AN: So, I'm a crazy Olicity shipper. I've just been writing some one-shots of them over the last week or so, and it's my first time putting anything up on , so be gentle guys - I hope you like it. xo

When Oliver stalked into the Foundry, he was ready to spit fire and kill a few dummies.

It had been a terrible night, to say the least. Dealing with Thea and her new friend hadn't been on his schedule. They were now adamant on finding the identity of the man who had saved Roy's life, and if he knew his sister, she would hound away at it until she got results.

When Thea put her mind to something, she was unshakable.

He wasn't going to risk her finding out.

"Well, someone's definitely in a mood," Diggle commented, looking up at him from across the room. He was huddled over the monitors with Felicity, who was bent over the stripped equipment, unaware of his presence.

"What? I'm not in a mood Diggle, I'm trying to fix this thing before Oliver realizes tomorrow and - oh," she stopped short when she realized that Oliver was back.
Oliver felt something in his gut tighten. The way she looked - her normally sleek ponytail up in a messy bun, her lipstick faded, her blue shirt wrinkled slightly - hit him, and it hit him hard.

The warning signs went off in his head.

"Shouldn't you two be at home? It's close to 2 am," he said offhandedly, trying to get his emotions in check. The anger was warring with the sudden outburst of lust, and he felt as if he would snap at any moment.

Diggle was used to it, but he wasn't going to scare Felicity off.

"It was Diggle's fault. I'd just like to point that out first. He managed to send my set-up system into overdrive and the monitor caught fire. I don't actually know how he did it but it's nearly fixed and -"

"What are you doing back here anyway? Shouldn't you be at home?" Diggle cut Felicity short, knowing that something was definitely wrong with Oliver. He hadn't even cracked the slightest of a grin at their IT girl's rambling. In fact, the dark glint in his eyes while watching Felicity was more than not normal.

Oliver remembered the argument with Thea all over again and nearly growled.

"My darling sister and her little boy want me to help them find the vigilante's location and identity because Mr. Harper feels as if he owes it to the guy who saved his life. I got into an argument with Thea and she brought up all kinds of nonsense, so now I have the urge to beat the crap out of something," he said, moving around to out his bow and arrows away while he stripped out of the green hood.

If there was one thing Felicity wasn't going to get used to any time soon, it was Oliver shirtless. The guy was built like a warrior, all lean muscle and broad back. She swallowed as he rolled his shoulders, and couldn't stop the blush creeping up on her cheeks.

Crushing this hard on your boss isn't a good idea Felicity,
she scolded herself mentally, and bent her head back down to her current task.

She lost herself in the monitor, drowning out all the other sounds in the Foundry. Diggle joined Oliver in a round of sparring, and left her in her own happy bubble with her tools and the monitor.

"And that is how magic works, ladies and gentlemen," she said as she put the case of the monitor back on, screwing it up tightly.

"Well, I'm impressed."

She yelped as she looked up, taking an unconscious step back as she realized that Oliver was on the other side of the desk, in a t-shirt, watching her with a slight smile on his face.

"Oliver! Don't creep up on me like that, are you an idiot?! Oh my god," her eyes grew wide behind her frames, "I didn't mean to call you an idiot. You're not an idiot. Far from it. Being a creeper doesn't make you an idiot. Wait. That wasn't meant to sound like that either, you're not a creeper. And I'm going to stop this now," she nearly shrieked as she managed to clamp her mouth shut. She had just managed to insult her already angry boss.

He laughed. Honest to God laughed.

She found herself smiling at the sight.

He was a beautiful man. There was no denying that. And in that moment, she felt herself gloriously fall for him, so gently and softly, that it didn't even hurt.

"I'm sorry for scaring you. But Diggle just left, and you were so engrossed with that monitor I didn't know if I should interrupt you. Do you want me to give you a ride home?" he asked, the smile still in place. And she did something she never normally did. Maybe it was the sudden change within her, or maybe just the realization that she could be a friend to him. Or maybe it was the loneliness that clung to him, even after all this time.

"Actually, would you mind if we watched something? It's the best remedy for a cool down. I have some DVD's that I left here just in case I ever had the urge to watch something, and I think you'll enjoy Supernatural," she rushed out, her hands clasped in front of her.

Oliver just watched her for a moment.

She understood him well. It was a shock, to realize that she was completely genuine and a fresh of breath air from what he knew. Here she was, standing before him, at nearly 3 in the morning, offering to stay and be a friend.

Sweet, beautiful Felicity.

"Sure. How many episodes are there?"

She smiled.

"More than enough for the rest of the month."

They fell asleep on the couch, both under the same blanket.