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It was unfortunate that Double D had yet to explain to Eddy, due to the fish paste madness consuming their attentions, that it was not Kevin's fault. He had no idea what he had been assuming, but if the stormy expression on his face was anything from which Double D could infer, it was not of the most pleasant nature.

"What the hell are you doing, Double D?" Eddy snapped, marching over. His intent was most likely to tear Double D and Kevin from each other. Double D did not blame him; his hair was in disarray, the scar visible, and Eddy was fiercely protective when it came to anything relating to Double D's 'hat situation'. As much as Eddy pretended not to care, it was obvious that anything nefarious that had to do with his friends could enrage the short male.

"Calm yourself, Eddy," Double D tried, picking up the towel from where it had fallen on the desk. "Kevin was just—" He turned and witnessed Eddy's fist fly for Kevin's face.

"Eddy!" screeched Double D. Kevin's reflexes were luckily spot-on, and he caught Eddy's hand while jerking out of the way.

"You'll have to do better than that, curly-fry," Kevin taunted. He ducked, missing another wild punch. Double D mentally groaned. Must they always resort to violence?

"Curly-fry?! That's not even an insult!"

"Look who's offended anyway, dork!"

"Why, you…"

Double D was torn between worrying about both Kevin and Eddy and the desks they were using as obstacles. "Gentlemen, please!" His shout was ignored, predictably, and Kevin certainly didn't help by laughing and taunting Eddy. Luckily, Kevin didn't seem bent onhurting Eddy. He avoided his punches and jumped about, but otherwise hardly seemed perturbed by the physical disturbance.

It was ridiculous. Truly ridiculous that Kevin was unwilling or incapable of explanation, and Eddy was so ready to jump into the fray of misconception. Strangely, Double D felt himself smile.

Something about the entire situation was suddenly very funny. The picture of his friend and boyfriend both fighting (one more than the other) over him had Double D giggling into his hand. Both of the boys looked at him like he was mad, which only made Double D laugh harder. Very soon Kevin was chuckling along with him, hopping over the few desks to get to Double D.

"Find something funny?" Kevin teased, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. Double D shook his head through his giggles. Eddy was scowling in front of them.

"Okay, what the hell is going on?" he demanded. Double D gently extracted himself from Kevin.

"It seems, Eddy, that I had been mistaken." Double D offered a nervous smile in consolidation "Kevin had not been lying about his messages to me. I seemed to have, um, misunderstood him."

Eddy was silent, staring at them while he processed the information. He crossed his arms looking considerate briefly. "So what you're saying is," he began at length, "that I did all that work for nothing?!"

The situation diffused. Eddy's classic outburst made the tension dissipate almost instantly and Double D relaxed easily into their usual banter.

"You mean I did most of the work, Eddy. If I remember correctly, I was volunteered to hang the, pardon the term, trap above the school basketball court's floor."

Eddy scoffed, turning his attention to Kevin now. "What, so you like this shovel-faced chump?"

Before Kevin could properly respond, Double D took his hand and squeezed it gently. "Yes, Eddy. I do." Kevin looked a little shocked, and Double D felt a little shocked by it. The words felt like a promise, raw and new. It felt a little like a dream, to be honest. A long, arduous dream from which he would wake up at any given moment, more exhausted than when he had fallen asleep.

Kevin's grin was split wide. "I like you too, Double Doofus."

And as if to prove that fact to Eddy, prove that he was serious, Kevin leaned over and pecked him on the lips. Double D looked like he was fighting it through his shock, but his face quickly flushed bright red.

"We will have to work on your nicknames," Double D managed.

"Eugh! Don't do that in front of me. This is like my worst nightmare."

"Jealous?" Kevin taunted, wrapping an arm smoothly around Double D's waist.

"As if! This is worse than the time you made me kiss Double D here, you sick fuck."

The two shared an awkward I-don't-completely-hate-you-but-you're-still-a-jer k/loser-smile, and Double D only wished he had a comb or his hat.

Oh, yes! "Eddy, my hat, if you will?"

"Uhh." He remained empty-handed.

"Eddy, what have you been doing? Gallivanting about the auditorium, trying to entertain various scores of women?"



Double D stared mournfully at the placeholder head's bald expanse where his "Friday" hat had once sat, content with its life of fabric. He pulled "Saturday" over his head instead, mentally promising himself he would wash it as soon as he returned home.

"Dude, they all look the same," a voice from behind him claimed. Double D turned and watched his boyfriend of exactly one week poke the glass to his ant farm, curiously leaning to peer inside.

"Don't touch that, please," Double D cautioned, on edge as Kevin paraded about his room. It was not their first morning going to school together, but it was the first Kevin had come early enough that he was invited inside.

This was in retrospect, a terrible idea. It was not that Double D disliked Kevin being in his room, of course, but he, as others did, had the tendency to destroy the quiet order by which his room was organized. "Please refrain from removing the pictures from the walls."

Kevin was picking up whatever caught his eye, and when he placed it back, it was always off by at least 30 degrees. Double D scrambled to adjust his ant farm's position to the morning sun, and then place Jim in the correct position. Kevin was completely ignoring him, and had moved onto his labels.

"Leave them in their proper order, Kevin. I don't have time to fret over the state of my bedroom. We have ten minutes until we must leave!"

"Chill, Edd." There was no becoming used to Kevin saying his birth name—even if it was a shortened version. Seeing his expression, Kevin smirked. "Eddward."

"That's unfair. Kevin is a very straightforward name, Kev."

Kevin shrugged. "But it's cute."

"I am far from 'cute'."

"Fine; you're fucking adorkable."

"Your creativity never fails to amaze me." Double D smiled and readjusted a label that Kevin had shifted to where it hung crookedly. Kevin proceeded to pick up Jim, inspecting the solitary cactus.

"Kevin, please."


Sigh. "The things I will endure for an attractive individual," Double D groused. Feeling slightly itchy under his hat, he reached under the fabric and scratched his head, scowling at his boyfriend.

"So how did that happen anyway, if you don't mind me asking." Kevin was staring at his hand, or more specifically, where it rested.


"It's fine," Double D said in one breath, carefully removing his hat. "You've been curious, and I appreciate the tact." He took another breath, and then continued. "It was a severe skull fracture that required surgical intervention."

"So… they cut into your head, fixed whatever happened, and the scar stayed?"

"Precisely. I was playing in an abandoned, hardly sturdy building, young, reckless, and curious, and a piece of concrete landed on my head." The story was textbook stupidity. Kevin winced at the thought.


"Yes, well, that was some time ago." He had been very lucky his parents had been looking for him from where he had wandered. Silence held for a moment, heavy with the new information.

"Shall we head out before you disrupt this entire peaceful setting again?"

The situation diffused. Double D was not too affected by the facts any longer; he would rather just get it out of the way without pity or theatrics.

Kevin purposefully ignored the snap in his tone and grinned, taking Double D's hand briefly before he passed through the doorway. "Let's go. You want to bring an apple or something?" he called from the stairway as the pounding of feet echoed his descent.

"An orange, please," Double D called loudly, hoping Kevin would hear. He situated Jim correctly and then stood back, smiling at his room. Despite distractions, his morning was infinitely more enjoyable. Ah, domesticity.

As Double D made his way down the stairs, he heard muted cursings and the sound of a paper towel being ripped from its roll. When he entered the kitchen, Kevin was cleaning up droplets of juice off of the floor, the dripping orange still in one hand.

"It appears your skills end at nicknames," Double D teased from the doorway.

"Shut it, dorko. I was trying to peel this damn thing and it wouldn't peel, so I tried forcing it and did it kinda too hard."

"Allow me?" The orange was passed, and after cleaning the surface, Double D carefully peeled it. "There. Not so difficult." Kevin scoffed. "We have dilly-dallied enough; we'll be late at this rate."

"Don't worry, I brought my bike."

Double D quirked an eyebrow. "Your bike is a little small for two growing boys."

"No, no, my bike. You know how I said I got something nice for my birthday? Well, I finally got my license."

Oh. Something churned in Double D's gut. He had an inkling as to what Kevin was talking about.

"Your… motorcycle?" he tried, tentative. Kevin nodded and flashed a wicked, ecstatic grin.

"Yeah! I just polished her yesterday. Come on." Kevin steadfastly pulled him towards the door, chatting excitedly about his new bike. "I can go up to 125cc only for now, but in about a year I can get my full license."

Double D stared at the shining bike now in front of him and felt his breathing accelerate. "I don't believe motorcycles have genders," he finally said, still caught on the fact that Kevin had a "bike" and expected him to ride it without fainting.

Kevin held out his helmet.

"Those in accidents on motorcycles fair the brunt of the damage," Double D blurted, pulling back as Kevin pulled him forward.

"Come on, Double Dork, you'll be fine. I've been practicing for ages. And we'll be late if you don't get on."

Double D swallowed. He had never been late once in his high school career, but if he ran he might make it. He glanced down the sidewalk.

"Edd, please? It'll be totally rad. You get used to it really fast."

Double D cautiously took the helmet Kevin offered him before carefully placing it over his head. "Be careful. My constitution is delicate." His laugh quivered.

Kevin looked at the bike, at Double D, and then took Double D's hands in between his own. "I'll be careful. I promise," he said solemnly. This was important to Double D. He wouldn't make too light of it. "Now hop on, Edd."

Shaking, Double D bid as he was told, throwing his leg gingerly over the side. Kevin settled in front of him and directed his hands around Kevin's waist. "You'll want to hold on."

Oh dear, oh my.

"Ready?" Double D longed to say no; never, but when the bike started, he simply buried his face into Kevin's jacket and nodded.

The bike rolled forward, purring smoothly, and then Double D felt his insides tug as they sped up. He knew they couldn't go at a very high speed in the cul-de-sac, but it still felt frighteningly fast, especially seeing the road appear in the corner of his vision as they turned corners. His arms tightened around Kevin when he increased their speed, a long stretch of road laid before them.

"You alright?" Kevin called. Double D could feel his own heartbeat flutter like a bird trapped in its cage. He felt afraid, but there was something exhilarating about holding Kevin so closely, the sturdy warmth of his back seeping into his chest and the wind rushing past his feet. He smiled against Kevin's shoulders, giddy with happiness, and nodded to where Kevin could feel it.

He was completely, positively all right.