Tash's Notes:

I grew up with Pokemon in the 90s, and like happens with most children and fads, I got bored of Pokemon after a year or two. I am therefore only acquainted with the 1st generation creatures, characters, and storylines. I am rewatching the series in Japanese now, and I may randomly use either the Japanese or the English Dub names of things. For example, I think I might use the Japanese City names because they sound cooler than the silly color scheme. And definitely Satoshi instead of Ash Ketchum *bangs head against desk* However, you probably won't see him in this story anyway. This story will have mostly original humanoid and pokemon characters besides the main character who is from Touhou. Also this is like my 198364th attempt to write a long story all the way through, so I might not ever complete it, but I feel good about this one because I've already figured out most of what's going to happen in the story. I've already got the main conflicts and the ending down!

Chapter One

"I've got just what you're looking for!" whispered shady middle-aged man in a tent. A young man with black hair was browsing goods at a flea market in Hanada City.

"Hmm, what's that?" asked the young man. Normally he did not fall for such blunt marketing tactics, but he was actually looking for someone, and so was predisposed to accept interactions with any sort of stranger.

"This here's the Masterball 2.0! It's designed to be able to capture the most powerful pokemon known to man! The various features will also enhance your safety while trying to capture dangerous, rare, and legendary pokemon!"

The man held out a sleek white pokeball decorated with a broad purple stripe that ran through the center button at 45-degrees. Normally the young man would disregard such unverifiable claims, but he noticed a ring the man was wearing on his middle finger next to his wedding ring. This ring was thin and black with a tiny "R" embossed and painted red on the inside. It was subtle enough that someone wouldn't notice the significant symbol unless they were specifically looking for it.

The young customer asked, "What sort of features are those?"

"Well, the main selling point is the power, but the retracting beam can automatically lock onto the target. In addition, the range at which you can cast and retrieve the pokemon is up to 500m—within your line of sight, of course."

"Ah, I see. It's designed to make it easier to handle an uncooperative pokemon."


"Such a device must be very expensive. I would love to take one out for a field test, but I'm not sure I could afford such a luxury."

"I am willing to exchange it for a certain set of items. Or to be more precise, creatures."

"I believe I have something which may interest you," said the customer, taking a pair of ordinary-looking pokeballs out of his pocket. As he presented them both to the vendor in his hands, a similar black ring was shown on the young man's right ring finger.

"I have only these to offer, yet surely you cannot consider them to be of equal value to what you are offering me."

"Think nothing of it. Wait, scratch that. I mean, think of it as an early bonus."

The young man laughed at this break from the grave atmosphere of their conversation.

"No, but seriously. The higher ups are quite pleased with your contributions so far. As a new recruit, you've done more than carry your own weight, and everyone is quite impressed, so it seems they decided to give you a toy and see what you do with it."

"Gee, now I'm nervous that I'll disappoint them!"

"I'm sure you won't." The vendor accepted the pokeballs and handed the customer a plastic bag.

"Oh, and Ian," the man called to him as he turned to leave. Ian looked back at his acquaintance. "You're getting very good at the villainous exposition. Keep it up!"

"Thank you, Mr. Archer."

"Good luck!"

"Thanks! Bye."

Mokou furrowed her brow against the bright red light filtering through her eyelids. She turned her head to the side and opened her eyelids groggily. She closed them again and enjoyed the feeling of the hot afternoon sun on her cheek and her white hair. But she wasn't tired enough to fall asleep again so she got up after a couple of minutes.

She brushed grass and dirt off her bare feet and put on her shoes. Then she stood up, brushed grass and dirt off of her red pants, and adjusted the various patterned bows in her hair. Mokou was bored so she went inside the house to bug Keine. But Keine was busy writing something, so then Mokou went out to wander about the human village. She said hi to various acquaintances in the marketplace. Then she turned on a path outside the village. After a while she came to the Hakurei Shrine. It was autumn and Reimu was outside sweeping some leaves away from the steps.

"Hi Reimu-san!" said Mokou.

"Hi Mokou-san," replied Reimu.

"What are you up to?"

"Cleaning up my shrine."

"Ah, I see." Mokou stood and watched her for a minute. Then she raised a hand, and caused some of the leaves on the steps to suddenly burn to a crisp, so that Reimu's steps were covered with burny stuff. Reimu paused the motion of her broom and narrowed her eyes at Mokou.

"And what exactly are you up to?"

"Hmm? Nothing, I'm bored as hell."

A breeze blew from the east, scattering some leaves, and catching the long hair of the two girls as they stood in a staring contest.

Suddenly, another person came out of the shrine. An older-looking woman with blonde hair, adorned in purple, greeted Mokou.

"Moko-chan!" she yelled and waved a hand in the air that held a gourd. Further inside the shrine, the faint the form of a small girl sleeping on the floor could be seen.

"Ah, Yukari-san. I see you came to annoy Reimu-san as well."

"Gasp, how did you know?!"

"Because us long lived creatures have nothing better to do with our time than annoy shrine maidens, and stain their steps as they sweep."

"Mm hmm, your logic is flawless. So then what are you up to today?" It was pretty obvious that Mokou had just explained why she was here, but she had nothing better to do than humor gap youkai.

"Well I'm bored as hell, so I came over here to annoy Reimu. Ah, darn, she's ignoring me..." Reimu had already swept up the ashes Mokou made and finished sweeping the rest of the path. She walked right between the older girls and went into the shrine.

"Heeey Reimu, where are you going? Don't you wanna fight?" Mokou whined after Reimu.

"No," said Reimu flatly. She continued to disregard the youkai and the immortal, and curled up on the floor next to Suika.

"Reimu, Yukari's stealing your food!" Mokou called out. It was true: Yukari stood eating a jar of cookies she had just gapped from Reimu's kitchen. But only a grunt was heard from inside the shrine.

"Reimu, I'm stealing your donations!" Mokou called out. It would have been true except there was no donation money to be stolen as Mokou shook the donation box upside-down. Since even this produced no response from the lazy shrine maiden, Mokou gave up and put the box back down.

"Darn... I'm bored."

Yukari licked cookie sugar off her fingers, and took another swig from the sake gourd. "Hmm... want to be gapped to a random world?"

"Hmm... do you plan to bring me back?"

"Hmm... maybe."

"Hmm... well. Sure, why not?"

And just like that, Mokou was gapped to a random world.

Mokou blinked and looked around her. She was in a forest much like the ones she knew back home. The leaves were green and lush, but most of the trees were tall and mature. The bits of sunlight reaching the ground through spots in the canopy were bright and hot. She could also hear the sounds of birds and other animals chattering. It must be either spring or summer in this world.

Mokou also noted that she was on a slope. She flexed her fists, making some fire pop up, and then did a few flips in the air to make sure all her powers were working properly. She decided to climb up a tree to get a better look at her surroundings. But since she could fly, she just floated right up there. Popping her head above the leaves, she moved to stand on a branch while she surveyed the landscape. There was a valley further down, with bits of a river peeking through and further up the slope, the land appeared to develop into mountains. Far in the distance there seemed to be some manmade structures in sight. Likely humans, but possibly another species as well. Mokou flew up as high as she could into the air and continued to take in her surroundings. She saw that there was a large mountain further off. It looked cool so Mokou wanted to try going to the top of it.

Just as she thought this, Mokou suddenly realized that she was gasping for breath due to being too high in the atmosphere. Taking note of the direction of the mountain in relation to the Sun (assuming the Sun's pattern would be similar to Gensokyo and the Outside world), she gently lowered herself onto a branch. After trying to catch her breath for about a minute, she still felt wiped-out.

"Hmm, I wonder if flying here takes a lot more out of me than it would back home. Well that's ok, I'm up for a hike anyways. But first, I'll just sit on this branch and rest a bit..." With that, she sat down on the branch. Mokou fumbled through her pockets for smoking materials, but found she had forgotten to bring any. But before she could be disappointed, she heard a sudden hiss next to her...

"Ekanssssss!" the snake said as it hissed. Mokou yelped in surprise, and scooted herself away from the direction of the noise. A purple snake was posing at her in a threatening manner. The girl had no idea what to make of this, so she floated down to the ground, away from it.


"Hmm, you're a curious creature. But I'm afraid I'm not that into snakes."


"No, no, I'd best be on my way now," she flashed it a little grin before she started hiking up the hill.

"Hmm, that was odd," Mokou thought to herself. "I don't understand, but it felt like we were having a conversation."

She kept heading in the same direction, making her way uphill. Occasionally she passed small birds and rodents. She noticed that the animals in this world were very colorful, and some of them were quite large compared to species they resembled that Mokou was familiar with. They also had the strangest sort of calls. Once she stepped on a rabbit hole by a tree accidentally. Before she removed her foot, something nudged it from the inside. Upon removing her foot, a large periwinkle mouse scurried out and yelled at her. It said, "Ratata!" It kept yelling the same thing at her as she glanced back at it, continuing on her path. Later on, she had a similar experience involving scaring a small fat worm from a bush. The creature, having large eyes and a round body, had said "Caterpie!" at her.

Later in the afternoon, it got cloudy, and a little darker, but the day seemed to take a long time. It was summer after all. Still, Mokou didn't have much reference for exactly when the day began. Although she could have judged from where the sun was when she observed the mountains earlier, she had long since lost track of time. She was thinking about setting up camp, but remembered she didn't have any camp to set up. Perhaps she would try to find something to hunt for food, but she didn't know exactly what was edible in this forest. Plus it looked pretty late to start hunting. Being the type to wander around at odd hours in the night, and it having been a long time since she found anything in a forest-night or day-that frightened her, to rest or not to rest was merely a matter of her whim. She felt groggy, so she plopped down and curled up on the forest floor between the roots of a large tree.

It was not even dark yet. Mokou lay with her eyes open. From her judgement, she felt that she should come to a mountain pass soon. Tomorrow morning, she would find food somewhere. As she finally closed her eyes, some rain drops plopped on her cheek and she woke up again. Mokou grumbled, but got up. She would get all muddy if she kept sleeping. Mokou was trying to motivate herself to get up and keep walking, when she heard something in the distance that sounded like a creature in distress saying "Ar!" She didn't know what kind of trouble it could be, or whose side she would take if it was a fight, but she went to check it out anyway. Veering off-course a bit, she followed the direction she thought the call had come from.