Hello everyone! I'm pleased to introduce my new story 'Puella Magi Temashi Magica'. I hope this story reveals some un answered questions the anime left out. For example, why is Elsa Maria a dark shadow girl and not a weird creature like other witches? Why did Mami hesitate to kill Charlotte? I started writing this story in grade eight so give me some grace. I hope you enjoy this backstory.

Chapter 1

I was in the air. I was also upside down, several miles above the ground. The blood rushed from my body and ran into her head, making me nauseous. My legs felt numb and glued together, making me struggle to move them without groaning back inconsequence. It felt as if my whole body was constricted by something to make sure I didn't move. My body looked like an upside down cross, well, I could tell since I was able to move my head a bit to see. Each jerk I made to move felt as if my circulation was being cut off. All I could do was look at my surroundings.

I looked across the horizon to see darkness from all directions. My heart fell at the sight of it all. There was no sun or even a glimpse of light; beside that of red streetlights. All I saw was destruction on the city below from miles around. How did this happen? Why didn't anyone stop this? I wondered.

A black haired girl was coming closer to me. "Help me! Please, help me!" I wanted to scream but no words came out of my mouth. My mouth felt glue, confided like the rest of my body. Instead, a building hit the girl. I gasped, my mouth moving slightly. The girl appeared a few seconds later, unharmed. I sighed. That was a close one. I tried to move my arms to signal her, to reach her. "Help me!" I wanted to say but there was still no voice in me.

I was able to move my right arm. Colorful fire erupted from my hand from in my long sleeve. Huh, when did I ever have a fancy blue shirt with ruffles on it? Anyway, three fiery attacks advanced at the black haired girl; an attack I created. She moved away from two of them and blocked the third with some sort of disc on her arm. Another flame I made was sent at her. She blocked it but was then was flung away by the impact to hit a giant tree. Why? Why am I doing this? How am I able to do this? And what's with the giant tree?

She gave a silent yelled from where she was, but not at me. It was to a pink haired girl. She looked like a small speck though. There was also a white speck with her.

I couldn't believe I did this to that black haired girl. Later, that same girl started to fall from the dark tree. I wanted to help her, catch her. I was force back from moving by the numbness. I wish they could just revive to function so I could help her. I watched as she faded into the abyss below. Then, it all ended.

I woke up to see my ceiling. I smiled at the familiar site. It was a dream, all a dream. I took off my covers and grabbed one of my stuff animal; a giant teddy bear. I gave it a big hug. "It was all a nightmare," I spoke into its plush fur.

I carefully placed it back where it was and started to make my bed. I looked at my lavender pajamas I was wearing. I smiled. No ruffled but cuffed sleeves. I then when to my closet and grabbed my school's uniform. I just loved its plaid shirt.

My uniform contained a long sleeve with cuffed ends. The skirt was plaid and was red with dark green, black and mahogany lines. I liked wearing long white leggings to complete it.

I went into my washroom and got my uniform on. Another thing I loved; my own bathroom. I started to braid my hair into pigtails. I don't know why but every time, they always when out on the sides and not flat down. That always got on my nerves. I inserted a hair tie on each end and smiled into my mirror.

I touched my necklace pendant. It was a gear held on the chain through the center of it. I don't know why I had it, but I did. It always felt reassuring with its six toothed sides and cold metal touch. I smiled into the mirror. I was ready.

I started to walk downstairs for breakfast. Everyone was already down there. I must have slept in this morning. I should have set my alarm.

I saw some girls turn my way and snicker at the sight of me. I looked down and walked passed them to the line for food. They always did that. I was always outcasted from them. I had no friends at my school. Yes, I was new, but still, no one even talked to me when I arrived besides teachers. I don't know if it was just because of my looks or something but it always hurt me on the inside.

My parents were proud that I got into this school but I think they really didn't care. I had smart siblings that they just adored. I was the youngest out of my three siblings. Being at a rich boarding school for the arts seemed like a way to just whoosh me away. I hated that.

I had pick out a Belgium waffle with powdered sugar, a small blueberry muffin and apple juice on the side. My favorite breakfast combo. I sat at an empty table and grabbed the fork and knife set onto it. I started to cut into the waffle.

"Hey, Braidy. Can we sit here?"

I looked up to see two girls. One had light beige hair with a dragonfly clip and an average height. The speaker was a black hair girl with long twin tail ponytails that rain down to her knees. They were held by two large red ribbons. She looked at me annoyed. "Yo, Braidy? Can we sit here?" she repeated.

"Eh? Oh, sure! Be my guest," I answered, a bit zoned out by analyzing them.

"Thanks, Braidy," she replied. The others followed her lead to sit down. "So, you new here? " she asked. She chomped into her chocolate chip muffin and took out a sketch pad.

I nodded in reply. "Who are you girls anyway?"

"I'm Baraba and she's Denshi," Baraba, the beige haired one pointed out.

"'Sup," Denshi gave a peace sign at me.

I smiled at them all. They seemed nice. The both of them were different but that's what made me like them even more.

"So, what are ya in here for kid? Singing, dancing, art?" Denshi asked after she bit into another piece of her muffin. Quite rude in table manners if you ask me. Talking with your mouth full and all.

"I'm into drama," I replied. At this school, you had to be good in the arts such as singing, playing an instrument or dancing. I got in for my drama skills. My parents were happy for me (or were they happy to have me leave?) I just loved being someone else rather than myself. I was boring, plain, and ordinary. The person I acted to be like in production was not like me at all but someone totally different than average little old me.

"Nice. Baraba's in for designing outfits and I'm here for my voice," Denshi said through another mouthful. She should stop doing that. It's disgusting. If her voice got her in this school and yet she eats with her mouth full, I'd be concerned with the school entries test…

"You must be good then," Baraba commented, sipping some Chamomile Tea. She continued to sketch. Maybe she was designing an outfit.

"I'm not sure about that...," I said unsure. I wasn't that good. I was okay, I guess.

Denshi drank down some orange juice and wiped the remaining liquid with her wrist. "Never put yourself down, Braidy. The key to success is the little Engine. You think you can and then you do it," she motivated.

"You should stop talking with your mouth full," I stated.

"What?" she glared at me. Her tone instantly changed from open to icy cold. "What did you say?"

"I jus..."

"Well...your one of the few people to actual said that. Most people just ignore that. What do you think of me, Braids?

I sighed quickly. "I think you're a bit rude with eating with your mouth open...," I explained.

"What's your name anyway?" she asked. Her tone harsh and her eyes narrowed a bit.

"Tamashī," I told them. "Tamashī no Hōseki."

Denshi seemed to be taken back a bit since she spurted some juice. Her expression changed to a surprised look. "What?"

"How odd...," Baraba mumbled.

"Uh...what's wrong with my name?" I asked. It only meant 'Soul Gem'. What was wrong with that?

"Nothing," Denshi turned her head. Her eyes started to narrow again and turned away from me. "Just, don't doubt yourself, alright?"

What? What's with the obnoxious warning she was giving me? "I-I'll try...," I answered back, a bit confused.

"Don't try; do," she said before leaving. Her and Baraba got up since they had finished their breakfast and left.

"Wait! Don't...don't leave...," I protested. But they were already gone.


I was two inches off the ground. The girl held the collar of my shirt tightly. "Now, what do we say, Annie?" the girl said through grinding teeth.

"I love you Miss Hadagin," I said with a fake smile.

"Why would any kid want to be an orphan," she said. She let me go and I stepped on her foot. She yelled as we all, expect Hadagin, exited the stage giggling.

"Very good class! Tamashī, wonderful job playing Annie!" my drama teacher, Miss Kimoto applauded. I smiled. It was fun to play the lead but hard to memorize all the lines. We were all taking turns to see who fits best with the parts. I think I did a decent job as the lead girl, Annie. I could somehow do a good job. I usual sucked all the time.

"Alright, everyone take five. I'll be right back," she told us. She then left the room.

Everyone started to disperse and chat amongst themselves. The girl that played Miss Hadagin came over to me as well as other girls. She gripped the collar of my shirt. "You stepped on my foot! I won't I'll let you go that easily!" A bit of her spit landed on my cheek, causing it to tingle.

"It was in the script," I explained the truth. I tried to wipe the spit away but the girl lifted me higher then practice. I gave a timid squeak. I moved my legs to try and kick her. She just cackled. If this wasn't the real her then I would have said she was a really good actress.

She carried me to a hook on the wall. She hung me on there by the shirt's loop tag. The nail was angled upright so I couldn't free myself. My shirt slide down the nail to make my back hit the wall behind me. The iron nail kept hitting my head as I tried to turn my head. "No, come on! Stop this! Please!" I protested.

She just laughed. "Look everyone! Newbie looks like she would rather play the maid from Frankenstein instead of Annie!"

The girls laughed out loud at me. Some pointed as well.

"What a loser!"

"She's so dumb!"

"She more of an extra than a main character!"

Tears filled my eyes. They compared me to the hanged maid? Why did they have to do this to me? Just me?

My head started to slip down my shirt, my belly button being exposed. I started to slip down more, exposing more of myself. I hung like a scarecrow, arms bent in a upside down V-shape.

The laughing stopped for a moment. The Hadagin actress even gave me a weird look.

"What the?" she said, disgusted. "What's with the red lines?"

I tried to look, swinging my body to see. My body slipped a bit as I tried to see. I saw I had pinky red lines on my stomach, like my circulation was cut off there at some point. It was like in my dream. The parts were I felt constricted, which was basically all of it. Could my dream have really been real?

My shirt started to come down more, my upper chest being revealed. I tried to pull myself up to stop slipping. It didn't work. It just made it worse. My head started to fully go under, my nose and eyes slowly following my weight.

Don't go fully down. Oh, please don't...

The mean actress forced my arms to fling up. I squealed as she did. My body left it shirt coverage as I fell downward. I knew what I was left with. I quickly cowered into a ball and hugged my knees for dear life. The laughing burst into the room. All of it sounded like the cackles of storybook witches. The Hadagin actress was the loudest of them all. "Give up your role, newbie! I deserve it more than you ever will in your life!" she told me.

"T-take it... I-I d-don't want it...," I stuttered through tears. I couldn't take it. I couldn't take it anymore. Ever since I came to this advanced art school, this has happened. It wasn't worth it if I got teased all the time with no peace from it all. I...I...

You should just die!

I blinked back a tear. I...I should. There nothing to live for. I can't live through this. Being dead would be easier than this. I...that's...that's what I should do.

"Alright girls, let-Tamashī! Oh my goodness! What happened in here?" she yelled, coming over to rest a hand on my shoulder. The girl had stopped laughing as soon as the doorknob started to jostle.

"She was trying to hang herself, Mrs. Kimoto," the Hadagin girl lied. Her lie was sweet as honey from her lips, each word a liquid poison hidden to the onlooker.

"Enough. No false excuses. All of you go and just practice on the stage. I'll deal with this," the teacher affirmed back strongly. "It's alright, Tema..."

"I'm fine. Just...just can you get me my shirt? I...I don't want to sit her with just...," I said, avoided the situation. I stopped crying and just used an angry-because-I'm-sad tone of voice.

"Oh... Oh, of course! Where's my manners! I'll go get..."

I didn't listen to the rest of her words. I sat there and felt the voice ring in my head.

Why don't you just die?

She got my shirt and I gentle took my shirt back. I quickly put it back on; making sure no one saw me with just a bra on. I got up from just hugging my legs.

"Temashī, I..."

"I don't want to play Annie anymore. I'm not good enough for it. I'll be back soon...," I told her, head slightly down. I saw from the corner of my eye that the red haired Hadagin actress was smiling evilly back at me. I didn't respond back. All I did was leave the room from the door and entered the hallway.


Why don't you just die? the voice intruded.

Why don't I? I can't stand that humiliation I experienced today. I just walked through the hallway, head down. Tears started to run down my cheeks.

"Don't cry mon ami. Smiles suit you better. Things will be better...," a French voice intruded. It was the same voice as before, the suicidal whisperer. Her tone had changed.

I saw something flash from the corner of my eye. I looked to the left. There was a door with a symbol on it. It looked artistic. Must be the art room. If it was, then why did it say 'Isadel" written in it?

I straightened my posture. I don't know why put I felt drawn into the symbol door. I slowly turned to the direction of the door. When I was in front of it, I turned the doorknob and flung it open. My eyes widened. I screamed as a force rushed over me, like I released a deadly force from behind the door.

I fell to the ground. My butt hurt from the impact. I opened my eyes and gasped. The walls changed around me looked like a red background with yellow swirls. The floor looked like a black and white disordered Picasso painting. A large building of the Arc de Triomphe stood in the center of it all.

This is a dream. It has to be a dream.

"A dream? Non," the French voice sounded.

I looked to see a girl in the middle of the building. She was a shadowy silhouette of purple colour. Her outline made me feel that she had side bun hair, a ruffled dress and long sleeves.

"It's alright, mon amie. Just come here," the voice ushered.

She extended her hands out to me. I don't know why but it started to draw me in. It was a haunting feeling, a friendly feeling.

I got up and slowly walked over, one step at a time. Oddly made zombie like creatures walked to the silhouette as well. They would have frightened but I felt a soothing feeling from her comforted me. I continued to walk forward.

I placed my hands in hers. If she wasn't just a shadow, I would have thought she was smiling. The creatures closed in on us but I wasn't afraid. Her quiet, French accented voice started to fill my head. Nostalgia filled me from the inside out.


Suddenly rose vines erupted from the ground trapping the girly silhouette and I inside. The demented creatures tried to break in. I suddenly felt frightened by it all.

The creatures started to be slashed and cut up by someone. As the dead bodies hit the floor, I saw a familiar face. "Baraba?" I asked out. She was different than before.

Instead of our school's uniform, she wore a dark veil on the left side of her head held by a red butterfly pin. She had a knee short white dress with a small pocket on the right side and dainty gloves. It was embodied with rose vines on the end of the dress. She had white high heel dainty shoes on and a pair of golden shears two thirds of her size in her hands

She gave me a smile and then turned to another figure. "Denshi, your turn!" she told her companion.

I turned to look; my hands still in the ghostly girl's hands. Denshi was about half a mile away. She wore red ribbons to hold her twin tails as usual. She wore an icy blue dress that had a circular bottom that fanned out to reveal white shorts. It was sleeveless with a wing gemstone in between her straps and above her white tie. She also had sleeve bands with red ribbon in it and had white with icy blue knee high heels with wings on the sides.

She winked in response and pointed a thin rod object in my direction. A blue glow advanced it way towards us as Baraba jumped away. I gasped as it came and shut my eyes. It didn't hit us though. It went onto the building.

I opened my eyes to see the building was encased in a large block of ice. I gasped as I starred at it. Baraba looked with satisfaction. She shuffle stepped away a few feet, and then ran to the building block with her shears. She jumped up high and slash through it with her shears. A violent streak of a crack ran through the center, separated the block into two pieces. The building was also cut in half by the impact. 'Isadel' fell to the ground in two frozen pieces.

The scenery around me including the rose vines disappeared. The silhouette girl also started to fade. "No! Wait!" I protested. The girl was already gone though.

"Wal...," was all I was left with of her voice. My legs gave way underneath me. My eyes felt baggy and tired under the loss of the girl. The rest of my body tipped over in response, my face hiding the ground sideways.

"She fell asleep? Oh come on!"

"You know your icy attacks are very tiring..."

"Hey Braids! Wake up! Come on! Wake up!" Was all I heard before I truly slept.