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I started this after watching Look Before You Ed, an episode I had actually not seen because it was a lost episode, I believe. It's sort of like an AU/sequel to the school dance. You can find it on Youtube if need be.

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Oh my. Oh dear.

Double D stepped gingerly over the fluttering paper poster lying on the floor, displaying the Peach Creek High annual school dance. It's usual heading "Peach Creek High Presents," was underscored by the large Times New Roman font. Double D picked up the offending item and inspected the glittery writing. Not much had changed, unfortunately. The dance would continue to take place on its yearly schedule, much to his chagrin.

"Double D!" A voice, obnoxiously loud and ecstatic, barreled into Double D just before the voice's origin.

"Ed," Double D squeaked, choking on the last of his breath as Ed attempted to squeeze the life out of him. "How good to see you. I trust you had a good night's sleep."

"Like a baby," said Ed in his particular fashion of speech. There was something to say about the lovable oaf's speech patterns; his articulation was near perfect in general, though what came out of his mouth was another matter. Double D pressed his still-gloved hand over Ed's frosty head, dusting off excess snow.

"That's wonderful! Where's Eddy?" As per their usual routine, they had come to school together, but branched off to their lockers; since Eddy had been made aware of the despicable school dance, unlike last year's travesty, he had scuttled off to do whatever it was that the young man had plotted. No doubt a pesky scheme of some sort intended to 'woo the pants' off of an unsuspecting woman.

Double D had no time for such things; not when he was hell-bent, pardon the term, on avoiding anything to do with the school dance as much as possible. The humiliation of rejection and activities on the dance floor were not things he would prefer to face.

Lost in his own speculations, he only noticed how close Ed was until he was nearly shoved into his armpit. "Ed.. if you would, please let me go." He was engulfed in his arms briefly, and then standing by himself, staring up into the vacant face one of his best friends.

"Eddy?" Double D prompted, shifting his messenger bag onto his other shoulder to keep it from digging into his delicate skin. The sweater he wore was undeniably warm, but an easy irritant.

"Cover your ears, little man." Ed waved his finger in warning. Double D did no such thing. "Eddy told me not to tell you that he was going to 'nab Nazz' for himself this year." Satisfied by the turn of events, Ed smiled goofily.

Double D's chuckle was affectionate. "Eddy is free to try his hand at 'nabbing Nazz', as it were. It's a wonder any of us manage to face her beauty without breaking into a sweat." Truly a conundrum; he had had so many shirts, and so little time to iron them all. Speaking of shirts; Double D raised his second layer of clothing and pulled down the first, which had ridden up his stomach uncomfortably.

With all of his clothing assorted, Double D motioned for Ed to follow him and they marched off to class—or Eddy, whichever came first.

In the end, of course it was Eddy who came first. More specifically, Eddy and Kevin. An unlikely, and destructive, combination. Double D winced automatically when he noted that Eddy was being pressed against one of the school's blue lockers with enough force that Eddy looked out of breath. Oh, what had he done to anger their childhood bully already?

"Greetings Kevin," Double D ventured, raising a weak hand to wave at the furious red-head. He seemed to be in a state of constant irritation, so it was hard to gauge exactly what he was feeling. However, when he turned his head and faced the two new arrivals, he was obviously angry. "I hope you're having a fine morning."

Double D was going to ignore Eddy for the moment; if he wished to contend with the likes of Kevin, Double D was not going to stop him. Still, he was his friend, and there was something to that friendship. So, when Kevin didn't answer, glaring menacingly at Eddy, Double D coughed lightly to get their attention.

"Is it not too fine a morning to be rough-housing? I apologize in advance for any trouble Eddy has caused you." Double D smiled nervously, tapping the tips of his fingers together. Kevin seemed to contemplate something before Eddy spoke up.

"Apologize in advance?! I didn't even do anything to this asshole!" he received a particularly rough shove for his efforts. "Lay off! What's your problem?"

"You dorks are always the source of my problems!" Kevin growled into the Ed's face, shoving him roughly once more before standing back, arms crossed threateningly. "And stay away from Nazz!"

"My, he certainly seems to be in a particularly foul mood today," Double D observed.

As he stormed off, Eddy flipped him the bird and then turned to his companions, fuming by the expression on his face. "What the hell's his problem? All I did was mention to Rolf that I was totally going to go with Nazz to the dance, and then he went ballistic."

Double D shifted his bad. "Considering your previous attempts to woo Kevin's very good friend, I would have only expected such a reaction. Perhaps you worded your sentences in a very strong, disagreeable manner."

"I am totally agreeable," Eddy groused. "Kevin is just a chump. A jealous chump; he knows I'll totally bag Nazz before he can do anything about it." After a bought of Eddy's usual raucous laughter, Double D took both of them by the arm and began leading them to their classroom.

"Just because you are a day ahead of the game this year, Eddy, that does not constitute your behavior."

"The chicks dig me! I don't understand what Kevin's problem is."

"Harassing the women of Peach Creek Jr. High does not a man worth 'digging' make. If you forgo this attitude, then you might find a date that truly enjoys your company."

"Stop being so boring with your big words and multiple syllables, sock-head. I've got this all under control. See, my brother's book was totally outdated. I found a new one that was hidden in his room. It's totally foolproof!"

"Mm." Double D felt that anything coming from Eddy's brother was a stretch, considering their previous experience, but he didn't argue with the boy now. Not when math class was their next stop.

The three Ed's strolled into the classroom, babbling and earning the usual glares from their peers. Ed and Eddy slipped into their desk, grumbling all the way, but Double D stopped curiously in front of his own desk.

Placed on top was a note folded neatly, but with various lines that suggested whoever the sender was had spent time attempting perfection. Double D picked up the note with two fingers and placed in his pocket before anyone might notice, casting his eyes furtively about the room.

No one seemed to be gazing at him with the apprehension of a possible date, nor was there anyone Double D would consider having an attracted towards him. Frowning now, he slipped into his seat and placed the note into his lap, waiting until the teacher began his normal routine of writing out that morning's algebraic problems.

When the class was distracted by Eddy's grumbling as he attempted to a solve a simplistic math problem, Double D cast his eyes around once more and opened the note.

The next time he looked up, Kevin was staring at him intently.