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Chapter 1: Prologue

The moon shone brightly on the streets. The puddle reflected the magnificent light before turning into ripples as a cloaked man ran over it. Behind him was a teen in black. As the cloaked man ran in between buildings, the teen jumped with inhuman strength. He landed smoothly on the edge of the roof of one of the tall apartments. The alley was as dark as the night but the eyes of the hunter could see everything. His blue eyes followed each step of the cloaked stranger. His earpiece buzzed statically, "KT-1511, do you copy?"

"Loud and clear, HQ."

"Detain the intruder."

"Order received."

The hunter had no particular name ever since he could remember. All he knew was that his life's only purpose was to follow orders and kill without hesitation. Where he came from, he did not know. But those formalities were not needed by someone of his status. He was a slave, a murderer, a weapon. His memory consisted of nothing but his training. For years and years, his small body was pushed beyond its limits. He could never forget the pain, the horror and the blood. But as mentioned, he didn't have to have a reason. His existence was not his to deny or question. His only given name, was by the one that had tortured him, the one that had trained him and also his rightful master. His name was Kuroko Tetsuya; a child in black, a silhouette, a shadow in the dark. He was also the army's precious weapon.

Kuroko or as his codename, KT-1511, chased after the cloaked stranger. For many days, the same type of people had intruded the army base for unknown reason. After all else fails, they called in the army's precious weapon to take down the intruder for good. Kuroko had been chasing the intruder for hours. It was only an hour from sunrise. Just when Kuroko had cornered the cloaked stranger, he disappeared after throwing a smoke bomb to the ground. Kuroko was surprised by the intruder's technique. No smoke bomb had ever affected Kuroko, so he was genuinely shocked that the person managed to pull off an escape trick on him.

Kuroko was about to hunt the person again but his collar stopped him with a light electric shock. The teen grimaced shortly. He was used to pain but it had been awhile since his last session with electric shocks, he had almost forgotten what it felt like. His earpiece buzzed busily. It seemed that his superiors were discussing something. After awhile, someone finally buzzed, "KT-1511 report back to your post back in the academy."


Kuroko walked away from the streets, completely dismissing his thoughts of the cloaked stranger. He had no right to question who he killed or anyone actually. All he had to do was follow orders. He had to learn that the hard way too. That night, as he walked back to his destination, fear filled him. To a normal person, it would be called nervousness but Kuroko knew only of fear. When the sun rises, the ceremony will begin; the Entrance Ceremony of Teiko Academy. Kuroko was sent to the academy earlier that day with a new identity that retained his given name, Kuroko Tetsuya. He would be a first year at the academy for he was only 16 of age. The required age was 17 yet he was permitted through multiple contacts. No one had registered yet except for him. He would think that not many would want to enter a military school due to what he faced but his master had told him to be prepared for plenty of students.

He hated people. He hated being around them but his enrollment into the academy was needed in order for him to truly be part of the military and not only as the army's secret weapon. Kuroko sighed, his face adorned with a frown. For once, he had wished that he was training in the training room. He used to be forced to train for hours, days, even weeks without a break. But that was the only place where his master would praise him. That was the room where he was free to swing his weapon and release all that was inside him. That room was the closest that he could call...home; as what he read in the book he was given as a gift when he was...young. (Exact age unknown)

Kuroko dreaded the morning that came. He had not slept at all. There was only an hour for him to sleep anyway. Kuroko dressed into the military academy uniform and checked himself in front of the mirror. The white uniform fitted him perfectly but he hated the red trace lines around it. It reminded him of blood. Kuroko fixed his collar and took his books with him. The ceremony was currently being held in the hall. Luckily, he had permission to skip it. It didn't symbolize anything anyway. It was just a ceremony where parents get to say goodbye one last time before they leave their children under the instructors' care. Kuroko took his time as there was still 2 hours before his first class.

His order for this mission was simple, 'Don't stand out'. All he had to do was blend in. Kuroko waited at the door and watched the ceremony end with a marvelous cheer. Some students hugged their parents and kissed their cheeks. Some mothers were crying while some students had no one but themselves. It was a dull scene for Kuroko so he left for the grassy plains behind the academy. It was wide and green; the perfect definition of freedom for someone like him. It was the first place that captured his attention at the academy the previous day during his tour by an instructor. Kuroko picked a shady place under a tree and took out his given textbook. The grass was soft beneath him, he cherished it. Who knows when he'll be able to live as freely as he was now. Suddenly, an apple fell on his head, "Oi, what you reading?"

Kuroko looked up to a lazy looking blue haired teen. He was puzzled at the teen as to why he was sitting on the tree in the first place. 'Is that a normal activity?' Kuroko regained his thoughts when another apple threatened to drop on top of him by the teen, "You deaf or something? I'm asking you nicely here!"

"Ah. Yes... The book..." Kuroko was hastily trying to reply the teen, 'Calm yourself. He is just conversing with you' "I am reading our textbook that is needed for today's class."

"Huh? How boring... We have class on the first day? I'm starting to regret choosing this academy..."

Kuroko wasn't even listening. In his head, he was trying to remember what he was taught a few days ago about 'blending in'. 'First step, exchange names. That's right!' "May we exchange names?"

"What? Exchange names? Oh! You mean intro! Yeah sure! Why not?"

Kuroko was about to say his name when suddenly someone shouted in their direction, "Aominecchi! Akashicchi is looking for you! We're gathering at the entrance!"

"Geez Kise, can't you find a better time?" The teen on the tree leaped down from the sturdy branch. Kuroko watched in awe. The teen was such a...free person, Kuroko thought. He had the sudden urge to jump from the tree as well. Kuroko watched the teen run across the plain towards the academy's south entrance where the other blond teen that had called for him was waiting. Just as he reached the entrance, he turned to look at Kuroko with a wide smile, "It's Aomine by the way! I'll see ya in class!"

After that, Kuroko saw no sight of him. Kuroko's attention went to the apple that was now on his book, "...Aomine..."

The teen's face filled Kuroko's head. The teen had dark skin, blue hair that was a darker hue than his, and a bright smile. Suddenly, the thought of his first friend made his cheeks turn red. He had never made a friend before. The place where he lived forbade it. Each slave was their own. But this time, he'll meet regular people. Maybe life in the academy wasn't so bad after all. Kuroko looked forward to his first class that would begin shortly after all the new students had finished their tour and unpacking.

Kuroko took the apple and bit into it slowly. The juice from the apple dribbled from his lips as he chewed; savoring the sweet taste. It was delicious, sweet on his tongue. Unconsciously, Kuroko smiled from the tasty treat. He closed his textbook and wiped his mouth with a his handkerchief. Kuroko got up and went inside the academy for an early start of class by waiting in the classroom or lecture hall as the academy called it. But by doing so, Kuroko had caught the attention of a few seniors. While others were busy looking around, he was eager to learn. His earnest character wasn't a good start in an academy where others despised the hardworking ones. They could already tell that he was different from them.

Kise sighed as Aomine walked beside him, "Honestly, Aominecchi... I can't believe you skipped the entrance ceremony for a nap on the tree! It's your first day! Don't treat the academy like its highschool or something!"

"Yeah yeah, I got it but seriously, who wants to hear that old man speak anyway?"

"THAT OLD MAN happens to be Akashicchi's father!"

"Oh really? All the more reason then!"

As the two reached the main entrance, they were greeted by their fellow comrades, mainly a very displeased Akashi, "Daiki, where were you?"

"You know...just back there.."

Midorima shook his head, "Your despicable character can never be cured."

Murasakibara was eating a bag of chips as he added, "You smell different Mine-chin~"

Kise suddenly realized, "That's right! You were talking to that other kid!"

"Who? Oh! That guy! Yeah, he was really weird! I didn't even get his name.. Oh well, we're in the same year anyway! ...That means that he skipped the ceremony too!"

Akashi struck Aomine's head hard, "Having a partner-in-crime doesn't help your situation, Daiki."

"Ow... Okay okay, I get it!"

Akashi straightened up and said, "My father expects all of us to pass the test by the end of the first 6 months. That is when the annual practical examination will commence. Prepare yourselves, that's an order."

All of them lowered their heads, "Understood."

Akashi and his team were known as the Generation of Miracles. Everyone had expected them to excel in the academy. From a young age, Akashi had shown leadership quality and only befriended those that benefited him. Throughout his life, only 4 remain as his most vital assets. The CopyCat, Kise Ryouta. The Shooter, Midorima Shintarou. The Aegis Shield, Murasakibara Atsushi. And lastly, The Ace Fighter, Aomine Daiki. They were the promising team that Akashi had formed. In six months, they were expected on the field. No one dared doubt their existence, not even the higher ups.

Little did they know that Aomine had just made contact with the military's strongest, swiftest and most dangerous weapon, KT-1511.

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