A Wish can change everything. You can laugh at the idea all you'd like, but it's very, very true. If you make a wish on a falling lash, a shooting star, or even on an item that is said to grant one wish…Nine times out of ten, it's bound to change your life, whether it changes it just a little, or it completely turns all the tables around for you.

However, in order of a Wish to change something, it has to be believed in. You have to believe in it, or many people have to believe in it. If you wish very, very hard, it'll come true. Sometimes, these wishes are lost to the void that they're made to….sometimes, and only sometimes, these wishes come true—and they make the most difference in the events.

This is how it started. One wish made on a falling star had changed a bleak situation for one into a new adventure, a new path, one taken alone. One wish had brought a being into a world he had never seen or experienced before. One wish was all it took to change the life of a town into quite a spectacle.

This is the Story of How a Game came to the land of Equestria.

"Come on, come on, commmmeee oooon! We're gonna miss it!"

"It's not even sunset yet, Pinkie, calm down—We have plenty of time to get to the hill and see the meteor shower."

"But what if it comes early? What if happens so fast that we miss it, and we find out it won't happen for another million-ga-jillion years? I wouldn't be able to live with myself if we missed it!"

Twilight rolled her eyes. "Pinkie, I'm sure we won't miss it. The Meteor Shower tonight is an interesting phenomenon, since it's unplanned, but since we're setting out before the sun is setting, we'll get there on time to see it happen. Besides, if you wanted to be there earlier, then you should've had everything prepared much earlier."

"But I had to make sure I loaded the Party Cannon with the right kind of confetti! Oooh, and I couldn't leave my room without my star comet party hats that I bought for this kind of occasion! I hadn't had any time to stash them around Ponyville for Easy Access—"

Twilight rolled her eyes with a smile as the Pink, bouncy, peppy Equine behind her went off into listing her reasons for delayed arrival. For at least a week and a half, a strange, unexpected Meteor Shower had been happening every night. From what Twilight gathered from a letter to the Princesses, the Meteor shower was an unplanned one, but regardless, many ponies in Equestria came out to watch the stars shower down in the sky every night, and now it was Twilight and her friends' turns to see the "Star Shower". After some careful planning, everyone agreed to meet up on a high hill to see it, and four of Twilight's friends went ahead, with their pets and family in tow, while Twilight went to round up Pinkie from the Sugarcube Corner.

"…and That's why I had to buy five coconuts and ten limes!" Pinkie Pie had finished her long explanation, cueing an arched eyebrow from the Purple Unicorn. Many times, if Pinkie was allowed to talk long enough, she'd go off and end the conversation on something completely different. But she had gotten used to it—It WAS Pinkie Pie, She had thought to herself, so she expected little else from her.

"So, do you think its true?"

"hmmm? What's true, Pinkie Pie?"

"How that sometimes there are green shooting stars along with the regular ones in the Star Showers?"

"Well, I guess it would be possible if the Meteorites had Copper Sulfate infused within the minerals, but that's probably a random chance, or perhaps just a trick of the eye." Twilight said as she began a steady climb up an uphill path to the top of the hill. "After all, Meteorites contain various metals and minerals and compositions, so it can be possible, especially with their entering the atmosphere and burning up as they do so could ignite the Copper Sulfate and produce a green color to make it look like a Green shooting star."

"I Hope I get to see a green shooting star! I wanna make a wish on it!" Pinkie had said, most of Twilight's Explanation going over her head.

"Well, what would you wish for?"

"A friend!"

"Pinkie Pie—you've already got friends."

"I know! I wanna wish for a brand new friend to make! A Pony I've never met before in my whole life, or maybe a Pony that isn't even a pony! Then I could throw them a "New Pony" Party, and we can be the best of friends!" Pinkie had stated, moving her forehoof around in a gesture. "I really hope it comes true! "Cause I wanna meet that new pony! Maybe they're super-duper cool and can do all sorts of tricks! Or maybe even like partying! That would be so cool if they do, because I would love a Party Buddy! Or, even better, they can plan awesome parties too! We can plan really super-duper epic parties together, and—"

"Pinkie Pie, we're here."

Pinkie Pie had stopped talking and looked up at the sky. Sunset had just begun, and the once blue sky was taking on colors of red, which soon faded to dark purple, and then the deepest, darkest blue as the stars came out, one by one, twinkling like diamonds in the sky. Pinkie Pie had been somewhat awestruck, but had shaken it off as she and Twilight joined their friends, with Pinkie setting up the little "Star Shower Picnic Party".

Luna had once landed onto the ground as she finished her rising of the moon, and the night that followed. Tonight, her Sister was waiting on the ground with her, the two wanting to watch the "Star Shower" together. Luna was quite baffled by how it appeared so suddenly, as she had not planned any meteor showers, But it was quite pleasing to the eye and very mysterious, so she and her sister decided to observe it for a little while.

For a while, the sky held still stars. Then one little white streak of light darted across the sky, then another. Soon, they were joined by a multitude of them.

"Quite Beautiful, is it not, Luna?" Celestia said as she watched the 'Star Shower' unfold. "Are you sure you didn't just set this up as a surprise for everyone?"

"As Flattering as it is for thou to say we are the ones responsible, sister, We must deny our part in acciting the stars as they fall from the heavens. This strange phenomenon, we assume, is out of our main control of power." Luna said as she watched the meteorites streak by in the sky. "But, We have noticed a queer quirk within the showers that ensue. Dear sister, do you not see flicks of green streak within th' white of the heavenly showers? Ne'er have we seen such an event happen before, for stars are not and 'ave been not a luminescent shade of green before these nights and nights prior."

Celestia observed carefully, chewing a bit of sandwich in her mouth as she did, and saw a quick spark of green streak by in the sky before vanishing. "You're right. That is a bit strange….and familiar. I think I've heard of 'green stars' before, but I can't remember off the top of my head from where. I might have to look into the archives to see if there's any history on it, or at least on something similar."

That's when Celestia saw it. One green streak of light had been lingering, the shooting star heading downward. From where she could measure, it looked to be heading for where Ponyville was. Now she was getting concerned.

"Luna, I'll be right back. I'm not sure how big that shooting star is, but I'm going to check to make sure nopony gets hurt if it impacts."

"Aye, Sister, We Apprehend. We shall wait for thou here until the ominous problem has been concluded and averted." Luna said as she sat on the hill, pulling out a sandwich for herself as Celestia took to the air, and flew off.

Meanwhile, in a world much different from Equestria's own...

The Wrath of Hell was about to hit one individual, as severe karmic retribution for his dark actions. Nothing was going to stop the attack, and as it tore up ground and charged toward him, all that can and could be managed was a scream of denial.

He wasn't going to have any of it. He was not going to stand there and watch his friend's soul get taken away, even if it meant paying the price. Drawing up all the power he could, he charged at his only window, using a point, and cracked it open. It proved to be just enough.

"Pharaoh! I won't let this happen to you!"

He pushed him out of the ring as the green light grew brighter. The hum of energy that rippled through his soul was a cold, chilling sensation, and it only grew stronger.

"It Only needs one of Us, so I'm letting it take me Instead!"

As soon as the last word escaped his mouth, light had blinded him, and the sensation had ripped away at all of his senses. He couldn't hear his friend scream for him—he couldn't see what was happening, let alone feel much. First he felt a disconnection with his earthly senses…

Then he felt pain. Searing, hot, ripping pain, as if he was being torn in half. He tried to scream, but no sound came out, and the light was much too blinding for him to see properly. He had promptly blacked out, the pain being too much for him to bear.

"Oooh, oooh! Look, there's a big green one right there!" Pinkie Pie spoke as she hopped and bounced, pointing at a streaking, green star that burned in the sky. "I wanna make my wish!"

"Well then, go ahead an' shoot, Sugahcube."

"oh! But remember not to say it aloud! Or it doesn't come true!"

"Okie Doki, Loki!" With that, Pinkie Pie shut her eyes, furrowing her brows in concentration as she began to make her wish.

"Ok, I dunno if there's some sort of cool magic creature that rides on green stars and grants wishes, but I wanna make a wish! I wish that I can meet a Brand New Pony I can be friends with! Somepony I've never seen before! Somepony me and my friends can get along with! They don't even have to be a pony! I just wanna make a brand new friend!"

The shooting star grew brighter, and much to the amazement of the others, had changed direction.

Unfortunately, it was heading in their direction. And quite quickly, to boot. All had dodged out of the way as the light green ball of blazing flame (or energy, though nobody wanted to get close to find out) whizzed right past them and without a sound, strangely enough, crashed in the middle of the town square with a blast of green light, before it died down and faded.

The shockwave from the impact was enough to awaken the sleeping residents still in the town, and draw their attention to the square, and the crater it had received. What lied in its center, was something that spouted concern and chatter from the others.

In the hot, broken center, amongst dying green flame and rubble of stone and dirt, was a pony. A small Pegasus colt, with one crumpled wing covering his still frame. His tail was short, and singed, and his mane appeared to have a similar singe, all fluffed out. There was no Cutie Mark to be seen on his flank, which was pale within the moonlight that was visible. The expression on his face, as unconscious as he was, showed signs of pain and…acceptance? As some bits of down from his crumpled, broken wings fell into the crater, the residents in Ponyville had become extremely curious about this new arrival.

This was no ordinary Pony. Definitely not ordinary.