-Nine Months Later-


Sitting at his desk, Dick Grayson typed away at his computer. It was still early in the morning and the young hero had to start early. A large cup of steaming hot coffee rested nearby along with a chocolate doughnut from the night before. Sunlight cascaded in through a window to brighten up his bedroom and showcasing the pile of clothes on the floor along with the top half of his Nightwing uniform. As his fingers swept over the keyboard, he reflected on all that had happened since the victory over Apokolips.

As of nine months ago, Dick typed, there has been no stopping us from not only living our lives, but doing what we were born to do. While still close friends with the original team, I can't ignore the fact we are now going different directions with our lives.

Watchtower and the League narrowly avoided being under the jurisdiction of the United Nations, thanks in no small part to Icon's deliberating skills and Batman's way of handling things in his own right. In the end, it was agreed the Justice League would be better off working on their own terms given they do not break international laws the UN had established. Then again, what they don't know won't hurt them, which is why the black ops team was covered up by the League members as a 'group of young people looking to help with no affiliation with them.' Lex really was in no place to attempt to oust the truth as there was an underlining warning by Batman only he could pick up on. It made for great TV seeing him stir in his seat with a vein bulging on the side of his head. And then there was the celebration of Superman's return. The way he and Lois stared at each other during the interview, it was a wonder no one found out who he really was and he didn't fly her away for some alone time right then and there.

Taking a bite of his sweet treat and a swig of his coffee, he continued with his journal entry.

Kaldur seems to be doing better. He stayed in Atlantis for a few weeks helping to rebuild and was surprised when La'gaan handed in his resignation. He explained how he felt he was needed more in Atlantis than on the team and is now working with Garth. He will also be working with the new recruits of the team as will I and the others.

Two of the newcomers, to the planet that is, decided to explore their new home planet and as of this morning, from a picture they sent back, both Kara and Koridand'r were taking in the sights Brazil had to offer with Silkie strapped into a baby carrier over Kori's chest.

Jaime went back to El Paso for a bit with Bart to visit Ty and company. Virgil and Black Lightning have made a formidable team with the way they've been going about. Already, they have caught Parasite and prevented him from bringing down over half of the US's power grid. While nothing else has been discovered, they have taken the initiative to look into it further.

Sorry to say, Tim and Cassie had a falling out not too long ago. It was mutual as she's now training with Wonder Woman on Paradise Island more in an attempt to become stronger and a more experienced fighter while also working with the former Fury Barda to become accustomed on how things work around here. I have a feeling she and Tim simply burned through what they had quickly but are still close friends. Mal and Karen took time off as well. The last I heard, they were in Seattle, and she had a large ring on her hand.

Speaking of friends and rings, Wally and Artemis finally tied the knot not even a day after last year's invasion. Their timing was a surprise to us all but; you know speedsters and their ways…


It couldn't be the more perfect of a day. The sun was shining bright in the clear blue sky with strips of clouds floating lazily in the wind. With it being spring, the temperature was in the low sixties and warranted light sweaters for those outside. Bright green grass filled out large patches of land where couples and family enjoyed spending time together as they enjoyed a picnic or played with their pets. Flowers of such beauty and colors lined paths as well as fill in various bushes and were prime pickings for a child wanting to give their mother a present or a man wanting to give his sweetheart a little surprise. Fresh baked goods could be smelled in the air from cart venders and restaurant patios. Clearly, it was a scene of utmost peace that no one would ever dream of interrupting, and no one did. That was just perfect for two united individuals and their daughter as they finally enjoyed their honeymoon in the city of love after a long wait.

"Need to take a break?" Artemis asked as she walked down a stone pathway with Wally who was carrying Isis. "We could stop at the next bench if you want."

Shaking his head, Wally shifted his daughter in his arms. "Nah, I'm good. My knee's getting better every day and I have the second most beautiful girl in the world in my arms." He looked down at the child and smiled as she looked up at him with her large green eyes.

"Yeah, but as fast as you heal, I doubt even a speedster can completely come back from torn ligaments and tissues in a few months." Joining him, Artemis pulled off her small backpack and pulled out a binky from a pouch. She gave it to her daughter who gladly suckled on it and stroked her strawberry blonde hair. She could see the little pieces of her and Wally make up the small infant and prayed the world would be a better place for her to grow up in.

"You do know I wouldn't be like this if you had just stunned me instead of-"

"And I'll do it again if I have to. I may not have had the perfect family growing up, but that doesn't mean we can't try to give her that. And that means working on staying together." She let Isis tug on her finger and smiled. "When I said there's always a world to save, I secretly meant our world. And mine includes you and-" She heard Isis coo. "And now Isis."

Cocking an eyebrow, Wally looked his new wife up and down as he gently bounced his daughter in his arms.

"What?" Artemis asked.

Moving Isis away in a protective manner, Wally once again looked Artemis over carefully. "Did I come back to a cloned Artemis that now says the most cheesy lines I have ever heard? Or are you an alien?"

Walking up to her husband, Artemis crossed her arms and stuck a hip out. Her right eyebrow rose before she spoke. "You want to shut up now, or take another arrow to your good knee?"

"Shut up now?" the ginger said with a smirk on his face.

"Good choice." Holding out her arms, she took her daughter back with a smile as Wally readjusted the brace on his knee.

He may have an accelerated Healing factor, but the damage the arrow did would still need time to fully heal since this wasn't just bone needing to mend, but delicate tissues normally not able to ever regain their full strength. As it was, he would still need another two or three months before he was back to normal and could see if he still had the same speed as before or after he was a victim of whatever the forces of Apokolips did to him.

"You wanna go see the Eiffel Tower with mommy and daddy?" Artemis asked her child in a playful voice. "Yeah, of course you do." She couldn't help but laugh along with Iris as she giggled in her contagious way.

"Greatest sounds I have ever heard." Coming up behind the two, he kissed Isis on her little head then kissed Artemis on the cheek. "Come on, let's go enjoy the world we saved."

With his arm around his new wife, the three headed for the large metal structure Paris was known for.

"So," Wally asked. "did you bring along any-"

Sighing, Artemis turned her back to him. "Second pocket from the top."

Giddily opening the pocket she told him, the recovering speedster let out a victorious 'whoop' as he pulled out a bag of Chicken Whizzies. "Arty, you're the best. Love you." He then shoved a handful of the snack in his mouth.

Shaking her head and rolling her eyes, she flipped Isis hood on her little sweater over her head, then nudged her husband lightly. "Love you too, Baywatch. Disgusting habits and all."

Anyways, back on the home front, Batman left Tim and I in charge of Gotham. Can't say I mind. Babs and I have been spending a lot of time together like when we dated. She continued to become stronger every day and we've rarely spent time apart and has taken on a code name, Oracle, seeing as she oversees operations for the team when out in the field. Not sure where we go from here but…"

Pulling away from the keyboard, Dick smirked at a thought as he looked at a framed photo of him and the former Batgirl from last week where they were dining at one of Gotham's many upscale restaurants before continuing his typing.

That reminds me, upon returning to the Batcave after Batman left, I found someone had gotten in and swiped a great deal of armaments from the weapons vault. The only clue was a thank you note signed with an 'R' and an 'H'. It looks like someone's going to be popping back in and out of our lives from time to time. Now, back to Batman, the other day, he had gotten a letter informing him on something and it wasn't long until he was on the first Batplane to the region of Calcutta. What he found in the note, only he knows, but I do know the envelope was signed with a 'T'.

A grin formed as he stared at the last letter he typed.

'T'…it seems as if we'll be seeing more of that letter in the future. Conner and M'gann may not have been the first ones to leave the team, that being Zatanna and Raquel, but they are the first to leave to form another team along with Garfield and a few others…

Jump City

"This is just incredible!" Running up a dirt pathway, Garfield Logan resembled a kid in a toy store loaded with free stuff as he excitedly took in the surroundings of a small island in the middle of a vast lake. Across the water, he could see Jump City clearly and knew he would enjoy what he and the others were here for.

While it was easy to be seen from virtually anywhere, small trees and bushes provided little in the way of hindrance to one's view. It may not have been a large, private island, but it was more than enough for what the group wanted while also providing areas to relax, much like Mount Justice did.

"You have this much done this quickly?" M'gann asked as she exited the Bioship and joined the half man/half machine, Cyborg.

"Yeah, never thought I would actually be enjoying the Architect degree I earned but this…this is actually turning out quite nice. Hal, Red Tornado, and Superman have been a big help getting everything together and I can't say enough about Atom and everything he's done." Standing in front of several construction machines, Cyborg looked over his plans and what was being built. "Can't believe Batman had connections with Wayne Enterprises for this."

Resisting the urge to grin at his words, since he had failed to make the connection, the Martian woman headed off to find where her blood brother ran off to when Wolf and Sphere dashed past her.

Walking out of the ship next, a young, dark haired teen wearing a black hoodie and a glowing green ring stared wide eyed at the building with his jaw hanging. "Oh man, this is ours?"

"Will be," Conner answered as he came walking down the loading hatch of the Martian ship with Raven and a young, blond girl wearing a red and white hockey jersey behind him. "Once construction's done, we can move in."

"Then why are we here?" Raven asked with her cloak wrapped around her and hood drawn.

"So you can get a feel of the city for the next few days." Turning to the blonde girl, Conner saw her adjust a quiver of arrows on her shoulder. "You okay, Cissie?"

"Yeah," Cissie King-Jones answered. "It's just all these trick arrows Artemis wants me to practice with are kind of heavy. Where are we going to stay in the meantime?"

"Somewhere near the shore so we can get to the new base when it's finished."

"So why does it look like a giant 'T'?" Raven asked.

Overhearing the question, Cyborg turned to answer her. "With how small the island is, I decided the best way to utilize space is to build vertically. Each floor will be designated for different purposes be they training, interrogation, living spaces, food prep, garage, the possibilities go on and on. I even designed a hanger at the top for the Bioship or any other aircraft you might need. The roof also doubles as a rec area in case any one wants to play basketball or something."

"So we're each going to have our own room?" the dark haired by asked. "I can bring my art stuff here?"

"That's right. There will be twelve rooms to choose from including a larger one for the leaders should they stay."

"What about you?" Conner asked.

"The League invited me stay at Watchtower for as long as I want. I'll be there until I decide if I want to get in on this whole superhero gig."

"Raven, Cissie, Kyle, Conner, come over here and look at this!" Waving over to the three teens, Garfield had them join him and M'gann over on the side of the island. "There's even a cove with a beach!"

The group, including Cyborg, joined the others at the hill where the blood siblings stood. The cove wasn't that large but was big enough for them to take a day off with enough privacy to allow them to not worry about their appearance, be they green, animal-like or something else entirely. Waves gently lapped at the crescent shaped beach with rocks forming natural privacy walls on the sides and small bushes growing here and there. It was also perfectly facing where the sun would set every night.

"It's beautiful, Gar," M'gann commented.

"Okay, one word," Cissie said, "volleyball."

"You know, I could probably have a tunnel built from the base of the tower to the where the beach begins using one of the boulders as a hidden door." Making a note of it, Cyborg began making calculations to determine the best way to go about his idea as he walked back over to where the machines sat. "I could have recessed lighting along the ceiling and maybe a stand-a-long type of mover on the floor like airports have, and…"

"Why don't you all go down and explore for a bit," M'gann suggested. "See what we can do once we officially move here."

"Come on," Garfield said in a not so quiet whisper, "that's code for they just want to be alone for a few minutes."

Before Conner or M'gann could say anything, the green teen and the other three youths quickly made their way to the beach as the shape shifter laughed.

Looking over the area before them, Conner and M'gann watched the four teens head down to the sandy shore, bringing back memories of the day they were first on the beach with Dick and Kaldur.

"You think we'll be able to lead a team on our own?" M'gann asked.

"We can try," Conner answered. "With two teams and the League working, it shouldn't be as difficult as we had it."

"And the new members coming in mean lighter loads for everyone. We had to carry our fair share when we started out but were nowhere near as trained as we are now. We get to pass that along to them like Kaldur is going to do with his group. I always saw you as a leader."

"Never wanted to be one honestly. I never thought I would be able to carry the burden."

"Then share it." Taking his hand in hers, she leaned on his arm. "Like you said, we're stronger together. What one carries,"looking down, M'gann placed a hand on her stomach, "the other will always be there for support."

Flashing his near invisible smirk, Conner moved his arm around his wife's shoulders and held her close as they watched the new team they would be commanding enjoy the free time they had until the real training and work began. "Hello, M'gann, they may catch on."

She simply giggled.

"Okay, over here can be a volleyball net," Cissie commented while pointing things out on the beach. "We could have a grill over here-"

"And a maybe a dock for jet skis," Kyle told her.

"You think we can get jet skis?"

Pointing his ring out into the water, Earth's newest Green Lantern had a few emerald colored Jet skis appear over the water. "You were saying?"

"Oh I so need me one of those rings."

"Hope this new team has a better name than 'The Team'," Raven said as she stood on a large, flat rock while Garfield ran along the shore as a hound dog. "Kinda lazy whoever named it."

Trotting up near her, the green teen morphed back into his more human self. "Yeah, I already have a name for us."

"What is it?" Cissie asked as she and Kyle joined them.

With his eyes going to each of his new teammates, Garfield grinned as he held up his hands like he was framing the title. "Titans."

And while things are changing for us, the same can be said for our enemies who are both causing trouble and going quiet at the same time with some quieter than others. We just stay on our guard for the time being, ready for anything that should happen and know whenever they pop up, we will be there to put a stop to their plans.

Unknown Location

Within the confines of a near empty room, Lex Luthor sat at a desk less than half of the luxurious one he had at the Metropolis based Lex Corp building. Although there were plenty of lights in the makeshift office, he felt it was rather dark without the large window he was used to looking out of with the large city outside. A fifty inch flat screen HD TV was mounted across from him, unbelievably an entire ten feet away instead of the twenty or so feet he was used to having between him and the far side wall. Even though there were small windows in the off-white colored office, he never bothered to look through them as they were not up to his standards. However, it would not be long until his Metropolis tower was rebuilt. Money can do very wonderful things when there is plenty of it, and Lex certainly had plenty of it.

"So tell me, how far along are we?" Lex asked as he spoke on his cell phone. "I see. Even with the backup resources, that new Kryptonian still managed to put Cadmus back several years."

Thumping his fingers on the desk, he saw his assistant, Mercy, enter the small office carrying a blue folder with 'PRIVATE' stamped across the front in red letters. "Yes, I would imagine so…No, there is no need to go to those extremes. I do not need any more clones for the time being; however, I am interested in the DNA strands my assistant has procured that I have supplied to you…Why yes, she has just handed me your findings."

Opening the folder, Lex scanned the papers while the person on the other end of the conversation informed him on what he was looking over. A satisfied grin formed on his face as his eyes skimmed the data.

"I do believe this new creation will work. While not the living weapon we may have wanted, it just may live up to my potential and surpass Project KR."

"Mister Luther," Mercy whispered into his free ear, "Quarc is ready for the video conference when you are."

"Thank you, Mercy," Lex told her with a hand on his phone's mouthpiece then continued the conversation. "No, doctor, this time we shall do things differently. With all the pods damaged or destroyed by the, for lack of a better term, super girl, we will go to plan B on the DNA samples. No pod, no forced growth, no implanting information. This time we will do things differently. A clone would be too, how should I put this… uncontrollable may be the word I'm looking for. Instead, we will start from scratch. Have the scientists begin work on a long term project with around oh say, sixteen months to begin. Instead of creating a Genomorph blank as a starting point, we will have it develop naturally within an artificial womb…No, no I will not be supplying my DNA this time around. I want to see Nurture take effect instead of Nature this time around."

Looking over at Mercy, Lex eyed her up and down carefully. "And doctor, since I already have a son, make this new one…female and call it…Project Nightstar."

Hanging up immediately afterwards, Lex moved his laptop in front of him and booted it up. He then opened another file on his desktop and entered a long password to open it up. "Do you know what happens when a person falls into a sense of safety and comfort, Mercy?"

"They become easily distracted with other things around them," the android woman answered.

"Precisely." He then pulled up a video feed from one of his orbiting satellites and played footage of Superboy fighting the doomsday weapon. "I always knew my boy would do me proud. He was willing to destroy himself so soon after discovering his new capabilities. I told him, he would either destroy himself of his morals when faced with an unstoppable force. He was forced to kill the creature with Superman and that; well I may as well say it, Supergirl, without a second thought. But it seems even he is unaware of what his second trip into a pod really caused him. And they never knew about the signal it sent me and the hidden programming I sent it."

Another video image was pulled up with Superboy and the Martian woman embracing on the hill after the battle. "While cross species impregnation cannot occur naturally, science can of course step around the hurdle."

Clicking on another icon, the red shield with a red 'X' came on screen a moment before details of what he had fully planned for Project KR. "Over time, his DNA will be able to mutate and work with any females he chooses to be with, which in this case, looks to be this Martian woman." He smiled as imagined the potential offspring waiting to be created. "The strength of a Kryptonian and the powers of a Martian. Now that is a grandchild I would be proud to call my own. A super Martian."

Bringing up his video chat box, he saw Queen Bee's face appear in the window. It appeared she was underground within a large, circular stone tomb with statues of various Gods. Unfortunately, the creations were so incredibly weathered; there was no way of telling what they were precisely. A beautiful, eerie green light illuminated the room with its source being a shallow pool in the ground. It was the second Lazarus Pit he and the others were searching for and discovered right under the dictator's nose I the country next to hers.

"I trust you're calling to inform me on the selected individual?" Lex asked.

"Precisely, Luthor," Queen Bee answered. "Out of his chosen Shadows, a Mister Corbin has become the only one worthy enough for our needs. Also, while Ra's examined the new pool, it seems he has made another discovery we thought you would like to know."

"And what is that?"

"The Lazarus Pit contained Kryptonite, minute traces, but enough for a weapon."

"Has it now?" Leaning back in his chair, Lex templed his fingers and tapped the two indexes against each other. "Interesting. I will have my men fly out to your palace tomorrow morning and begin working on the Metallo project. We may just have a new major player in our midst."

Leaning back in his chair, Dick rubbed his eyes then took a long drink of his cooling coffee. "Oh man, nearly noon. If I don't get a move on, Barb's gonna run me down…again. Never knew a wheelchair can be used in a hit and run."

Again, with everything that has happened and what may lie ahead, I know for a fact we can and will get through this. We were the first generation, the first sidekicks to stand up and break away from those that have taught us so much to become heroes in our own right. The era of the team will be passed on to another generation starting with the new faces coming in, although, I can't help but notice Bart having somewhat of a smile with every new comer and a curious glance whenever Conner or M'gann are around. There may be more to what he knows from his time traveling exploits he's not telling us, but as long as it's nothing that will hinder us, I don't see anything wrong with his secrets and who knows, his time, our future may have changed. Who wants to know what happens tomorrow anyways? It takes the surprise out of life. Still, I can't help but wonder what lies ahead of us…

Happy Harbor

38 years later

Sitting on a boulder, a clean shaven older man had his head down with his hands over his eyes. His long fingers could feel the blood pulsing under the bald skin of his head as he breathed slowly. The smell of ash filed his nostrils with the sight of a lifeless Earth occupying his thoughts.

"What did we do wrong?" he muttered. "Bart had to have found out what needed to be done. Why is it all…dead?"

Breathing in a shaky breath, the man fought to hold back tears but failed as he felt the weight of the dead world on his shoulders when he felt a small tap on his knee.


Surprised, he opened his eyes only to see his palms.

"Mister? Why are you crying?"

Moving his hands from his face, the bald man saw who was talking to him and found a young girl no more than seven years old standing beside him with a red balloon.

"What? What's going-"

"Why aren't you with the others?" the girl asked.

Looking around, his eyes widened as he saw nothing but green grass around him. In the distance lay Happy Harbor, a city full of life instead of death. The ocean nearby was clean and crystal clear, not gray and poisonous. What smelled like ash wasn't burning bodies, but bar-b-ques cooking all kinds of meats for a large group of hungry individuals. Husbands walked with wives, fathers played with their children, mothers chatted about the latest gossip with infants in their arms, kids of all ages were running around with ice cream, kites, balloons, and water pistols.

"Wha…where…what is this?" the man asked.

"Cindy!" a distant female voice called. "Cindy, your food's getting cold!"

"That's my mother," the little girl said as she pointed to a petite brunette woman. "I have to go." Taking one last look at the bald man, she held out her arm and gave him her balloon. "Here. You shouldn't be sad. Today's a happy day."

"Why is that?" the man asked.

"Because the super people saved us from a giant squid man."

"Giant…s, squid man?"

"Cindy," the woman said as she came up to her daughter. "It's time to eat, sweetie."

"Mommy, he doesn't know about the squid man!" the little girl hollered astonished.

"I'm sorry." Picking Cindy up, the woman looked at the bald headed man. "She likes to explore and is just so excited to see the Justice League for the first time."

"Um, that's…that's alright."

Looking the man over, the woman saw he was not dressed like everyone else would be on a warm day. He had on white pants and a shirt reminiscent of hospital scrubs. "Listen, not that I mean to intrude, but do you need any help? If you need something to eat, there's plenty at the cookout, Mister…"

"Uh, Tyron. Na, Nathaniel Tyron."

"Well, Nathaniel, you're just in time to witness the opening celebration of the Justice League and Titans since stopping that demon Ichthultu."

As the three neared the grounds where Mount Justice once stood, he saw a large stage with hundreds of people standing around it. It wasn't long until a loud fanfare of music began to play as a group of costumed heroes took the stage with a video display of various members of the Justice League past and present playing behind them.

"Look, look, there they are!" someone in the crowd shouted.

"It's them, it's really them!" shouted another.

"Mommy, can we get closer?" Cindy asked.

"Sure we can, honey." Cindy's mother then turned to Nathaniel. "I hope you stick around for this. It's a perfect day to be alive."

As the woman and her daughter left, the younger waiving to him, Nathanial swallowed a lump in his throat as he waived back. While the heroes were filing in on the stage, he saw the video images change to show a very familiar speedster he had the pleasure of knowing and sent into the past to change the future. Looking up into the clear, blue sky with the red balloon floating freely, he smiled for the first time in years. Clearly it was a perfect day to be alive.



And so ends my version of Young Justice: Season Three. Sad to see it come to an end but I never abandon a story and see it through until it's finished After almost a year, 10 months and six days to be exact, of writing, I have finally finished where the series left off. I have not needed to trim my finger nails due to all the typing, LOL. And I kept to the schedule I laid out and did not once miss a posting day! I've tried to answer as many questions the series left us with, especially the biggest plot hole of them all, the future Bart came from and have left enough to provide a jump off point for a sequel regardless of what you pick. This story would not have gotten this far had it not have been for every reader, reviewer, favoriter, and follower, so a big, big THANK YOU to all of you guys and gals as this story went way over what I had originally planned, that being around twenty to thirty chapters instead of ninety. Plus, I can read some other stories on here now that I'm done with this fic.

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Rose – Maybe he should get some lovin. I know many liked him and Raquel, and they never did say who she was marrying and we really didn't know what he was doing in his downtime when undercover so, could Raquel have known about him and the two stayed together while keeping it a secret?

Star – He ended up with Barbra to patch things up with her. I know you wanted him with Starfire but I always had a soft spot for him and Batgirl and kinda alluded to my choice when he took her to the empty circus.

Creamtherabbit77 – Hope you enjoyed the epilogue and liked the soundtrack.

Noctis 11 – The pod was programmed to age him yes, but once he was fully healed from the time spent in it, Jor-El stopped the procedure so he couldn't age anymore, hence the longer hair but still looking young. Lex wanted him to be able to take Superman down, so it was programmed to have him unlock his TTK ability around age 21-22, since he could pass for a college student in the series, and one other thing alluded to at the end. Luthor had planned his DNA to have the ability to mutate and fully integrate with any female species and produce an offspring. He knew this ability was unlocked as there was a signal sent back to him he mentioned at the end.

Ben A – Yeah, New Genesis is like the cops in action movies, once the hero does all the work, they conveniently show up. And thank you. I really enjoyed writing this and seeing how well it was received. Just wish CN would see how great this show was and how much we all loved it.

Guest – Hope you liked it.

Hope – Anything can happen depending on the choice for a 4th season. I only have a few characters picked out so you never know.

OMAC001 – And don't forget, you get to vote for what the next potential season is too.