Hey! So Katniss had Gale's baby and I set up a poll that asked which name was preferred better and I only got three responses. That's okay though, it's enough to use. The name most preferred will be shown in the story so here it is! Chapter 11! Katniss's point of view…. A lot longer than usual…. Enjoy.

Hunter is what I named my baby. Hunter Hawthorne. Peeta was very surprised when I delivered him, I was as well but he's still my child and I love him as much as I love Celine. I will love all of my children.

He's been here only a few hours, he's very small but fully developed, thank god. I put him in a diaper, feed him milk, which is strange because my breast hadn't developed the nine months I had been carrying him.

I'm still in bed with Hunter. Peeta has brought me a warm cup of tea and a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Celine is lying next to me playing with the babies' hand, a large smile on her face. Peeta is knelt down on the floor staring at Hunter. "Are you upset" I whisper. Peeta doesn't look at me he focuses on the baby. "Of course not. He's still me son, still a part of my family. I love my family" he says, sincerity in his voice. After a long silence he says, "Can I hold him?". I nod.

Peeta sits on the edge of the bed and I hand him Hunter. He does exactly what he did with Celine. He gently traces his face with his finger and runs it over his hair. Hunter makes little baby noises and grabs onto Peeta's finger with his little hand.

Celine and I scooch over to Peeta so we can see the baby. Peeta looks like he absolutely loves hunter, which I hope. I don't think I'd know what to do if he didn't. but then I remember, he's gale's son, which means Gale has to know about him. I get out of bed and walk downstairs. I enter the kitchen and pick up the phone. I dial Gale's number hesitantly and put it to my ear.

After a few seconds of ringing I hear his voice, "hello?", "Um, Gale". He replies, "Yes". "I… I need you to come back to twelve", "why", his voice is monotone. "It's important, I won't tell you. You have to come and bring a few pairs of clothes, so you can stay for a few nights". There is a long pause. "I'll be over by tomorrow" he says and hangs up. I sigh, hang up then pick up the phone again.

This time I dial my mother's number. My voice is shaky and nervous at the thought of Gale's return. "Hello?" my mother responds. "Hey mom" I say, "hi Katniss honey how've been" "okay" I reply. Before my mother can say anything else I cut in, "I just had a baby". She's quiet. "It's Gale's baby, not Peeta's".

"Why didn't you tell me you we're pregnant!?" she asks. "I didn't even know!" I reply. "How, didn't you know!?". I swallow, "Gale impregnated me I guess then beat me. I would have had a miscarriage. Then for the last nine months I've been taken all of these birth control pills, thinking I was protecting myself from getting pregnant again, but all was doing was harming my baby and stopping him from developing correctly" I cry. "But he's alive, he's healthy, and I want you to come see him. His name is hunter". "Of course I'll come see him baby, I'll be over when I can I promise". I hang up and take another breath.

I call Annie and Johanna; they're the closest I have when it comes to friends. Johanna is the type of person I'd call, my frenemy. They both say they're on their way and I have to say I'm really excited to see them and Beck. Beck is Annie and Finnick's son. He's the same age as Celine, just a few months younger.

I put the phone down and go back upstairs. When I enter my room I see Celine holding her baby brother in her arms. Her eyes sparkle as she stares down at him. They look nothing alike. Sure Celine has my hair and feminine like features but she's still more of Peeta than me. Hunter also, I recognize my nose on him but everything else is Gale, even though growing up Gale and I looked like siblings. I walk over to them and kiss Celine on her head. I sit on Peeta's lap and seek his comfort which he gives me immediately.

"I called Gale, he's coming over to see Hunter" I whisper. Peeta tenses up, "okay". "Annie, Johanna and my mother are coming as well". "Hmm an entire family reunion", Peeta jokes. I smile. I know that seeing Gale will be hard, but I can't keep him away from his own child. I just need to remember, I have Peeta, he'll protect me, he's here….he'll know what to do.

The next day

Gale is the first to arrive. I answer the door and he stands outside. He's covered in snow. There was a blizzard over night. I let him in and he takes his shoes off at the door and sets his suitcase to the side. "What did you want to show me" he asks. I signal him to follow me upstairs. I bring him to my room and open the door. Hunter is lying on the bed asleep. I look back at gale and see his surprised expression.

We go over to the bed and I say, "This is Hunter". "Oh so you and baker boy had another baby. Good for you" he says annoyed. I stay quiet for a minute. "…this is your baby Gale" I whisper. He doesn't look convinced. "He's got your completion, your eyes, your hair, your everything" I say. Gale seems to loosen up, "he's got your nose". "Here, I'll take your coat" I say. He pulls his coat off and gives it to me. I take it downstairs and brush it off. I hang it up in the closet and look out to the backyard. Peeta and Celine are out there making a snowman.

I go back upstairs taking Gale's suitcase with me and setting it in a spar room. I go back to my room and see gale holding the baby. I sit in the chair and watch as he hugs and kisses his son. After a few minutes Hunter starts to cry. I react immediately. Gale gives him to me. I grab a little towel throw it over my shoulder and cover up the right side of my chest. I hold my baby up and feed him milk. He stops crying immediately. "sorry, this will only take a few minutes" I say. Gale nods.

When I stop feeding him I burp him, cover myself, wipe his mouth and hand him to his father. He holds him again and says, "I like that you named him Hunter". "yeah" I reply, "it was the first thing that came to mind and I thought it really fit being how we're his parents".

"uh, Katniss listen. I am, REALLY sorry about what I did to you. I was just so desperate, I just wanted you so badly, but now I'm over that. I regret everything I did I really do, and I just hope that you can forgive me and we can be friends again, like how we used to before the games".

He's apologizing, he wants to start all over, from when we were the best of friends and went out hunting and trading, but I cant. I am a woman know, not a little girl. I have more responsibilities other that feeding my family. Now I have to feed, dress, care for, watch over, and love my own children. The children that I swore I would never have. I cant just go hunting with gale because what will that do, bring back memories sure but I need to be smart. "I would want to be friends with you Gale, but not the way we used to. That was when we we're kids, we're adults know we have things to do, lives to live. I have things that I need to take care of, life isn't just you and I out in the woods where we could share secrets and let out our anger. If anything the woods will bring back only the bad memories" I say.

The bad memories always over power the good ones and I haven't been in the woods in a very long time, I refuse because after Gale came here and beat me, I just, couldn't bear it. And all of my memories will forever be in the depts of the forest. Memories of my father, memories of the good times with Gale. They've all been covered up. Hidden by memories of feeling Gale's body pressed against mine and my rhythmic breaths and moans that echoed through the cabin. Our cabin, my father and i. they're all just gone. They come and go, kind of like the wind.

I let out a tear and wipe it away before Gale can see it. I'm about to offer him something to eat when the doorbell rings. I get up and answer it. My mother rushes in, drops her suitcase, takes off her coat, hangs it up and hugs me tightly. "Hi mom" I say lightly hugging her back. "Where's the baby" she asks quietly. "Upstairs with Gale". I lead her to my room and open the door. She sees the baby and gasps. She walks across the floor and sits beside Gale and admires her new grandchild.

Beings how she's the babies grandmother, she has the honor of taking him from whoever has him, but beings how I am his mother I can say that they can't touch him at all. Of course I would never do that.

My mother makes baby noises and kisses the babies cheek, holds him in the air and bounces him gently in her arms. I hear the back door open and close. Peeta and Celine come upstairs into the room, covered in snow. Their noses and cheeks bright red. Their hair decorated with white glitter.

"Hey" Peeta says stiffly as he closes the door to the room. Gale looks up at him, "hi". Peeta goes to my mother and greats her nicely with a kiss on the cheek, then me. He takes Celine's layers off her earmuffs, scarf, mittens, coat, jacket, and boots. He picks her up and sets her on the bed. He leaves out and comes back in with her pajamas. He brushes the snow out of her hair and kisses her nose. She does it back to him.

"Can I bring him downstairs" Gale asks. I nod and he leaves out, with my mother trotting desperately behind him.

Peeta takes off Celine's sweater and undershirt. He tickles her stomach making her laugh silently. He pulls her socks off and pretends to eat her toes and when she playfully kicks him, he exaggerates falling to the floor. I laugh. He takes off the rest of her clothes and replaces them with a yellow nightgown. I have to put on my night clothes now okay. Go see your brother. Celine leaves out.

I stay. Peeta hold his arms out for me and I walk straight into them. "What did he say to you" Peeta says. "He apologized" I reply. I believe he's sorry, growing up; his apologies have always been sincere. Always.

"Did you accept it?" he asks. "I did but I didn't say it out loud" I reply. "Katniss you have to be careful, I don't trust him. If he does anything, you tell me immediately.". "I will, I promise".

After about five more minutes of cuddling, Peeta changes into a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. I do the same. We go back downstairs just in time to answer the doorbell. I open the door and Beck runs in, "Auntie Katniss!", "hey!" I reply dropping to my knees to hug him. He's gotten so big. His hair is the same as Annie's and his eyes are the exact same shade of sea green as Finnick.

I stand and hug Annie and stop to stare at Johanna. "If I don't get a hug someone is going to die" she threatens. We both laugh and I hug her. I let them in and see the baby. I handle everyone's' bags and take them to spare rooms. Gale has his own, my mother has her own, Annie and Johanna can share, unless I'm told otherwise.

"Hi Celine" Beck says standing behind Celine. She's drawing in her book on the floor. "Hi Celine" he says again. "Beck she can't hear you" Annie says gently. "Why not momma" he asks. "She was born not able to hear so you can only talk to her with your hands" she says. "How do I do that!?" he asks shocked. "Tap her shoulder and wave at her" Johanna butts in.

Beck kneels down next to Celine and taps her shoulder. She looks at him and he waves at her. She waves back and continues drawing. "Momma what's that line on her face" he asks. This time I answer. "It's a scar, she got it before she was born" I explain. "Does she talk?", "no".

Hunter starts to cry again and I take him to get changed. "I'll do it" gale offers and I don't mind. I give him back the baby and he takes him upstairs.

"Uncle Peeta, can you teach me how to talk to Celine with my hands" he asks Peeta. He accepts. Peeta gets Celine to sit on the couch with them and explains to her that he'll be teaching Beck how to communicate with her, and that she'll need to be patient if she can't understand him.

I go into the kitchen and Annie and Johanna follow behind. We go into the kitchen and have a nice long conversation about Hunter. While talking I make dinner, a baked chicken and a side salad. They help me fix the plates making sure that Celine and beck get small portions and help set the table. I put the plates on the table, along with throw pillows in the chairs the children will be sitting in. I chop up Celine's food and place a spoon there for her.

"Dinner!" Johanna calls. Peeta is the first to come in with Celine on his hip, beck comes running in afterwards. "Wash your hands Beck" I say, go wash your hands sweetie, it's time to eat. The children go to the bathroom. Beck runs and Celine walks as usual. My mother walks in and sits down. Peeta takes a seat next to mine. "it looks delicious" he says and kisses me. Annie and Johanna take a seat. The children come back in and Peeta helps push their chairs in.

The only person missing is Gale. I get up and go upstairs. I check my room, empty. I go to his room and knock. "Gale, it's time for dinner" I say. I open the door and look in. He's fast asleep on the bed with hunter asleep next to him. He's changed into his nightclothes. I don't disturb him. I go downstairs and bring up his plate and set in on the drawer.

I return downstairs and everyone eats. It is really good. The adults drink soda and the children get juice. No one says anything at the table except for when my mother tries to tell the children not to drink their juice until their done eating. The only problem is she doesn't know sign language and Peeta and I don't mind them drinking juice as long as they finish what's on their plate.

After dinner we serve desert. Chocolate cake. Celine and Peeta have been working on it for a while. It's decorated with purple flowers and the inside is marble. Peeta cuts the pieces evenly then cuts one of the slices in half for the kids.

I take a slice up to Gale's room and find him awake, eating his food. "You're really good at this cooking stuff Katniss" he says. He just called me Katniss. "Thanks. Why won't you come down and eat with us" I ask. He shrugs, "no one wants to see me, so what the point of showing them my face" he says. I don't know what else to say, so instead I set the plate of cake neck to his leg. "Dessert" I say. He nods then brushes the baby's hair with his finger. "You know. I forgive you. I mean sure what happened isn't something that should be forgiven but…just look at what happened because of it" I say kneeling down and gently stroking my baby's cheek. "Yeah" he says softly. "I love him so much" he says.

I take in the scene, my old friend almost twenty five years old, next to a small baby, only as old as a day. I remember when he told me, he'd only have kids if he didn't live here. Well he doesn't. But that statement was made in the world where there was such thing as the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games that was the reason I said I would never have kids, yet I got pregnant the day after I returned home from winning one.

"Everyone does" I say. "Who wouldn't" I continue. He shrugs again. "A heartless person, like me" he sheds a tear. A rare thing I've seen from Gale only once before. "You're not heartless" I say back. He nods. "What I did to you was something a heartless person would do". I consider this but then I try to make him feel better by saying. "What you did to me is something a committing person would do. You fought for what you wanted" even though it pained me to say that I let it out. "I'll never do that again. I hadn't realized what I'd done until I was on that train. Peeta made me realize what I was doing to you. I was raping you, beating you, forcing you, selling you and I didn't realize it until he told me. He's a good man, it's good you have someone like him to watch over you and protect you from people like me. I'm really glad that you chose Peeta.

Aww Gale is a nice person now. So I guess you all want him to be like this from now on right. Well I'm ending the story here. I'm getting really off topic, it's supposed to be about the bad things Gale has done to Katniss and now at chapter 11, he becomes the nice guy. I'm sorry people I don't really think about stuff when I type I just do it. And this is what happened. But…..instead of writing "the lemony goodness" I'm writing a new story, called, "Endless Love". It's a continuation of this story just without the bad stuff. It's a nice story, and the kids grow up in it. There will be some bad stuff occasionally but other than that totally fine.


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