came the familiar drawl from behind me. I had never been so relieved to hear the voice of Severus Snape, but in that moment I could have kissed him. "…Ms Black here was in my office until a moment ago. One of the Slytherin prefects has resigned, so Ms Black has been offered the position." He sneered. "…And as such, has an extended curfew so she is able to carry out her duties as a prefect."

Umbridge looked quite cowed, turning to resemble a blueberry more than a toad. "Very well you may go Ms Black. But be warned that I don't take well to rule breakers." She smiled her evil smile and swept past both me and Snape into his office. "Good night Ms Black, I will give you your prefect badge before your potions lesson tomorrow. Dismissed." said Snape before he shut the door in my face.

I looked at my watch as I walked up the corridor towards the Slytherin common room; it was nearly eleven o'clock! I didn't think I was in with Snape for that long, but obviously I was wrong. As I approached the entrance to the common room, I walked straight into Draco, who was coming around the corner. "Watch where you're going!" he shouted as he ran through the entrance without looking back.

I followed him through and immediately ran up to the girls' dorms, where Daphne sat on her bed reading Hogwarts: A History, Oh God I love that girl. "Hey gorgeous" I said as I flopped down onto the end of the bed and reached up and kissed her.

"How was your meeting with Snape?" she asked as she marked her page and placed the book on the bedside table.

"Fair enough; I started oclumency and I'm going to start back with the darker stuff next week…" I stood up and walked over to my own bed. "…And on the way out, I ran into that little puffball of a toad Umbridge and Snape saved my arse by making me a prefect." She squealed. "She looked like she wanted to kill him, it was classic."

Daphne had a really cute tired smile across her face. "And what about us?" she asked giving me a look that resembled a sad puppy dog.

"Daphne Anne Rose-Elizabeth Greengrass, would you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?" I asked as she squealed again and jumped straight off her bed into me as we both fell over the bed laughing. "Can I take that as a yes then?" I asked as we picked ourselves up off the floor after that impromptu make out session.

"Yes you numpty!" she half shouted, nearly waking up Pansy who was asleep in the bed next to us. "But we're going to have to be all sneaky about this…" she started. "…One of us might even have to get like a beard or something… I don't know, but ohh…" she kissed me again.

"Daphne…Daphne… focus on the moment okay? Now I'm knackered, so I'm going to bed…" I looked over and checked that Tracey and Pansy were still asleep. "… you're welcome to join me for a while… if you want." I said as I sat back up on the bed.

After we were both sitting comfortably I whispered "You know we won't be able to tell anyone, with me going to spy on my dad and all the junior death eaters about."

She lifted her head off of my chest and nodded. It was going to be hard but we'd pull through I thought. "I'll tell Tracey, because I know I can trust her." Daphne replied, snuggling back up onto me. "Plus she already knows I'm a witches witch." She giggled.

I smiled excited to see what his year was going to hold in store for me…

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