In the progress of re-writing and continuing this, thanks to all of the fans for this, it's really made me happy haha

-Whole story based on Kyles POV, just though I'd get that confusion out the way-

Ever since High School started everyone's changed. Stan is still the same best friend, but slightly emo/gothic or whatever you wanna call it. Not too much. He's just got that flick. I shouldn't be stereotyping but that's the only way I can describe it. Kenny varies from our group to Craig's group. I don't even know what happened to Butters, Clyde is the same ass hole. Tweek has calmed his twitch down over the years. Cartman has dropped a bit of weight.

Okay, a lot of weight. He's more hench now, but he's still the biggest of the group, but that would be due to the muscle he's gained. But he's still the fat one of out group. There's always gotta be a fat guy and we label it on him.
And me? Well let's just say I haven't changed much. I'm still the useless ginger I always was.

To be honest I don't even know why I'm here. I have nothing to live for. I'm weak. Useless. I might as well just disappear.

Wow, I'm beginning to sound like my mother.
Wow Kyle, stop being so depressing.

Well that's what they don't know. Yeah they know my mother's a bitch and to be fair to them they are right. But if I could describe my mother, I would use different words. Totally different words.
It's like people say. You don't know what goes on behind closed doors.

Except me.
Of course I know. I'm the only one that knows. Not even my brother knows. Or my father.
I don't want to know what my future will be like. Because I don't believe I have a future. I feel like I'm in one big dream and I'm going to wake up any second now.

*Beep, beep, beep*
Oh right.. That's my alarm.

I do my daily routine. Wake up and 7:30am, and out the house by 8, with just a goodbye to my brother.

It usually takes 10 minutes to get to the bus stop, and as per usual, I'm the first one here. It normally takes a couple of minutes before Stan arrives. Then Kenny. Then Cartman. It's always been like this. I kinda like it though. It reminds me of the old days. They were the best of times. When we were kids and the only thing we had to worry about was who we were going to sit with on the bus. But even then we sat next to the same person every day. Just like now.

Present day~~~

So I'm waiting at the bus stop, not too long for Stan to arrive.

'Hey dude.'
His usual greeting.
Usual greeting back from me.

'So freakin tired man.'
He yawned, cupping his mouth with his hand.
'I'm not too bad. Good weekend?'

'I suppose so. You?'

I lied.


This was our everyday conversation, it wasn't even a choice of caring, we'd just make small talk until the next person arrives. Kenny obviously

'Hey dudes'
He'd always arrive with a cigarette in his mouth. He wasn't a chain smoker or anything, he just had one when he could get his hands on one. Kenny from childhood does not have the most wealth in this town, but hey. It's Kenny. Everyone loves Kenny, no matter how much of a pervert he is.

'Sup, Ken.'
'Hey Kenny'

Making small talk isn't so bad, I like talking to my friends. It gets my mind off things.

'Alright Gays'
A different comical insult every day. Cartman is a lot mature now than he used to be, but he makes the odd comment now and then. It suits him. But that doesn't make him any less of an asshole. I still despise him.

'Hey asshole.'
'Sup fatass'

I don't greet him. Why should I greet him when he makes fun of me all the time? The immature in him comes out whenever I'm around. I think he enjoys me getting angry at him or something. He does make me angry. I get enough hassle at home, I don't need to then come to school and get hassled by this asshole as well.

We waited in the cold snow, hoping the bus would come round the corner any second.

I heard Kenny speaking through his hood and he pulled it down in mid-sentence.

'Mhm, mffh, mhpp, mhmhm… And it was so freakin funny, because they actually believed Cartman was a chick!' He struck his thumb towards Cartman and burst into hysterics. Fatass returned with a smirk and a short laugh whilst I couldn't really care less of what they were on about.
'Ah, you should have seen the look on her face. It was like one of those 'had to have been there' moments.'

The three of them made similar conversations and shared stupid jokes and I occasionally sniggered along to some of them.

The bus soon came speeding down the road at stupid o'clock and the punk ass driver slammed the brakes down about 5 metres away from us, causing the whole bus to jolt forward.

The atmosphere became dead as the old, yellow double doors opened, and we were welcomed by a

'GET IN AND SIT DOWN!' greeting from the same old bus witch.

I got on the bus first, with Stan, Kenny and Cartman behind me.
Like wise, I sit next to Stan and Kenny with Cartman. We get to school and start the day like any other boring day.

I hope something exciting happens today.
Knowing my luck it won't.

-fat jesus