"John how have you been?" Peter asked as he stood at the door carrying a bottle of wine.

"Peter , last I knew you were dead and I believe I told you not to call me John." I watched my dad stiffly wave Peter in the door. I had a bad feeling about this.

"Dad you know Peter Hale." I tried to break the tension.

"Yeah I know Peter Hale , real well." Dad said.

"I would hope that you don't hold my past against me , I was irresponsible as a kid. Like most of us adults were." Peter said.

"You tried to sexually assault me."

"What the hell?!" I yelled.

"Language Stiles."

"I wouldn't call it that John , I offered you a blow job and I was a little drunk at the time." Peter said. My jaw hit the floor , he had…I couldn't even process that thought.

"Dad when did this happen?" I asked.

"It was when I was a deputy , a few months before the fire. Either way this isn't about our past , this is about the fact that my seventeen year old is the mate of a thirty-two year old werewolf." Dad said in his I'm the parent voice.

"Dad it's not like this can be helped , his wolf calls the shots on the mate part. I just happen to be attracted to him too." I explained.

"We can discuss wolf dynamics over dinner." Peter suggested.

"I think that sounds like the best option , seeing as how so far the highlight of this night is the fact I get to eat red meat." I glared at him.

"Don't give me that look , you cooked it."

"I also made a salad which I expect you to eat an equal amount of."

"Interesting power play you two have." Peter added as we walked to the dining room table.

"For the love of God Peter , don't make it worse." I muttered low enough for him to hear.

Once we all sat down and had our plates full there was some long moments of silence while we stuffed our mouths full and waited for someone else to start the conversation while wishing no one would at the same time. Finally I decided that I had to make the first move.

"So dad any specific questions about werewolves you have?"

"Actually I do have a few. Starting with do you have to become one of them?"

"No dad , I like being human. There can be human pack members."

"He's right , there were quite a few before the fire , my wife included." Peter supplied.

"That's right your wife , so when did you become gay or bi?" He stared at Peter.

"Wolves don't care about gender , mate is mate , no matter what sex. When we find the right person nothing else matters and there will never be another as long as we live."

"How is Stiles your mate when you were married before , was she not your mate?" Way to go for the heart dad.

"Vanessa was my mate , and she would have been it for me if she had lived. Her death along with the majority of my pack was what led to my coma and the following madness. When I met Stiles the first time I was back to normal my wolf recognized him as my mate , some wolves are never blessed enough to find another after losing their mate."

"I'm sorry about Vanessa , she was a nice woman. That fire should never had happened."

"Anything else?" I asked , eager to get the heavy talking out the way.

"How much danger is Stiles in , really?" I sighed , this was not going well.

"To be honest he is in a good amount of danger being in the pack. But the other side of the coin is that because he knows about the things that go bump in the night he knows how to fight them and protect himself better. We protect pack with our lives if necessary."

"The rest of my questions are mostly about wolves in general , but they are far too many to ask. Maybe I could get a few…demonstrations."

"I'll have to talk it over with Derek , but I don't see why you can't come to our training sessions. And if he says no I can always show you what you want to see." Peter said with a smile.

"Okay then. About the two of you , for now you can continue , not like I can really stop you. But this will be kept a secret from the rest of the town , last thing I need is the whole town knowing I'm letting my son sleep with a man nearly twice his age."

"Thanks dad , we promise not to make you look like a bad father." I stood and hugged him before grabbing the dishes.

"I just want you to be happy , son. Even if it's Peter Hale who makes you that way. Just…don't let me know what goes on between you two , I doubt I could handle it."

"Thank you John." Peter said sincerely.

"You're welcome as long as you stop calling me John."

"What would you like me to call you then?" I started washing the dishes as the tension left the room.

"Dad seems more fitting even though there's not that much of an age difference between us."

"Sure thing Dad." Peter smiled and pulled my dad in for a hug.

I put the leftovers away with a smile on my face. I felt like nothing could destroy my happy mood. Of course there was still the council to worry about , the dream I had , which I need to talk to Deaton soon , and the fact that the pack's feelings toward me and Peter aren't the best. So maybe something could destroy my mood after all.

"Don't pout muffin , it makes me think about what I want those lips puckered around." Peter whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Damn Peter dads in the next room and you're making me hard." I chastised him.

"As much as I hate to agree we should stop. I'm sure your dad would prefer that we keep tonight short and our activities pg." Peter backed away.

"I know , will you cuddle with me tonight?" I asked knowing he would be back in my room through my window.

"Yes I will."

"Goodnight Dad , thanks for having me over but I'm going to get going." Peter said louder to my dad , kissing me quickly before walking toward the living room.

"Night Peter." Dad waved.

I finished the dishes and watched a few innings of the game with dad before heading up to bed. I took a quick shower and pulled on some PJs before crawling in bed. I felt the wind blow in as Peter crawled in the window and snuggled up to me. I kissed him goodnight and fell asleep with my head on his chest.

Of course he was gone when I woke up the next morning to my dad beating on my door , yelling he had to go to work. I figured I needed to head over to see if the pack had any new stuff we had to do or they wanted to work on. Everyone was pretty much there when I pulled up , a few sneers aimed my way.

"Hey I'm sorry I had to bail this morning , didn't want your dad to catch us in bed." Peter said as he walked over to greet me.

"Way to imply that we did something last night."

"Let them think what they want , it's our business." Peter smiled.

"Can we get on with training or are we going to have to wait till you get done eye fucking each other?" Jackson yelled , douche.

Peter growled at him , which set Jackson to growling that led to Derek flashing his eyes at them both and had me rolling my eyes at the whole thing. Jackson couldn't resist being a dick and Derek had to throw his position around to make him feel like the big bad Alpha. I placed a hand on Peter's chest and he calmed immediately , purring as he met my eyes.

"Go kick some butt babe." I told him and ignored the growls of the others.

By the end of training I was glad that Peter had experience on the rest of the pack , they all seemed to be gunning for him harder than usual. It was a little petty posturing and the only way they could get their hands on him without the threat of actual ass kicking.

"We have something to ask you Derek." I spoke up as the rest of the pack started to leave , well Jackson was headed out.

"What?" Derek growled out.

"The sheriff wants to come to a training session , to see what his son is really involved in , get some answers to his werewolf questions." Peter explained.

"I guess he can , even though technically the fact that his knowledge of us is your own doing. Bring him to the next meeting , tomorrow we're taking a day off for pack bonding and going to the lake on the back of the property." Derek didn't seem too enthused about it.

Peter went back to my house to tell my dad of the upcoming meeting the day after tomorrow , he was more excited than I thought at the news. Seems I got my love of being with wolves from him , or maybe it was his sense of adventure. Either way he was happy , but Peter had to go home , his own apartment for the rest of the day to gather supplies for tomorrow's outing. I wasn't happy about not seeing him until tomorrow morning , but it did give me alone time to take care of some frustration.

The next morning I headed to the Hale house , which someone needed to talk to Derek about rebuilding or something , to meet the rest of the pack , Peter the only one greeting me with anything less than a glare or outright ignoring me.

"Morning babe , have fun last night?" he leered and I blushed a little.

"Yes , thought of you the whole time. So what's on the agenda for today?" I turned to the rest of them.

Jackson and Lydia were off to the side , looking down their noses at me. Derek and Danny were hugging , Derek behind him in an uncanny show of affection , Erica seemed to be dozing against Boyd. Scott and Isaac were standing off to the side , closer than normal. Hmm , there was a story there for sure , whether they knew it or not yet.

"We're going to the old lake at the back of the property , Lydia kindly packed us the supplies for a picnic and we are going to get to know each other as people and pack." Derek said in his gruff voice.

"Let's go then." I said grabbing Peter's hand.

Thankfully we were able to drive to the lake , I didn't fancy two miles of walking. The wolves carried most of the supplies like the food , which was huge , but they could eat a lot. I carried one of the many blankets , even though Peter argued he could carry it with his ten pound portion of food.

"Have you thought about when you want to see Deaton about the dreams?" Peter asked as we got close to the lake.

"I was thinking about seeing him when we got back , would you like to come with me?" I asked.

"Of course , I would follow you anywhere."

"Oh give me a break!" Jackson exclaimed.

"You have something to say?" Peter asked in that cold voice he had.

"Yes I do , are we really going to have to deal with this? The eye fucking and the ridiculous declarations of love , although I think most of us agree that is suspicious."

"What are you implying Jackson?" I asked.

"I'm implying that he's using this mate thing to try to put some plan of his into action. We all know he's an evil bastard and I would have thought." Jackson paused as Peter cut in.

"You think , that'll be the day." Peter muttered.

"After all that he did with Lydia that you would never fall for his shit." Jackson finished.

"Why because I am in love with her , that's what you mean right?" I was fuming.


"That's bullshit. I'm supposed to love her and worship her even though you two are the end all , be all of relationships. What about my happiness?" I yelled.

"Are you seriously telling us that you are all of a sudden in love with Peter and that he's the key to your happiness?" Scott cut in.

"Fuck you , all of you. You were so certain that you were going to marry Allison before you even talked to her and you have the audacity to question my choices." I snapped.

"That's kind of my point , I thought I was in love with her and that she was it for me , but look what happened. She tried to kill us and now we're not together at all. I don't want you to make the same mistake I did."

"I appreciate the thought and the concern , but I know that he's my mate." I told them.

"How do you know?" Derek asked.

"It's simple , no one makes me feel the way he does and there is an easy way to tell , he'll knot me if we're mates."

"That was way too much information." Boyd complained.

"But that happens all the time right?" Scott asked , looking a little scared.

"No that is something that only happens with mates." Derek said.

"Is that why you always pull out?" Danny asked suddenly.

"Yes , it can be tricky knotting a human and I don't want to hurt you ." Derek answered.

"That's not possible." Scott moaned and Isaac was looking down like he was expecting a beating , folding in on himself.

"Isaac are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah." He whispered and then he was off running back to the house.

"What the hell was that about?" Lydia asked.

"I'm going to go out on a limb and say that something has been going on between him and Scott , that little freak out over knotting Scott just had tells me that they are mates." I threw out there.

"Is that true Scott?" Erica asked.

"We had sex once , it was just something that happened. I…well I knotted him and I freaked and told him that it was a onetime thing cause I love Allison." He rambled.

"Scott you are really an idiot." Erica said and I had to agree with her on that.

"Go talk to him and whatever you do don't talk about Allison." I told him.

Scott gave me a small smile and headed off after Isaac. I looked at Peter and saw his soft smile and it warmed my heart that he cared that I had a small moment with my former best friend. I looked over at the rest of the pack.

"So are we done with this hate Peter thing we have going yet?" I asked.

"I guess we can give him the benefit of the doubt and let the past be the past." Jackson conceded.

"Yeah I can make an effort to remember that Peter was out of his mind when he attacked me and used me to resurrect himself." Lydia said. I knew there was a reason I had thought she was so amazing all those years.

"She does have a point , you weren't in your right mind were you uncle?" Derek whispered.

"No I wasn't nephew and I'm glad that you can make an effort to understand that. When I came back out of the coma , I was mad. I had been reliving the fire all these years , and my mind was only on revenge."

"I'd go a little psycho if that happened to me. At least Laura and I had a chance to mourn and work though our grief." Derek looked sad.

"So we all agree that we can start over , no more holding grudges and hating each other?" I proposed.

"I think we can. A fresh start everyone?" Derek asked.

"All in favor?" Lydia asked.

Everyone raised their hands , even Scott and Isaac who slunk back into the clearing smiling shyly at each other. At least they worked that out quickly. I looked at everyone and couldn't help thinking that maybe things were going to change for the better now that we all agreed to start fresh. Maybe we could be a real pack now that we were talking things out.

"So are we there yet?" I asked , breaking the serious vibe we had going on.

"Almost , it's just through those trees." Derek said and we started walking again.

It was a breathtaking view as we came through the brush , the lake was clear enough to see the bottom and there were logs positioned around a rock ring. It was the perfect shady area during the day and great for a campfire at night. We set all the blankets and food near the ring , starting to set up for lunch.

I leaned into Peter as everyone made plates and started eating. The moment was perfect and I felt right and like I belonged for the first time since this all started. I pecked a kiss on Peter's nose as he handed me a plate with all the things I ate piled on it. He was so damn sweet I could overdose on him.

"So I have a question Stiles?" Scott asked , breaking the silence.

"Shoot buddy." I said taking a bite of my sandwich.

"You said that you knew for sure that Peter was your mate , does that mean that he's knotted you already?"

The only sound was of everyone choking on their food or drinks. God bless Scott and his obliviousness to socially acceptable conversation topics. I shook my head at him staring around confused.

"What did I say?" Scott asked.