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"Alright, yup, that was the bell. Pack up your shit, I'll see you on monday." The class filed out slowly and Tony breathed a sigh of relief. He loved teaching, he really did, but the last class of the day was always the hardest for him.

He couldn't wait to get out of the classroom, this was true, but the last class of the day had Steve Rogers. Over the last four years, Steve Rogers had become the bane of Tony Stark's existence. Steve Rogers was fucking perfect, the kind of guy, people should strive to be. Good for the sake of good, nice to everyone, he probably even helped little old ladies home with their groceries. Tony wasn't sure about the last one, but its what he imagined Steve would do. The kid was the star of the football team, was popular, insanely handsome, though any time Tony's thoughts wandered down that path, he'd start to kick himself.

Tony was young by teacher standards, only 25. He had graduated high school at 12, gotten a BS by 17 from MIT and turned around and had a Masters by 19, His Ph.D came at the age of 22. He had started teaching during the last year of his Ph.D. He had been 21 when he met Steve Rogers.

He had watched the kid grow up from the tall and lean slightly awkward freshman to the Tall, built, still awkward, but popular football quarterback. In his first year teaching at Shield High, he hadn't paid much attention to the skinny boy. But as the boy got older and gained popularity that seemed to correlate with his muscle mass, Tony couldn't help but start to hate him.

Steve had never done anything to Tony persay, it was more that fact that he existed that bothered Tony. Steve represented everything that Tony never got or was.

The teachers lounge was full and loud with it being the end of the day. Tony landed in a seat at the table at the back. There were only a few faculty Tony gave a damn about, being younger than 75 percent of the teaching staff and smarter that 99 percent, he had found it taxing to get along with most of them. Still, he did make a few friends. Natasha Romanoff, the short red head, had her feet on the table, her shoes were on the floor and her husband Bruce (who Tony adored because they were science bro's) was painting her toe nails a fiery red. Natasha was a scary woman, one Tony didn't dare cross. She was the Russian teacher and it gave him great pleasure to watch her put her slacker students in their place. Natasha's anger was a thing of beauty, deadly and calm like the sea just before a storm. She was someone that would sneak up on you and before you knew it, your balls would be in your hands and you're left wondering how it happened, but you can't ask because she's gone.

Her dear sweet husband on the other hand, now that guy had anger issues. Tony had never been on the receiving end of hulking out as his students had referred to it, but he had seen it. Natasha was the only one that could calm him down when he go in one of his moods. He was very good at keeping the anger in check but working in a high school wasn't exactly a stress free environment.

Clint Barton and Thor Odinson were the only other people at the table. Thor and Clint both taught gym, which to Tony was useless, but whatever. Thor was also the football coach, which meant Tony frequently had to listen to him prattle on about how great Steve fucking Rogers was.

Tony knew the hatred he felt for the boy was irrational, but he couldn't help it. Steve had everything. He was smart, which irritated Tony on so many levels. It would be so easy to justify his dislike if he had been a dumb jock. But Steve's grasp on the mechanics of engineering and physics, made it impossible. Tony hated to admit it, but Steve had continually impressed him with his knowledge and his ability to understand complex and abstract concepts.

So Tony hated Steve, because Steve was smart, had lots of friends, was the quarterback of the football team and was fucking nice to everyone. Steve represented something Tony had longed for when he was growing up.

"Hey, Tony." Thor said, looking up from the playbook that say in front of him. "Are you going to the game tonight?" Tony gave him a funny look.

"Why would I do that?" Everyone knew Tony never went to the games. He didn't give a damn about sports.

"Its homecoming!" Natasha said flexing her toes.

"We play Dark Castle tonight, its only the most anticipated game of the year Tony. Everyone will be there." Clint rolled his eyes, as if Tony should know all of that and actually care.

"Oh...Well in that case, no I won't be there." Clint huffed and the rest of the group rolled their eyes. They had all known Tony since he started working at Shield, they should know not to ask such stupid questions. Tony never, not once went to a single football game. Opting instead to sit in his workshop most nights and work on his advanced AI thesis. But He had finished that thesis a few years ago so instead he stayed in his workshop, fixing cars, talking to Jarvis (his advanced AI) and watching the game on mute on TV. He never told his friends that last part and it did not have anything to do with a tall blond in skin tight spandex bending over to spike a ball or whatever the fuck it was he did... Nope, that had nothing to do with it.

Tonight though, he was flying back to New York. He had some board of directers bull shit to deal with and while Pepper was CEO, Tony being a Stark had to put in appearances with the Stark Industries board.

Grabbing up his bags, and the few stacks of paper he had carried in, he took his leave from his friends. He had shit to pack, he had wasted too much time being social.

The problem with being in a hurry, was that Tony often overlooked things, like where he was walking, or who he was walking into, until it was too late. That was how he suddenly found himself face down on the concret, his papers scattered and a hand being offered to him. Without thinking he took the hand offered and allowed himself to be pulled up.

"Sorry Mr. Stark. I didn't see you." Steve Rogers said, swooping to pick up the papers they had both dropped.

"No, It's ok. Nothing like being sacked in a parking lot by the high school quarterback." Tony said, irritation evident in his voice. "I'd say, no skin off my nose, but I'm pretty sure I'm bleeding." Steve looked up from the mess of papers at Tony's glib confession.

"Oh my goodness, you are bleeding. I'm so sorry Mr. Stark." Steve had grabbed hold of Tony's chin and tilted his face to the side slightly. Tony's right cheek stung, he didn't know what it looked like but he could hazard a guess that it looked a lot like road rash. Steve's hand held Tony's face firm and the other hand trailed feather light touches over the hurt cheek. Tony hissed at the contact.

"Hands off Rogers," Tony said as he jerked out of the grip. His voice was a little more breathy and a lot less harsh than he would have liked but he decided he'd chock it up to the knock on the head and NOT the way his face tingled where Steve's hands had been.

"I'm really sorry Mr. Stark," Steve said, holding out the pile of papers Tony had dropped.

"You've said that three times Rogers, give it a rest." His tone was back to harsh, it was a tone reserved only for Steve Rogers.

"Yeah well, you haven't accepted the apology so..." Steve trailed off. Tony rolled his eyes, Tony didn't want to accept an apology from him. He was perfectly fine stewing about how Steve Rogers had knocked him to the ground and all that jazz. Sad thing was, Steve was looking at him with the wide, beautiful, innocent blue eyes and Tony found himself accepting the apology and the packet of papers even though he made it a point not to be handed things. God damn Steve Rogers and his perfect perfectness, Tony thought as he threw the papers into his car and got in. Without saying anything else to Steve, he drove off.

The drive home was filled with ear bleedingly loud music, Highway to Hell filtered from his speakers, the guitar riffs thrumming through his body as the bass beat his nerves down. He was calm and relaxed when he arrived home but his face still stung and tingled.

It didn't take him long to pack and then the car to take him to the airport was there. The trip from Boston to New York was short and the cat nap he got on the plan wasn't enough to wash Steve Rogers from his mind. He was trying so hard to hang on to the hate but he could feel the desire of the boys touch begin to wipe it away. He needed to keep his desires in check, keep the mask of hate in place and maybe he would make it out of this year a live.

The weekend went pretty fast. Tony dealt with the shareholders just like Pepper wanted and then he was left in silence. Tony liked Pepper well enough but she was like a mom to him. Her and Obie had been more like his Parents than his actual parents. He was happy to see her and Obie when he was in New York, but he liked living by himself, away from the company and away from all the scrutiny.

The flight back was simple and quiet and he sat grading the stack of papers he had taken with him. The ones that were all out of order and slightly dirty because of his run in with Steve. Normally he kept things in a neat orderly fashion, everything was in alphabetical order so that grading was easier, but because of the way everything had been stuff together, Tony was moving slower. He should have had everything graded before the plane landed but his luck wasn't with him. Instead he had finished at his desk, in his workshop, his AI recording the grades for him.

The last piece of paper in his pile, however, wasn't his. It wasn't homework at all, it was a picture. A beautiful hand drawn picture of a man, a man that looked vaguely familiar. He was tall and skinny, blond hair parted to the side, wearing an army dress uniform with the left breast decorated with medals. A small caption underneath im what could only be Steve Rogers handwriting, said "Rest in peace dad. We miss you." The picture and the sentiment behind it tugged at Tony. In that single picture, everything Tony thought he knew about Steve and Steve's life, changed.

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