Bella handed Jordan his food and then closed the blinds to the café, and flipped over the OPEN sign to say CLOSED. She winked at him while he ate, relishing in Bella's cooking, "We don't want anyone else to over hear, now do we?"

Bella picked up the letter again and cleared her throat.

"Dear No One,

So I guess you might be wondering why I am writing these letters right? I mean left you, whoever you are, with a small introduction to my loneliness and now it is time to at least, summarize why I'm like this. Bare with me however, as I'm not all too sure of why I am the way I am, I'm only 15, but I definitely have some insight.

To… well, at least make you understand where I'm coming from I'll give you a little background info and hope to God you don't recognize parts of my story and put two and two together. Hopefully we're complete strangers.

I'm from your average white-picket-fence family, you know? The oldest sibling out of two, both mother and father are still together, we have money, I mean we're not rich, but we're pretty well off, and we don't cause trouble. We go to church on the weekends and volunteer at community services. Your average, boring, mundane family. I've complained about my parents crowding me for years, I've complained about a lot of things I have actually. Things I've taken for granted and can't ever get back. There's a reason this is background information, it's the past. Because my life is falling apart at the seams.

Do you just ever have something so catastrophic happen seemingly over night? Like one minute everything is ok and you're happy and life is just how it always has been and then suddenly boom! Everything you once knew is gone? People you loved have left, things that were supposed to be constants were suddenly gone and you have no hope of ever getting them back? So you're left with this sinking feeling as you begin to struggle to keep your head above water, because the life-boat you've always known is suddenly gone and you never learned how to swim? So you just drown and wonder how the hell are you supposed to survive?

It started this summer I think. After 8th grade is when my world started to shift and crumble and the house I always lived in, something that had always seemed so strong and constant was suddenly crumbling before my very eyes. Subtle at first, so you don't notice until it's all gone and it's far too late.

There is a list of people I want to blame. And while some are innocent there are others who have played a hand in the destruction of my life. But the biggest blame goes on myself, I believe. I had the chance to stop this, to change it, but I wasn't paying attention. I could've saved not only myself but everyone else around me but I didn't because I'm an ignorant 15 year old who only cares about herself.

I'd like to say more but I have to go. Life is calling. Thank you friend, for listening and I hope you stick around to hear the rest of my story… just try not to judge me too harshly. I do a fine job of that on my own.

~A xo

p.s. I'll leave a new letter, or something every school day after 4th period.

Bella smiled sadly at the letter while Jordan swallowed dryly. He thought back to the way his mother left and he realized he knew exactly how this girl felt.

Bella broke the silence softly. "I'm glad you found these letters, Jordan. You can relate to this girl, and that's exactly what she needs. Someone to listen and understand her. Even if you never find out who with girl is… This is good. For both of you."

Jordan nodded slowly, his head and heart still digesting the soft-spoken words of the letter. "Yeah…" He reached over for the letter and grasped it delicately. "I've got to go…" He cleared his throat. "I'll be back Monday or Tuesday, I guess."

Bella gave him a kind smile and walked around the counter and to him. She wrapped her arms tightly around him. "Ok. I love you, kiddo, ok? Remember that please."

Jordan just nodded.

Jordan skipped band practice, not that it really mattered, seeing as Tino was probably not going to be there and girls would distract the others. He blamed the girl in the letter, but he couldn't deal with those fake girls right now. Especially after finding out there's a girl, in his school, who knows exactly how he feels, even if she doesn't know it.

He's not sure if that's a comforting or terrifying thing.

He drives home and gets ready for a night in. The first real night in he's had in weeks, he's realized. And as he tucks the letter safely away and strips down, he smiles briefly. Partying and sex is great, but damn, does it feel good to just lie down and take a breath.

"So…" Rayanne teased good-naturedly, waving a spoonful of Cookies N' Cream ice cream. "How about it, girl? Any cute guys got your attention?" Angela blushed light but shook her head. Ever since she gave up on her hopeless crush on Jordan Catalano at the end of 8th grade, Angela had yet to find someone new she could drool over.

"'Fraid not, Raynie." Rayanne put out her bottom lip in a pout, before shoveling more ice cream into her mouth.

"Bummer. But you're not still hung up on ol' Catalano are you?" Rickie inquired cautiously. Angela took a bite from her ice cream before answering.

She shrugged, "It took a while. He's still gorgeous but I'm not, like, hooked on him or something anymore." Rickie and Rayanne shared a relieved look. The last thing Angela needed was to be stuck on a guy like that.

The movie on the screen kept the dark room bright, as the three friends grew quiet and let themselves get sucked back into the magic and craziness that is The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

"Guys, we should totally do this!" Rickie and Angela shared a baffled look.

"Do what?"

"Rocky Horror! You know how there's always reenactments, for the show every other Saturday? That's what we should do! We've been trying to figure out something for all of us to do together, this is perfect!" Rickie looked a little hesitant but Angela actually seemed to be taking the suggestion into consideration.

"Don't they already have the cast?" Rickie pointed out, but Rayanne shook her head.

"I think a few of them are moving on, other theater options popping up or something like that, and if not we can just be understudies! We'd still get to learn the part and wear the costumes and make up and learn the dance and song numbers! That could actually be really fun!" Rayanne gushed to her friends. Angela looked actually excited about it while Rickie still looked a little unsure. Rayanne giggled,

"Maybe we can find you a guy, Rickie, baby. If there's a place to find gay guys, it's an reenactment of Rocky Horror!" Rickie blushed but considered it anyways. Finally Angela spoke up,

"I'm actually agreeing with Rayanne on this one. We all love the movie and know it by heart, it would be a great tribute to actually play apart in it." Rayanne squealed while Rickie's resolve crumbled.

"Fine. We'll head over there tomorrow and ask around." Rayanne threw her arms around the two of them, almost spilling the ice cream everywhere.

"Thank you guys! This is going to be so much fun!"

Angela giggled nervously. "You know, Rayanne just because I agreed to do Rocky Horror, doesn't mean I want to like change."

Rayanne smiled wickedly. "We're not asking you to change, we'd never ask that of you. But it's also time for a change. You're over Jordan, we're going to do Rocky Horror, and you're back on the School Paper as every part the journalist you deserve. You even went to a party the other night!" Angela stared at the bottle of Crimson Glow hair dye critically. Rayanne was right, she had changed it was time to embrace it.

"Alright. But if I look stupid I'm allowed to fuck up your hair." Rayanne giggled.

"Rickie! Come over here and help me!"

Rayanne was practically floating as the trio made their way down the streets of down town Three Rivers and towards the theater house. Rickie and Angela shared an amused smile, but their own excitement was obvious. Rickie leaned over to Angela and whispered,

"Your hair looks great by the way." Angela blushed modestly and twirled a lock of now fiery red hair between her fingers.


Rickie and Angela barely had time to entire the theater house after Rayanne, when two of the head directors, Linda O'Malley and Derek Smith, walked over to them, a bubbling Rayanne at their sides.

"Damn, girl you work quick." Rickie joked but Rayanne only shrugged. Linda stepped up, she was a senior at Liberty, and smiled.

"Hi, so you guys would like to audition for Rocky Horror then? We don't really have anything official yet, but we can have you just your name on the list and when that times comes for an audition or something comes up, we can give you guys a ring." She explained while handing them a clipboard.

"But for now we can teach you some basic dance pieces and give you the sheet music so if we're in need of a stand in, you'll be ready." Angela waited for Rickie and Rayanne to finish before putting her own name down, hesitantly. She wasn't much of an actor, much less anyone who wanted to be on the stage, but she loved that movie and Rayanne was right, they had been looking for something to do as friends.

Linda gave her a kind smile. "Thank you guys. Normally we'd go over a few things with you, but we're kinda packed at the moment, as you can see," she gestured around the bustling theater house with a sheepish, but proud grin. "I'll get you guys the music once it's in next week." Someone in the back of the room called both directors and while Derek left quickly, Linda gave them a small smile.

"We'll see you guys around. I'll let you know when we have auditions."

"Dude, I'm starving! Let's go to Big Guy's!" Shane announced from Jordan's passenger seat while Joey chorused his agreement from the back. Jordan rolled his eyes but pulled into the burger joint parking lot, his own stomach growling angrily.

Shane and Joey were in the door before Jordan even left the car. He snorted. Whatever.

When he entered Shane quickly moved towards him. "Dude Graff is here with her two loser friends. Let's get out of here. I don't want to deal with them right now."

Jordan looked over Shane's shoulder at Joey who was placing his order and then over to where Rayanne was sitting. He paused when he noticed the guy in eyeliner and the girl with red hair. He wondered where the blonde girl went, or what happened to her. Joey walked over with his plate in hand.

"Dude, who's the redhead?" He asked before stuffing his face with a burger. Shane scowled,

"Doesn't matter we're leaving." Jordan rolled his eyes.

"Nah. I'm hungry. Besides if we stay out of Graff's way, she'll stay out of ours." Jordan was lying through his teeth about Rayanne, the girl has never needed an excuse to be a bitch, but he was hungry and, admittedly, he wanted to know who the redhead was. Shane glared at him but Jordan was already moving to place his order. He shot Rayanne's table a glance to see if he could see the redhead's face.

He wasn't really sure why he wanted to see the redhead and he didn't know why he was bothered to see the blonde, or 'mousy girl', not with them. But then the redhead turned her head and their eyes met. Jordan was shocked to have those same emerald eyes stare back at him. So she dyed her hair. He turned away, acting like he was only glancing around the room. It looks good. He admitted, grabbing his food and walking back over to their table.

Rayanne said something and mousy girl tossed her head back and laughed. Jordan was surprised by how bell-like it was.

She looked really good.

And there's that :D RNR please!

Much love,