Gundam 00:IS

Mission 3.5: Chifuyu

Cover Image: Chifuyu and Tabane standing in front of the IS Academy with the ghostly images of a stoic Grave and a smiling Hixar standing behind them.

The year was 2302, and Grave Violento and Hixar Fermi were recruiting the Third Generation Gundam Meisters as well as useful agents for Celestial Being, it was then Grave recruited Chifuyu Orimura as a Gundam Meister and Hixar recruited Tabane Shinonono as an engineer. Towards the end of the mission, Grave was being targeted by the Innovade Beside Pain, Veda's self-proclaimed executioner, who eventually controlled Hixar into shooting Grave with a cell destroying nanomachine bullet,

"I… I'm sorry… Hixar…" Grave muttered as he fell, having been shot several times on the chest and abdomen, the black haired Gundam Meister knew that someone was targeting him and sending him on unnecessary missions in order to take him out, but he never expected them to use his best friend against him. The agent felt as if he should have anticipated it.

"Wh…what?" Grave's words failed to reach the panicked Hixar, whose heart was thrown into chaos from having his body controlled and used to kill his best friend, as soon as he regained control; the blonde agent dropped the gun and let out a despaired scream.

The moment Grave's heart stopped, he was marked as "Deleted." in Veda's Gundam Meister list and Hixar's record was re-registered from "Human" to "Innovade." However, this was only seen in the high level access. In the general level access, Hixar was also marked as "Deleted."

The news reached both Chifuyu and Tabane through Gundam Meister 874, a petite girl with short light silver hair and red eyes. The two best friends were working on the final modifications on the new "GNY-001WK Astraea White Knight Equipment Type", the upgraded form of the Gundam Astraea fitted with armoured boosters on its forearms and legs each powered by an individual GN Condenser and a large GN Particle Tank, its armaments consisted of the standard GN Rifle and shield and the all new "GN Knight Buster" a large handheld GN Sword powered by an independent GN Condenser.

"G-Grave and Hixar were!?" Chifuyu couldn't believe what she was hearing, the deaths of the man she loved and her cheerful friend was as shocking as it was heart breaking for the Japanese Gundam Meister.

"It can't be!" Tabane dropped the wrench she was using when she heard what 874 had said, the sad news was enough to break the crazed genius out of her regularly cheerful attitude.

"It's true… Veda has both registered as deleted…" 874 told Chifuyu and Tabane, her own sadness masked by her cold and precise tone. The light silver haired Innovade shared Grave's suspicion and knew about the presence of a traitor within the organization.

874 theorized that she along with Chifuyu and Tabane were the traitor's next targets, the trio decided to use that to their advantage to lure the enemy out into the open. Gundam Rasiel's GN Drive was fitted onto the newly built GNY-0042-874 Gundam Artemie, a petite white and yellow mobile suit themed after a bee or a wasp armed with a GN Spray Gun with two blade antennae fitted onto it and four GN Bits. The Astraea White Knight equipment type was also deployed, powered by the GN Particle Tank that synchronized with all four GN Condensers and the IS Core.

As soon as they were far enough into space, they encountered two CBY-077 GN Cannons, heavily armoured mobile suits with a purple paintjob and pink sensory visors armed with four GN Long Cannons. The mysterious mobile suits then opened fire at the Gundam Artemie and Astraea.

The GN Cannons opened fire on the enemies, and from the distance, a third mobile suit, the CB-001 1 Gundam a white and blue machine with a curved design, clawed hands, grey markings at the knees, elbows and shoulders, black lines that ran through the armour and a blue orb fixed on its chest between two yellow marks, armed with two GN Beam Sabers fixed in each elbow and a high power GN Beam Rifle, deactivated its Optical Camouflage revealed itself to 874 and Chifuyu.

"To think that you would make things so easy for me, you people are… pitiful." The enemy revealed himself to 874 and Chifuyu as a young man dressed in a black, white and gold outfit who was almost identical to Ribbons Almark save for his longer hair and far more sinister expression "I am Beside Pain. By the way, my Veda registration number is 08368-SA846" The green haired Innovade said mockingly, wanting his victims to know just who exterminated them.

That image would haunt Chifuyu forever, the 1 Gundam and Beside's ruthless and utterly sadistic smirk showed the Japanese Gundam Meister just how terrifying Celestial Being could be and the pure distortion that plagued the world, even within an organization that swore to end conflict.

At the present, Chifuyu and Tabane met at a secret location so that they could catch up and talk about Setsuna's stay at the IS Academy.

"It's been four years, huh?" Chifuyu thought back to the day she lost Grave, having relived that day for all that time and at the same time, trying to build the future that the late Gundam Meister was fighting for.

"I'm sure Grave would be very proud of you." Tabane smiled at Chifuyu, knowing how strong she's been over the past four years and everything her best friend did to honour the late Gundam Meister. "I'm sure Hixar would be, too."

"He only had thirty minutes left to live… and he used them to save us." Chifuyu bit back sadness as she remembered the final battle between the Sefer Rasiel and the 1 Gundam and how Grave was already dying the whole time. "You think he knew how I felt about him?" The homeroom teacher asked Tabane, wondering if the late Gundam Meister was aware of her unrequited love for him.

"I'm sure he did, Chi-chan." Tabane kept the smile on her face, knowing that under Grave's cold and strict exterior was a gentle heart. "But I think he knew what was going to happen to him, so he didn't want you to go through all that pain."

"Near the end, he still treated me like a kid." Chifuyu smiled, she always knew that Grave cared about her, but his serious attitude, one that she herself would inherit, made it hard to see sometimes.

"Grave and Hixar are still watching over us, don't you think?" Tabane looked up at the sky, remembering the time they spent with their fallen comrades and all that the late Gundam Meister left behind for them. "Hey, Chi-chan, Setsuna is a lot like Grave, isn't he?"

"Yeah, even now I feel that Grave's telling me not to give up and Hixar's still trying to make me smile." The image of her two late friends appeared on Chifuyu's mind, the memories of those days made her smile. "Setsuna is just like Grave, and knowing what happened, are you sure you want this for Houki?"

"I'm sure Houki can get Setsuna to believe that there's more to life than being a Gundam Meister." Tabane explained her intentions for the Azadistan Representative Candidate and how she wanted to save him from Grave's fate and her sister from Chifuyu's. "If they get as close as they were before, there's no way he'd ever do that to her…"

"Hacking Veda for a reason like that?" Chifuyu let out a soft chuckle, seeing that Tabane would risk so much on a whim amused her slightly. "You never change."

Chifuyu and Tabane remembered Grave's final moments, fighting on borrowed time after the cell destroying nanomachines took their toll on him, as he stabbed Beside and his 1 Gundam, the dying Gundam Meister issued one last message to Hixar, who was being hidden, 874, Chifuyu and Tabane, who was observing the fight.

"The traitor has been rooted out and eliminated, the mission was a success." Grave spoke in a cold and business like fashion, his helmet dyed red by all the blood he coughed up, but he let his emotions slip during his final sentence. "So… stand up and live." The dying Gundam Meister used his last words to encourage his comrades to continue fighting for the future, having finished all his duties and the Gundam Rasiel having run out of GN Particles, he died peacefully.

Those final words gave Hixar, 874, Chifuyu and Tabane the resolve to keep on changing the world in their own way and the memory of Grave's life and sacrifice would stay alive in them for as long as they lived.

Back to the present, Chifuyu and Tabane parted ways, both wishing each other the best,

"Stand up and live…" Chifuyu uttered Grave's final words to herself, now holding thoughts of the late Gundam Meister close to her heart as she looked up into the sky. "Can you see me now, Grave? I'll keep on fighting, and I hope you hear me when I say this… I love you."

Unknown to Chifuyu and Tabane, Hixar, who had cut his hair a little shorter and took to wearing a white coat with a fur collar as well as an explosive collar around his neck to prevent him from betraying Celestial being, watched the two from a distance with a smile on his face.

"I'm glad…" Hixar smiled as he watched Chifuyu and Tabane depart, thinking back to their time together. "We've all grown, haven't we?" The blonde agent was now one of Veda's Innovade agents, reporting activity from around the world and leaking information when necessary.

Hixar Fermi was responsible for the Krung Thep mechanical industry's construction of the "Angel's Book", an IS based directly off the Sefer Rasiel and once sold to the English Government, served as the prototype of Cecilia's Blue Tears. This was done to gain funding as well as to develop new technology.

At a location secret even from Phantom Task, Ribbons was testing the performance of the Lucifer Advent, a white and blue IS with a curved design, clawed hands, grey markings at the knees, elbows and shoulders, black lines that ran through the armour and a blue orb fixed on the chest between two yellow marks, the IS was armed with two beam sabers fixed in each elbow, a high power beam rifle, a long shield and two wing cannons and the head unit featured the two fins that formed a v shape and a pink coloured forehead sensor, all in all, the machine was based directly off Beside's 1 Gundam with some minor additions. The Angelic youth faced fifteen humanoid automatons fitted with weapons to mimic the abilities of an IS.

"Commence testing." Ribbons gave the command to activate the automatons, confident in his abilities and that of the Lucifer Advent.

The automatons opened fire on the Lucifer Advent, their programmed objective was to eliminate their target at all costs.

Ribbons expertly dodged the enemy attacks before fired the Lucifer Advent's "Divine Light" beam rifle, taking out five of the automatons.

The ten remaining automatons formulated a strategy to take down the Lucifer Advent via their A.I, the machines then split into two groups, five to engage the IS in close combat with their beam sabers and the other five to provide ranged support with their beam rifles and missiles, with that, they began their assault.

"Not good enough!" Ribbons took out the Lucifer Advent's "Michael's Flame" beam saber and using his Combat Innovade speed, he cut down the five automatons. "Now for you." The angelic youth turned his attention to the machines that were firing missiles and beams, careful to avoid their attacks, the green haired man fired his beam rifle and wing cannons simultaneously, generating a large blast that took the machines down.

Ribbons was satisfied with the Lucifer Advent's performance and was looking forward to his new mission at the IS Academy, the angelic youth smiled deviously, feeling that everything was going just as planned, Veda was hacking into the IS Academy database and creating a student profile for the green haired man, who would attend under the false identity "Alan Ray".

Technical Report:

GNY-001WK Astraea White Knight Equipment Type
Model Number: GNY-001WK
Namesake Astraea
Unit type: Custom/Prototype IS Core-use Close Quarters Combat MS (?)
Developed from: GN-000 0 Gundam; GNY-001 Gundam Astraea
First Seen: 2302 A.D.
Manufacturer: Krung Thep; Tabane Shinonono
Operator: Celestial Being; Krung Thep
Known Pilots: Chifuyu Orimura

General Characteristics -
Head Height: 19.3 meters
Standard Weight: 55.1 metric tons
Power-plant: GN Particle Tank; 4 x GN Condenser; IS Core
Pilot Accommodations: Pilot only, cockpit in torso
Armor: E-Carbon

Movement -
Propulsion: GN Vernier (Triple Point type)

GN Beam Rifle
2 x GN Beam Saber
GN Shield
GN Knight Buster
GN Vulcans

Special Features & Features: IS Core Synchronization
Optional Equipment: none


The Astraea White Knight Equipment type was constructed by Tabane Shinonono as Chifuyu Orimura's personal machine, its armaments are based off the White Knight, the very first IS, and especially the GN Knight Buster which can be used as a heat or vibration weapon, the weapon built from data from the Proto GN Sword and would later become the basis of the GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei's GN Buster Sword and the forearm and shin attachments that featured extra boosters and increased the overall strength of the mobile suit. Because of the lack of a GN Drive Tabane created the "IS Core Synchronization" system, which allowed the Gundam to draw power from the White Knight's IS Core, but in order to use the beam weapons and to take advantage of the high speed, jamming and weight reduction properties of the GN Particles, Tabane fitted the MS with a large Particle Tank and four GN Condensers on the forearms and shins this resulted in a three hour operating time. When the Astraea runs out of particles, it could still use the Knight Buster as a standard sword.

IS Angel's Book

Known Pilot: Unknown

Generation Type: 2nd Gen

Battle type: Long Range Sniper Type

Armor: E-Carbon

Power-plant: IS Core


Shooting Star Beam Rifle x 1

Flying Page Bits x 4


Developed by the Krung Thep mechanical industry using combat data from the Sefer Rasiel, it was developed by Hixar Fermi in order to develop Celestial Being's IS technology as well as generating a financial presence at the IS Market to gain more supporters. The Angel's Book was sold to the highest bidder, the English IS development division and the IS served as the prototype for their own representative IS, the Blue Tears, which was eventually given to Cecilia Alcott.

IS Lucifer Advent

Known Pilot: Ribbons Almark/Alan Ray

Generation Type: 3.5th Gen

Battle type: General-Purpose Type

Armor: E-Carbon

Power-plant: IS Core


Divine Light Beam Rifle x 1

Michael's Flame Beam Saber x 2

Shield x 1

Wing Cannons x 2

Claw Razors x 10

Special Features

Celestial Feathers


The Lucifer Advent was an IS developed personally by Ribbons Almark for his mission as a student at the IS Academy, based directly off the 1 Gundam, the IS is designated as a General-Purpose machine because it possesses incredible ranged and CQC abilities, both the Michael's Flame Beam Sabers and the Divine Light Beam Rifle have a variable output depending on the situation, its most powerful feature however is its "Celestial Feathers" system, which is yet to be seen by anyone. Ribbons used Celestial Being Agents within the Canadian IS development team to verify its identity as a Candidate Unit. The Lucifer Advent is highly coveted by the Dunois Corporation.

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