There's a tense moment of silence when he stares at me. It's almost like he can see straight into my soul, and instead of it being unnerving like it understandably should, it makes me shiver with need.

How can this boy, no this man, set me ablaze with a mere look? I've never questioned it, I've just avoided it….until now. Now, there's no way for me to avoid it. Not anymore. Not to him, and not to me. No avoiding.

"Granger…"Oh sweet Merlin, his voice is a husky purr and I can already feel my body respond, and he hasn't even bloody touched me!

"Malfoy…y-you should go" I tried to sound so confident, but I couldn't. Not with him so close to me, not with his scent filling my senses. I can feel myself leaning towards him.

"I don't think you truly want me to." He smirked and licked his lips, and dirty images dance through my mind of just what he can do with that tongue of his. I shake them from my mind quickly. "Come on Hermione" He seems to plead now.

"D-draco I-"

"You want me" He sounds so sure of it. Of course he does, because it's so true. I want him, I've always wanted him. I know for sure that my body wants him, unlike any other before. But I mustn't give in.

"I can't"

"Can't what?" He looks truly confused. His eyebrows drawn together and those silver eyes staring into me.

"I can't want you, Draco! Merlin knows that I want to want you, that I truly do. I don't just want you, it's like my body craves you. But I can't!"

"And why the bloody hell not?"

"Because I'm a mudlood, and you'd never stoop so low to do the things I want you to do, would you? Because this, you toying with me and getting me to admit things, it's just a game to you. See how far you can push the filthy mudblood until she cracks and pours her heart out to you, and then go laugh about it to your friends." I have to swallow the tears back. "Go ahead Draco. Laugh, laugh and mock me. It's what you're good at"

Next thing I know, I'm pinned against the stone wall with his hands on either side of my head, trapping me.

"Listen to me well, Hermione." His voice is so raspy. "This is not a fucking game to me. Those things you feel? Well, I feel them too, maybe even more so. Bloody hell woman, I've wanted you since we turned 13!" He cups my cheek and makes me look at him. "I wouldn't hurt you, not ever. I know I've done things in our past, but I was a fool then who was being controlled. What I think and feel now? It's all me." And then he kisses me so softly, so sweetly that I feel it down to my bones.