Gundam 00: IS

Mission 1: Transfer Student

2306 A.D. One year before Celestial Being's Armed Interventions, The Third Generation Gundam Meister's had just completed their training, but Veda had one final mission planned before their debut to the world, the mission to send a spy to the IS Academy in order to ascertain the intentions of the world's nations and to find out if the Infinite Stratos's are being used to promote conflict, though there was a treaty that banned the use of the IS for warfare and restricted it to sports events, the reports of many IS related terrorist acts continued, the Gundam Meister who was given this mission, was the youngest of the group and former child soldier, Soran Ibrahim, codename: Setsuna F. Seiei.

At an unknown sector in space, on board the Ptolemaios ship, five figures were discussing Veda's latest mission plan, the first figure was the Tactical Forecaster, Sumeragi Lee Noriega a well-endowed woman with flowing brown hair wearing a purple button up shirt, the second was Setsuna F. Seiei, a teenaged boy with black hair, wearing a white shirt and a red scarf, the third was Lockon Stratos, a man with long brown hair wearing a brown jacket, the fourth was Allelujah Haptism, a young man with hunter green hair that covered the right side of his face and the last one, a feminine looking man with purple hair wearing a pink cardigan and a pair of glasses.

"Alright Gundam Meisters, Veda has submitted new orders for us, particularly Setsuna." Sumeragi typed in the command on the keyboard and the image of a grey spiral shaped building appeared onscreen. "Setsuna's mission is to infiltrate the IS Academy and search for evidence of military and or terrorist activity."

"Terrorist activity…" Setsuna kept his stoic demeanour, but inside, the black haired youth relived the painful experiences of his violent childhood upon hearing those two words.

"Hear that, Setsuna? You get to go to school with a lot of beautiful girls." Lockon gave his stoic comrade a friendly smile, the elder Gundam Meister saw this mission as the perfect opportunity to melt the ice around the younger pilot's heart. "Maybe you'll meet the one?"

"Not interested…" Setsuna shot down Lockon's comment, to the younger Gundam Meister, anything that didn't serve the mission's purpose was an irrelevant distraction.

"Still as cold as ever." Lockon shrugged before letting out a bored sigh, the brown haired Gundam Meister expected Setsuna's disinterested demeanour. "At least you'll have the whole 'Mysterious Transfer Student' thing down."

"Hold on, are you sure this is a good idea?" Allelujah questioned the mission order that Sumeragi had explained to the Gundam Meisters, ready to voice his concerns. "Wouldn't it be a better idea to send another agent in Setsuna's place? I mean… with only a year left…"

"I agree. We must not risk the success of our greater goal for the sake of some trivial information." Tieria protested, clearly disagreeing with the mission plan, the bespectacled Gundam Meister saw the task as something an agent should handle, rather than a pilot. "An intelligence agent would be a wiser choice."

"Those were Veda's orders." Sumeragi tried to convey the importance of Setsuna's infiltration mission, knowing how strict Tieria was when it came to proper conduct during operations. "If a Gundam Meister is being sent… this must be important."

"Roger… I will complete this mission." Setsuna replied after hearing from Sumeragi how important the operation was, the stoic Gundam Meister then prepared himself for the mission briefing.

After the other three Gundam Meister's were dismissed, Sumeragi called the Ptolemaios's chief engineer, Ian Vashti, a middle-aged man with short black hair, wearing a white shirt and a pair of glasses, to explain the IS to Setsuna.

"As you know, the Infinite Stratos or IS can only be operated by women, right?" Ian smiled at Setsuna, as if he was waiting to tell the stoic Gundam Meister about something exciting. "Well, I found a way around it."

"How…?" Setsuna was curious about how Ian bypassed the gender lock in the Infinite Stratos, a machine that was supposedly untouchable by males.

"Quite simple, the processor transmits your mental controls straight to Veda and the IS is remotely controlled by it, so your commands go through Veda and straight to the IS, so you're really half piloting it, your commands and Veda's processing." Ian spoke proudly of his latest achievement, eager to see Setsuna make good use of it. "Your IS's name is "Seven Swords" it's based directly off the Gundam Exia." The Chief Engineer input the command on the monitor and showed the image of the IS in question, it had two large binders on the shoulders, two beam sabres, two beam daggers and three swords, the first one being a long folding blade, the second one being a long sword and the third being a short sword.

"Seven Swords… It's not a Gundam, but I can use this against IS that promote conflict…" Setsuna stared at the image of his personal IS, observing it's weapons carefully so that he may apply his training with the Gundam Exia onto piloting the new machine.

"And now for your student identity, I've written it to the last detail." Sumeragi smiled at Setsuna as she prepared to brief him on the alter ego the stoic Gundam Meister had to take during the mission. "You are "Kamal Majirif" Azadistan's IS Representative Candidate, and the world's second male IS pilot, our agents within the Azadistan government will validate your papers as soon as possible."

"Roger… I will eliminate any targets." Setsuna replied after hearing Sumeragi's mission plan, determined to carry out his mission as a spy on the IS Academy.

One week later, Setsuna was sent down to Earth for his first day at the IS academy, the undercover Gundam Meister stood in front of the all-girl class, save for one male, Ichika Orimura, a young man about the same age, with black hair and brown eyes, soon after, the teacher, Maya Yamada, a petite green haired girl wearing a yellow dress and glasses, introduced the stoic youth to the rest of the class.

"Class, we have a new transfer student today, his name is Kamal Majirif, he is the IS Representative Candidate from Azadistan." Maya introduced the undercover Gundam Meister to the class, the bespectacled teacher was nervous; knowing that introducing another male student would cause her class to misbehave.

"Pleased to meet you…" Setsuna greeted the class in is usual stoic manner, any other boy his age would be either excited or nervous about this kind of situation, but the undercover Gundam Meister kept his calm.

"Wow! He's so cute!" One of the many female students squealed with joy with a furious blush on her face, very pleased with Setsuna's physical appearance.

"He looks so mysterious!" Another student stared at Setsuna with an awed expression, likening the Undercover Gundam Meister to a character in a popular Mecha Anime.

"I bet he's the cool and dangerous type!" Yet another student gazed at Setsuna with a rather predatory look on her face, eyeing the stoic youth as if he were a piece of meat.

"Alright, Kamal, take the seat next to Mister Orimura." Maya nervously gestured towards the empty seat next to Ichika, the petite teacher already dreading the gossip and misconduct that was about to occur.

As Setsuna walked over to his seat, he could hear all the whispers of his classmates, his fake name being uttered on several occasions, but the undercover Gundam Meister just ignored them and took his seat.

"Hey, welcome to the IS Academy, I'm glad I'm not the only guy anymore." Ichika smiled at Setsuna, relieved that his awkward days as the only male student were coming to an end.

"Right…" Setsuna replied coldly to Ichika's welcome, seeming uninterested in any form of conversation.

"This new guy seems kind of odd." Houki Shinonono, a strong but beautiful girl with long black haired tied in a ponytail stared at Setsuna, seeing his hardened eyes and cold expression. "He looks like he's been into a lot of fights…"

"Yet another male with a personal IS!" Cecilia Alcott, an elegant looking blonde girl with blue eyes glared at Setsuna, incensed by his status. "I must challenge him!"

As Maya left another teacher entered the classroom in her place, Chifuyu Orimura, a stern looking woman with long black hair tied in a different style that Houki's, dressed in a black suit that complimented her amazing figure.

"Alright, class, it's time to-" Chifuyu stopped dead in her tracks as soon as she saw Setsuna, as their eyes met from across the room, the stern teacher saw the a familiar look in the Undercover Gundam Meisters eyes. "This boy is…" The black haired woman thought to herself as she compared the stoic youth to a figure from her past.

"This woman… is…" Setsuna made eye contact with Chifuyu, the undercover Gundam Meister felt the same familiar sensation as the stern teacher's.

"A Gundam Meister!" Setsuna and Chifuyu reached the same thought, years in Celestial Being taught them how to identify their fellow pilots in a glance, and needless to say they were both shocked.

At an expensive hotel suite at the centre of the city, two figures were standing on the balcony, the first one, Squall Meusel, a voluptuous woman with long blonde hair and red eyes and the second one, Ribbons Almark, a deceptively young man with green hair and purple eyes, both dressed in bathrobes and the sheets of the bed behind them were crumpled up, suggesting a physical relationship between the two.

"Mistress Squall, I have gathered the data you've requested from the Union database, soon you will have all the information you need for your next attack." Ribbons smiled at Squall, a smile that could best be described as angelic, yet sinister in nature.

"My Ribbons, you are always so dependable." Squall smiled at the green haired youth before planting a kiss on his lips, the voluptuous woman was truly grateful for the angelic boy's help. "You really are my angel, because of you; Phantom Task's plan of a world ruled by women will succeed." The blonde turned around to look at the city.

"Squall Meusel… you are a fool, but an amusing fool." Ribbons thought to himself while Squall's back was turned, the angelic youth's lips curved into a sinister smirk, knowing that he was manipulating the love-struck woman. "Man or woman… you humans are unfit to rule one another, so petty and foolish… only a superior being can guide humanity… only I can… as an Innovator, so play your part well, my adorable pawn."

A Gundam Meister posing as a student at the IS academy and a challenge from an arrogant rival, will Setsuna overcome this? Will Chifuyu have to relive her past? Next on Gundam 00: IS. Seven Swords. IS Battle!

Author's note: The first chapter is done! This was actually planned last year and only now I have the motivation to write it! To celebrate the upcoming Infinite Stratos Season 2 and Volume 8 of the light novels! Setsuna's relationship with Ichika and the girls will be built up in future chapters and many girls will be after Setsuna as well, one of them being very yandere for him! Allelujah will be paired with Laura at some point in the story! And Ribbons is as sinister as ever, we'll see more of that when he enters the IS Academy. P.S: The draft for this story belongs to a friend of mine, but he gave me the green light to write this story as my own! I hope you enjoy this story and check out the prequel, Gundam 00P:IS, to find out why Chifuyu reacted that way to Setsuna.