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I was aloneā€¦ all alone. My love, friends, my family and my baby are all gone. You see an evil emperor who I shall not name attacked my Kingdom. It was mine and my love, King Endymion's anniversary. We were having a large party with people all over the galaxy to celebrate this special occasion.

We were all having a great time as I held my precious bundle in my arms. She was very beautiful with her patch of pink hair and large red eyes; my three month old baby girl, Rini.

Anyway we were having a great time, me and my husband Endymion, until there was a loud explosion. I clutched my baby tight as Endymion told some guards to go check it out. Out of the 12 men he sent only one returned in a bloody pulp.

The soldier shouted, 'attack' before he fell dead to the ground. Endymion told his generals and my Senshi to get ready for battle as the explosions continued. Endymion grabbed Rini and me and found us a place to hide.

He gave me a kiss that happened to be our last as he ran off to battle. My castle, my home shook violently as it began to fall apart. Rini screamed and cried out in fear as I tried desperately to calm her. I could here battle cries and the screams of death as I stayed hidden.

Suddenly the walls began to collapse where I stayed and I covered Rini's face. I jumped to safety as large pieces of the ceiling and glass collided to the floor around me. I couldn't see a thing as my vision was clouded by smoke.

I began to walk forward, but I tripped over a large piece of debris. Rini flew from my hands and I heard her cries of pain as she hit the floor. I shouted her name and searched to find her, but her cries stopped. I began to panic and continued to shout, as tears made its way down my face.

I was soon roughly pushed aside and I painfully hit the wall behind me. When I looked up I saw him, the one who ruined our celebration and was killing the people I love. He gave me a sickening smirk as his eyes beamed with his coldness. He walked away and I slid to the floor as something landed on my head. Before my vision darkened the ceiling above came crashing down upon me.

I woke up which must have been hours later to see darkness. I couldn't move most of my body as I began to cry in fright. My left arm which was free, I used it to remove the things off of me.

I sat up painfully as I looked around my once beautiful palace. It was destroyed; blood and bodies lay scattered everywhere. I stood to my feet and called out Endymion's name. I began walking and I saw my Senshi's dead bodies lying crumpled on the floor.

I couldn't stop the on flow of tears as I saw my friends that I had grown up with dead. I called out my love's name as well as Rini's in panic. I stopped my walk as I saw a body from afar and that body was my Endymion's.

I rushed over to him ignoring the protests of my body. I leaned down and put my love's head onto my lap. He had a sword sticking out of his stomach. I screamed at the horrible site as I cried and tried to shake him awake.

I kept repeating to myself that he wasn't dead, but in my heart I knew he was. I saw a sharp piece of glass a few meters from me. I stood up and I advanced towards it. I picked up the piece of glass ignoring the blood that trailed down from my hands to my arms.

That's when I felt all-alone. With my people and loved ones dead I gripped the glass tightly as I raised it in front of me aiming it to my heart. I was becoming overwhelmed with the thoughts of death as I thought of joining my people in the after life.

"I will be there soon my love." I whispered as I began to bring the glass down towards my chest. I stopped suddenly as I heard a sound. I looked around but shook it off as being delusional. I turned my attention back to the glass in my hands as I heard the sound again.

I turned around and began following the sound and soon realized it was someone crying. I also recognized that cry, it was Rini.

I began to quicken my pace to find my baby as her cries got louder. I soon stopped when I heard the cries coming from underneath some debris. I threw the debris off and soon found my baby screaming her lungs out.

I reached out and scooped her up into my arms. Rini was bleeding in several places and she had a nasty cut on her head. With one hand Serena wiped away the blood while calming the screaming child down. Rini stopped crying and rested quietly in her mother's arms. I smiled down at her and tapped her nose. Rini giggled slightly and I turned my attention towards my kingdom.

"I can't stay here', I thought sadly. An idea popped into my head as I left to find my room or at least what was left of it. I walked down the crumbled halls of my palace to find my bedroom. I saw my door and walked inside. The room was destroyed with things tossed all of the place. Pieces of the ceiling lay broken on the floor. I searched the room until my eyes laid on the object I was looking for; my crystal.

I rushed over to it and picked it up. I held it tightly into my hand as Rini was in the other.

"Please take me some place safe where my baby and I can live happily." I pleaded.

The crystal began to glow a silver color that soon reached Rini and me. Within a few seconds we vanished in thin air leaving behind those I loved deeply.