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Chapter 3

Gertrud's Roses


So the girl's family had gotten this far then? I thought as I neared a coffin in a graveyard. The girl's parents were about to bury their dead daughter. The family had left a few minutes ago while I watched like a phantom from beside a tree.

The graveyards I visited always broke my heart to the souls that had perished and now lay their bodies to rest in the ground. I always felt the urge to pray to the Lord when I entered these tombstone yards.

After seeing that the grave tenders left before burying the body, I walked slowly to the coffin that still lay above ground. I slowly opened the coffin lid and peered inside.

A girl that looked about fourteen lay with her hands clasped together in her wooden coffin. Her hair was dark brown and just laid flat on the coffin's surface. Her skin was tanned a bit but was a bit paler now that she died.

Patricia. That was her name. Or, in statistics, that was just a 'sur.' name you could say. This shouldn't have happened to her, neither should it happened to magical girls in general. You see, the truth was, we became witches when our soul gems went dark. This was because of the emotional things that a teenage girls when through and the fact that if they fell into so much despair and never cleaned their soul gem, their soul gem would break an turn into a grief seed. Then the girl would become a witch, the very creatures we hunted after. It was a cycle: a deadly cycle I was determined to break.

I took a purified soul gem out of my nun styled outfit's sleeve. I had a hidden pocket installed in my sleeves so I could hold these items I possessed. I placed the girls light blue soul gem with its spider eyed center and cherry blossom on the top back into her clasped hands.

As if it was instant, the girl's breathing returned to her. 'Patricia's' colour returned to her as the life filled her once again. Her eyes started fluttering softly as they opened. As soon as I saw that she was awaking, I fled. I couldn't let her see me. I transformed into my magical girl outfit and sprouted my light wings. I took off into the air and flew away, leaving light feathers into the air.

The last thing I heard before the voice became distorted was 'Patricia's' voice.

"Wh-What happened? Wh-Where am I? Is-Is that a 'Tenshi'?"


I was walking Suu~īto and Temashī back to their 'houses' after our eventful witch fight. Denshi had to get home quickly since her mom called saying she needed computer help. Denshi's was very skilled at computers than most girls. No wonder she like Techno and Electronica music.

The girls and I were quiet most of the way until I popped the question:

"Do you two want to go to the mall with me tomorrow?"

Suu~īto smiled brightly. "Are you going to see that boy you like tomorrow?" She asked in a cheeky voice.

I clasped my hand over her mouth. "Suu~īto!" I yelled. If it was just her and I, I would have scolded her with a lecture. I ould have said that he was my 'dream guy' that I 'puppy loved' over.

"You have a boyfriend?" Temashī asked, crocking her head at the two of us.

Suu~īto murmured something behind my hand; mostly trying to tell the girl about my 'crush'. "What did you say?" I asked, as if I didn't know. I realized I had covered her mouth behind my hand. That was gross. Germs! Uh, she licked my hand too! I needed disinfectant... Stat!

"No she doesn't. But she likes him a whole lot! She even made her wish because of him!" Suu~īto explained to Temashī.

"Suu~īto!" I yelled in protest. That little pinkette… Why would she tell this girl that! It was personal! For magical girls ears only, not gonna-bes.

"A wish? What do," Temashī asked but I cut her off.

"A wish is what you get in exchange for being a magical girl. Your wish can be anything at all, such as wealth, food or something more dearer than that," I explained to the curious gonna-be magical girl.

"Then what did..."

"I wished to be a beautiful as a rose so that the boy I really, really liked would notice me and maybe like me back. It was a dumb wish I know, but that was it was," I told her the honest truth. I rubbed my arm and looked down in embarrassment. My cheeks started to flush red.

Y-You see, I use to be a fat, ugly girl with pimples. I really did like this boy a whole lot but he never noticed me due to my ugliness. I wrote him love notes, sent him a rose a couple of times and tried to tell him up front. Each time, he just shoved me aside. I blamed my ugliness all the time. I starved myself, trying anything to beautiful. If it wasn't for my dear friend Denshi, I would have tried cutting myself to get rid of the imperfections.

When I met Kuybey, he said he could make any wish come true. So, that was my wish: to be pretty and beautiful just like a rose. In return, I was a magical girl. If felt like a reasonable win-win situation. I always decapitated the witches' well. I was a perfectionist. Witches were weeds. I was the gardener. They needed to be 'eradicated', that's all.

"Wow. I-I don't know what to say. W-What about you Suu~īto?" Temashī asked.

Suu~īto tensed up and stopped walking. She looked away from the two of us, her face darkening as she looked away. "My momma... I-I wanted to eat cheesecake with my mommy. Saving her was impossible I thought. I-I didn't know any wish meant any wish in the world would come true. I-I thought...I... I want my mommy!" She started to cry. Tears rolled down her cheeks like tiny dew drops. Her face looked so smug and grim as she cried. She covered her face in her hands as she tried to cover her emotion.

I hugged my little friend. "There there Suu~īto. Sh... Everything's okay. We're here. Don't worry," I tried to sooth her. There wasn't much I could do.

See, Suu~īto was a hospital patient as well as her mother. Her mother recently died from cancer shortly after she made her wish. If it wasn't for Denshi and I, the little girl would have been in critical medical state. She could have died. But now, with us by her side, the once blonde had dyed her hair pink to raise awareness of cancer. She had started smiling again. But then again… old scars sometime never heal…

"R-Really? Are you sure?" She asked, her blue eyes getting red purple from crying. She had been through too much as it was. It was fine to lie to help this situation…right?

"Denshi and I are here. Temashī too. Don't worry!" I smiled at her.

"Kurai too?" Suu~īto asked.

I sighed. I never liked Kurai. She took grief seeds from others to fuel herself. She never even fought to save her life nor did I ever see her fight a witch to take its grief seed. She never attacked witches at all. I couldn't tell Suu~īto 'no' though. She would be sad again. I couldn't let her look all gloomy and despair about the past. "Kurai too," I faked a smile and said with false enthusiasm.

Suu~īto smiled happily. She wiped he tears away and hugged me. I blushed a bit. Suu~īto was always the hug me love me type. I held her close.

Temashī smiled at the two of us. Suddenly Suu~īto held her arm and hand out to Temashī. Temashī blinked. "Huh? What do you..."

Temashī was pulled into our hug. She blushed just like I did before and made a little "Wha..!" cry that was quite cute. Suu~īto hugged us both tightly. "You guys are the best! We'll definitely go to the mall with you Sami! Right Temashī?"

Temashī hesitated briefly but nodded. "I wouldn't miss it!" She stated. I was started to like the blonde girl.

I smiled. "Great! See you then at four pm!" I told them. I didn't know that 'tomorrow' was my last day to live...


I dressed up in my dress to see him. I wore a multicoloured pencil dress with yellows, reds and a light orange that mixed into each other. It also had gossamer sleeves with fancy designs. I made this dress myself at school. I hoped he'd like it.

Instead of waiting for my friends, I went to go see him myself. He always was in a tiny coffee shop in the mall right after school. I told my friends I'd meet them on the lower floor of the mall. It wouldn't be a problem to just peek in and see him, right? I ran up to the glass windows of the coffee shop, making sure I didn't wreak my dress with the dirty glass. The fabric alone cost a hefty sum of yen!

What I saw next though shook me to my core. He was there yes...but he was with a girl. A pretty, attractive girl I wanted to be like before my wish. That wasn't even that that broke my heart and later my very soul. They were kissing. The boy I loved and some girl were kissing while they had lattes and muffins.

I turned around, embarrassed that I saw them doing that. I slide down against the glass, causing it to screech a bit from my fabric against its smooth surface. I didn't care what happened to my dress now. I looked at my hands and cried into them in sadness and despair. I looked at my soul gem ring, the gem inside of it looking maroon in my teary eyed vision. I made it grow into the size of its true form. It was becoming a dark red due to its red colour mixing with the black corrupting it. I didn't care if anyone saw it. I just stared into its surface.

I hadn't cleaned my soul gem in a while. Kurai was always there to snatch up the grief seeds we rightfully got. She took them so quickly before we had time to even cure our gems. I really hated that white haired priestess.

I slowly sat up, carrying my soul gem in my hand. I started to walk towards the front entrance where I was to meet my friends. They had to know. They had to see me...fall...


"There you are Baraba! We were looking for you!" Suu~īto giggled happily as she and Temashī walked over. Suu~īto was wearing a pink t-shirt, a frilly magenta skirt, black legging and running shoes. Temashī on the other hand just wore her uniform.

"Don't worry. I'm here," I forced a smile for them, trying to hide my bitter hurt that was eating me alive.

"Are you alright? You look tired or at least like you were crying," Temashī pointed out. She was right. I had been crying.

"I am and I was crying," I confessed. I even closed my eyes and smiled.

"What? Why Sami? What happened?" Suu~īto asked in concern. She was so sweet to care.

"W-Why is that? Did the boy turn you down?" Temashī asked me. She was kind to care too. I wanted to get to know the fellow school mate of mine. But... it was a too late for that anyway.

"He loved another," I said softly, looking away as I said the dagger words that slashed me. "I wished to be pretty in order to be with him. Why did my wish change into this? He likes another girl and not me! That doesn't matter now. I'm done," I showed them my soul gem, dark as a solar eclipsed moon.

Suu~īto's eyes looked like they were bulging out of their sockets in shock. "S-Sami... Y-You can't... Don't do this! Please, I..."

"I wanted to be as pretty as a rose and in the end I learned one thing," I said with a maniac smile. Tears flowed from my eyes as I was about to drop me soul gem. "Love is for roses..."

The next thing I hear was just mumbled away. My friends were yelling at me in shock. My soul gem cracked before it hit the ground, the metal casing forming the look of a grief seed. I started to fall back, my body felt limp. I then closed my eyes, falling into the eternal dream that I believed I would never wake up from...


I couldn't believe what just happened. Baraba was just breaking down in tears and then her soul gem thing...it just...shattered. Then I saw one of those grief seeds form out of her soul gem. Baraba had fallen to the floor, her eyes closed. I tried to reach her but a giant gust of wind blew Suu~īto and I away from her.

"What just happened?!" I screamed to Suu~īto. I had grabbed an iron beam the connected to the wall to keep me from flying off. My braids were flying behind me and my outfit rippled wildly in this wind storm.

"Baraba...s-she...she's turning into a witch!" Suu~īto cried out. Tears that would have been pouring down her checks were being wiped away by the wind.

I looked at the pinked haired girl in shock. Baraba...was becoming a witch? A witch; a vile creature that the magical girls like Baraba fought? This couldn't be possible. I-It just couldn't be...

Suddenly the entire area changed. We were in a room with roses and weird wall paper, strange cut outs and scissors all around the room. In the center of the room was a giant creature that looked like a rose bush plant with insect legs and paper butterfly wings. Near the creature witch was Baraba's body being held by cotton ball creatures that had butterfly wing feet, string arms and...mustaches?

Black words were being said by the creatures with the cotton ball heads. Somehow, I understood what they were saying. It was so odd...

"The queen of roses fell," one of the cotton balls said.

"Let's bury her in a bed of roses. Then we'll dispose of those weird weeds that entered her lovely garden," the other one said.

"We are not weeds! Leave Baraba alone you mustaches!" I yelled at them. What was strange was that they responded.

"I'll get Sami back Temashī! Don't worry! I'll save her!" Suu~īto told me. She started to run towards them and transformed into her German dress look of a magical outfit. She got her candy wrapper wand out and ready.

"The queen of witches is here?! That weird weed must be her minion!" More letters from the cotton balls stated.

"A sweet pea minion from Wal...," the other one tried to finish before Charlotte's caterpillar like pet bite their heads off. They then turned into butterflies that were once their legs and flew off, dropping Baraba.

I ran over and caught her in my arms. She was a lot heavier than I expected. She looked...unnatural in her sleepy state. I couldn't believe she was really dead...

"We need to get out of here!" I yelled at Suu~īto. It was the only way to live.

"B-But Sami! We have to get Sami's soul gem back together!" The pinkette started to cry.

I'll wait for you... Leave me now... I'll be waiting for you to save me my friends...

I gasped as Baraba's voice filled my head. I tried to hold back tears. "She wants us to leave! Quickly Suu~īto!" I begged her.

Suu~īto looked at the witch silently. She looked so torn to leave the creature her friend had become. "I'll be back to save you Sami...," she whispered softly.

The witch roared and made scissors appear. We took that as a hint to run. We started to run away, for me, I was holding onto Baraba's limp body tightly. There was a white exit up ahead that we left the labyrinth from that light source. Soon, we returned back to the mall.

Suu~īto was panted a ton, her face red from exhaustion. She collapsed to the ground and started to cry. "Sami... Sami..."


I looked up and saw Denshi standing near us. She was sweating, dressed in her magical girl outfit. "I felt a witch nearby. Wh-Where's Baraba? What happened to her? Is she...Is she...," she sniffled. Tears started to stream down her face when she saw that Baraba was laying limp in my arms.

I laid Baraba down on the ground. Her limp body just made it look like she was sleeping. Denshi gasped and stepped back. Her tears started to flow down her cheeks freefully.

"Oh God... Oh God no... Wh-Why...? Why did...," she tried to say, tears filling her eyes. She collapsed onto her knees. "DAMN IT!"

I now started to cry at full force now too. The warm tears of mine hit the pavement and made a dark stain on the floor. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry...," I cried out in pain.

We all crowded around the body and cried over our friend Baraba. This couldn't. This couldn't be true. It just couldn't...

"I can save her."

I looked up and saw Kurai in her usual dark outfit. She looked sad, like she too wanted to cry over Baraba's death. I wiped my tears with my hands. "Wh-What?"

"I can save her. I can bring Baraba back to life..."