Chapter 1: Welcome to Inaba

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OC Description:Name-Michael Williams

Age: 16

Appearence: Dark brown hair, light brown eyes, around 6 ft tall, muscular(but not to muscular) body, red T-shirt, blue jeans, white running shoes, minor scars on his chest.

Likes: Running, guitar, video games, just hanging out with his friends, etc.

Dislikes: People who disrespect others(especially women)

Best desctiption I can come up with.

Now sit back and enjoy the show!

As I arrive at my stop, a place called Yasoinaba Station, I look around and think to myself 'Man this town is dull as hell, I'm gonna be bored out of my mind here.' The streets are, empty many stores are closed, and there's hardly anyone out. "Well as long as I'm here i might as well make the most of it." I walk along the empty streets looking at the the slip of paper with my new address in my hand and look around for a place called the Amagi Inn. Seeing as I have no clue where I'm looking I accidentaly bump into someone. A girl who's probably a year younger than me. She has on a blue hat with a pin with a V on it, a white top with a black tie, a red skirt that stops just above her knees, black and white stripped socks, and a pair of black boots. She has black hair and the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen on any girl. I just sit on my ass in awe thinking to myself 'This girl is absolutely beautiful.' I was about to ask if she was alright when someone comes my way. A boy also around my age with silver hair, a white T-shirt, brown pants, and black shoes. "Marie are you okay?!" He says to the girl i just bumped into. 'Marie. That's a nice name. Wait this is probably her boyfriend or something. Damn! I always fall for the girl in a relationship!' Marie stood back up with a grunt and said to the boy "Yeah I'm fine Yu. This guy just came out of nowhere and ran into me." The boy looks in my direction seeing me rub my head in embarresment. He walks over to me and says "You okay pal?" I also respond with a grunt "Yeah I'm alright. Hey Marie was it? Sorry I ran into ya I wasn't looking where I was going." She accepted my apology with a nod. 'Hey maybe they can help me find the place I'm supposed to be staying at.' I look back at the boy and ask him where i can find the Amagi Inn. "Oh you're staying thereI was wondering why I've never seen you before in this small town."

"Yeah I just moved he from America and I'm gonna be staying there. At least until i can get my own place to live." I say

"Well why don't you follow me I can introduce you to my freinds and we can welcome you to town. Plus one of them's the managers daughterof the Amagi Inn so she can take you there when you leave." He says back to me.

I nodded my head and told him to lead the way. First he took Marie back home, which was conveniently just around the corner. 'He seems like a nice guy at least.' I think as I wait for him to return. He came back and took me to what I'm assuming was some kind of superstore. The place was called Junes. When I first tried to pronounce the name I said it like it was the month, June. Yu laughed at me and taught me how to properly say it. We soon ended up in a food court where i saw three others. A boy with brown hair, a white T-shirt, and red pants. A girl with short brown hair a green tank top, and blue shorts. Finally there was a girl with long black hair wearing a black top and a white skirt. Yu and I walked over and the boy with brown hair said to him "Hey there Yu who's this guy?" I walk a step forward and introduce myself "Hey I'm Michael Williams. I just moved here from America. Nice to meet you guys." They all smile and say "Welcome to Inaba Michael." Yu and I take our seats. We all start talking about random gossip we hear. Eventually Yu looks in my direction and asks "Hey Mike have you heard of something called the Midnight Channel?" I look back at him with a confused look on my face."No can't say that I have, what is it?" He looks at the others and they all nod in unison. Yu looks back at me and says "There have been some strange murders happening around Inaba lately and we seem to think that people who appear on the Midnight Channel end up dead." I went from a confused look to a 'what the hell are you talking about' look. They all tell me about how Yu, Youske(the boy with brown hair), Chie( the girl with short brown hair), and Yukiko(the girl with ong black hair) have been investigating this case and said how Yukiko had been kidnapped. I my confused face back and say "Well if what you guys say is true i better start sleeping with one eye open." Yu then says to me "You probably have nothing to worry about but be careful okay?" I nod back and realize that it's almost ten thirty. "Oh shit i still have to get to the Inn! Yukiko how do i get to your family's inn?" She tells me to take the bus and get off at the first stop. I say goodbye to everyone and start walking. As i approach the exit i think i could go run. Once the doors oped I was off in a flash. As I approach the street where I met Yu and Marie I hear someone shout "WAIT!" I was so shocked i tripped and fell on my face.

The man who told me to wait and approached me asking me with, a mic in his hand "Are you a runner young man?" I realize he's a reporter and say into the mic "Yeah I am I thought i could use a good workout." He asks me my name and where I'm from. "My name's Michael Williams and I just moved here from America." I had somehow gotten pulled into an interview so i just answered whatever questions he had for me. Eventually he finally left me alone and I made it to the inn. I finish unpacking and see that it's almost midnight. 'That damn reporter wasted an hour of my time with that damn interview' *sigh* "Oh well." I then remembered Yu and the others saying how the Midnight Channel works. 'Might as well give it a look.' I think as I look at my own reflection in the TV. Soon there was someone on the screen. I only had a few moments to get a good look. when it turned off I thought 'Was that me?' I just dispersed the thought of it as just me being tired. I went to bed and think to myself 'I'll see if it's true or not i guess.'

To be continued...

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