Lucy: Today I welcome you all to...THE LAST INTERVIEW!

All the fans: NOOOOOOOO!

Lucy: Don't worry! I'll soon be making the sequel to Red Danger and I will make the sequel on the *checks the calander* 31rst of August becuase I'm currently writing my Teen Titans book. So you'll soon all be reading about the amazing gaurdians!

(Audience cheers)

Lucy: and the less amazing villains!

(crickets chirp in the total silence)

Pitch: Yay.

Lucy: Damn right yay! And a even bigger yay is that IM writing it too!

(complete silence form the audience)

Lucy: you know what you lazy assed-haters?! *BEEP* you! Now on with the questions! First up is Kasha Eliz and she says: ahh, so I have been seeing a lot of name changes... I thought the story wasigure jumping authors for a minute... but they all had the same flare.. made no sense. Erhhm, has anyone ever had a favorite toy of theirs? I have my panda teddy bear. named panda 'cause I was seven.

Thank you for the great read!

Lucy: Your welcome and um, I doubt that anyone has a toy...

Raven: Do I LOOK like I keep a fluffy toy in my bed?

Val: But I swear that one time I was round your cave I saw a fluffy toy bat an-

Raven: NEVER SPEAK OF THAT AGAIN (thunder rumbles)

Lucy: Urrrr, moving on O-O

North: I'd feel safer if we did

Lucy: anyway, this is from my faithful fan, Snowtiger: :LMFAO! HOLY CRAP! THAT WAS SO FUNNY! Gah! I had to hold in my laughs so I wouldn't wake my mom up! Its like 7:00 in the morning! Ohhhh... jeez... I was smacking my feet on my bed like a madman... XD Ohhh... Jesus! I friggin love u Lucy! Ha! THAT PROVES IT! THAT PROVES IT! JACK YOU FILTHY LIAR! HAHAHA! YOU AND VAL DO MAKE OUT! XD *Starts laughing crazily, while jumping on the walls*

Bunnymund: Well that's not weird at all

Snowtiger: Okay now that I have calmed down... Here come the questions! Jack: What was the most embarrassing thing you ever done as a human? Bunny: How did you feel when the kids couldn't see you? (in the movie) Lucy: What were you thinking as soon as you started writing this? Raven: How would you feel if you went on a Beat-Pitch-Up-Just-for-the-heck-of-it day with me sometime? We shall get our revenge for the things he did to ur precious Sandy and all the nightmare he ever gave me. Lol... this is why I shouldn't eat candy so early in the morning... Sandy: How did it feel when you beat Pitch up for turning ur dreams into nightmares? See? No more candy for me... *sucks on lollipop* Pitch: You're creepy you know that? Hahaha! JK! REAL QUESTION: The most horrible nightmare u ever gave? Shakia: What did you first think of Bunny when you first met him? ;D Val: Truth or Dare? IF you choose truth: What do you like least about Jack? If you chose dare: Hold Pitch's hand for 5 minutes... And yes Jack you can keep and eye...

Jack: I was spying in the village girls about to bathe in the river, when I fell out of the tree we were in a landed in the river myself and...ur, lets just say that pretty much ruined my reputation...

Tooth: why aren't I surprised?

Bunny: My answer is; I felt like a peice of *BEEP*

Lucy: When I starting writing this I kept thinking "a new badass is born' when I wrote Val XD

Raven: If you made that day real, you'll be one of my best friend *smirks at Pitch*

Sandy: *signals that he felt great kicking Pitch's arse*

Pitch: aren't I popular...And the best nightmare I've ever given but to you the worse, is when I gave a little girl the nightmare that her mother died in a car crash

Lucy: Wait...THAT LITTLE GIRL WAS ME YOU DIRTY MOTHER*BEEP*! *grabs bat and hits Pitch with it until he is knocked out* I was so scared after that, that I gained the ability to make myself wake up in a nightmare if I wanted to! All because of HIM!...I'm calm now, Shakia question now!

Shakia: Well, if any of you bothered to read my story, Soulmate, we met by accidently running into each other, so I thought at first that Bunnymund was a clumsy git

Bunnymund: gee, thanks

Shakia: But I've changed my opinion of him *kisses Bunnymund on the cheek*

Val: Since I'm badass, I choose Truth AND dare! *Reads the letter sheet to find out Hwat she has to do* have to be kidding me...

Jack: She is NOT touching that guy!

Lucy: I don't care, JUST DO IT! Truth first, dare later!

Val: Fine...what I dislike the most about Jack is that he sometimes makes ice on the road so I slip and he has a chance to grab me

Jack: Dont deny that you like it

Val: *rolls her eyes* and for the dare...fine...*reluctantly starts to hold hands to Pitch who seems quite happy*

Jack: 😡

Lucy: I'm enjoying this! Hahah! Anyways, that is the last of Snowtiger questions. So these are from Amulutspade2001: Riiiiight... I AM SO SORRY FOR MY QUESTIONS LAST CHAPTER! IT MADE NO SENSE! *pouts* anyways... Question for Jack: Before you met Val. Was your life colorless? Like dull and lonely? But when she came to your life did it suddenly changed into colorful and happy? *cough* Answer honestly *cough*

Question for Val: Uhm, hm, Lemme' think... LIGHTBULB! Anyways... If you were

partnered up with Pitch... What will you do? Punch him on the gut or Shred him

into pieces and feed it at a group of sharks? If you choose both, I'LL HELP

YOU. *grins mischievously*

Question for Lucy: If you won a Zillion dollars Will you share it with

everyone or keep it to yourself?

Question for Pitch: Did you just visited my room? Because there are Nightmare

sand EVERYWHERE if you did not, Don't you even think about visiting me tonight

and also shut your perverted mouth or I'll cut your tongue... *glares*


Jack: Yeah, it was new becuase I guess that I didn't have anyone REALLY close to me, like Val

Val: for my question, as soon as I get out of this *points to her hand that is holding Pitch* I'm making a torture device for him that is much worse *grins evilly* you are more the welcome to help Amulut

Lucy: And I'll DEFINATLY keep it to myself! I'm not sharing it with anyone! See ya suckers! *runs off with the money*

Pitch: She's a great interviewer isn't she? And for my question, it might of been one of my nightmares becuase I'm bust with other...things *winks at Val and Raven, so Raven eagle-punches him while Val kicks him it the balls to let go of her hand*

Val: In your dreams!

Lucy: I'm back! *dressed up in a pretty and expensive dress from Jack Wills with real diamonds earrings, bracelets and necklaces* HATERS GONNA HATE!

Tooth: ur, Lucy, why are you-

Lucy: Oh, you'll all find out soon, becuase trust me, I don't wear dresses for no reason, they're too *BEEP* tight! Can't...breathe...! *gasp* next question was from but she didn't seem that happy with Sandy so we better leave her questions and this is the last one. Snowtiger: (chapter 8) One more thing... Where did Stella come from?

Lucy: Oh, just a figment of my imagination. But since all the questions are done with, now is the fun part! *snaps fingers and the stage is suddenly transformed into a big fancy ballroom with crystal chandeliers and -yak yak yak all the usual stuff*

(Raven is suddenly wearing a one-strapped, black floor-length dress with orange and purple flowers on it, with slits up the side and purple edging and purple heels.

Val is wearing a backless, dark red dress with slight ruffles and black heels with a black flower in her hair.

Tooth is wearing a pale green strapless dress that is to her ankles, and the dress has a slight blue and yellow glint to it, and has a blue ribbon around her waist and blue heels.

Shakia is wearing a knee-length dark purple dress with a light purple ribbon around it and light purple heels with a light purple tulip behind her ear.

The boys are wearing suits with a tie of their favorite colour)

Everyone: WHAAAT?

Lucy: Yup! I've made a ball! And the couples are:

Val and Jack (cough) Obiviously (cough)

North and Tooth (as friends!)

Bunnymund and Shakia (heeheeehee!)

Sandy and Raven (oh la la!)

And Pitch is forever alone (aww...I'm just kidding, HAHAAHAHAHAH!)

Lucy: Let the dancing...START!

(The song 'Scream and Shout' came on loudly)

Lucy: What? The ballroom dancing is later, so GET DANCING! *starts doing the robot*

Raven: *shrugs and looks at Tooth, Shakia* let's do it guys!

Bunnymund: Do what?

*Tooth, Shakia, Raven start dancing*

Here is a clip of their dancing:

classes/jesssayde (just copy and paste it into the google search bar and click on the first video)

Sandy and Bunnymund: 😳 😳

North: Well done!

Lucy: *smirks at Jack* and now Val's turn!

Val: *is wearing a red bikini with red sparkles on it and black high heels* Hey jack!

Jack: *turning red*

Val: *starts to do a seductive belly-dance to 'hips dont lie'*

Pitch: Woo! You go girl!

Raven: What?! You're meant to be knocked out! *punches Pitch and makes him pass out*

(The link to Val's bellydance: JED1821. Again, just copy and paste into google and click on the first belly dancing video that comes up)

Jack: *starts to drool at Val*

Val: *finished dancing* So, Jack, do you like it?

Jack: well, urm, er, kinda it's just, that, eh, *tries to hide behind North*

Bunnymund: HAS A BONER!

Jack: I DONT!


Lucy: I think that Val should wear her dress again...

Val: *bikini turns into dress again* thanks, it's a bit awakard after awhile...

Lucy: Well, after that bit of entertainment it's the boy's turn! Bunnymund Vs. Sandy, let's dance!

(song 'can't touch this' comes on)

Bunnymund: Watch this! *starts doing the dougie*

Sandy: *tap dances*

Lucy: And the winner is...BUNNYMUND! Sorry Sandy!

Sandy: *signals it is fine*

Lucy: Up next is...Jack VS North!

Jack: Bring it on old man!

North: Just watch and try not to get jealous!

(song''i'm sexy and I know it' comes on)

North: Ahah! *starts doing the Gangnum style*

Jack: Please *starts dancing Harlem Shake*

Shakia: Woah, this is getting intense!

Jack: *trips and face-plants*

Shakia: aaand he ruined it 😒

Tooth: Ouch! That's gotta hurt!

Lucy: I think it's safe to say North won

North: I am amazing!

Jack: I LET you win!

Lucy: You guys can have a rematch later! Now for the ballroom dancing, where I will end this episode to let you couples-

Tooth and North: *cough, cough*

Lucy:-oh, and friends to have fun!

Everyone: Bye! *starts ballroom dancing*

Lucy: *smiles at the camera* Sorry if any of you still want to carry in, but as I said, on the 31rst of August, the sequel will be made! And more ValXJack and RavenXSandy! I want to thank you all for sending in questions and supporting me! Thank you and goodbye!