I awoke to an empty bed. My damaged eyes searched the lights and shadows, my mind spinning with the memory of the night before, and my heart stung as I found the bed empty. But I knew it was real, I could still smell the rain and mint on the sheets, the burnt scone scent mingling in perfectly. The bed was still just the slightest bit warm, and his pillow still had a vague indent.

My mind began to burn with fear. I had known it all along, I knew that no-one could love a blind man. It was a joke; I curled up under the thick blankets that carried his scent, trembling silently. Arthur had probably left before I could annoy him any more. I hugged my knees, trying my best not to cry from the thoughts I couldn't help.

"Alfred, breakfast is ready!"

I jolted forward, fighting to get free of the sheets. My heart thrilled that Arthur hadn't left; I had never felt so elated. I tangled with the sheets and suddenly slid off the bed. I landed with a yelp and a thud, but still I struggled.

"Alfred?!" I heard footsteps on the stairs, and my cheeks flushed. I was gonna look so stupid, tangled in some bedsheets. The footsteps stopped in the doorway, and I froze as Arthur chuckled.

"I-it's not funny, help me, dude!" A few soft footsteps and I felt gentle hands guide the sheets off of me. I finally poked my head free, looking up to Arthur's shadows with warm cheeks and wet eyes. I threw my arms around England, trembling still from my early-morning fright. I looked up and started to yell at the Brit's shadow through my tears. "Don't you ever leave the bed before I wake up, I thought you had l-left, and I d-don't wanna be alone; p-please don't do that again, dude!" I sniffled, burying my head into his chest.

Arthur's body tensed, then he wrapped his arms around me. "I'm sorry, Alfred, I hadn't meant to frighten you. I promise that I won't ever leave. You mean too much to me for me to leave you like that."

I nodded, taking deep breaths. "I love you, Iggy, don't leave me in the dark again…"

"I love you, too; I will never leave you. I give you my word as a gentleman."

[A/N]: I know, I haven't updated in forever. Things have been very... confusing. I had a virus on my computer, as well. So I hope you don't mind the short update; I'm hoping that my next update will be longer. Love and bites, KM.