Hello, hello. And welcome to Moments, a series of drabbles featuring characters from the Hunger Games (except Katniss, because the trilogy is in her POV). Some are single, others double or even triple.

One thing: I will be constantly uploading different story avatars to show the subject of the next drabble. So now, you'd see Thresh. Next, you'll see a different person.


Thresh (double)

I know he's there. Two.

I still refuse to turn around. To look him in the eye. To tell him I killed his partner.

"C'mon, Eleven. Let's do it," he says arrogantly. I detect the slight fear.

Gripping my curved sword, I whip my arm around, and am not surprised that my sword hit only air. However, I hear a hiss, and see that I have cut Two's left temple. Suddenly, I see a flash of blond; I am only just able to dodge a fatal stab. He tries again to stab me, but I duck, and hear his blade get lodged in a tree. I rush Two, who just manages to yank out the sword and block me. We fight for control. Dominance. We stare each other in the eye, hoping the other will give.

A strong forces sweeps my legs and I hit the ground hard. Quickly, I scramble to push myself back to my feet, but the sword point digs into my neck. Keeps me down.

This is it, I tell myself. I could see no way out; he stands to my side, out of reach of my legs.

"Enjoy hell. Hopefully, I will see you there."