Dragon Heart (Natsu/Lisanna)

The dragon slayers circled each other, waiting for the other to make the first move. After a few more circles, Natsu lunged at the other, his fist reared back and ready to be brought forward with strength rumored to be inhuman. The other dragon slayer grabbed Salamander's fist and pushing it to the side, uppercut Natsu, sending him up in the air.

Midair, Natsu rightened himself and unleashed his roar, which was met with equal force by the other dragon slayer's breath. The orangey-red flames contrasted against the light and dark green flames of the leaf's dragon slayer's attack. Natsu landed on the ground nimbly and launched himself once more at the green haired youth. They fought, hand to hand, no magic, each trying to find the other's weakness.

They broke suddenly, and jumping back, resumed the stare down. It was at this point that Happy and Lisanna broke through the tree line and emerged onto the plains of the ruins where the dragon slayers fought. Natsu spun around when he heard their voices, about to warn them of the danger.

Noticing his opponent's momentary distraction, the Leaf dragon slayer unleashed his roar, full blast. The greenish energy with its razor sharp, almost dagger like leaves barreled its way onto Natsu, just as Lisanna got out the words, "Behind you!"

Natsu took the roar full on, knowing he couldn't dodge, or risk having Lisanna and Happy be hit. He grunted with pain, but remained standing.

"Natsu!" Happy and Lisanna yelled in unison as the roar came to its end. Natsu stood, blood dripping from various cuts, and his back punctured by numerous leaves. The enemy, once more taking advantage of the moment Natsu needed to recover, rushed over to Lisanna, and knocked Happy clean out the air and to the ground with a powerful kick. Lisanna, to stunned by the boy's speed didn't have enough time to react, and was soon pinned to the ground, stomach down, with the boy's boot digging into her back.

Finally recovered enough, Natsu looked over to see Happy on the ground, semi-unconscious and Lisanna held down, with the dragon slayer grinning evilly. "Don't worry about me, just beat this guy," Lisanna yelled, wishing Natsu wouldn't see her as a burden.

"Hush you," the green haired teen snapped, digging the heel of his boot deeper into Lisanna's back, causing her to wince.

"Let her go," Natsu barked as he lunged at the boy, his fist ready.

"Not so fast, " the boy replied, pulling Lisanna up, none to gently, ready to use her as a shield, "you don't want to hurt your girlfriend now do you?"

Natsu's fist stopped, inches short of Lisanna's face, the flames dying quickly as he let his arm drop back to his side, but he kept his fist clenched.

"Who are you? What do you want?" Lisanna asked, frustrated at the turn of events.

"That's mot for you to know, but he knows," the teen said, motioning to Natsu.

Lisanna looked at Natsu for answers, but his face was scrunched from confusion. The capture and the captured looked on with worry, but for two very different reasons. One because he was afraid his fun was over, the other because she was worried about her friend. "Natsu?" she asked hesitantly. "Natsu, are you okay?"

Nothing happened at first, but then with speed no one, not even himself, knew he was capable of; Natsu slammed his head into the other man's head, with such force it sent him flying backwards. Lisanna stood there in surprise as Natsu yanked her toward him, and cupping her face in his hands, kissed her roughly.

Lisanna was taken aback, but deep down she was happy because since she came back from Edolas, it seemed like he had started ignoring her, and it hurt.

A warm feeling washed over her, melting away any stress and pain she had felt over the last couple of days. The warmth spread, and became hotter and hotter, yet it didn't burn. She looked down and noticed she was on fire, beautiful fire that was many different colors. As she continued to stare, she noticed, she wasn't on fire, but was the fire and she was being lifted higher and higher into the air. She wanted to panic as her lips broke from Natsu's but something told her everything was going to be okay as she floated so high that she couldn't make out the shapes of those below her.

Natsu stood over the unconscious dragon slayer's body as he stared at his hand that was covered in flames. But not his normal flames, multicolored flames that gave him more power than when he ate Etherion.

He looked over to where Happy was lying by the tree, and started toward him. Half way there he noticed a ball of flames, colored like his own start floating down toward him. It stopped about a foot above him, and he gingerly reached out his hand to it. The second his finger tip touched the ball of flame, it started to change its shape. It elongated and separated the fused back together, until it was in the shape of a girl. Again Natsu reached out for it, this time with both arms, but before he could touch it, it dropped straight down into his arms. He stared at the figure before it started to shine too bright for his eyes to handle and he shut them tight. When he opened them again, the fire had started to solidify. In seconds, he was staring down at the sleeping figure of Lisanna.

He smiled down at her sleeping form and for the first time in a long while, he noticed how beautiful she was. He finished the walk over to where happy was, and sat down; his back leaning against the tree trunk. He settled Lisanna in his lap and gently picked Happy up and placed him in Lisanna's lap, before settling into a peaceful sleep himself.