I feel like i've let y'all down with this, most of it doesn't make sense and it pains me to read it eugh

i began this last year when i was fourteen (i know embarrassing, stop pls ty) and now im sixteen (still embarrassing ok stop) but thanks for everyone who stuck by this, i can't believe some of you actually continued to read it, so thank you c:

My writing has improved by like loads, but because this story is so messed up, everything just looks like a twelve year old wrote it and I was gonna re-write this again, but I feel like I need to finish it first. I'm gonna say about 3 more chapters and It'll be done

Monday came and gone. The same happened with Tuesday. I skipped school and called in sick. I text Stan and told him I wasn't gonna be at the bus stop. I didn't know why I still took that bus. I had a fucking car. If I thought about it, it was probably because Stan's house was the other direction from school, which meant I would have to make a longer journey just to pick him up. And Stan didn't want to take the bus on his own, because I don't know. He was annoying like that. I suppose taking the bus with the guys was just a thing we had always done.

I hadn't seen Ma either in those couple days. That was a relief. Ike didn't even know where she went. I didn't particularly care, but Dad was supposed to return home today at some point, so I was looking forward to that. I didn't think I was going to tell him about Ma though. Now that my brother knew, I didn't really need to tell anyone else.

It was around two o'clock where I heard a knock at the door. Thinking it was Dad, I rushed downstairs and opened the door, only to find someone I was not expecting.


I hadn't spoken to this kid properly in at least eight months, so why he was standing here on my doorstep at this hour, I did not know. It was a bit of a let down, I must say.


'Oh hey, Kyle.'
He stood there, looking nervous as usual, twiddling his thumbs. I rose an eyebrow and asked if I could help him, in which he replied with,
'Yeah. ..Well no. But Eric told me to give you a message.'

'What, really? You still talk to him?'

'Uh, not exactly. He just called me out of the blue.'

I slowly nodded,
'Okay, so what's the message?'

'Oh, well um. He said that he wanted you to go to his house.'

I frowned in confusion. Why the fuck didn't he just come here?
'If he wants me, tell him to off his fat butt and come here.'

'He thought you would say that, so he told me to say, uh- quit your bitching, and move your Jewish ass now.'

The frown remained on my face.
'Lazy son-of-a-bitch.'

He shifted his feet around and replied,
'Yeah, he thought you would say that too, so he told me to say.. Uh, fuck you, Jew.'

I let out a laugh and ran a hand through my knotted hair. I suppose there was nothing else I could really do here. I didn't know what time Dad was getting back, so I didn't really want to laze around all day like I had been for the past couple days. My legs needed a good stretching.

'Alright. Thanks, Butters.'
We exchanged smiles, before I began to shut the door.

'Hey, Kyle?'
I paused in motion and poked my head between the door and the frame.


'W-what happened to your face? Did you get into a fight?'

My hand shot up to touch my most painful cheek. I had forgotten about the mark. I returned with an amused smile.
'This? Oh yeah. Don't worry though, I threw some good punches back to the bastard.'

His mouth shaped into an 'o' as he backed away from the path. We both exchanged smiles once again and I shut the door.

I went to take a hot shower and changed into a fresh pair of clothes. I threw on a pair of warn out, navy green pants and a dark grey shirt. I fixed my hair and slipped into my jacket and boots, without forgetting to shove my green ushanka over my head.

I grabbed the keys from my night-stand and said goodbye to Ike, telling him that I would only be a couple of hours or so. I made sure he was okay with me leaving, and of course, he was 'perfectly fine.' I also told him to call me if Dad had got in touch too. I then headed out the door and got into my car.

The journey wasn't particularly long. five minutes, tops. Suppose it saved me about fifteen minutes walking. I would have normally preferred walking. After all, I did want to stretch my legs and all, but something made me want to get there as quick as I could.

I pulled into the familiar driveway and turned off the engine. I looked about the empty driveway. I didn't think Eric actually owned a car. His Mom had one, but obviously she wasn't here anymore. I was gonna think about asking him that later.

I knocked on the front door and waited for an answer. I felt kinda nervous for some reason. I didn't know if it was because I hadn't been out of the house for a couple of days and had turned really anti-social or if it was.. something else. I brushed the feeling aside, however.

The door slowly opened, showing a tired looking Eric Cartman. He pushed the door wide open and stepped to the side, allowing me in. I wiped my feet onto the dirt tracker and then followed him into the living room. The warm Eric smell hit me straight away, instantly perking up my mood. I never would have thought a kid like Eric would ever have such a comfortable, warming smell. He never used to.

I fell onto the couch, giving myself a yawn. I started the conversation off by asking him why he couldn't have gotten off his lazy ass and come see me instead of getting a messenger boy to do it for him.

'I had some business to do.'

'What kinda business?'

'Wheeling and dealing.'
He turned to look at me and pulled a face, that didn't look appealing. It was like he was frowning, but in a more disgust way. He turned away after several moments, before adding,
'Had to sell some stuff.'

I rose and eyebrow.
'Oh yeah?'

He grunted in response. He looked particularly lousy today, thinking about it. I wondered how he had been lately. It wasn't like we spoke anyways and it hadn't really been that long, but I felt like I should have known what he had been up to in these past couple days.

'So. Been busy lately?'

'You could say that.'

I looked around the room and noticed that it was slightly more empty than last time. Some of the ornaments that lay upon the tables and window sills were missing. I didn't particularly remember what they were exactly, but I distinctly remember that a couple of them were Yankee candles. The reason why they stuck out in my brain was because, Mom used to receive them from her work every Thanksgiving, but she never liked them. So she gave them to Ike and his room use to smell delicious. Dam, I use to just come home from school and crash in his room, because the smell was just an amazing relief healer.

Anyways, back to the point, I also noticed that the couch had changed too. This one was more softer and darker than the last one. Even though I thought the other couch was comfortable, this was even more so. However, it was slightly smaller. This was a two seater, whereas the other was a three seater. It didn't bother me though.

'Anything interesting happen at school?'

'Nothing worth coming in for.'

My eye twitched.
'What do you mean?'

'Well, I'm suspended from school.'

'What?!' I choked out.

'Yeah, same with Kinny.'

I made a confused, frowning look and stared at him, urging him to continue. He acted like it wasn't a big deal, but he continued in a monotonous voice,
'Fighting isn't permitted in school.'


'Yeah, I know. Whoever made that stupid rule up can suck my balls.'

I sat up straight, moving my position so that I was facing him, cross-legged on the couch.
'What the fuck happened? Why did you fight?!'

He leant his head back and sighed.
'Well basically, he pissed me off.'

'.. He pissed you off.' I repeated. 'Why?'

'Because he does fucking retarded things, like the other night. You were there, how the fuck did you not get annoyed by that?'

I shrugged. 'Because that's Kenny. It's expected. Sure, he can be a total asshole at times-'

'A total asshole?! Are you fucking blind, Kahl? He's a poor, selfish bastard! And yet you act like he's done no wrong to you.'

'He's not that bad! Alright, so I wasn't comfortable with the whole sexual thing or whatever, but it's not like he actually did anything,'

He interrupted, 'Pff-yeah, because of me.'

I sighed loudly and rubbed my eyes with my hand. I didn't know why I still considered Kenny as my friend. Well actually, I did. He was actually a really great friend.. when he's not being an asshole. I had been there for him in the past and he had been there for me, many a times. The same with Stan. But obviously, we had gotten older and things had changed. I only started to really notice them within the year. Everything used to be perfect back then. The four of us use to hang out all the time. Summer was great. We use to hang by Stark's pond and do the most craziest shit. Mini games of football, baseball, stone skipping, tree climbing. No-one else would join us, unless we were playing a game that needed to involve a large amount of people, like Lord Of The Rings, or Game Of Thrones.

But since then, whenever we did get together on the rare occasion, it didn't feel right. Something was just.. out of place. Probably the lost time, or the personality changes. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I hadn't changed at all, because I obviously had. But after everything I had been through, I suppose there could be some understanding of why I had changed as a person. I always thought Stan was the one that decided to be more distant with me.

But if I never opened up to him, I can understand why.

Goddammit, why didn't I think of this before?

It wasn't them that had changed as friends.. It was me.

All along, it was me.

[Flashback from eleven months ago]

'Kyle, what is it? You seem.. spaced out.'

'Huh? Oh. Nothing, I'm fine, Stan.'

'Fine? Dude, you've been stabbing your food for about twenty minutes now. It's all mashed and.. gewy, ew.'

'Maybe I like it like that.'

'Is it that assignment we had to do for Literature? Because, don't worry, me and Cartman haven't done it either.'


'Oh, well okay. Hang on, is it because the hairdresser cut too much of your hair off? Because they always do that. Like, you tell them to cut off six millimetres and they take off like four inches-'


'Oh.. Well if it's because of that last pudding being taken from the queue, then maybe next time we should g-'

'I said I'm fine, Stan! For fuck's sake! When can you take the hint to just drop it?'

'.. Kyle, I'm just trying to help.'

'I don't want your fucking help.'

[Flashback from eight months ago]

'Kyle? You in here? Oh, good. Your brother sent me up here. What happened, are you alright?'

'I'm fine.'

'That kid was way out of order, y' know.'

'Don't worry about it.'

'Christ, dude. That bruise looks pretty big.'

'I know.'

'Hey, I brought you some chocolate Oreos and Mountain Dew.'


'If there's anything else you need, just let me know and I'll go get it for you.'

'No, I'm good.'

'You sure? I don't mind. I know you like those cracker, waffle things, but I was kinda in a rush to get here and they didn't have any in the corner shop, so I didn't really have enough time to get you some.'

'It's fine.'

'.. But you know, if you want me to go to the big Wal-Mart then I will. It'll take me like half an hour to get there, but if I run I'll be more than happy t-'

'No. Leave it.'

'Alright, well you know. I could like, get a movie or something. I'm kina low on my allowance right now, but it's only gotta last me til Monday, so if you wan-'

'Stop, Stan. Look, I'm fine, really. Thanks for the appreciation, but I just want to be alone right now, if that's alright with you.'

'.. Well.. Okay, but if you need anything, I'm on speed dial.'

'Yes, I know. Speed dial, whatever. If you could you turn the light off on your way, that would be great.'

'Sure, Kyle.'

[Flashback from four months ago]

'Stan, what the fuck? How could you do this to me?!'

'Well she is my girlfriend, Kyle.'

'But Friday's supposed to be our night.'

'Yeah, but Wendy's going for a job interview on Saturday and then she's staying round her grandparents until Sunday evening, so I won't get to see her.'

'I've never ditched our night.'

'Hey, I'm not ditching? I can probably stay for like a couple of hours or someth-'

'No, I get it. you've received a better offer, it's fine. Whatever.'

'What? No, it's not like that.'

'Pff-yeah okay.'

'..Kyle, what the fuck? Why are you being like this?'

'Like what?'

'Like a fucking dick.'

'I'm not being the dick here, you are!'

'What, because I want to spend some time with my girlfriend?'

'You're always bailing on me, Stan!'

'I'm always bailing you? You're the one who's cooped up in here 24/7!'

'Yeah, because you never wanna hang out with me anymore!'

'Because you've turned into such an asshole, Kyle!'

'Oh just fuck off and leave me alone, Stan.'

'You know what? You've been a right fucking leg ache since the beginning of this year and I've finally had enough of seeing your miserable face all the time. And I'm not the only one. It's not like I haven't tried to cheer you up, so stop making ME the enemy here! I hate hanging out with you, because you're such a fucking bore to be around!'

'Get out of my fucking house!'

'Fuck you, Kyle.'

'I said get the fuck out!'



'Fine, that's fine!
,Oh and don't bother calling me, Kyle. See you Monday.'

After that, we completely drifted apart. We still saw each other and gave small talk, but we never really spoke properly.

Okay, so now if I thought about it, maybe Stan wasn't the worst friend in the world.

Actually.. He was a great friend. He always made sure I was okay and if I needed help, but I never returned the gesture. I was such a fucking asshole. Oh God, I felt awful after seeing it from a different point of view. We were supposed to be best friends!

I had to fix what was broken. But for now, I'll concentrated back on the conversation I was having with Eric.

'I could have handled it.'

'Fuck off, stop saying that.'

I couldn't help but smirk at that. I didn't know how I felt about Kenny. He was the type of weird person that would piss you off in different ways, but you could never get fully mad at him. Well, that was how I felt about him, anyway.

'So.. What did he say.'

'It was just a stupid argument. He said the wrong thing that triggered my fist instincts.'

He looked at me and I nodded.
'That's weird. How come whenever we argue, you never get 'triggered'?'
I made a quotation gesture round the repeated word and he scoffed at my question.

'Because I don't get pissed off when you get angry. I find fuming you very amusing, so I do it purposely. You get so fucking angry, Kahl and I can't help myself. And the funny thing is, is that you know I do it to piss you off, yet you still retaliate in the way I plan you to.'

I sighed. 'Because it's fucking annoying.'


I sighed again and sunk into the squishy pillow that was wedged between the couch and my back.

'Why did you invite me here anyways.'

'I didn't. Butters did.'

'Yeah' I rolled my eyes, 'But you told him to.'

'I know.'

I clicked my tongue in annoyance. He knew what I meant, but I asked why anyway, in which he responded with,
'I dunno. Just wanted to see you.'

'But you hate me.'

'For fucks sake, I don't hate you. I've never actually hated you. You already did that for me.'
He softly chuckled, which I rolled my eyes at.

'I've never said I've hated myself.'

'No, but you do.'

'No, but I don't.' I frowned. 'Okay, so maybe I could like myself a little better, but that doesn't necessarily mean I hate myself.'

'And why's that.' He asked.

'Low confidence level?'

He nodded slowly and smirked.
'That may be due to the fact that you're still a Jew.'

'Shut the fuck up, Cartman.'
He chuckled and I joined in with a grin.

We both remained silent for the next twenty minutes or so, watching TV. I felt particularly calm and.. safe? Was that the right word? I don't know. But even with my Mother away and having no idea where she fucking is, I still didn't like being home. With her gone, it still felt like she had installed a set of invisible eyes into the walls or something. But here, I felt comfortable. It must have been awesome to have been living by yourself.

The comfort soon lowered though, as he tipped onto the spot subject that I was dreading to come.
'I thought she never touched your face.'

I sighed.
'Same here.'

I shifted in my seat and could see him nodding in the corner of my eye.

'I told you to tell me if she did anything.'

'But why, why do you care?'

'Because-' He paused. Longer than I realised for, 'Gives me a reason to punch that bitch in the face.'

I didn't bother defending her this time, so I sniggered at his comment. He was right, she was a total bitch.

'Well she's left now, so there's no bother. I only have a year and half left until I can legally get a place of my own.'

He scoffed, turning towards me.
'Yeah and how are you gonna afford that?'

I shrugged. 'I'll think of something.'

'Don't you wanna go to Uni?'

I bit my lip and thought about the question. Sure I wanted to continue my education, but it was a flip up between getting a place of my own and leaving home for good, or going to Uni and having no money when I return back home, meaning I would have to stay put, long enough to save up again.
'Maybe. But if I do it means no money for when I return home.'

'Get a roomie?'

'I'm not sharing a house with some stranger, dude.'

'What about your butt-buddy, Stan.'

I took my ushanka off and slid a hand through my hair, itching the roots. My hat gave me a really annoying itching habit.
'We aren't as close as you think we are. Besides, I know he's planning on going to this sport college thing when we graduate.'

'I thought he was starting to hate sports.'

I shook my head, shoving my hat back on.
'He likes parts of it, but it's the only thing he's good at, apparently.'

'Suppose that much is true.'

'So yeah, it's a lot to think about, anyways.'

He mumbled a uninterested 'Mm', before replying with,
'Don't you have any family to stay with? Like that really annoying cousin of yours?'

'Yeah, no.' I scoffed, 'I think I'd rather take the beating for that one. But I don't really have much family. None that live somewhat close by, anyway.'

'So basically, you say you're stuck in the middle of what to do, but you and I both know that your bitch ass Mom will persuade you -shall we say- into staying with her and she will probably apologise like a thousand times, before you finally make the decision of staying. You make the threat that you're gonna leave, but lets face it, Kahl. You don't wanna quit school. You have no control when it comes to having what you want.'

I frowned in annoyance.
'And what's that suppose to mean?'

'It means that you're weak minded.'

'I'm not weak minded?'

'Yes you are.'

I let out a heavy sigh. I wasn't weak minded. I wasn't. I had every control of what I wanted to do with my life. I had my reasons for why I didn't wanna go to university or college or whatever. But I also had my reasons for not wanting to stay at home for the rest of my life. I just had to weigh up the pros and cons, that was all.

It was just annoyed at the fact that Eric had called me weak minded. He didn't even fucking know me.

'I'm not weak minded.'


'I'm not!'

'Yeah and I believe you.'

I kicked his shin, which wasn't really that hard, but he grunted in response.

'Ey, Jew.'


He lifted himself up. I assumed he went to the bathroom, so I took the chance and sprawled myself out over the couch. I lifted my arms over my head and stretched out as far as I could, making one of those retarded stretching noises. I inhaled deeply, following by long exhale. I glanced over the TV and mindlessly stared at the figures on the screen. I looked above and didn't realise that I had been here for over an hour now. I still didn't know why I agreed to come here, but I hadn't felt the need to leave yet, so I suppose everything was going okay for the moment.

He came back not long after and looked down at me with an unamused look.
'What are you doing.'

I shifted my hat so it wasn't in my eyes. 'Being comfortable.'

'I could crush you if I sat on you right now.'

I sniggered, turning my body round so that my back was facing him. I heard him grunt and then mumble something about being a lousy Jew, but for once, I thought that I would actually ignore his comment.

'Dude. Come on, don't be gay, move over.'




'Filthy Jew.'

I rose my middle finger towards him, not bothering to retrieve. I kept my arm up comfortably, for a short while until I felt a firm grip clamp onto my wrist, yanking me upwards. I spun around and frowned upon the brunette.

'Don't man handle me, Fatass.'

'I'll do whatever the hell I want, Kahl.'

I tried to tug out of his grip, but that only made him tighten it.
'What are you doing, let go.'

His expression remained neutral. Well. Neutral for Eric, considering he was a mainly a stoic bastard most of the time.

'Get off, Eric.'
I aimed to hook the tip of my fingers into the gaps of his fingers, but they wouldn't budge open. His hands were like fucking bricks.

'Hey, stop.'
'I'm serious, let go.'
'Cartman, get the fuck off me!'

This time I was able to jerk my arm away, with enough force. I clenched my fists and stumbled backwards, not comprehending why he was being weird. He obviously had been sidetracked, because his attention was focused on the left half of my face. That was when I realised what he was looking at. I brought my hand up to the cheek he was thoughtfully staring at and cupped the bruised skin.

'It's not that bad, really.'
My voice was low and hallow and I think my voice may have cracked at the end.

'That's not the point.'

I sighed, dropping my eyes to the floor.

'Where else did she strike?'

I shook my head and said it didn't matter, but he wouldn't take no for an answer.

'I'm not stupid, Kahl.'

'You are pretty stupid.'

'Says the Jew.'

I rolled my eyes and started to bite my ring-finger nail. It was already stubby, but it felt good to get right in the corner.

'Look, If you wont tell me, I'll just pressure my hands on part of your body. That way when you squeal, I'll know where she hurt you.'

I smirked,
'You mean, you're gonna feel me up.'

He stared blankly for a second and blinked.

I crossed my arms and rolled my eyes again.
'If you even dare lay a finger on me, I swear to God I wil-'

I froze in mid-sentence, as he started to jab my sides with both of his index fingers. I bent down and grabbed the places he poked me in, erupting into balls of laughter. I tried to remain angry with him, but failed to do so.

'S-stop it!'

He continued to stab his fingers into my skin, while I tried to grab his wrists in a way of trying to get him to stop. I ended up bawling my fists and aiming them towards his fingers, badly punching them.

'Dude. Dude, no, I'm serious!'

He didn't stop however, which led me to backwardly trip over the edge of the couch, falling onto it. He leaned forward, but I brought my legs forward and pushed my feet into his chest. My lower body strength wasn't particularly strong, but it was enough to stop him throwing his hands at me. His plastered smirk, continued to grow, causing me break into another short fit of laughter.

For the first time ever, it actually felt like Eric wasn't purposely trying to make me feel bad. For all these years, I knew him as the fat, racist, son-of-a-bitch, heartless bastard, that would take any chance he would get to make my life miserable. Okay, so half of the time his plans failed and he made himself look like a complete retard, but it was the fact that he would go out of his way, to ruin, not just my life, but others lives as well. I found it hard to consider that he maybe, just maybe, he had changed. Maybe.

But it only just occurred to me at that moment, that he was trying to make me feel better about the situation. If it were Stan, he would baby me, which would only have pissed me off even more. But not Eric. I only knew him as the annoying asshole, so I didn't really know what he did to cheer people up. I suppose this was his way.

Anyways, he managed to grab a hold of my ankles and yank them forward, forcing me to slide halfway off the couch.

I kept my fists tight, ready to block any of his oncoming movements. Our eye contact never broke. It began to make me feel really nervous about something, but I didn't know why. I had been feeling like that a lot lately and I didn't know why.

I couldn't read his stoic facial expression, but it looked like he was studying my features, which then caused me to start feeling self conscious. But I brushed the feeling off and realised after I looked down to where his hands were, how awkward our positions were.

His arms were high up by his sides, elbows bent, with my ankles firmly in his grip. I led beneath him with my knees slightly curved, hoisted just above his hips. I felt blush creep onto my cheeks, but I tried my best to ignore it.

I swear to God, I just saw him blush also. I would have commented on it, but it would have ruined the moment, so instead, I just smirked and kept a self-note.

'Y'know Jew.. I think I may have just found something of yours.'

I tilted my head to the side, slightly.
'What's that?'

A short chuckled escaped him as he replied,
'One of your turn on spots.'

I didn't understand what he meant at first, but the realisation hit me when I discovered what he had meant. My eyes grew wide as I skimmed my eyes down towards my groin. I groaned in embarrassment and tried to yank my legs away from him. He refused to let go and to make the situation even more fucking awkward, he pulled me in closer. I jerked forward, clinging onto the furniture.

'Eric, stop. This is awkward.'

He rose an eyebrow and slid his hands up to my calves, sending a shiver down my spine.

'Awkward, huh? I could make the situation even more so if I wanted.'

I frowned. 'Dude, don't.'

'Don't be such a pussy, Kahl.'
He skimmed his hand past my thigh and firmly gripped onto my crotch. My mouth dropped open by the sudden touch, resulting me to squirm around on the spot. I eventually managed to wriggle out of his grip, but not without him laughing his ass off, of course.

I landed on the floor, but he was quick enough to pull me back up. My expression remained frantic, while his showed pure amusement.

'Why did you do that?!'

He shrugged.

'You're such a dick, you know that?'

'Jhee, no need to be so feisty, Kahl.'
He continued to let out short chuckles, 'Besides, I thought you liked being groped by guys.'

I choked out, taking a step back.

'What? Oh come on. After that whole thing with that poor asshole and the way you dress does say a lot.'

'Dude, I'm not gay.'

'Oh really? You gonna play that card, huh?'

I rolled my eyes.
'Shutup Cartman.'

I watched him smirk,
'Why is it so hard to admit. Nowadays no-one really cares about which team you swing for.'

I looked down at the floor and sighed. I rubbed one of my eyes with my sleeve. Dam, I felt tired.
'..Yeah, everyone apart from my Mom.'

He inhaled deeply, following by a short exhale. I thought he was going to mention something about not denying the accusation, but we both knew what I was. I think.

'Who even cares what she thinks.'

My eyes shot back up at him.
'I do! Dude, she'll kick me out if she ever finds out!'

'Then it's simple. Don't tell her.'

I frowned and ran a hand through my matted curls.
'That simple, huh?'

He scoffed.
'Yeah, unless your Jew-slut self insists on bringing home a whole gang of virgin butt-buddies to play with.'

I wrinkled my nose at the thought.
'Gross, dude.'

'You only have to wait another year.'

'And a half.'

He shrugged it off.

'Anyway. I don't know if it would be a problem or not anymore.'

He arched an eyebrow, so I continued.
'Like, I don't know what I am. I just don't feel attracted to any pacific gender. Well, not at the moment anyway.'

I think he was thinking about what to say, because there seemed to be a very long pause.
'No. You're definitely hard for guys.'

'How can you say that, when I don't even know for myself?'

'Because you look it.'

I frowned.
'Just because I look it, doesn't mean I feel it!'

He held his hands up in defence and took a step back.
'Alright, alright! Calm down, Jew.'

'Don't tell me to calm down, Cartman.'

'Okay, okay! Y' know, it almost sounds like you gotta little sand in your vag-'

I lunged forward and whacked him on the head, which he flinched at.
'That was a warning. Go any further and I'll rip your balls off.'

'Uh, Ow?'
He whined in a sarcastic tone. He rubbed his head in an over dramatic manor.

'I'm serious. I don't want you to laugh at the situation. Its fragile, especially when you've got a Mother like mine.'

'Hm. If you had told me this six months ago, I would have taken the chance to make your life hell. But this is now, so I wont.'

A tiny smirk creped onto my lips. Did Eric Cartman just secretly confess to something?

I took a step back and re-thought about what I was going to do. I hated thinking. It got me worrying too much about things that I shouldn't even worry about. Then I start thinking about other things that I shouldn't be thinking about, which then lead to me blaming myself for everything.

I went all serious and began staring at the floor again.
'What am I going to do, Eric? Even though she pretty much has, I don't want my Mom disowning me.'

I heard him click his tongue in a frustrated manor and mumbled something along the lines of,
'I swear to God, Kahl, if you stick up for her one more time.'
I watched his feet take a step forward.
'Look. You really wanna know if you're gay or not?'


I heard a sigh escape his lips,
'Fine. But just so you know, what I'm about to do wont change anything between us, kay?'

My eyes narrowed in a confused sort of way. I looked up to see him nervously too close. I wasn't sure if I had misheard what he said of if he actually..

'Wait, what are you..'

I froze in position as he roughly grabbed me by the head and swiftly moved his face forward so that we were literally centre meters apart. My lips were slightly apart and I felt like I couldn't move. He hesitated for a moment, which felt like a considerably long time, but in reality, was probably no more than a couple of seconds. I felt the urge to make the first move, but the tension stopped me from doing so. Perhaps it was because Eric Cartman was the one who was standing in front of me. Time came back to me and before I knew it, he closed his eyes and leaned forward, closing the gap between us.

As he pushed his lips onto mine, my head jolted back slightly. I think that was to do with the force he put in. My lips didn't really move at first, but I started to respond as he made a low, frustrated groan, which then made me remember that he was technically doing me a favour, so it would have been helpful to actually put some effort in.

My eyes were already closed by now and I could feel one of his hands knotting in my hair, while the other gripped just below my ear. When I thought about how good the caressing felt, I then realised that my hands were still dangling by my sides. So I rose them and placed them onto his upper waist. He deepened the kiss, causing me to lean back slightly.

Kissing Eric felt weird. Really weird. His firm, stubborn lips matched his personality. He pulled the grip on my hair, before a short whine escaped my lips. I think that gained him a point or something, because I felt a smirk form from his mouth.

I tightened the grip on his jacket and decided to lick his bottom lip. I didn't know why I did, but I'm glad I did, because he took that has an opening to slide his tongue into my mouth.

I didn't bother putting up a fight for the whole 'dominance' thing, because that's not what it was about. I wanted to see if I felt something with the gesture, without counting the fact that my crotch was responding to the blood that was pumping it's way down.

I slid my hands round to his chest and rose one of them to his shoulder. I didn't really want to stop, but through the process of making out, I had apparently forgotten how to steady my breathing properly, so I pushed him slightly. He got the message after the third push him and he pulled his face away from mine. I decided not to look him in the eye, so I brought my attention to the floor until the fucking blush finally faded away and I managed to pace my breathing back to normal.

He clicked his tongue, which then made me look up.
'So I guess that sums everything up then.'

I blinked and mumbled out a 'Mm.' not realising what he meant by that.
'Wait, sums what up?'

He half smiled, patting me on the shoulder.
'You're queer, Kahl.'

'What, how?'

'How?' He repeated. 'Well it's either that, or you're extremely attracted to my beautiful, sexy self.'

I scoffed, feeling my old self come back to me. 'Pff-yeah, I think the right word you're looking for is Jabba The Hutt, dude.'

He rose his middle finger, 'Jew.'

I sighed and scratched the back of my head. I didn't feel like I was 'gay', but if I was, I would have to think about what I was gonna do, because if my Mom ever found out about it, she would do a little more than boot me out of the house.

I looked up at him and shrugged.

'So.. what do I do now?'

Yeah and who would have thought I would have been the one to ask Eric Cartman for help. By the smirk on his face, I could tell that he was going to enjoy the thought of knowing that I, as a Jew, would be asking him for help. And I knew that he was going to enjoy rubbing it in my face.

The bastard.

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