Mommy's Teachings

'Haa haa haa haa...there!' little Naruto who is seven years old gasped as she ran into a house and slammed the door shut. 'Safe!' she sighed. 'They won't find me here...I should spend the night here...I'm so tired...' she sighed as she sank on the floor. She looked around to see thick layer of dust everywhere and cobwebs. She opened the light switch and cringed. 'An abandoned house but for an abandoned house, it looks fairly new...' she explored the house, opening switches and checking the water...and electric stove...all working. The fridge? Pee-yew! What a stench of rotting food that they're all rotten, gooey broth! She slammed the fridge shut and gagged for air. 'Jeez...' she wandered around some more. By the dining room, she saw a photo of the Yondaime and a red-haired woman with long hair smiling together. ''s the Yondaime and...his wife?' she mused as she looked up at the photo. 'Nobody knows he has a wife though...she's not in history books or anything.' she explored the house and possible hiding places until upon reaching a baby's room...she saw a hidden journal in the pillows. What caught her eye was these words written in hiragana:

To our dear daughter Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto

And her name is Uzumaku Naruto! With her heart racing, she read the journal. It was also written in hiragana but every word was clearly separated with a good space.

Today is October 1 XXXX. I don't know but in the near future, I'll give birth to a baby girl.
Would she look like me? Her father? Or a good mix of us?
We're excited to be parents but
at the same time, we're afraid and nervous because what if...something went wrong during
childbirth? Despite our
preparations, things might go wrong and I'm nervous about that...
especially when I'm a Jinchuuriki. Jinchuuriki to the Kyuubi no Youko.

"Kyuubi...isn't that the fox that attacked Konoha seven years ago?" Naruto frowned. "And everyone's calling me 'demon brat'..." she read on while pursing her lips.

A Jinchuuriki is a person who has a Bijuu sealed within them as newborn babies or as young
children younger than eight years old. This was because to successfully seal a Bijuu into a host,
the host in question must not have fully-developed chakra coils yet so the sealing can be successful.
Compatibility is also taken into account for the host to survive the sealing process. For the Kyuubi,
only a member of the Uzumaki Clan can withstand having it sealed within them. The first Jinchuuriki
is my great-grandmother Uzumaki Mito who was the wife of the late Shodaime Hokage.

Naruto's jaws dropped at that.

The second one is me when granny is 135 years old. She felt her death imminent and I'm the only
young Uzumaki available in Konoha so I was chosen as the next host, because my parents are too
old for this. I was really scared when I have to be the next host. But granny told me that to counter
the hatred of the beast, I must feel love from people who cares for me. The sealing ceremony was
done and since granny was too old for this shit, she died right after the sealing with Jiraiya-sama
making sure the seal is tight. My being a Jinchuuriki is kept secret for my sake because Jinchuuriki
are feared, hated, scorned and outcasted and in worse cases, treated horribly by people who see us
as the very beast sealed within us. My seal is in my stomach because it's the easiest place to put a
seal in. Large space to write fuinjutsu in. I was asleep during the process because it's ticklish and I
must not move during the whole...operation. Ugh.

Naruto quickly made connections. Her life of loneliness and living through her life of misery...and she was always called 'demon brat' or 'that thing'. She knew that she's...the third host. She shakily continued reading.

My parents knew of my fate but they still loved me nonetheless. They're not like other idiots who
wouldn't hesitate in making my life hell if they found out what I am in a heartbeat. I had the love
of my parents, soon my friends and years later, the love of your father who soon became my husband,
and the youngest Hokage in history when he ended the Third Shinobi World War himself. I was thankful
and happy. I used the love they gave me to strengthen my mind and my will in preparation for giving
birth to you. And your father will watch over my seal to keep it intact and upon having you, my seal
will be restored to full power afterwards. That's the plan. But like I said, ANYTHING can happen. For
female Jinchuuriki like me, pregnancy takes ten months for us instead of the standard nine. Incase
anything went wrong, I prepared this journal for you to know about me, your father, what it means
to be a Jinchuuriki and jutsu we would definitely love to teach you if we survived the childbirth process.
Plan B was if anything went wrong, you'd be the next host. Kyuubi hated granny and he hates me.
He'll do anything to break free during childbirth that is why we have a Plan B. If we lived through this
one, we would love you to help you bash away the hatred of the fox within you and enjoy a normal,
happy life and childhood.

What a blow to her psyche. The Journal confirmed everything. But at least she knew that her parents loved her. Not hated and abandoned her to the orphanage. Her eyes welled up with tears, so she quickly wiped it and continued on. The next entry was about the abilities she has as Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki which she knew Naruto may also gain. Then everything about herself and her husband. Naruto got to know her parents this way. She laughed at the part that while her father is known as the strongest man in the world for killing an iwa nin army by himself, he is a wimpy, whipped husband at home. After that, it was information about the Uzumaki Clan.

Kushina also hid Academy Books and scrolls about Kunoichi Physical Training as well as taijutsu styles while in the journal were training tips, medicine good for bones and muscles as well as ahem...chest growth(the last one because Tsunade created it in her flat chest days) and the jutsus Kushina and Minato knew in their lives. The Academy Books in her era were to prepare future genins for war as in her era, it was still the second and soon, third shinobi world wars. Heck, when they were ten, they're already working as support and logistics, as well as spies. Well, who'd suspect children to be spies, no?

With all this, here's one last thing...I had Tsunade-sama extract a bit of blood from you while you're
still in my womb. This is to add you to the barrier seal surrounding our house that hid it from Konoha.
You can find and see our house so that one day, our home is yours. If we die, this journal and jutsu,
as well as our house is yours. Nobody not keyed in by me can ever find our house. I made sure of that.
Only me, your father, Tsunade-sama and your godfather Jiraiya-sama, as well as your father's surviving
student Hatake Kakashi can find this house. If we's all we can give you...and the money we earned
during our days in war. Our vault is hidden under a loose floorboard under our bed in our room. Spend wisely
dear and live happy. If you find yourself alone, remember that your father and I love you to bits. Never think
otherwise despite the lies the whole world says just to break you. Love, mommy.

PS- Your father never knows of the lengths I went to prepare everything...just incase. He's hardly home as
Hokage and dealing with the war aftermath and crap, and the council never allowed him to use Kage Bunshin
to kill his paperwork. Was that out of spite because they themselves couldn't use that jutsu to escape the evil
paperwork? Jerks. As a Jinchuuriki...if you are one, be careful. Others will wish to use you for your power or
others will wish to hurt you after gaining your trust. Use your ability to sense negative emotions to your advantage
if you have that ability. This helps in sniffing out liars and bastards, and who's a true friend among fake friends.
It helped me out a lot, it should for you too.

With this, seven year old Naruto made a firm resolve. With her mother's help, damn right she'll train hard!


5 years later...

Naruto grew up to be a great academy student. Sure her academic learnings are sabotaged, but practicals NEVER lie. She is physically the strongest kid in class, the most skilled in hand seals, taijutsu, traps and weapons(even if the weapons given to her are sabotaged too). That, and she dressed fashionably kunoichi and wore her hair long, and wore the same hairstyle as her mother except instead of a plain white hairpin, she wore a decorative flower hairpin that matched her clothes. She grew strong by following her mother's journals and training stuff she left behind. And if she can't buy things fairly...she steals it, as stores overcharge her just so she'd leave. She steals what she wants at night when everyone's asleep anyway. And as she grew up, she has most of her mother's looks except for her blonde hair, and her father's eyes. Shape and color included.

She didn't care for grades anyway. Grades matter little in the real world. What matters is how much you learned and how good you are in your skills. At 12 years old, she has pride that she's the strongest girl in class, although she downplayed it whenever she in the Academy and did enough to defeat her classmates without showing off too much.

Because in her generation, in times of peace, the Academy Curriculum is severely watered down, and today's Kunoichi are pathetic.

Except for her only friend Hyuuga Hinata who has a crush on Kiba(and dog boy knows it too well so he's flirting with her), all of them are frigging fangirls! Fangirls to (even she admits this)the hottest guy in class, Uchiha Sasuke. Granted, he's the best-looking boy in class but in her opinion, his personality leaves much to be desired. This 180, was caused by the massacre of his clan by his own older brother. This happened about three months after she discovered her family's house. Before the massacre, Sasuke used to be very kind, friendly, and respectful to adults. Heck, she even got to talk with him in the old days since he admired her for being a strong girl. It was then that he revealed that he likes strong girls with long hair...pandemonium occurred and his fangirl horde grew their hair long...but the morons didn't train. Content to be cheerleaders as training gets them dirty, sweaty and smelling ripe and they didn't want to be all three around their precious Sasuke-kun. Hence why Sasuke looks at her more and never spared them a glance. Too bad!

After the massacre, his personality changed. He became cold, cynical, indifferent, anti-social and arrogant(the last one with good reason-he's the strongest boy in class as well as having the best marks). He was also unapproachable but his naive fangirls thought he was being mysterious and cool. Idiots. She liked who he used to be because...he was her almost first friend. Itachi just had to ruin everything and her official first friend became Hinata.

Girl in question was shy, timid and soft-spoken. Demure, lady-like and polite as expected of her heritage. Since her own status was a secret due to her relationship with the Senju through her mother, Hinata is the official ninja princess of the village being the heir of the Hyuuga Clan, the current strongest clan when the Uchiha Clan got wiped out, save for Sasuke. Since there's hope in Hinata, she befriended the girl and spent time and trained together...under the watchful eye of whoever happens to be her Branch House bodyguard and chaperone. They spent time physically training together and after that, Hinata goes home to train in her family's techniques. She was also responsible for shattering her low self-esteem and raising her confidence, beat out of her the REAL reason why she sucked in her family training-the truth was much to the shock of her chaperone, and Hinata's embarrassment.

Hinata couldn't bear to hurt her sister in spars. But little Hanabi sure doesn't hold back because the younger girl wanted to impress their father. Lucky for the girls that Hanabi is a girl. Had she been born a boy, she would've been branded to the Branch House at four as only males can start a family.

Naruto bluntly told her that her idea will hurt them both. How would you get stronger if you hold back in spars? Not only do you affect your training, but also the training of her sparring buddies and their development as good, skilled kunoichi. In Naruto's opinion, the Hyuuga Clan has the girls who have decent Kunoichi mentality and discipline considering who's in charge because everyone else became disgraceful fangirls smearing the good kunoichi name and reputation. She threatened that if Hinata doesn't up her game, she'll beat the tar out of her to beat her ideas out of her and start working hard for herself and others. To make the threat sink in, she punched a poor tree that left a decent dent in it, spooking Hinata.

Her chaperone good-naturedly scolded Naruto for scaring Hinata even if she meant well.

Her next influence in Hinata? Fashion and hairstyle. She had Hinata grow her hair long and had her wear fashionable clothes yet clothes that enabled her free movements in sparring and training. Her current outfit made her look fat and those baggy coat and pants makes it hard to move at her best. And Naruto reminded her time and again she'll make good deal on her threat and Hinata, not really wanting to end up like the poor tree, worked hard...much to the surprise of her clan.

Since then, she was a welcome visitor in the Hyuuga Compound because she was responsible for Hinata's change when they lost hope in her. She also helped train little Hanabi physically and her mother's medicine recipe for bones and firm muscles. They also used beauty products such as anti-blemish products, skin moisturizing products and skin-whitening products(the latter two at nine years old and the first one was for when puberty struck-meaning, pimples and blackheads)...she had Hinata buy it though. The stores doesn't like her after all. She just made an excuse that she has other things to take care of. That or she asks the local bodyguard to buy it for them. Since Hinata now took training seriously, her clan headship in the future is set in stone. Both girls wore their hair long but Hinata had hers in a hime cut with side layers by the sides of her head. The first layer reached to her ears and the second layer to her shoulders. The rest of her hair is waist-length and bound at the tip with a white ribbon. Hinata also wore a matching headband to further accentuate femininity. And because she has a crush on Kiba-much to Hiashi's consternation because the boy lacked manners and finesse-Hinata took to wearing make-up and heeled, strap sandals in a bid to be noticed by her crush.

He sure did and she was over the moon about it but still, she was shy...only around Kiba. Hinata's new style and newfound confidence definitely attracted the boys in their class...Sasuke even noticed her but she only has eyes for Kiba. When Naruto once asked why Kiba, not Shino, Shikamaru or Sasuke was because Kiba represented the kind of person she struggled to become. Kiba was confident, self-assured with a high self-esteem, traits she wanted herself to have until Naruto became her friend and gained those traits from their friendship. Shino was an even worser wallflower than she was, she didn't like Sasuke's new personality and while her father respected Shikamaru's father and the Nara clan's amazingly frightening intellect, he definitely would not want the clan's lazy gene to breed into the Hyuuga Clan so relationship with Shikamaru even if he is a nice boy, is a big no-no their clan would definitely agree with. Choji? Out of the question. Choji is also kind, loyal and friendly but Hinata cannot picture herself becoming obese just to fit in with the in-laws. For her who was proud of the good looks she got from her mother, becoming a scary thought. Choji also has low self-esteem issues because kids bullied him for being overweight.

When Hanabi asked what kind of boy Naruto likes...Naruto told her that she liked the boy Sasuke used to be before the Uchiha clan massacre. But 'that boy' died with the massacre of the Uchiha Clan and his personality did a 180. The boy she liked was gone and she has yet to find another boy like that. Sasuke was almost her friend back then and it was through their near-friendship that the whole class learned he likes girls with long hair. A reason Naruto grew her hair long.

When Hinata asked why Naruto made her grow her hair long...was because she has a round face and having short hair with a round face is a big no-no and her face looks bigger with short hair, especially when seen from afar. Hinata balked at that, and little Hanabi laughed her ass off till she fell backwards off her chair. Especially when Naruto teased her with the fact that Kiba noticed her more when her hair grew longer and actually got more attractive looking than the skin-and-bony fangirls in their class. Whoever told these girls to diet to look attractive-the skinnier the better should be killed immediately. Heck, ANY boy wouldn't want a scarily bone-thin waif throwing themselves at them...AND they're wondering why no boy looks at them? Idiots! Naruto reminded Hanabi time and again to never be an idiotic, disgraceful fangirl when her time to join the Academy came. Hiashi said that he will never allow that behavior to happen anyway and Hanabi joined the Academy at eight years old with some of her cousins.

Girls with flesh and curves are more attractive because they're shapely. And because Naruto religiously followed her mother's journal and roped Hinata in it, they got the attention of boys in their class. Hinata getting the better deal because she got Kiba's eyes on her while Naruto 'lost' the boy she likes.

Right now in present date with Hinata twelve and herself eleven because Hinata's birthday came and went, and hers is on October. Their Final Exams was sponsored by Umino Iruka, a teacher who never bore ill feelings against her so her school records were graded fairly for a change when their fifth year started. The Final Exams were always the Bunshin no jutsu, a jutsu she is horrible at because her chakra was too powerful for the jutsu and she used it on purpose time and again. Since she wanted to graduate with Hinata, she held herself back. And when their time came, Naruto used the Kage Bunshin while saying 'Bunshin no Jutsu' and spawned the required number of clones...mission accomplished...much to Mizuki's dismay.

Mizuki pretended to be a good guy teacher to the class, even to her but when it came to her, she sensed his hostile feelings towards her due to being a Jinchuuriki.

Too bad for him, she graduated because she has a fair judge in Iruka who is the one doing the grading. Screw him.

'Now Team 7!' Iruka called out. 'Uzumaki Naruto!' Naruto wondered who her teammates will be. 'Haruno Sakura!' Naruto banged her head on her desk so loudly the class looked at her. Sakura was also protesting. Sakura never liked Naruto because she is the first girl Sasuke willingly approached in their childhood days and did all she could to be a tick in her hair, annoying her to no end and calling her names to put her down and make herself look good. Too bad for her everyone sees otherwise. Iruka groaned at whoever made this team. This was an explosion waiting to happen. 'And Uchiha Sasuke!'