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Chapter 20:

"Master, please let me go."  Kikyou pleaded as she bowed to Naraku.

"Why?  So you can live a peaceful life with you dog boy?"  Naraku sneered.

"Please, master, I beg you."  Kikyou pleaded, never lifting her head.

"Fine, since you begged."  Naraku replied, bored at the conversation already. 

Kikyou smiled to herself.  "Thank you.  I will never forget your kindness and what you have done for me." 

Naraku motioned the guard out of the room.  In a second he was face to face with Kikyou.  Kikyou, startled, stared at him in horror.  "You can't go yet, not until I get want I want."  Naraku's lips curled up slightly as he grabbed her arms and eased his way on top her.  Kikyou, eyes large and frightened, found herself on the furry rug, being raped by her own master.     

Kikyou blinked away tears; she knew this would happen if she wanted freedom.  This is for Inuyasha, she reminded herself as her master pushed himself in and out of her.


Kikyou and Inuyasha arrived at the Sesshoumaru's castle.  "Are you sure we're going to kill him once and for all?"  Inuyasha growled as he gripped the gate's bars, peering inside the gate walls. 

"Of course, he cannot survive the power of the jewel."  Kikyou replied, tightening the grip on the jewel to make sure it was still in her palm. 

"Where is Kagome?"  Inuyasha asked, still looking for any sign of Kikyou's sister. 

"I told you, she left."  Kikyou said bitterly.  She looked away, blinking back tears.  Her sister was off in some distant land, with her husband Hojo. 

Inuyasha smirked.  "If she's not here, then why do I smell her?"  Inuyasha took a whiff of the air again, certain that Kagome was still here. 

Kikyou frowned in confusion.  "What?  How can that be?"  She replayed the scene her and her sister played the other week.  Kikyou was positive that Kagome had told her Sesshoumaru was letting her go and that she was going to begin a new life with another. 

Inuyasha shrugged.  "Well, I don't know what to say other than she is still here."  He looked at the castle again.  It's dreariness was as usual.

Kikyou stepped back, shocked.  "She lied."  She whispered softly and cynically.  "No,"  She said angrily, changing her mind.  "Kagome doesn't lie, it's that dog demon, he lied to Kagome and kept her prisoner so we would not intervene with Kagome any more."  Kikyou explained, certain that Kagome would never do such a thing.  "What a selfish bastard."  She spat. 

Inuyasha growled and leaped the gate, landing swiftly on the other side.  He opened the gate to let Kikyou in.  "Sesshoumaru!  Come out now and meet your fate!!!"  Inuyasha growled.  He shifted his eyes from place to place, alert and waiting for his brother to approach him.  

"What do you want?"  Sesshoumaru asked calmly as he stepped out of the shadows.  He looked at Inuyasha with half closed eyes.  His scent was slightly altered, it smelled like… 

Kagome stepped out, arm in arm with Sesshoumaru.  Inuyasha grimaced as he detected his brother aroused by no one other than Kagome. 

"Sesshoumaru, you shall die today."  Inuyasha barked as he pulled out his sword.

Sesshoumaru barely made a face, he just raised an eye brow.  "Are you sure it will be me?"  He smirked. 

Kikyou stepped forward.  "You bastard!  You mated my sister against her will!"  Kikyou spat, never taking her eyes off their entwined arms. 

"Who said it was against her will?"  Sesshoumaru asked coldly, beginning to become angered but Kagome stopped him with her warm hand that she placed on top of his hand.  All the anger bubbled down inside of him. 

Kikyou was appalled.  Her own sister, who was taken in prisoner had voluntarily allowed this cold youkai to take her innocence?  "Kagome, is this true?"  She looked pleadingly at her sister. 

"Yes."  Kagome answered.  She looked away, feeling the disappointment from her twin. 

Kikyou was in total shock.  "Then you did lie."  Kikyou whispered accusingly. 

Kagome stepped forward towards her sister, but Sesshoumaru held her back. "Kikyou, I didn't want to!  I had to!"  Kagome cried, burying her face in Sesshoumaru's sleeve. 

"Why? Why, Kagome?"  Kikyou rushed forward but Inuyasha stopped her. 

Kagome looked up and into her sister's eyes.  "For father."  She said softly.

Kikyou frowned in confusion.  "What?  For father?" 

Kagome parted away from Sesshoumaru.  "For father!  He killed Sesshoumaru's father!  I had to do something!  I had to save father and…" 

"Sesshoumaru."  Kikyou finished the sentence for her. "But how did you save them?  By becoming Sesshoumaru's bitch?"  Kikyou said with resentment. 

"No, I sacrificed myself but Sesshoumaru saved me."  Kagome looked at Sesshoumaru longingly.  He looked back at her with passion and love, something Inuyasha never thought to see in him.

"Hold on."  Inuyasha cut in, realizing Sesshoumaru and he share the same father, unfortunately.  "How could your father kill my father?"  Inuyasha looked at Kagome then to Kikyou. "When Naraku was the one who killed my father." 

"Huh?"  Kikyou and Kagome exclaimed at the same time.  They both exchange glances then looked at Inuyasha. 

"Who's Naraku?"  Kagome asked.

"Master…"  Kikyou whispered. 

"What?"  Inuyasha looked at Kikyou, hoping he did not here what he had just heard from Kikyou's mouth. 

"Who is this Naraku?"  Kikyou asked, mentally kicking herself for letting that escape form her mouth. 

"He killed my father."  Inuyasha replied, looking off into the distant sky, not letting anyone see the emotions running through his eyes. 

Sesshoumaru stood in shock, all this time he was told that Hirgurashi killed his father.  He was taken as a fool and almost lost his Kagome because of it.  He narrowed his eyes.  Kagome could feel Sesshoumaru's muscles tensing up under her touch.  He growled a low growl that startled Kagome.

"Feel like a fool, aye Sesshoumaru?"  Inuyasha smirked at his brother who for once was the ignorant one. 

"Shut up."  Sesshoumaru growled.  Suddenly, both Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru felt a demon form hiding in the trees above. 

"Come out and show yourself."  Inuyasha spat, getting into his alert stance.  Sesshoumaru remained still and silent, listening to the faint cackling above. 

A demon jumped from out of a tree and landed gently on the ground.  He smirked at Sesshoumaru then at Inuyasha.  Then he spoke.  "Heh, to bad both of you are going to die today."  He said, lips curling upwards.  It was the same grin that took Kikyou's body away.

"Naraku."  Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha growled at the same time.  They both had the faintest idea what Naraku looked like or smelled like but they had a feeling this was him.  Both of them reached for their sword. 

"I guess everything is revealed, finally."  Naraku said, laughing as if it was something that was funny. 

"Shut up.  Your jokes are lame."  Inuyasha spat as he pulled out his sword and pointed it towards Naraku.  Naraku simply laughed. 

"I'm not the one you're going to fight at the moment.  Maybe later."  He grinned like a graceful idiot.  "You're going to fight her."  Naraku pointed towards Inuyasha.  Inuyasha looked back, eyes horrified at the sight of Kikyou.  Her hair was wiping out dangerously, and her eyes were blood red. 

"Die."  Kikyou screamed as she thrust her arm into Inuyasha.  Inuyasha, caught off guard could not dodge it fast enough and Kikyou slashed through his shoulder.  "arghh.."  Inuyasha grunted as he avoided Kikyou's blows. 

"Kikyou!"  Kagome cried as she grabbed Kikyou from behind.  Kikyou struggled out of Kagome's embrace but Kagome tightened it.  "It's me, Kagome.  Your sister.  Snap out of Kikyou."  Kagome said softly into Kikyou's ears.  Kikyou grew limp in Kagome's arms.  Finally, after a few moment's, she regained her posture. 

"Kagome…"  Kikyou breathe.  Kagome released Kikyou.  She looked bewildered at Naraku then at Inuyasha who was grabbing his shoulder, blood seeping between his fingers.  Then she stared down at her own hands that were covered in blood, Inuyasha's blood.  Clenching her fists, she lunged towards Naraku but before she got within two feet of Naraku, she fell to the ground.  Clutching her chest, she gasped for air. 

"My dear Kikyou."  Naraku chuckled, sneering at Kikyou on the ground in pain.  "You were such a good student.  Up in till you begged for your freedom."  He narrowed his eyes.  "My, my Inuyasha.  You would have loved her in bed."  Naraku jeered, one corner of his mouth curled up. 

Inuyasha growled, as he let go of his wound, showing no fear or pain.

"Don't listen to him."  Kikyou choked out, whimpering in pain. 

"Shut up you bitch."  Naraku spat. 

"No!  You tricked me.  You said you would let me go but you poisoned me!!!"  Kikyou screamed, hurdling her self at Naraku, holding the jewel in her fist.  She thought maybe the jewel could kill him.  Naraku threw Kikyou to the side.  She slid across the ground, coming to an abrupt stop against the wall. 

"Fool."  Naraku laughed.  "You think you could get out of the clan so easily?  You have to live with the clan, sacrifice for the clan, and die for and with the clan." Tentacles shot out from Naraku's body.   

Inuyasha jumped at Naraku.  "You bastard!  You kill my father!  This is for you mother!"  Inuyasha turned his sword into the fang.  Slicing Naraku's tentacles off.  Inuyasha swiftly landed on his feet, the tentacles rushing towards him, never ending, and never stopping. 

"Arrghh!!"  Inuyasha cried as two wrapped around his neck, one around each leg and each arm. 

"Die, dog boy!!"  As a free tentacle shot out, aiming for Inuyasha's heart.  Inuyasha's eyes widen as Sesshoumaru shot out, slicing the tentacle that almost took his life.  Hundreds of more shot out at Sesshoumaru, keeping him busy as another one attacked Inuyasha.  Inuyasha broke free from one that was wrapped around his right arm and he grasped the attacking one.  It edged towards Inuyasha, threatening to slice through him.  An arrow shot from Kagome, cutting through the tentacle, saving Inuyasha. 

Inuyasha looked surprised but remembered he was being attacked by black and purple tentacles.  He glanced at his brother who was slicing another arm.  He never would believe he was going to be fighting side by side with his brother. 

Inuyasha was busy trying to ward off a tentacle from in front of him when he didn't notice the one attack from the back.                    

"Inuyasha!!!"  Kikyou screamed, Inuyasha looked at Kikyou right before the tentacle sliced through Inuyasha's heart. 

"ARRGHH!!"  Inuyasha screamed.  The pain shot through him, making his whole life play right in front of his eyes. 

"NOoo!!"  He heard Kikyou's blood curdling scream, Kagome's small gasp, Sesshoumaru's deep groan, and Naraku's malicious laugh. 

"Inuyasha!!!"  Kikyou cried, making her way towards Inuyasha.  Tears stained her glass skin as she whispered denial in Inuyasha's ears.  Inuyasha's eyes were vacant but he was still alive at the moment.  "Don't die Inuyasha. I love you.  You can't.."  Kikyou croaked.  Her mouth was dry and she tasted blood.  Her black fine hair fell against Inuyasha's silver hair. 

"I'm so sorry…"  Inuyasha choked out.  His face was as pale as his hair and his breathing grew softer and raspier.   

Kikyou embraced his body, "Don't leave me.  Not again.  Please."  She cried into his chest.

"Mother!!!  Please forgive me!!"  Inuyasha cried out.  Jun came running towards the gate.  She had been making her way towards the castle when he saw Inuyasha through the bars.   

"Inuyasha!!!"  She cried, slumping down against the bar's of the gates.  She cried as her baby died on the other side of the gate in the arms of Kikyou.  Everything didn't matter anymore.  All Jun wanted was to hold her son in her arms, like she did when he was first born. 

Kikyou ignored Inuyasha's mother's crying.  She cried, holding Inuyasha in her arms.  He was dead.  Killed by her own master.  "Sesshoumaru!"  Kikyou shouted.  She turned to see Sesshoumaru still trying to get to Naraku's body.  She picked up Inuyasha's sword.  "Catch!!!"  She screamed, thrusting the tensiaga (did I spell that worng?) at Sesshoumaru who caught it with ease.  "This will help you more than that reviving sword you have.  And you better kill Naraku or else I will haunt you!"  Kikyou yelled as she pulled out a dagger from her side.  "Inuyasha!  Wait for me!!!"  She exclaimed, bringing the dagger over her head. 

Kagome gasped.  "Kikyou, no!!!"  Kagome rushed towards her sister, but it was too late, Kikyou thrust the dagger into her stomach.  Kagome screamed as she caught Kikyou in her arms, blood gushing out of her stomach and out of her mouth.  "Kikyou you fool.  Why?"  Kagome cried, embracing her dear sister. 

"Inuyasha."  Kikyou choked out before closing her icy blue eyes.  Her life was a waste.  Her master was fooling all of them.  Inuyasha is dead.  Nothing matter anymore.  A tear slid down one side of her face.  She felt it's hotness searing through her cold skin.  The pain in her was unbearable, physically and mentally.    


Ahem.. ok that was a very emotional thing… I would write more .. should I just continue from here?  Yeah I think I should…


Kagome sat in shock, two people were dead so far.  Two people that she cared deeply for.  Tears streamed out of her eyes, down her cheeks and onto Kikyou but nothing happened.  Kagome held her breathe.  What was she waiting for?  A miracle?  No such thing.  Kikyou is dead, along with Inuyasha.  Sesshoumaru… 

"Sesshoumaru."  Kagome said suddenly, remembering her lover was still fighting Naraku. Carefully she set Kikyou on the ground, next to Inuyasha. She ran towards her bow and arrows that was lying on the steps.  Grabbing it, she shakily aimed towards Naraku's body.  She closed her eyes and let her heart aim, letting all her faith into one arrow.  Opening her eyes again, she let go. 


The arrow stuck Naraku and all the tentacles disappeared.  He fell back from the impact but was not dead yet.  "How dare you."  Naraku hissed. 

Sesshoumaru grabbed Naraku's neck, lifting from the ground.  "You shall not live any longer."  Sesshoumaru growled. 

"Wait!"  A voice came from inside the house. 

Sesshoumaru's eyes never left Naraku's pitiful self. "Mother, go back inside." 

"No, I want a piece of him."  Suanna shouted, as she glided quickly and swiftly at her target.  Suanna thrust her claws into Naraku's heart.  Naraku gaped, in shock.  "This is what you get."  Suanna sneered.  "What you did to me was a hundred times worst than what I'm about to do to you."  She grabbed his heart and twisted it.  "But this is good enough."  She pulled it out and threw it on the ground.  Sesshoumaru smirked, dropping the rotten body on the ground, where it disintegrated into nothingness. 

"For you father, mother, Inuyasha, and Kikyou."  Sesshoumaru whispered softly. 

"Your highness!"  Kagome cried, coming to Suanna's side.  "How did you get out of bed?"  Kagome asked, worried as she looked over the Queen for any marks.

"Easy, I climbed out."  Suanna replied.  She chuckled at the worried Kagome.

"Are you cured now?"  Sesshoumaru asked with anticipation.

"Yes, I am.  I feel great.  All I had to do was face my fear."  Suanna replied cheerfully.  Kagome and Sesshoumaru exchanged glances and smiled at Suanna, embracing her. 

"Ok, ok.. let me go.  I want to rest.  Save the hugging for some other day."  Suanna said, prying out of their arms.  They instantly back away.  "I'm expecting a grandchild soon?"  Suanna smiled at Kagome.  Kagome blushed, finding Sesshoumaru's hand with hers.  Suanna laughed and a maid came to help her back to her quarters. 


"Sesshoumaru?"  Kagome looked at Sesshoumaru as they sat on a grassy hill, watching the sunset. 

"Yes?"  Sesshoumaru looked at her, meeting her blue eyes with is golden eyes.

"I love you and I never want to be apart from you."  Kagome said softly, blinking tears away as she rested her head on his shoulders, remembering Kikyou's and Inuyasha's death scene. 

"I do to." Sesshoumaru replied, brushing his lips on her lips, locking them together as they would always be for eternity.    



Ok… so that's the end… yeah… here is what I think about this story…please read my comments!  It will maybe help you to understand this:   

The reason why Inuyasha died was because, if he lived, he would still try to kill Sesshoumaru because that is what he was raised to do.  He cannot not kill him.  It's impossible, he's stubborn and arrogant.  His mother had drilled it in his brain that the one thing he had to do was kill Sesshoumaru.  He can't change his mind in one day…

Kikyou died because she wanted to be with Inuyasha forever.  She loved him so much… plus she was constantly left alone.. I guess she couldn't stand the thought of being without someone she loved.  That's why she was so possessive over Kagome.  I mean Kikyou was raised under Naraku for Kami's sakes.  Kikyou isn't bad, she just wants her sister to be with her.  

Sesshoumaru wanted to revenge his father and Kagome didn't want to him or her father dead, so she decided that she could pretend to be her father.. to bad it backfired.. but then in the end Naraku was the one who killed his father.  

As for Hirgurashi?  I guess he lives.. didn't really talk about him.. use your imagination.. make up what happened to Jun and Hirgurashi!  Jun probably regret her actions for the rest of her life.. she lost her only son because she wanted to revenge and wanted power.

Suanna… went crazy.. but in the end as she watched from her window, she saw Naraku.. the hatred snapped inside of her and she rushed out and killed him… becoming sane as she did so.  Hehe..

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