Two pairs of eyes shot to the entrance, landing on a very awkward, wide eyed Ichigo.

Grimmjow balked. Why? Why now? Why him? Just fucking why? He could feel his face going red with the shame of it all. This had to be the only thing that he could ever be ashamed of enough to actually blush.

"So... I don't know if I should attack you while you're out for the count, or turn the fuck around and give you two some privacy..." he said with a steady voice, far steadier than he felt it ought to have been.

Was that...Grimmjow? Ichigo wasn't an idiot. It was as plain as day that the blue haired man wasn't a willing participant. At least he assumed that based on the hate filled voice cursing and screaming threats at the smaller man currently buried within him... That and he was thrashing against the chains that bound his painfully taut arms to the ceiling. But what could Ichigo do? The moody Arrancar had tried to kill him multiple times, and Ichigo knew for a fact that if Grimmjow had come close before, Grimmjow teaming up with a higher ranked Ulquiorra wasn't gonna fare well for him.

"Tell ya what!" piped Ichigo, cheerier than he felt; he was pushing it and he knew it, "How about I go up and grab Inoue, we skedaddle like good little humans, and I'll forget I saw a damn thing here, 'kay?"

He tensed and gripped his sword when Ulquiorra slowly pulled his length from Grimmjow, slipping it back into his hakama. He was bigger than seemed realistic, given his small stature. Ichigo was glad it wasn't him on the receiving end of it.

Blood and semen poured from the bound man's ass, and even from across the pointlessly large room, Ichigo could see the torn flesh. And Grimmjow hadn't even been crying out in pain. Anger? Yes. The intent to kill the fucker the second he was able? Double yes. Pain? Not a damn peep. Ichigo had to respect him for that.

Ulquiorra said nothing, but his eyes said everything Ichigo needed to hear: It'd be less effort just to kill you.

Well fuck.

That was Ulquiorra's mind made up. But hey, maybe that was for the better.

"Grimmjow, heads up!" he called, releasing a horizontal Getsuga Tenshou in Ulquiorra's direction. The small man dodged it easily, Sonido-ing to the side.

Ichigo bolted to the other side of the room, grasping Grimmjow's sword and discarded hakama, and then to the now freed, and very surprised Grimmjow.

Ichigo's attack hadn't been aimed at Ulquiorra, he was just in the way. The slicing attack was aimed at the chain holding Grimmjow's arms over his head. Ichigo smiled with grim satisfaction as he handed the sword and hakama to the blue haired hollow beside him. He'd aimed well. Grimmjow's hands were slightly singed, but the cuffs around Grimmjow's wrists only sported three links on each side, not enough to hinder him in a fight.

It was a risk. Scrap that. It was almost certain suicide. But it was a better choice than the definite defeat he was facing otherwise. Plus, he felt like an ass considering leaving Grimmjow like that. Enemy or no, it wasn't right.

He tensed, eyes on Grimmjow, "New deal. Help me kill this fucker, let me leave with Inoue, and I'll forget everything I saw today."

Grimmjow studied him as he shucked on his discarded hakama. Ichigo hadn't needed to free him. Fuck, Ichigo could have scampered and come back for Inoue another time. Instead, Ichigo had freed him from the man he so desperately wanted to kill, and offered a partnership in his defeat.

Grimmjow didn't even need to think about his answer as a feral grin spread over his face.

"I get the finishing blow."

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