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Chapter 2 - in the glow of the fire

Malacaan listened eagerly as Marinus explained the rules of the game. Marinus was big, really big, and his face show many signs of battle. Many scars covert his face, but when you met his eyes. His eyes where warm and you could see that this man, despite the many scars, still loved his life in many ways. "And that is how the rules are. Are you with so far? "Asked Marinus after having explained in a minute. "Yes I think so I can remember. Let's try "Malacaan to train his cards and so began the first game. The first round did not go well, it did Malacaan only barely cope with it without losing the flute. The maid had in the meen time come with his food and the game continued while they all ate. Second went better for him and he ended up winning the whole 3 pieces of silver. The other looked surprised, at how docile their new drinking buddy was. "There is probably someone who has luck today, huh Malacaan?" Came from Marcus, a strong dwarf with a huge well braided black beard. "Yes ... I must agree with you on Marcus! But then I probably also give you something to drink, "said Malacaan smiling and waving one of the maids came to him" I can get 2 jugs good beer "said Malacaan and gave the maid 2 pieces of silver. the girl nodded, smiling, and ran off. Soon thereafter stood two large full jugs on their table "drink Marcus! Fill your empty mug, we can not have you dying of thirst "Marcus broke out in a magnificent laughter ..." You're right. In truth you are right "said the dwarf as he grabbed the nearest jug and filled his mug, the other smiled and followed his example. One mug came the second, and the one jug was replaced with the next one. After almost an hour of talk just went and stories were told, so the others on Malacaan... "Play your flute Malacaan! Play a song from your country of origin "came from Alvior, the cheerful little forest elf. I guess you could describe Alvior best as the cheerful little man who was always happy, never complained about life, a true life enjoying.

They raised all their mugs against the faun and malacaan nodded. With feeling and inner peace in his mind, he put the whistle to his lips. He closed his eyes, and then ... then he let fly toner dancing out and spread slowly and seductively inside out. Over all in the inn reached his tones and all listened. His four friends sat as if petrified. None of them had expected that their friend had such a whistling song. There they sat ... throughout the inn sat petrified and the only sounds not coming from the flute was crackling and pans sizzle. After what the other guests must have felt like more than an hour, took malacaan whistle from his lips. He looked around, the whole inn looked at the dear faun, who blushed all the way up to his horn ... a round of applause spread slowly and the entire inn applauded malacaan. The faun bowed to the ladies spectators. Malacaan was now the inn's center and a wide smile crept out on his face. If this is how the world looks, then I see more of the world thought malacaan and put the whistle to his lips and this time ran merry and lively tones down through the guests ... slowly came to life people. Men grabbed their girls and then went dancing girls were throwing around and songs rose to the sky. Along the way had a few other bards joined malacaan and now he let them take over. And sat by his friends who gave him a worthy of applause. Meanwhile, the songs and the laughter sounded, they continued their game ... as the rounds went on, won malacaan more and more and as the night was at the end, and hatais sacred eye began descends in the sky. Since sat malacaan, as surprised as the others, with 20 pieces of silver. Malacaan looked down at the money, and then Marcus and the others. Money was not anything a faun wanted. Wealth is a concept these creatures do not understand. "Listen friends ... good enough, I won the game, but I will not take your money," and with a smile pushed Malacaan pile back in the middle of the table. The others looked surprised down at the young faun ... a smile spread on Marinus scarred face, and then he began to laugh, a high and happy laughter almost drowned out the rest of the noise in the inn ... "Malacaan Moon Song you are truly an extraordinary man "Marcus took the coins and shouted in a kropige" listen my girl! Give all four of us a good bed to sleep in and then ... give the best bed of them to this man, "said Marinus while he put his arm around Malacaan. The young girl nodded and asked for 15 pieces of silver, after paying, threw Marinus glancing around at the others ... they all nodded except malacaan who just sat and looked very confused. "It does in other words not friends!" Marinus shook his head and said, "well ... that's just what we do Malacaan ... you're a nice man. And here! the rest is yours to keep "marinus took a leather purse, and poured the last money in it. Malacaan yawned. By Hatai he was tired ... the sun was about to rise again now. with little difficulty he came up the stairs and into the room marinus had rented for him, and here ... he fell down on the bed and disappeared into a long and much needed sleep ...