So the fight was over , Peter had been slayed , resurrected , and proven worthy of our trust. Gerald was dead , or we hoped anyway , no one had spotted his body yet or a huge puddle of black goo. Jackson was a werewolf for real this time, not just a freaky lizard man. Boyd and Erica had scampered home , claiming they heard howls in the forest , but none of us had seen or heard anything to corroborate that.

Scott and I had gotten back to being kids as much as we could , what with his monthly rampage needing to be contained. Allison had taken a summer vacation with her father , nothing like a psychotic break with Grandpa to make a father plan a bonding trip. She had told Scott that they were still broken up , which was obvious to everyone since she tried to fillet him. Isaac had begun hanging with us , although he seemed more prone to hang with Scott then me.

Derek was a ghost , busy with his undead uncle would be my guess. The pack met once a month , a new no humans rule was in place and Scott wasn't known for paying great attention so I was in the dark. I spent my alone time googling everything just to pass the time , and catch up in case any of it was real. The summer was almost over and all had been quiet in Beacon Hills since grandpa Argent went bonkers.

I was researching vampires , not the sparkly teen girl obsessed ones either, when I heard a thump at my window. Looking up I spotted the big bad Alpha himself , looking rather ill at the moment. I jumped up and opened the window.

"Thanks…" Derek managed to get out before he face planted on my carpet , good thing my dad was out or that thump would have had him running.

I checked him over , trying not to touch too much of him. He seemed to be healing fine , a little slow but still healing. There was a nasty gash on his side and I couldn't imagine what it looked like before it started to heal. He was unconscious at the moment so I picked his cell out of his pocket and scrolled down till I found Peter.

"What nephew , I'm kind of busy at the moment." Peter answered , a male voice groaning in the background and I wasn't going there at all.

"It's Stiles and Derek crawled through my window with a chunk missing out his side. He's currently sniffing my carpet and snoring." I rambled out a little louder than normal to cover the groans I could still hear.

"And what do you want me to do about it?" Peter drawled out.

"Well I was thinking you could come pick up your nephew and take him home."

"I'm still busy and he'll be fine by morning and can escort himself home. Damn." Peter managed evenly till the end.

"Would you hang up and fuck me already." The male voice begged.

"Patience is a virtue. Now if you don't mind I'm going to go back to fucking this fine piece of ass and you can go fuck off." Peter said before he hung up.

Huh, who would have pegged Peter for gay? Not that there was anything wrong with that, Danny was a good guy. Plus I may have had a few thoughts about that while grinding on the dance floor at Jungle. Stupid Kanima thing making me confront my feelings and shit. Oh well, there was nothing more to do than wait for Derek to wake up.

The next morning I woke suddenly, falling out the bed since I was tangled in the sheets , and looked for Derek. He was gone, only a Derek shape on the floor as evidence he had been there. I got dressed and jumped in my jeep, determined to drive over there and get some answers. I figured the guy owed me that much since he crashed on my floor all night.

I pulled up to the hale house, still decrepit to the point of creepy. No one came out to greet me and I was ticked off enough to walk right in without knocking , a decision I should have rethought. On the couch was Derek , but he wasn't alone. Shockingly Danny was there , and they were both naked , Derek buried balls deep in him.

"Fuck Miguel." Danny groaned and I squeaked, fell over and ran out. I was home before I realized that I was hard.

"Damn Derek Hale." I cursed and hit the shower, cold of course.

I was not going to think about how many ways Derek could and probably would kill me. I honestly have no luck , I should know that by now what with all the supernatural shit trying to kill me all the time , but I was still optimistic I guess.

"Stiles." The voice of Peter Hale greeted me as I walked back into my room , wearing only a towel around my waist.

"Holy mother of monkey balls , don't do that!" I yelled as I grabbed for the towel so it wouldn't fall off after jumping nearly a foot in the air.

"So where is my nephew?" he asked , ignoring my flailing.

"He left already and last I saw he was busy." I told him trying and failing to keep my heart from racing. Peter quirked an eyebrow at me.

"He was with Danny." I supplied.

"About time."

"You knew he was with him?!"

"Well that day you had him strip in front of him Derek realized that he was his mate so yeah I knew." Peter said in a bored voice.

"Mate , you mean like soul mate , one forever kind of thing?"

"Yes , I'm sure you researched this before. I just hope he wasn't trying to knot him before he turned him , nasty business that."

"You mean you guys have knots , like dogs?" I squeaked.

"Oh yes , only present with mates and we usually avoid it if we're not breeding , but he doesn't have the best control since it's been so long."

I really didn't want to think about Derek and sex , having it or not at all. Mainly because that led to the previous condition that required the shower in the first place , I really wanted to avoid that with creepy uncle Peter standing in front of me.

"I need to get dressed." I told him , the air starting to cool the water on my body.

"By all means go right ahead , don't mind me." He smiled the stalker smile.

"I'm not changing with you in the room. Didn't you satisfy your needs earlier?" It was out of my mouth before I could stop it.

"I have a very large appetite."

I wasn't even going there , that was double innuendo , and super creepy coming from Peter. Although he wasn't bad looking , just the serial killer vibe overruled that.

"Fine , so prudish these days. Honestly you should be proud to show off such a defined body." He said and was gone out the window before I could retort.

I waited three days for the killing rampage to arrive in my room , or out in some dark alley , but it never came. Scott told me that Derek wasn't even bothered by my disastrous visit. Apparently he had told Danny everything and they had made plans to turn him after graduation , unless he was seriously injured. I was baffled about the Miguel thing until Scott stuttered out that they were role playing.

Shortly after that conversation they found an unknown scent in the woods , another wolf , and Stiles time got cut short. They left me out of it , Scott asked for information but that was the only wolf I saw. My dad was busy at work as usual , he had some missing kids to deal with from a town over he was helping their department with.

"Hey man what are you doing?" Scott asked as he climbed through the window.

"Nothing. What's new with the pack?" I asked.

"Training that's all we've been doing." He answered and I didn't need to be a wolf to know that he was lying because he dropped his gaze when he answered.

"Right. So what brings you by?" I asked.

"Oh I uh…wanted to see what you had been doing." He stuttered.

"Translation everyone else was busy and you were bored. I feel so loved." I snapped.

"No it's not like that Stiles I…" he started but his phone went off. He grabbed it out of his pocket and answered quickly.

"Yeah…hey…I'll be right there…Hey I gotta go Stiles but I want to hang out soon okay?" Scott said as he hung up.

"Sure man whatever." I said and turned back to the computer ignoring him until I heard a woosh that told me he had left.

I was pissed , not only was I getting blown off by every wolf I knew but now my best friend was doing it too. I couldn't set there any longer , the anger was boiling in me. I wanted to rant and rave and scream but there was no one to listen. I flipped the lights off and fell in bed, punching my pillow a few good times and going to sleep.

The next few days my dad was barely around , the case he was helping with was taking up all his time. I didn't hear any more from Scott , not that I wasn't surprised seeing as how cozy he was with everyone else lately. It was driving me out of my mind , I was the kid with ADD and had nothing and no one to distract me.

By Saturday I was beyond frustrated and decided that I was going to go out to the Hale house and confront them , I had a right to be in on things seeing as I had kept them all alive at one time or another. I jumped in my jeep and drove out into the woods. The trip didn't take that long and when I pulled up at the Hale house I was not surprised to see everyone was there , including Danny. That angered me even more , there was a no humans ban but I guess you get special treatment if the Alpha is fucking you.

I got out of the jeep and tried my best to control the anger flowing through my veins , I still felt that they deserved a little restraint. Jackson and Erica looked excited that I had the balls to come here , Lydia and Boyd seemed unconcerned. Isaac and Scott weren't looking at me , Danny was a little flushed like he was embarrassed that I had seen him with Derek and Peter was looking quite amused. Derek looked ready to kill.

"I told you this was a no human area , go home Stilinski." He growled out.

"I have as much a right to be here as anyone else , I held you up in a pool for two hours so I think I have a right to be here. " I said. Derek growled and his eyes flashed.

"No one wants you here , now get out of here before I rip your throat out with my teeth." Derek sneered and I felt my heart ache at the words. I looked around at the others but no one would meet my eyes. I nodded my head and stumbled back a step.

"Fine I guess I'll be going then. I don't need you guys anyway." I mumbled and turned running back to my jeep. Scott made a noise of protest but I ignored him.

I drove around aimlessly for the next few hours , ignoring the hurt I felt and the tears that threatened to fall every time I heard the words over in my head. It hurt worse than I wanted to admit , especially that Scott went along with it , but I refused to let it get to me. Finally I decided that I needed to get home before dad picked up some fast food.

"Hey dad I'll make some salad and we can have dinner together and some…."I trailed off as I noticed that he was packing some clothes.

"I have to head over to Milton for a few days to work on this case , I really hope this helps me crack it." He said apologetically. I shook it off before he could see the flash of hurt.

God I hated being alone in this house , ever since my mother died I tried everything I could to avoid being alone in the house. I hated the way the silence brought her to my mind , not the happy her that I loved , but the sick her that took her place as the cancer ate away at her.

"Well be careful while you're there. I want you eating healthy food even if I have to come bring it to you myself. I'll be fine here by myself." I told him walking into the kitchen to make myself dinner.

"I'm sorry I swear that as soon as this case is over we'll spend some time together. Oaky?" he zipped up his small suitcase and walked over to hug me before he left.

"Sure thing dad , I love you." I told him and he was out the door and I was alone again.

I ate a chicken salad and spent the rest of the night in my room with the music blaring , ignoring the events of the day and the emptiness of the house around me. I guess some part of me thought that Scott might stop by , even if it was just to tell me that he was sorry about earlier or that he just had no choice but to follow Derek's order.

Just when I was about to go to bed , somewhere around three in the morning I heard a noise outside of my window and let a small smile light my face as I turned toward the window. Only it wasn't Scott , it was Derek and for a moment I thought that he was going to apologize for earlier or tell me that I could come to the next meeting but that went out the window as soon as I looked at his face.

"What brings you here?" I asked him through the window.

"I just want to make sure that we're clear on what I said earlier , that you are not welcome. I don't care that you think you're entitled to be a part of the pack because you helped out a few times , I'm not going to be responsible for your weak human self." Derek sneered.

"Just go to hell." I told him and pulled the blinds shut in his face.

The next few days were hell , I saw the others , but none of them acknowledged me. They acted like I wasn't even there when I saw them on the street. I was falling lower and lower into the sadness , and at this point no one was helping me. I didn't want to be like this , like some teen girl who wanted to kill myself over some stupid insults , but I was thinking that this was getting to that point. Not that I would kill myself but that I would do something equally as stupid like leave town.

Dad called every night that he was gone and let me know that he was alright and he was getting closer to the end , but that the case was getting stranger. I was glad that he wasn't here to see this moping vibe I had going. I felt like things were spinning out of control and I had no idea how much more I could take. Then the night came that dad didn't call and I thought maybe he was coming home.

Then the doorbell rang and I opened it to find two deputies at the door and the world ended. I nodded as they talked and when they left I collapsed against the door. I noticed someone carrying me to bed and barely registered that it was Peter.