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Krillen took a step back, a nervous look taking over his features. "Um, we need to talk…"

Rini bounded out in front of him. "So, did you destroy 18?"

Krillen smiled sheepishly. "Eh, that's what we need to talk about."

"Well get on with it, damnit!" exclaimed Vegeta, crossing his arms over his chest, a deep scowl on his face. All the while, he soothingly wrapped his tail around his woman, bringing her closer to him.

The bold man gulped with fear and looked to the ground. He ran a hand nervously over his smooth scalp and took in a shaky breath. "Look, I did something really stupid, and I really am kicking myself for it."

The comment caused everyone in the room to cock an eyebrow with confusion and interest. "What are you talking about Krillen?" asked Serena gently.

"Well, I know you all have been informed about the deactivator for 18, right?" Krillen waited patiently and watched as all the people in the room nod their heads.

"Yea…well, 18 wasn't deactivated."

"What the hell are you talking about Krillen," exclaimed Yamcha. "Did the deactivator not work?"

A snort could be heard from Bulma, and a mumble of, "My stuff always works,"

Krillen gulped, and slowly shook his head. "It's not that." He rung his hands together and shuffled his feet. "I destroyed it."

"Oh shit." Said Serena; her eyes wide with shock.

Krillen bravely looked around the room, to everyone's faces. "That's not the worst part either."

"Not the worst part!" exclaimed Trunks. He narrowed his eyes dangerously close, staring down at Krillen with an intense glare that made Vegeta proud.

Krillen sighed. "Cell got her." He whispered.

"I'm sorry, you're going to have to speak a little louder." growled Bri.

"CELL GOT HER," he shouted, surprising the group immensely. "He found her after I destroyed the deactivator…and swallowed her up. He's transforming as we speak."

Faster than lightening, Vegeta had his large hand around Krillen's throat, raising him off of his feet, and squeezing the life out of him. "What the hell were you thinking," he growled.

"Vegeta." stated Serena firmly. "Put him down."

The Saiyan cast his eyes towards his woman and looked at the agitated and tired expression on her face. He dropped the little man to the floor, and took his rightful place beside his woman.

Goku decided to step forward. "Look, what's done is done. Stop dwindling on the past and look towards to future. We have a serious issue to deal with now." He looked at his companions, and then his eyes stopped to look down at his best friend, who sat quietly on the floor.

"So, what happened to 16, where is he? Did Cell get him too?" asked Goku, crouching down to eye level with his fallen friend.

Krillen shook his head. "No, all of those pieces on the table…are him."

Everyone finally took notice to the once tall silent android, which now lay in distorted pieces.

Bulma decided that she would like to talk now, seeing that Krillen was not in the current state to do so. "Hey, Krillen passed by the possibility of putting 16 back together. Though, I wanted your consent first."

"Put it back together!" screeched Tien in bewilderment. "Destroy it!"


Everyone turned to look at Goku, who now stood to his full stature.

"What the hell are saying Goku!" growled Piccolo. "He is one of them."

Goku smiled, not affected by anyone's glares. "He's different." He stared at the table of what was left of the Android. "He's not like the others, he's good. I have this gut feeling about it"

"Bull s…" started Trunks, but he was caught off by someone unexpected.

"Hey!" shouted Gohan. The young son of Goku, stared up towards everyone fearlessly. "Are you really going to doubt my dad? When has he ever been wrong?"

Silence overtook the room. Gohan shared a smile his father had displayed just a moment before. "I thought so."

Goku placed a hand on his son with pride. "Thanks, Gohan."

Goku placed a hand behind his head, scratching his scalp, then ran his fingers though his hair thoughtfully. "We need all the help we can get, and I know 16 will help us, whether you believe me or not. Please, just have faith."

He turned to Bulma who was taping the bottom of her lip with a ballpoint pen. Her eyes scanned over 16's destroyed body, like a computer searching through data. She noted the damages, and what she could do to fix them. Goku smiled, watching his longtime friend with a bit of humor. He cleared his throat, catching her attention.

"You think you can fix him?"

Bulma grinned. "Of course!"

Goku chuckled. "Good, how long do you think it will take?"

The aqua haired woman shrugged, scanning over the android quickly. "I'm not sure. I'd say two days the most." shrugging again. "Maybe in one day with my dad's help."

Goku nodded, and then turned towards his group. "Well, we need to start working on a plan." He grinned, child-like excitement twinkling in his eyes. "Cell is stronger now, and we need to become stronger as well."

Cell slowly levitated himself down to the ground. He opened his eyes slowly, looking at the world with new eyes. A demonic smirk spread across his face like a plague, as he flexed the muscles in his arms and legs.

Popping his neck, he scanned his surroundings. He looked as though he was staring at something off into the distance. His smirk deepened and he took off full speed ahead in that direction.

Within mere seconds, Cell stood in an up and about town. He watched the way the people walked and talked with disgust. An evil glint appeared in his eyes and he formed an energy ball in one hand.

A cackle escaped from his throat, and he shot off the ball of energy. He grinned; watching as his destructive powers completely demolished several civilians, and was thrilled by seeing blood splatter on near by buildings and bystanders.

He relished in their horror and screams. Cell raised a ball of Ki in each hand. He set them free, killing more and more people. He walked through the town, unleashing wave after wave of destructive energy.

He finally came to a pause, standing in front of a newscast building. He grinned, a brilliant plan forming in his manufactured brain. He burst through the door, scaring the secretary who sat behind her desk. He paid her no attention, and shot through the ceiling, going through floor after floor.

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