The air smelt of freshly cut grass. And petrol. With the scent of it strong in the air I felt like the townhouse could go up in flames any second. On some level that was why I chose it. Maybe I was getting tired of faking my death. For a while now, I'd felt empty. There was a dull kind of silence among the bustling city noise. As though all the chatter around me was muffled by some unseen blanket.

"They were like children to me" I heard my own voice choke out; and saw again the bodies of my fallen subjugates crashing before me. I gracelessly shoved my hand against the heavy door I'd finally reached, which took some effort to creek open. When I entered the hall and left the door to shut on its own accord. The room was silent but in my mind I heard the sound of chains being broken and saw the glowing blade which freed me.

Now I found myself alone listening to the soft taps of my heeled shoes on hardwood floors. I found it is surreal being there, I suddenly felt as if I didn't know where I was. As if I didn't belong there. And of course I didn't, I was Lady Belcourt, who belonged far from typical rented accommodation, surrounded by her luxuries. And her lovers.

It didn't feel right to be stood there alone. Why should I be alone? I don't deserve to be alone.

"If love were food, I would have starved on the bones you gave me."

The words could still cut deeply into me.

"I love" I had told him, so many years ago.

I love.

I reached the living room and curled up into myself on the soft settee, made comfortable from other's use.

I love.