Okay guys, I know it's been forever since I updated this story and I'm very sorry about that! I've been VERY busy with my other two stories and to be honest I kinda lost faith in this story since Vincent the vizard was the only person giving their input and I didn't have many followers and favorites. But then I remembered that I made a vow that I would NEVER abandon a story and I tend to keep that promise until I decide to stop writing stories.

Now onto what makes this important. I am going to be rewriting this story. I decided to do this because just about all my chapters were short and choppy ones that barely broke a thousand words, and it was only because this was my first story so I didn't know how to write, now that I've got two stories that require me to write at least 3,000 words every chapter I can start fresh with this one and make it better.

And besides when I started this story I was already, from the first chapter, fucking up with the dates and all that. I also made Marie WAY to OOC. That's mostly cause I can't get that good of a grasp on how she acts. So that's another thing I'm gonna fix.

So there ya have it, this story will be rewritten and I'll probably start once I post this. Since I'm sick and have the day off from school I have time. Hopefully this time I'll have more people giving their input, no offense vince I just need more than one person reviewing.

Again I hope you can all forgive me for taking so long, but fear not all is well, and I will never abandon a story. Temporary hiatus: yes. Abandon: Don't bet on it.