At the pace the girls had been walking, it would have taken them another day to reach the city. But Mokou's top horizontal flying speed was near 60 mph. Although she couldn't keep up her top speed, plus the physics of the dimension were different than home, so her average speed was about 45 mph. Still, she reached the town after about an hour. She kept Charmander's tail carefully concealed in her clothes so that the wind wouldn't blow it out, used her fire magic to give her extra strength, and checked her vital signs occasionally, as well as she could without slowing down. After one and a half days, Mokou judged the season in this world to be around the middle of summer. The day seemed very long, but again, she didn't know what her latitude was, so she couldn't be sure. But she guessed it was around 10 or 11 pm. The sun had just barely sunk over the horizon (from her aerial perspective as well). As Mokou approached the city, she suddenly realized that it might make a bit of a scene for her to suddenly swoop down, flaming wings and all, in the middle of what was probably a human city. While that may not have been a problem under different circumstances, Mokou wanted to save the life of her new friend, and to do that, she would need to be socially presentable so she could find out what kind of veterinary care was available in this city as soon as possible. She extinguished her wings, fell a little to the side of the path in some tree cover, and controlled her landing gently. As she ran back on to the path, it became paved, and she entered a district with buildings 2 to 3 stories high.

"Hmm, it's night, but there must be some sort of civilians, or at least a patrol about, in a city this large." She spotted random girl walking with a cool looking red mammalian creature that had pointed rabbit ears and a bushy mane.

"Um, excuse me!" Mokou called out. The young woman had short black hair. She turned to look Mokou and gasped in surprise.

"That poor Charmander!"

"Uh, yes. She is hurt. Do you know where I could get her some help? I need her treated for poison too."

"Go down that street and take a right at the first stoplight. The Pokemon Center is just outside the downtown area."

"Thanks! Cool animal, by the way!" Mokou yelled and ran in the indicated direction. "Pokemon Center," she repeated to herself. "I wonder how she knew that she's called 'Charmander.' Maybe it's the name of the species?"

As she was thinking and running, she ran right across streets without looking. She turned her head back and realized that she had just avoided colliding with some vehicles on the street. "Gotta be more careful. Wait a minute, what's a stoplight?" She paused a moment to think. She saw another random person on the street who was wearing a blue outfit. She ran up and asked her, "Hi, sorry to bother you, do you know where the, um, Pacman Center is?"

"Pokemon Center? It's that way, but..." the woman in blue pointed to the right. Since that direction meant Mokou was turning, she looked at the area to try and figure out what a stoplight was. "Stoplight..."

"Miss, may I ask what you're doing running around at this hour with an injured-"No time for that," Mokou said to herself, ignoring the blue woman, and ran in the indicated direction. "Hey wait, stop!" She blew her whistle at the white-haired stranger, but she paid no attention. The woman in blue hopped on a motorcycle and chased after Mokou, who was already a block ahead.

She ran with her poisoned companion, looking around and above her, left and right, to try and find the Pokemon Center. But the building designs were all strange and unfamiliar. There was a conspicuous unmarked building shaped like a dome with an odd red-white orb symbol decorating the front. Mokou almost disregarded it, but as she ran past, she saw there was a red cross decorating the white wall of the structure. Due the minor influence of outside cultures in Gensokyo, Mokou was vaguely familiar with this symbol of medicine, so she turned around to go back to the entrance of the building.

"Stop!" yelled a voice nearby. It was approaching Mokou in a moving machine that made a lot of noise. The noise grew deafening as it zoomed towards Mokou. The immortal girl braced herself and jumped to dodge. But the machine slowed town and the person was getting off, so she disregarded the interruption and quickly ran past the strange woman into the building.

"Hi, is this a hospital?" she called out.

"Yes, I'm Nurse Joy. Hold on one second and I'll-"

"Good, listen, this is Charmander and she's badly hurt. I think she'll die if you don't help her soon! She got stung by a big bee, and the poison seems to be draining at her life force. I managed to keep her alive to get here, but I can't do anything else, but a random girl told me to bring her here, so if you have the means, please help her. I don't know what you charge, and I don't have any currency that this world uses, but I can take out a loan or something..." The pink-haired nurse was ignoring Mokou. "I've got a Charmander with a Beedrill sting in critical condition at the front desk. Bring a stretcher immediately, this one's going straight to the ER!"

"...I first found her being pecked to death by a huge flock of awful birds, but they were easy to scare off, but she almost died from that attack, I managed to get her through it, but she's still suffering the injuries from that as well as the poison..." "Excuse me, Miss."

"...it's such a novice mistake... I know I should have been more careful. I don't know everything about every creature after all. I could have easily protected Charmander if only I was paying more attention..." "MISS!"

"Huh?" Mokou snapped out of her rant. She turned her head in various directions. "Your Charmander is in the ER right now, and I need to go in there too now. Officer Jenny will take care of the rest of this discussion," The ER's commercial kitchen-style double door closed with a 'flap.'

"Ahahah... sorry, I'm not too good at coherent conversation," she said to no one in particular. "Ah, right. You were following me right? Sorry, I was in a hurry. What did you want?" She cheerfully asked the woman dressed in blue, who was now slightly out of breath. The nurse seemed like she had a lot of experience and knew what she was doing, despite Mokou's very poorly constructed explanations of the injuries, so she felt reassured and her mood had become chipper. Oblivious, she smiled innocently at the woman who was now speaking to her in an authoritative tone.

"You had better explain yourself now, young lady. Ignoring the commands of a police officer is a serious offense."

"Ah. Police officer? My bad, I'll make sure to recognize the uniform next time."

"I'm afraid that won't do!" she was getting annoyed now. "May I please your I.D.?"

"What I.D.?" Mokou raised an eyebrow.

"Since you were traveling with a Pokemon, I'll need to see your Pokemon Trainer's License."

"Oh, I see now! I'm sorry for the trouble, officer. Rest assured, I'm not a Pokemon Trainer, so I don't have a License!" she grinned.

The police officer named "Jenny" was now red up too her ears, quickly losing her patience. Mokou was starting to become amused.

"Then kindly explain to me why you were traveling with a Pokemon? A Charmander, no less. Charmanders are almost never found in the wild, and certainly not in this region. If you did not get her from a Pokemon training professor, then how?"

"Well, I found her in the wild in this region!"

"I don't believe you for one second, miss. Someone as suspicious as you must be a Pokemon thief! You're under arrest! If you come obediently, I won't resort to using force."

Mokou's smirk grew wider. The temperature in the lobby began to rise as Jenny's face paled.

"Come obediently..." whispered the immortal. "JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?!" Mokou burst into flames, placed herself in the middle of the room, and shaped her fire aura like her pheonix spirit. "KYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" she laughed maniacally. The lights on the walls cracked and shattered, as bright blue flames rose up to dance in their fixtures. The flames began to fire red and blue danmaku (small magical projectile) flames around the room threateningly. The machines behind the counter sizzled and exploded as the windows and everything else made out of glass all shattered at once. Jenny freaked out and turned around to run for her life, but Mokou appeared in front of her. She extinguished one of her hands, but kept it sizzling hot as she grabbed Jenny's blue hair and made her look into her eyes. "I AM A FUCKING IMMORTAL PYRO, FEEBLE WENCH. YOU'LL GO TO YOUR STATION AND TELL THEM I AM A GREAT TRAINER WHO IS AWESOMELY NICE TO HER CHARMANDER, AND THEN TELL THEM FUJIWARA FUCKING MOKOU IS GONNA KICK THEIR ASSES IF ANY MORE PIGS COME ASKIN FOR SOME IDENTIFICATION SHIZ." She dropped her on the ground roughly and she bolted out the shattered door frame screaming bloody Haunters.

Mokou shook her head and snapped out of her fantasy. "Alright. I'll come with you."

A discreet member of a dubious organization strolled along the road in plainclothes. This young man appeared somewhere between the ages of 18 and 25. His black hair reached just below his chin, with an angled cut, making the back shorter than the locks in front. His face didn't have a particularly mean look. At first glance, you might assume he is a nice guy.

This young man also had in his possession a good amount of Pokemon, not all of which belonged to him. Since he began his westward hike, he observed some newbie trainers in a Pokemon battle. As per his usual strategy, he had his Psyduck use a preliminary paralysis attack while Wigglytuff put all parties to sleep. After making sure they had all lost consciousness he used the Pokeballs that had fallen out of the trainers' hands to retrieve their sleeping Pokemon.

He was now settling down for a night beneath the stars. From the hill in the highlands where he chose to rest, he could see his destination, Nibi City. He had heard there was a new museum exhibit, and had figured he may as well go and see if he could pick up any whiff of some rare or valuable Pokemon.

But before he was about to get in his sleeping bag, he witnessed something amazing and unexpected. On the slope of a mountain range north of Nibi City, a strange bright figure was descending. It seemed like a giant flaming bird. He almost missed it because of the bright orange and yellow hues created by the sunset, but as the sunset faded, the mysterious bird was still visible shortly. He looked on in awe, until the fire extinguished after several minutes, somewhere near the northern border of the city.

"Well, finding a lead was pretty easy!"